2014 Senior Awards



Friday October 10th 7pm


Roof top area Phil Hoffmann Travel Glenelg


A grade  -   Best & Fairest                                           Aaron Bergsma

                       Runner Up Best & Fairest                    Luke May

                       Coaches Award                                     Steve Williams

                       Most Dedicated                                    Matt Jacquier

                       Most Improved                                     Adam Smyth

                       Best Team Man                                     Tristan Shaw &  Ryan Bartlett



B Grade      Best & Fairest                                         Shannon Leatch

                     Runner Up Best & Fairest                     Lachlan McDonald

                     Coaches Award                                     Damon Dollette-Cox

                     Most Improved                                     Curtis Harms

                     Best Team Man                                     David Parkins



C Grade    Best & Fairest                                          Ben Prater

                    Runner Up Best & Fairest                    Angas Parker

                    Coaches Award                                     Chris Djuraseuch

                    Best Team Man                                     Anthony Roccisano



The first  ‘Garry Williams – Heart of Gold’ Trophy  - Luke May.

Sam and Erin presented their Dad’s award, Sam’s heartfelt speech put a tear in everyone’s eyes.


The ‘Chris Buss’ Award for outstanding up and coming young talent - Rian Morgan.

Bob Burton spoke beautifully on behalf of the Buss family presented the trophy to Rian.


2014 Phos Camden Person of the Year Award in recognition of outstanding service - Sharon Toohey.


New Life Members - Michael Whitford, Gary Peach and Gerard Toohey.


200 game Pewter Mug - Anthony Flett  


150 game Pewter Mug - Steve Williams and Shane Gilby


100 game Pewter Mug - Aaron Bergsma  


Special thanks:


Jo Stagg for organising the night with her junior parents help in the bar and kitchen. And the tireless committee for setting up and cleaning up with the help of a few players namely Steve ‘Hotdog Williams’ and Ollie Stagg.



Aaron Bergsma

(2014 A grade Captain, B&F winner & 100 games)

pictured with

Steve 'Hot Dogs' Williams (2014 VC, 150 games)



Luke May

2014 Runner Up A grade B&F & first time winner of the Garry Williams - Heart of Gold Trophy



Special thanks to

Red Rooster Castle Plaza

for donating all the chicken on the night.


Red Rooster are doing a special on BBQ chickens Melbourne Cup Day.

Give them a call 8374 0588

to pre-order. Make sure you tell them you're from PHOS Camden.


Shannon Leatch

2014 B Grade B&F winner 

pictured with B Grade Coach Craig Bahnisch



Rian Morgan 

2014 ‘Chris Buss’ Award 

pictured with Adam Smyth (left)



Ben Prater

2014 C Grade B&F winner 

pictured with C Grade Coach Popey

More photo's to come!!

Special thanks to

Last Minute Apparel

the girls looked great!


Gary Peach

2014 awarded Life Membership of PHOSC

Michael Whitford

2014 awarded Life Membership of PHOSC

Gerard Toohey

2014 awarded Life Membership of PHOSC

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