2015 Grand Finals


Div A3R




Old Ignatians

@ Theberton Oval

Sat Sep 12th        Time: 12:15pm


Div A3




Old Ignatians

@ Theberton Oval

Sat Sep 12th        Time: 2:15pm


PHOS Camden       1.1-7        6.3-39      10.9-69      15.11-101

Old Ignatians          3.2-20     4.5-29         7.6-48          11.7-73



Goal Kickers: H. Gordon 4, S. Williams 2, A. Bergsma 2, D. Hill 2, A. Harris, M. Jacquier, D. Gamble, A. Smyth, N. Ramsey
Best Players: J. Braley, D. Gamble, R. Reavley, H. Gordon, O. Cross



Goal Kickers: L. Washer 2, C. Ortlepp 2, T. Kolesnik 2, J. Harrison, L. Comazzetto, B. Owen-Thomas, A. Crowley, S. Fulton

Best Players: L. Murdoch, L. Washer, S. Cooke, T. Kolesnik, C. Ortlepp


Coach Quinnys Post game report 


Saturday was a great day for the footy club! I know I'm stating the obvious but yeah, who would've thought our footy club would win three premierships together at Thebby. The whole theme of the year was doing it together and building depth in the club. It's a very good outcome and this playing group and support staff should be very proud of the culture they are building!


I'll take this chance to say thanks to Steve, Bart and Greg Crease for their match day roles. It's tremendous to see these people so proud and enjoying the success for 2015. We will talk more of our support staff on presentation night.


Now to Saturday! We were scratchy early after a good warm up and a really good vibe pregame and maybe this was a need for footy. Old Igs were ready to go and kicked some nice goals whilst we made some crucial errors that assisted them. So when you look at that we pretty much just needed to clean up our act and put ourselves back in the game. As the boys have done all year they reset and played some good footy in the second quarter. I thought Tom Clarke had some great courageous moments that got us going and Daniel Hills goal was a beauty and equaled later in the game by Nick Ramsey. It felt going into half time that we'd pinched the momentum and after half time we played better footy. All players were contributing and really giving us something to work with and at three quarter time it felt the group would power on and they did!


To Old Iggies credit they just kept fighting and are a very good football side. Both clubs exchanged pleasantries after the game that was built on mutual respect! A healthy rivalry begins as we head in to A2 together!


Our leading goal kicker was Hamish Gordon with 4 in a top game. Our best players were Dylan Gamble, Tristan Shaw, Orry Cross, Nick Ramsey, Ryan Reavley and Jared Braley was our best in terrific game at centre half back.


I pass on my congratulations to Popey and the thirds and Craig and the twos. Just a bloody great day.


The challenge that awaits this group is big but they will hit it running! I along with everyone at the club are very proud of them! They took on the challenge and have now tasted some success and want more!


I'll close by saying a very very big thank you to Bussy, Craig and Salts! They have been rock solid in support to the group and where we are heading! It's a pleasure to work with you!


Hopefully we have a great night at Presentations! I'm sure we will!


Thanks, Quinny.


Coach Quinnys Pregame 


Tomorrow we meet a very good side in Old Ignatians. I've watched them play twice in the past three weeks and I can quite honestly say I like the way they play the game. 


I've watched our side develop and improve all year and the most exciting aspect is, we are player driven. This team bit the bullet and wasted no time on things they could not control. They just went to work and have produced a attractive product that is exciting and talented but most of all effective and efficient! 


This will be tested tomorrow and as Coach I look forward to see what this group put on the "Blue print" tomorrow. 


We are unchanged from two weeks ago


We field three very strong sides from thirds to firsts and I wish the players, Craig and Popey all the best. 


Nobody is more important than anyone else tomorrow! It's our club that matters! 


We are going to work! 


Ta, Quinny.


Web Pregame


A bit of history


For the first time since 1975 since we have had all 3 teams in their respective grades GFs.


The last A grade win was 2002 (A1).

The last B grade win was 2009 (D2R).

The last C grade flag was 2002 (C9).


Old Ignatians won the D3 flag back in 2010.


Old Iggies this year


Old Iggies finished the minor round in 3rd spot with 10 wins 5 losses & 1 draw.



2 to PHOSC,

1 to Athl,

1 to Pembroke

1 to Mitcham (round 12)


Draw: Althelstone round 10.


Old Iggies Joshua Martin is there leading goal scorer with 32 goals and  John Harrison is 2nd with 26 goals forfor the season/.


Last week Prelim F


Old Iggies edged out Athelstone in the preliminary final by 18 points after leading by a point early in the last quarter and then clearing out in the run home. It was the opposite from the qualifying final when the Raggies ran over Iggies late in the game to win. Last week Lachlan Murdoch, Sam Cooke, Thomas Kolesnik, Angus Crowley and Shelley Fulton were best for Iggies




Andrew Harris is our leading scorer with 30 goals. We then have five players who have kicked between 23 and 28 goals, Aaron Bergsma, Dylan Gamble, Matthew Jacquier, Adam Smyth and Hamish Gordon.



Previous encounters:


Round 8

Phos win by 18pts at home.


Round 17

Phos win by 6pts away.

PHOS Camden    2.1-13     3.2-20     3.4-22    4.4-28

Old Ignatians       0.1-1        0.3-3      2.6-18  3.9-27



Goal Kickers: W. Papatolis, S. McGill, R. Bartlett, A. Flett
Best Players: R. Morgan, R. Bartlett, B. Eddy, H. Walters, G. Soper



Goal Kickers: J. Cini, M. Washer, J. Leane
Best Players: Z. Borlace, J. Jurisevic, B. Connelly, J. Calabrese, C. Eddington


Coach Craigs Postgame report


What a weekend!! After the C grade had an inspiring win in the first game of the day, the pressure was on to keep the winning momentum going and the key was to get a good start.


The boys started well in a high pressure match keeping Old Ignatians goalless in the first half and having a 3 goal lead at half time. The opposition defended pretty hard in the first half and we knew at some stage they were going to have to try and win the game, so the message at half time was to be prepared for an onslaught.


Old Ignatians came out after the main break determined to get themselves back in the game hitting us with everything they had and in the last quarter got themselves into a position to win the game, hitting the front by a couple of points with about five minutes to go. To our boys' credit they dug in and never gave up, kicking an answering goal to wrestle back the lead almost immediately. Our backline defended with all of their energy in the last few minutes of the game with Old Ignatians coming hard at them and with two minutes to go we sent a few more players down to hold the opposition out to get a one point win.


Every single player played their role on the day and it was hard to pick best players but there were two standouts on the day, Rian Morgan had a job to do on their dangerous small forward who kicked close to 50 goals for the year and held him to one on the day while Brent Eddy had a great game as a deep back, defending hard and running the ball out of defence all day. Other players that had good games were Glen Soper giving us great run on his wing, Harry Walters worked hard early around the ball setting up our lead while Teddy Bartlett had a good game on the ball and gave us a good target up forward as well, kicking the final goal to seal the win.


It was a pretty tense last few minutes but the B Grade boys showed great character in very warm conditions to hold on for the result we had been looking for all year, well done boys!!


Saturday was a fantastic day for our club and it was a great result for Simon and the A Grade and Popey and his C's, a massive reward for the hard work they put in through the season.


Finally, it's been fun working with everyone this year and I'd especially like to thank Chris Morgan, Dave Vivian and Martin Ding for all of their help and input over the season, without these guys around we couldn't have achieved what we did in the B Grade this year.


Have a great summer.




Craig Bahnisch


Coach Craigs Pregame 


Our players have worked hard all year to get themselves into this position but they all realise that the job’s not done yet and we have a massive hurdle to get over on Saturday in the form of Old Ignatians who have won the past two Division 3 Reserves flags and are going for three in a row.


We have great respect for them and have had their measure so far this year but Grand Finals are a different story and the previous wins we have had against them count for nothing this Saturday.


The pressure this week will be immense and we must settle the nerves early to get the jump on them. Our tackling pressure has been excellent so far this year and must continue in order to take control and keep control of the game while our run and carry should be suited to a big ground like Thebarton Oval. The side’s ability to work hard for each other has been the key all season and now we must step it up to the next level in order to get the result we want.


We’ve had to make some hard decisions during the year at selection and this week was no different with one change to our Semi Final side which is Dave Parkins coming back after 3 weeks off. Parko gave himself every chance to make it back into the side with discipline and hard work, well done.


It’s great to see Simon and The A’s and Popey’s C Grade in GF’s as well and we wish them the best of luck.


We’ve been dreaming of this day since we started training in November last year and it’s finally arrived for all 3 grades which is a great achievement and justification of all the hard work done around the club, on and off the field but let’s not be happy just making it, let’s finish it off and win it!!

Catch everyone at Thebby.



Craig Bahnisch


Web Pregame


Old Iggies finished the minor round in 2nd spot with 13 wins 3 losses.



2 to PHOSC (minor round), 1 (SF2)

1 to Golden Grove (by 1 point)



Old Iggies Div3R team won the 2013 & 2014 premiership.

So their hoping for a three-peat.



Previous encounters:


Round 8

Phos win by 37pts at home.


Round 17

Phos win by 16pts away.


Semi Final 2

Phos win by 28pts at home.

Guardian Messenger Paper - click on image go to page 52


Div C3

Grand Final



@ Theberton Oval

Sat Sep 12th        Time: 10:00am

PHOS Camden     6.8-44

Scotch OC             5.5-35



Goal Kickers: T. Johns 2, A. Tremaine, J. Whitford, B. Carracher, S. Bates
Best Players: J. Whitford, H. Flentje, J. James, B. Maitland, D. Marriott, S. Bates



Goal Kickers: T. Freeman 2, S. Nicholls, B. Gould, N. Aistrope
Best Players: Z. Radbone, A. Williams, B. Drake, H. McGregor, B. Gould


Popeys report


What a great day for the club.


I'll start by saying special thanks to Quinny & Craig for your support thru the year and especially on the day it made my job a lot easier.


I'd also like to thanks my good mates Assistant Coach Craig Bensch, Team Manager Chris Djurasevich & our runner Gleen Rigoir.


The 1st quarter was outstanding; we hit them from the 1st bounce and played a very skilful hard running game to be around 3 goals up. We weren’t really use to the hot conditions and Scotch to their credit got themselves back into the game and provided an exciting finish. I believe not just in this game but the previous finals our great team sprit got us across the line and cannot be prouder of the guys.


All the lads played well but i would like to make special mention of Josh James & Hamish Flente. Our best for the day was Justin Whitford for a 4 quarter effort undersized in the ruck and a target down forward kicking a vital goal. Tim Johns also provided a target up forward kicking 2 goals when goals were like diamonds in a very low scoring game. Brodie Maitlands running game and supporting the backs was exactly what we needed. Dale Marriot in the ruck and then to play a key position when required. Bates was great & Aussie Tremaine in the last quarter with his poise & skill saved us .


I'm just so proud to been able to coach a group of lads that love to play footy.


Congrats to the As & Bs for your season you got what u deserved after a very good season.


Bring on next year 


Cheers Popey



Web Pregame


Scotch finished the minor round in top position with only one loss for the year.


Scotch  player A. Williams won the C3 Medal with 30 votes, might be a player Popeys's boys will need to keep an eye on.



1 to CLG

1 to PHOSC (SF2)




Previous encounters:


Round 9

Scotch win by 59pts at home.


Semi Final 2


PHOSC win by 9 points.




from the



please click on left image













History made


Never before in the clubs history

have all 3 division premierships been won

in the same year,

what a great weekend for the Phantoms.


Quinnys As after a slow start start were on top by half time and never headed to win by 28 points.


Craigs Bs scapped thru by 1 point

in a very low scoring game.


Popeys Cs started on fire in the 1st quarter

but just held onto a 9 point win.


 video highlights later in the week.

Last Weeks Results


Phantoms get the Treble!


Not since 1975?

have the Phantoms had all three senior sides

in respective Grand Finals.


Quinnys inaccurate A's battled hard to get to get the job done, Boofa BOG & Bergs kicked 3.


Craigs Bs too good for Old Iggies,

Teddy BOG  & M.Papa kicked 4


Popeys Cs caused a boil over beating top side Scotch,

Whitty BOG & Butler kicked 3.


We need all Phantoms Supporters out in force

Sat Sep 12th

at Thebarton Oval to watch the triple header


Well done to the boys we are back in Div 2, but we want 3 pieces of silverware in the cabinet.

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