This weeks game

Qualifying Final - 26th August

Athelstone v PHOS Camden 

Max Amber Sportsfield 


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:30am

Elimination Final

vs SHOCs

@ Klemzig Oval (Gaza)

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u/18's have progressed to the Grand Final

and have the week off.

They will play the winner of Brighton V SHOCs

on Sunday 3rd September 3pm

Venue TBA

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  • Justin Whitford 50 games

A Grade


Athelstone        1.1-7       4.4-28   6.7-43    9.7-61

PHOS Camden  3.2-20    3.3-21   4.5-29   6.8-44


Goal Kickers: L. Rander 2, J. Westover 2, J. Sykes 2, S. Sullivan, S. Tarca, J. Mozuras
Best Players: A. Stewart, C. Lodovici, A. Owen, J. Mozuras, J. Schinella


Goal Kickers: H. Cumming, N. Ramsey, S. Underwood, H. Young, H. Gordon, A. Bergsma
Best Players: D. Bonnici, S. Inglis, H. Young, L. May, H. Cumming

Quinnys Post Match report

Saturday saw us get off to a great start bringing the intensity required to win finals. We bumped out to a 3 goal lead in the first quarter. All players playing good footy. The mids alive early and our backs very solid. We were finding space in Athelstones press and we went in at quarter time full of earnt confidence. It was put on a few to maintain this intensity but unfortunately we weren't able too and from then on we played catch up footy and in saying that never caught up. 


You can always talk about what went wrong and you should but there was some really good stuff too and I'm big on solutions not problems and that is the mind set we take in to this week to play SHOCS. It doesn't matter if it's do or die so to speak, what matters is bringing our best. We can't say that from Saturday but we must make sure we do this week. 


Goal kickers were spread but our best were Dean Bonnici who stood in for Orry Cross who was away, Sam Inglis was very good as was Maisey and Youngy and we thought Liam Toohey played his best A grade game. 


We welcome back Andrew Harris and Orrs this week for SHOCS at home. We aren't ready for this season to be over. 


Sorry to see the C's and B's go out. I didn't get to the C's but I know Sam has done a great job with the lads. Craig and Dingy have pushed a couple up in to the A's and as B grade coaches that's been a huge box tick for our club. So well done guys. 


We look forward to our challenge ahead. I was pleased to see the post match reaction from our group. It was "Solution" hunting not sooking and whinging. 


Great work


Ta Quinny. 

B Grade

PHOS Camden   1.2-8      3.2-20   6.3-39      9.3-57

Athelstone         3.2-20   6.2-38   10.6-66   12.7-79


Goal Kickers: B. Toohey 2, D. Grant, H. Walters, J. Koutsikas, J. Cadzow, J. Loades, N. Watts, J. Whitford
Best Players: N. Watts, J. Hicks, S. Webster, T. Unger, S. Leatch, B. Toohey


Goal Kickers: R. Spagnoletti 7, J. Trish, N. De Laat, B. Rander, M. Jonas, J. Davies
Best Players: J. Davies, J. Trish, S. Barabas, L. Tomaselli, R. Spagnoletti

Craigs Post Match report

Last Saturday was always going to be tough against a good side in Athelstone and we came out of the blocks full of run. We dominated the play in the first quarter but didn’t get the reward for effort onto the scoreboard and went in at the first break a couple of goals down. The story was the pretty much the same for the rest of the game, we just couldn’t break the 2 goal barrier after making some great efforts to bridge the gap. Our boys had some great passages of play and moved the ball well on the big ground but it just wasn’t enough on the day eventually going down by 22 points.

Goals were spread with Ben Toohey kicking two and singles to Declan Grant, Harry Walters, Kouta, Cadz, Jack Loades, Wattsy and Justin Whitford.

Nick Watts had his best game for the year in his BOG performance providing plenty of run and hurting the opposition with his pace and skills while Josh Hicks kept his good form going giving us some grunt around the packs. Sam Webster and Tom Unger were solid in defence, not giving their opponents a sniff all day while Leatchy did a good job shutting down one of their dominant players early and Ben Toohey rounded our best giving us a great effort up forward and in the ruck.

I couldn’t question our players’ spirit and endeavour last Saturday, everyone gave it their all, we were just beaten by a better side on the day.

Unfortunately that’s it for the B Grade, it’s been a solid season and there are plenty of people to thank for their support including Dingy, Con, Viv, TJ and Simmo as the B Grade crew this year as well as Simon, Sam T. and our trainers, committee and supporters.

It’s time to get around the A’s next week to get another shot at a GF berth and the Under 18’s going for a flag, good luck to all involved.

Enjoy the summer and catch you at the footy this week.




Craig B.

C Grade

Sacred Heart OC    18.14-122

PHOS Camden              4.4-28


Goal Kickers: M. Johnston 5, S. Whelan 3, N. Tait 3, R. Prakash 2, N. Hurley, B. Green, T. O''Malley, N. Clarke, C. Spurling
Best Players: J. Taylor, M. Johnston, P. Cusenza, R. Prakash, S. Dignan


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou 3, J. Biagi
Best Players: J. Biagi, J. Porter, K. Ball, M. Blyth, K. McGuinness

A Grade


Quinnys Pre Match report

Saturday we head to Athelstone for a much awaited start to our finals campaign. We as a group like playing out there and the challenge that presents is tough but the reward is well worth the effort required. Athelstone are a good footy side and we will need to find a bit to beat them but that's what we want. 


We bring in Tommy Underwood, Mitch Molnar and Dane Laing for his first A grade game. The roar from the players on us naming Dame summed up exactly how well this bloke is respected in our club. The final 22 will be sorted tonight. 


All the best to Craig, Sam and all the lads tomorrow. Ritch and the U/18's get a week off so as a club we are going okay. 


Please if you have nothing on catch the C's at Gaza at 10.30 then out to Athelstone for B's and A's. Not a bad day! 


Ta Quinny

B Grade

Craigs Pre Match report

This week we come up against a hard running side in Athelstone for our first final. After a solid week on the track the boys are ready for a scrap. They know what they need to do to get the win, it's all about effort and leaving nothing in the tank!

Dave Parkins, James Cadzow and Andy Simpson come back into our side while Harry Walters comes in for his first B Grade game this year, all handy ins at this time of year.

A special mention goes to Dane Laing in his first A Grade game for the club this week, a well deserved selection and reward for hard work.

Best of luck to Simon and the A's and Sam and the C's tomorrow in a big weekend for the club.

Finals footy is what it's all about!!




Craig B.

Round 12 when we met Athelstone click here


A's: lost by 13 points, Harry 5 goals, Orry best

B's: lost by 71 points, D.Grant 2 goals, D.Laing best

C's: forfeit​​ (ours)

Round 3 when we met Athelstone click here

A's: won by 23 points, S. Underwood 5g & BOG

B's: lost by 25 points, J. Loades 3 goals, B.Toosa best

​C's: lost by 21 points, K. McGuinness 2 goals, B. Cheung best

​​u/18's v Kenilworth won by 153 points, T. Irvine 4 goals, All played well



Ladder position:  2nd: 13 wins 5 losses

Best Wins:  SHOCS by 2 & 27 points, Gaza 43 points, .

Biggest Win: Broadies 77points

Worst Losses:  Unley by 42 points, PHOSC by 23 points

Last Week: Defeated Old Igies by 25 points.

Interesting: Raggies got within 3 & 5 points of top side Henley!. They have had a very good second half of the year winning 9 out of 11 losing only to Gaza and Henley.

PHOS Camden:

Ladder position:  3rd: 12 wins 6 losses

Best Wins:  Athelstone 23 points, SHOCs 43 points

Biggest Win: Scotch 129 points, Broadview 90 points

Worst Losses:  Henley by 61 & 39 points, Pembroke by 1 points, SHOC (34)

Last Week: Defeated Broadview by 12 points.

Interesting: PHOSC have won the last 6 of 9 games, losing to Henley, Athelstone & SHOCs.

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