2015 Semi Final 2


Div A3


Final 2



@ Camden Oval

Sat Aug 29th        Time: 2:15pm


Div A3



Final 2


St Ignations

@ Camden Oval

Sat Aug 29th        Time: 12:15pm




Past Athelstone results

Round 15 A grade results


Athelstone          1.1-7        3.3-21      3.8-26         8.12-60

PHOS Camden    5.5-35     9.6-60     12.12-84     17.14-116



Goal Kickers: J. Sykes 3, M. Leigh 2, J. Schinella 2, D. Sykes 
Best Players: , M. Leigh , D. Sullivan , J. Schinella , S. Sullivan , C. Diotallevi



Goal Kickers: A. Harris 5, A. Scholz 3, S. Williams 2, A. Smyth 2, S. Williams 2, W. Papatolis , A. Bergsma , B. Van Gils 
Best Players: , A. Bergsma , N. Ramsey , A. Scholz , O. Cross , B. Van Gils


Round 6 A grade results


PHOS Camden            2.2-14     3.5-23     7.6-48         8.9-57

Athelstone                   2.4-16     5.7-37    6.10-46      8.12-60



Goal Kickers: T. Quinn , H. Gordon , A. Bergsma , D. Hill , S. Williams , D. Gamble , M. Jacquier , T. Finn 
Best Players: , S. Inglis , T. Shaw , R. Reavley , A. Bergsma , L. May



Goal Kickers: S. Sullivan 2, J. Schinella , M. Leigh , P. Biancardi , T. Clayton , J. Sheedy , J. Allen 
Best Players: , M. Mauriello , D. Sullivan , M. Newell , S. Tarca , J. Sheedy














Video Highlights click above image


PHOS Camden      3.3-21     6.9-45    10.15-75     10.17-77

Athelstone             2.2-14     5.4-34        6.7-43          7.9-51



Goal Kickers: A. Bergsma 3, H. Gordon 2, D. Gamble 2, M. Jacquier, N. Ramsey, A. Harris

Best Players: J. Braley, B. Van Gils, K. Evans, S. Inglis, R. Reavley, T. Shaw



Goal Kickers: M. Leigh 2, J. Trish 2, B. Lomman, C. Swift, S. Tarca

Best Players: J. Allen, P. Biancardi, M. Newell, M. Leigh, S. Tarca


Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


I'll start by saying congratulations to our playing group, support staff (being everybody) and our club people. Three teams into Grand Finals is good for our club and gives us a chance to make things great in two weeks time. More on that next week. 


We went in to Satdy with three very strong teams and as happy as we were with that it was a tough week too when you have to drop players who would've more than acquitted themselves. I go back to the first night of pre season and we talked of depth and hard decisions and that's what we wanted. 


Getting back to Satdy and we had a very tough game with a very good side in Athelstone. Close up until half time we managed to put some space between the sides in the third quarter. All players contributed. Those who may've started rough were getting into the game and the signs were good. Athelstone challenged in the last but we shut the door. 


We will now set up for our biggest game for the year and continue to seek improvement! Our principles we adhere to were evident and we will continue to push that. 


As far as goal kickers were Bergs with 3, Gambo and Gordo 2, singles to Jac, Rama and Harry. 


Best players were our starting back 6. They were terrific. Brent Van Gils did a terrific job negating a very good Athelstone player. Others were very good too! 


So Satdy was a good day for our footy club! Everybody is involved and nobody is more important than anyone else. 


Well done to the boys re their gold coin donations and present to Nick. We'd be lost without him! 


Again, well done to Craig and the B's and Popey and the C's. We are all in this together. 


Quinnys (A grade) PREgame Report


Saturday we host Athelstone, a side we respect for a crack at the A3 Grand Final. 


The boys have trained well over the past fortnight and have continued to stick to our principles. 


This time of year is great for a lot of reasons and his hard too. If we had our way we'd play everyone given this groups team first attitude but we can't. There are no apologies. 


Our club is getting stronger. 


Going out of the side are Kouta, Paddy Hamden and Tom Finn. The lads have done a great job but have been put back to the 2's. 


Coming in are Hamish Gordon, Adam Smyth, Nick Ramsey and Sam Williams. 


We look forward to the game and the chance to play in a Grand Final. 


All the best to Craig and the 2's and Popey and the 3rd's. Three teams in would be a great result. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Web Pregame


2015 Semi Final 2 marks the first final the Phantoms A grade have played since 2010 when Wayne Weidemann was coach, where we lost to Eastern Park in the Div 2 GF. Since then we finished 8th, 8th & 10th (Div 1 demoted to Div 2).


After finishing 9th last year and being demoted to Div 3, Quinnys boys promised REDEMPTION, there a third of the way there finishing top after the completion of the minor round.


Our last minor round game we had a big win over Plympton seems like ages ago. The boys have trained hard in the last 2 weeks and are ready to take on Athlestone at our home ground with close to all players being available for selection.


Athelstone have been top of division 2 for the majority of the year, but had 2 draws and a loss to Golden Grove which relegated them to second position.


We have played The Raggies twice this year, with round 6 being our only loss for the year (see RHS for past results), but responded strongly in round 15 with a good win. Athelstone have won all their games since round 15 including a 5 point win against form side Old Ignations in last weeks Qualifying final.


They are extremely well captain/coached by ex Sturt Player Jade Sheedy and tend to play a high possession short game especially from the kick outs.


Our boys will need to be at their best from the 1st bounce.



(Ins):   H. Gordon, A. Smyth, S.Williams, N.Ramsey

(Outs) :  T. Finn, J. Koutsikas, P.Hamden


All the best 


Go Phantoms





2015 SemiFinal 2


PHOS Camden    1.6-12   3.8-26    7.9-51    10.11-71

Old Ignatians       0.4-4     2.4-16    4.5-29        6.7-43



Goal Kickers: M. Papatolis 4, H. Walters 2, A. Flett 2, G. Soper, L. McDonald

Best Players: R. Bartlett, B. Toohey, B. Eddy, M. Papatolis, B. Cameron


Goal Kickers: B. Crowley 2, J. Cini, D. Orlando, J. Leane, J. Menzies

Best Players: A. Falkenberg, L. Scanlon, A. Collins, J. Calabrese, D. McCabe


Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report


It was very quiet in the rooms before the B Grade game on Saturday as the players prepared themselves which showed they were focused and ready to go against Old Ignatians who were always going to be tough, they are a proud side who we respect and are always wary of.


The boys started well kicking the first goal of the game in the opening minute and dominated the whole quarter holding Old Ignatians goalless but we just couldn’t convert on the scoreboard.


The second quarter was a bit more even with two goals each but we still felt we were in control of the game going in at half time ten points up.


The message at the main break was to step up the intensity and apply more scoreboard pressure to try and put the game away by three quarter time and the boys certainly took it on board and kicked  4 – 1 in the third to extend our lead going into the last quarter. We knew we had to prepare for the opposition to come out for a last gasp effort and Old Iggy’s certainly threw everything at us to try and snatch the win but the lads absorbed the pressure well and managed to kick three goals for the quarter to seal the game.


It was a great team effort which made it hard to pick best players again but Ryan “Teddy” Bartlett was best on ground after coming back from a long term injury and showed his hard work and quality ball skills around the stoppages, Tooza rucked most of the game against a quality ruckman and gave our mids first use all day, Brent Eddy dominated in the backline and created plenty of attacks from defence with his ball use while Mike Papatolis had one of his best games for the year at Centre Half Forward taking a few grabs and kicking four goals and Billy Cameron gave us plenty of bite on his wing getting plenty of the ball and laying a team lifting tackle in the third quarter that let the opposition know he was there to play.


Finally, well done to Simon and the A’s and Popey and the C’s in what was a good day for the club last Saturday with all three teams getting wins and making it to Grand Finals but the job is only half done and we must now focus on working hard to give ourselves every opportunity in two weeks’ time.


Craigs (B grade) PREgame Report


We have a great opportunity this week against Old Ignatians who we have plenty of respect for as they have won the the previous two premierships in Div 3 Reserves and know how to play finals footy.


This means that we must be ready for them and our ability to absorb their pressure and be able to play the game on our terms will be the key to getting the win.


With players coming back into the A grade this week we get Kouta, Patty Hamden and TJ Finn back with us, these guys are quality players and will certainly be keen to make an impact this week.


This in turn made selection extremely hard and unfortunately some players have missed out through weight of numbers, but these guys have shown over the year that they are team focused and will give it everything for Popey in the C's to get the win.


Good luck to the A's and C's as well in a massive weekend for the club and hopefully we can finish Saturday with 3 wins.




Craig Bahnisch



(Ins):  Kouta, Patty Hamden, TJ Finn, D.Marriot, J. Cadzow, S.McGill.

(Outs) :  J.James, J.Resnais, S.Williams (A's), A.Pope, D.Parkins





past results v Old Iggies

Round 17 B grade


Old Ignatians       6.4-40

PHOS Camden    8.8-56



Goal Kickers: J. Leane 3, J. Cini 3
Best Players: , A. Falkenberg , L. Scanlon , B. Connelly , D. McCabe , H. Einarson



Goal Kickers: T. Quinn 2, W. Papatolis , J. Koutsikas , S. Williams , J. Resnais , M. Molnar , A. Flett 
Best Players: , W. Papatolis , R. Morgan , S. Willcocks , D. Parkins , L. McDonald


Round 8 B grade


PHOS Camden     5.1-31     7.3-45     9.4-58        10.6-66

Old Ignatians        1.1-7         1.3-9     4.5-29         4.5-29




Goal Kickers: W. Papatolis 3, M. Papatolis 2, M. Bate 2, J. Marton 2, P. Hamden
Best Players: , W. Papatolis , J. Marton , M. Molnar , M. Papatolis , B. Toohey , A. Scholz



Goal Kickers: J. Cini 2, B. Crowley , P. Pirone 
Best Players: , A. Collins , J. Centenera , H. Einarson , A. Gardner , L. Kerins



Div C3

Semi Final 2



Scotch Oval

Sat Aug 29th

Time: 10:15am



2015 Semi Final 2


Scotch OC           5.13-43

PHOS Camden     8.4-52




Goal Kickers: T. Freeman 2, N. Fox, J. Craig, S. Nicholls



Goal Kickers: J. Butler 3, J. Resnais, S. Bates, T. Johns

Best Players: J. Whitford


Round 9



C grade results


PHOS Camden        0.1-1      2.3-15      4.5-29             7.5-47

Scotch OC              4.4-28      7.5-47      10.10-70     15.12-102




Goal Kickers: J. Whitford 2, O. Stagg 2, T. Johns 2, S. McGill 
Best Players: , J. James , S. McGill , B. Carracher , J. Resnais , S. Bates , J. Whitford



Goal Kickers: T. Freeman 5, H. White 4, J. King 2, A. Gilmore , N. Fox , N. Aistrope , A. Williams 
Best Players: , N. Fox , W. Porter , B. Drake , A. Ey , J. King


2015 Elimination Final   'Reserves'   


Walkerville - Walkerville Recreation Oval - Saturday 30th Aug - 1:45pm


Walkerville              13.12-90

PHOS Camden            9.8-62









Goal Kickers: L. Blewit 4, P. Wilson 2, C. Toro 2, R. Curry 2, A. Zanker , J. Mann , J. Bentley Best Players: , L. Blewit , R. Curry , P. Wilson , C. Toro , J. Mann



Goal Kickers: M. Papatolis 2, D. Parkins 2, M. Parslow 2, D. Doolette-Cox , J. Resnais , S. Smith

Best Players: , H. Walters , M. Baker , M. Papatolis , A. Tremaine , D. Marriott


Craig Post game report:


Saturday was a massive day for the B Grade and the boys were fired up for a big one, the mood in the change rooms was good and everyone was ready to play their part. We played some of our best football for the year in the first quarter with our intensity levels high and our pressure on the ball carrier at a good level forcing turnovers which allowed us to kick the first 3 goals of the game and only allow Walkerville to kick their first goal just before the quarter time siren.


Walkerville came out after quarter time with much more purpose and managed to run the lines and share the ball around giving themselves a few more avenues to goal, kicking 5 goals to our 1 in the second.


With the game still in the balance at half time the boys were keen to get back on track in the third but just couldn’t match Walkerville’s run and carry and while the backline worked tirelessly, they were under constant pressure with the ball coming in high and long from their midfield.


Coming in about 8 goals down at 3 quarter, time the boys dug in and played the game out kicking 5 goals to 1 in the last quarter to go down by 28 points.


We had great service from Harry Walters and Michael “Bluey” Baker in the midfield all game while Mike Papatolis, Matt “Pasty” Parslow and Dave Parkins all kicked 2 goals each. There were also good performances from Aussie Tremaine, Lachlan McDonald, Jon “Kouta” Koutsikas and Dale Marriott who never gave up.


There was some brilliant, high intensity football played by the boys in the first and last quarters last Saturday but unfortunately as good as we were in those quarters, our opposition was slightly better at converting in the 2nd and 3rd which managed to get them over the line.


It has been a good year for the B Grade with the improvement in the playing group as a whole being great and I reckon we have certainly unearthed a few future A Grade players to build a side with next year.


Finally, I’d like to thank Pat Hamden, Dave Vivian, Richie Resnais, “Bart” and “Steiny” for all of their help on match days this year, these guys gave up their time for the B Grade and it has certainly been appreciated. Have a good summer everyone and we’ll catch you next season at the footy.


Web pregame:


Walkies finished 4th on the ladder having only one more win than us.


Walkies last 5 games: close win against 2nd place SHC, loss to 8th place Scotch!, win against 3rd place PNU, a win against us & SMOSH. So there in pretty good form.


Last time we played them was Round 15 at Walkies. The boys played well below their best but regrouped for a good last quarter. 


Players that did well in that game were Shannon Leatch, Anthony Flett, Rian Morgan & Curtis Harms was best on ground while Tim Smyth gave us a target up forward kicking 3 goals.


Suffice to say the boys will have to play a lot better to beat Walkies on Saturday.


Craig pre-game:


B Grade side as follows.


Fwd         Hull                      Parslow                Resnais


HF           Baker                    Smith                   M Papatolis


C             McDonald            Harms                 Grosser


HB           R Morgan             Flett                     Maitland


B              Turner                  Leatch                 Eddy


                Ruck                                     Interchange

                Parkins                                  Unger

                Tremaine                              Koutsikas

                Walters                                 Marriott



Emergency – Phillis


This is why we play football, to play in finals. But we don’t want to be happy making finals, we want to win them! Walkerville will be a tough opponent this week, they are a finals hardened club and know what it takes to succeed at this time of year.


We must be ready to hit them with everything we’ve got to get the ascendency early and make them defend. Our backline has been solid all year and is bolstered this week with the return of Shannon Leatch from injury and we also get Harry Walters back to give us some grunt around the ball.


Every single player that takes the field this week must leave nothing in the tank as one of the keys to success in finals is to give it everything for the team. Playing four quarters of solid football is essential and is something we have been working towards all year, what better time to put a complete game together than this week against a quality opponent.


We’ve had a great week on the track and now must bring that attitude and the skill level to game day by challenging ourselves and each other to be the best we can be. I’d just like to say it’s never easy to pick a side at this time of year when everyone eligible for B Grade is fit and available and after some agonising deliberation last night some players who don’t necessarily deserve it have had to miss out. So, I’d like to acknowledge Corey Phillis, Sam Meyers and Tim Smyth who have all contributed to the team over the course of the season and helped us get to the position we are in this weekend, keep your heads up fellas and if the game goes to plan, there will be an opportunity to step up next week.


Finally, we have a great opportunity to fly the flag for the club this weekend, let’s make the most of it and come home with the win. See you there!!


Elimination Final

B Squad


38 M. Baker

3 D. Doolette-Cox

32 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

14 J. Grosser

29 C. Harms

25 A. Hull

31 J. Koutsikas

46 S. Leatch

6 B. Maitland

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

40 S. Meyers

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

49 M. Parslow

5 C. Phillis

30 J. Resnais

19 S. Smith

39 T. Smyth

2 A. Tremaine

17 R. Turner

35 J. Unger

28 H. Walters



B grade ladder


1 Prince Alfred OC          36

2 Sacred Heart OC         27

3 Payneham NU              25

Walkerville                     20

5 PHOS Camden           18

6 SMOSH West Lakes    16

7 Broadview                     14

8 Scotch OC                      12

9  Gepps Cross                  6

10 Flinders Park               6


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