A grade game

2016 Elimination Final


27th August


Camden Oval

PHOSC v Old Ignatians

St Ignatians info


The Phantoms have had a recent rivalry with Old Iggies having came up with them from Div 3. All games in the last 2 years have been hard fought but 5-1 in the Phantoms favour.

Old Iggies finished the minor round 5th on the ladder with 10 wins 8 losses, just one win behind us. 

They started the year easily one of the top 2 sides having won 9 out of the 1st 10 (loss to top side Modbury).

They had 2 wins (us & Broadview) points forfeited for exceeding SAAFL points (self-reported).

They have won 4 out the last 5 games.

Best wins for year against SHOCs (Rd 2) & SPOCs (Rd 3)

Elimination Final In's


Paddy Hamden, 

Tom Finn

Jared Braley

Elimination Final In's


Mike Papatolis, 


Dane Laing,

Harry Walters

Josh Green

Last time we met round 7


PHOS Camden        6.2-38    7.5-47      9.7-61    11.11-77

Old Ignatians         3.2-20     8.5-53    10.7-67   13.10-88


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 5, N. Ramsey 2, O. Cross, M. Ruwoldt, J. Whitford, S. Williams
Best Players: M. Ruwoldt, S. Williams , H. Young, N. Ramsey, C. Beard, O. Cross


Goal Kickers: C. Ortlepp 4, D. Mcneil 2, W. Abbott 2, S. Cooke, L. Washer, G. Gallman, D. Fitzgerald, L. Sandland
Best Players: C. Ortlepp, D. Boyd, N. Dawes, M. Christopherson, W. Abbott

Last time we met round 16


Old Ignatians     2.4-16   5.7-37   7.13-55     8.16-64

PHOS Camden   2.3-15   7.4-46   8.6-54     16.8-104


Goal Kickers: G. Gallman 2, S. Cooke 2, M. Christopherson, H. De Poi, N. Penta, C. Ortlepp
Best Players: D. Boyd, M. Christopherson, D. Mcneil, W. Abbott, J. De Poi


Goal Kickers: M. Jacquier 4, N. Ramsey 3, O. Cross 3, S. Williams 2, H. Gordon 2, J. Bayliss, J. Whitford
Best Players: O. Cross, S. Williams, N. Ramsey, L. May, C. Beard, A. Smyth



50 games

Dylan Georgeson

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A Grade

PHOS Camden   5.2-32   6.6-42     9.7-61     11.7-73

Old Ignatians    1.6-12   4.10-34   4.15-39   4.21-45


Goal Kickers: J. Bayliss 4, S. Williams 3, O. Cross 2, N. Ramsey, M. Ruwoldt
Best Players: J. Bayliss, N. Ramsey, O. Cross, M. Ruwoldt, L. May


Goal Kickers: M. Christopherson 2, G. Gallman, N. Penta
Best Players: M. Christopherson, D. Mcneil, D. Boyd, P. Bollen, L. Collins

Quinny Post Match report

Saturday saw a good solid performance from the lads that progressed us further in to finals. The most pleasing aspect being the evenness of effort from the group, something that is a big KPI for the group.


The game was tight all day and you could look at final scores and think Old Ignatians kicked poorly and blew it but I dont believe it reflected the game.


Our best were Ruwy and Maysie in the midfield with their tough approach to the game. Orry In ruck and around the ground, Rama with a fine leaders game and Josh Bayliss, busy all day and rewarded with 4 goals.


Unfortunately we lose the B's after a loss in the elimination final. Their effort under Craig and Morgs has been really good and they hopefully stay involved with the A's to give the pressure and jump on any opportunity that falls their way at selection.


We look forward to SHOCs now.


Ta Quinny.

Quinnys Pre Match Report


Saturday we host Old Ignatians FC in an Elimination Final. We take strong momentum into the game as do they.  Our guys are playing a good brand of footy built on the pushing each other and continuing to build the respect for one another on the deck.


We lose Hamish Gordon with a leg injury and full credit to the lad, he has done everything to be ready but didn't quite get there. Mick Papatolis goes to the two's not in bad form, just in need of a good hit out and to work on a couple of things that will see him back.


Coming in are Paddy Hamden returning with Tom Finn and Jared Braley after getting through unscathed last week. These lads give us strong leadership and flexibilty.


So we are ready for this and hungry to progress.


All the best to Craig and the two's in their elimination final and Popey and the C's where it would be great to see them finish with a win.


Ta, Quinny.

B grade game

2016 Elimination Final


27th August


Camden Oval

PHOSC v Broadview

Broadview B grade Info

Finished 5th on the ladder with 9 wins & 9 losses.

Won 2 out the last 5 games,

lost last week against  2nd placed Old Iggies.

Got within 10 points of top side SHOCs.

Broadies A grade have not made the finals, expect a top up.

B Grade

PHOS Camden  0.0          4.4-28    5.4-34        9.6-60

Broadview         4.4-28    4.6-30    8.10-58    9.10-64


Goal Kickers: N. Watts 3, D. Laing 2, M. Parslow, J. Koutsikas, N. Walters, L. McDonald
Best Players: M. Papatolis, J. Koutsikas, M. Molnar, H. Walters, A. Flett, J. James


Goal Kickers: D. Carter 4, S. Hunter 3, N. Pierson 2
Best Players: B. Eastwood, L. Smith, D. Carter, S. Hunter, J. Rose

Craigs Post Match Report

After a long season it all came down to one game and unfortunately we couldn't quite get over the line. Broadview kicked with a strong breeze in the first quarter and got out to a 28 point lead after we had a lot of the ball in the first 10 minutes of the game but couldn't get the reward for effort. The boys showed plenty of fight getting themselves back in the game and going into the half time break only 2 points down by running the ball and playing hard, physical footy. The third quarter went a lot like the first but we managed to score a goal into the wind against the flow of play to give ourselves a good chance of getting the win providing we worked hard as a team. The final quarter was an arm wrestle as we edged closer to getting the lead, peppering the goals and with about a minute to go Wattsy had a snap out of the pack that was on its way through but just wasn't quite high enough and was touched on the line.

A great effort by the boys to never give up and show enough character to give themselves every chance of winning the game right to the last seconds.

Goal kickers were Wattsy with 3, Dane Laing with 2 and singles to Pasty, Kouta, Nick Walters and Lachy McDonald.

Mike Papatolis came back from the A's and had one of his best games for the year in the middle while Kouta and Mitch Molnar were great around the ball, working hard and getting into good positions all game. Harry Walters showed his class around the packs getting plenty of ball and using it well, Fletty had a good game when he was moved to centre half back in the second quarter and Josh James was solid in the back pocket.

Another season over for the B Grade and I'd like to thank the crew in Morgs, Dingy and Viv who have given me the best support I could ask for all year as well as all of the PHOS playing group and supporters who have been great.

Well done to Simon and the A Grade for a gutsy win to keep the club alive in finals and a chance to have another crack at SHOC this week in a massive game.

Catch you at the A Grade.




Craig B.

Craigs Pre Match Report


After a long season finals football is upon us again and we have a massive challenge in the twos against Broadview who go into this week’s game with some good form. Whatever has happened in the past between these two sides counts for nothing in a final.

We need to focus on our run and carry which has got us through for most of the year as well as playing to our strength which is playing hard running, unpredictable footy. Our leadership has been touched on over the past few weeks and we now need 22 leaders in our side who are willing to do whatever they can for the team, whether it’s putting on a shepherd or just telling their team mate they’re clear, it doesn’t seem much but it can definitely make a difference in the heat of a finals game.

Another five changes to our side this week sees Mike Papatolis come back from the A’s while Leatchy, Dane Laing, Harry Walters and Josh Green are handy additions and all are keen to have a major influence on the game, adding pace and experience to our side.

We have a good mix of youth and experience in our side this week, 22 committed players ready for the challenge of finals footy.

Good luck to Simon and the A grade this week in their final and to Popey and the C’s in their last game for the year.




Craig B.

Last time we met Round 5 

B Grade


Broadview                2.2-14    2.4-16    4.5-29        5.7-37

PHOS Camden           1.2-8    4.5-29    7.6-48    10.10-70



Goal Kickers: N. Pierson 2, B. Pearce, T. Crawford, B. Sheridan
Best Players: L. Cregan, L. DiPalma, E. Hayat, C. Felstead, R. Moukachar


Goal Kickers: M. Papatolis 2, L. McDonald 2, D. Parkins, J. Resnais, M. Molnar, M. Parslow, S. McGill, H. Walters
Best Players: M. Papatolis, L. McDonald, M. Molnar, S. McGill, R. Morgan

Last time we met Round 14

B grade results

PHOS Camden    0.6-6    2.8-20   5.12-42    7.14-56

Broadview           4.0-24  5.3-33   6.6-42      7.7-49


Goal Kickers: N. Walters 2, A. Flett, J. Green, J. Whitford, B. Toohey, R. Morgan
Best Players: J. James, B. Maitland, J. Grosser, R. Morgan, N. Walters

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