This weeks game


Adelaide Footy League Div 2

Prelminary Final

Saturday 9th September


Henley v PHOSC

Henley Memorial Oval


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         Sam Inglis 100th game                  &       Mitch Molnar 50th game

Henley                 2.8-20   4.9-33   7.11-53   9.14-68

PHOS Camden    1.0-6    1.2-8       5.3-33      7.4-46


Goal Kickers: D. Longman 2, T. Thunig 2, H. Jessen, D. Rowley, J. Stewart, J. Hyland, J. Thewlis
Best Players: J. Thewlis, T. Lane, C. Gray, S. Ferguson, D. Rowley, J. Stewart


Goal Kickers: H. Gordon 3, H. Cumming 2, L. Jacka, T. Underwood
Best Players: S. Inglis, H. Gordon, L. Toohey, L. May, R. Reavley


Quinnys post match report (to come)



Henley facts:

Ladder position: 1st 17 wins 1 loss

Best Wins: too many to mention

Worst Losses:  Old Iggies by 34 points, Athelstone 5 points


Henley vs PHOS (see RHS for details) :  

Round 7 loss by 61, Round 15 lost by 41points

Last week Henley after having the week off from finishing top of the ladder, got off to a flyer as expected against Athelstone being up by 8 goals to nil at 1/4 time.

Most including maybe Henley thought they would win by 20 goals.

We are told Athelstone coach Jade Sheedy instructed his troops to pressure Henley and hit them hard, they all bought in and eventually pulled off an amazing comeback win and possibly the upset of the season. They are now in the GF and by default Div 1.    

If the Raggies can do it, why not us!.

Henley last week

Henley          8.0-48   8.3-51   9.4-58   10.7-67

Athelstone   0.0        3.3-21   7.3-45   11.6-72


Goal Kickers: T. Lane 2, L. Radley, J. Hyland, T. Thunig, D. Redden, J. Johncock, A. Coxon, H. Jessen, M. Gautesen
Best Players: J. Thewlis, C. Gray, M. Gautesen, J. Enright, H. Jessen, J. Hyland


Goal Kickers: L. Rander 3, J. Schinella 2, M. Leigh 2, A. Stewart, C. Elliott, D. Cluse, J. Sheedy
Best Players: M. Glenn, L. Rander, J. Sheedy, J. Mozuras, A. Stewart

PHOS Camden 

Quinnys pre match report 

Saturday marks two good milestones on the back of Hamish Gordons 50th last week. Being Mitch Molnars 50th this week and our Club Vice Captain and stand in Captain Sam Inglis who plays his 100th game for our Club. As all the boys are, Sam is a quality person who comes from a lovely Family and a very good footballer. A pleasure to coach and in his unassuming way a very fierce competitor! Well done Sam. 


On to the game and a couple of 1 week injuries see Josh B ayliss and Sammy Underwood out for the game with Casey Berad and Henry Papatolis (Saafl permit granted) coming in.   Please dont think those lads pulled out easy. It was the team thing to do. They called it. Good footy people do that. 


So we head in to the game really wanting to play good footy. We haven't against Henley this year. Just in places. We know we need to sustain. They are a good side but deserve nothing more than us. 


We started this year to win a premiership! I'm happy to say that. In order to give ourselves that opportunity, we must win this week.  


We know it. 


Ta Quinny. 

Past results against Henley

Round 7

Henley                 3.3-21     5.8-38    10.9-69    15.13-103

PHOS Camden   2.2-14     3.3-21      4.5-29           6.6-42


Goal Kickers: D. Williamson 4, D. Longman 2, D. Redden 2, T. Lane 2, J. Johncock, T. Broadbent, B. Currie, P. Sinor, J. Pavlich
Best Players: T. Broadbent, T. Thunig, S. Jarman, H. Jessen, D. Williamson, S. Ferguson


Goal Kickers: R. O''Grady 2, S. Underwood 2, N. Ramsey
Best Players: H. Young, T. Finn, S. Inglis, C. Beard, D. Bonnici

Round 7 Quinnys Post Match report 

Saturday down at Henley didn't go to script with us unable to force Henley to change their style of play mainly due to us turning the footy over (unpressured). Due more to our own clumsiness or wrong decision than Great pressure put on us. In saying that, Henley are a good solid side who play effective footy.


I was pleased with a lot of things that came out of the game none more than the effort of Harry Young on a player from Henley who has been kicking a lot of goals. Every 'one on one' Harry was there for. A fine example. Think the lad kicked one lucky one so great effort. Harry wasnt alone, we had a good defence which when we get a large score kicked against may not look that way. Sam Inglis and Tom Finn played really good one on one games and Shaz, Maysie and Beardy worked hard to quell the flow of forward runs by Henley.


Up forward I thought Hilly and Gordo were really good in their chase and tackle stuff that can sometimes go un noticed. Some of our footy was terrific but too many times we missed a crucial give or went to the wrong option and Henley made us pay as good sides do.


I cant criticise the work rate of our mids but we need to be better. We have some very very good players within our mids and they must lift their effectiveness as they are players we need with the footy but protecting it. 


Sam Williams i thought worked hard up forward and Ritch O'Grady kicked 2 great goals. 


We reset for Sacred Heart this week in what is a very big game for us. I have absolute faith in this group. That's not built on false hope or reassurance, it's built on what I've seen them do at times and the way they have tackled challenges head in. 


Well done to Ritch and the U/18's and to Craig and the 2's and Sammy and the C's lets bounce back this week. 


Ta Quinny. 

Round 15

PHOS Camden   2.2-14   4.2-26     4.5-29      7.8-50

Henley                 2.6-18   7.9-51   9.11-65   13.13-91


Goal Kickers: A. Harris 2, S. Underwood, M. Ruwoldt, O. Cross, H. Cumming, R. O''Grady
Best Players: O. Cross, A. Bergsma, L. Toohey, J. James, S. Underwood, H. Young


Goal Kickers: D. Longman 4, L. Radley 3, T. Lane 2, B. Currie, M. Gautesen, J. Johncock, B. Geddes
Best Players: D. Longman, J. Enright, B. Geddes, T. Lane, T. Thunig, L. Radley

round 15 Quinnys Post Match report  

Saturday we saw a good performance from a good side in Henley. I wasn't displeased overall with our performance but some things clearly we need to do better and some better for longer. We had a good spread of good players so yeah as we head towards this week V SHOCS we are in a good place despite the loss. 


Goal kickers were Harry 2, Ruwy, Ritch, Sam Undies, Hazza and Orrs. 


Best were clearly Orry followed by Josh James in a bit of a break out game with Bergs good too. Harry Young was rock solid in his role and Sam Underwood battled all day. 


So, we need to win 3 games remaining to finish 2nd with an important home final. We need to provide all blokes who want to truly play A grade a path to be considered for finals footy, we need as a club to pull together and support each other through these next weeks to get 3 sides as well as our U/18's playing the best footy possible and supporting our club along the way.


We as a club are in good shape and 3 losses to Henley last Saturday should only want to make us better and more importantly make us aware we need to get better! 


Ta Quinny. 

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