This weeks game

Round 12 - July 1st

Athelstone v PHOS Camden 

Max Amber Sportsfield 


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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u/18's v Rosewater

Camden Oval

Sunday 3pm

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Last time we met Athelstone click here

A's: won by 23 points, S. Underwood 5g & BOG

B's: lost by 25 points, J. Loades 3 goals, B.Toosa best

​C's: lost by 21 points, K. McGuinness 2 goals, B. Cheung best

​​u/18's v Kenilworth won by 153 points, T. Irvine 4 goals, All played well



Ladder position:  4th 7 wins 4 losses

Best Wins:  SHOCS by 2 points, Gaza 43 points

Worst Losses:  Unley by 42 points

Last Week: Def by Gaza 7 points

Interesting: Raggies got within 3 points of top side Henley!

A Grade

Athelstone             4.6-30      7.7-49    11.11-77    13.13-91

PHOS Camden       2.1-13      3.3-21        4.9-33    11.12-78



Goal Kickers: J. Sykes 4, C. Elliott 3, J. Schinella 2, L. Rander 2, J. Sheedy, S. Tarca
Best Players: J. Mozuras, S. Tarca, C. Swift, J. Schinella, J. Sykes


Goal Kickers: A. Harris 5, D. Bonnici, S. Underwood, L. Jacka, D. Hill, N. Ramsey, R. O''Grady
Best Players: O. Cross, H. Cumming, L. May, R. Reavley, D. Bonnici

Quinnys Post Match report  

First up great effort by the club yesterday namely Nicola, Toosa and Tuss regarding Ladies day. Then complimented by a great effort from the U/18's. Well done to Richie & the boys bouncing back from last week. 

On to Saturday and we knew heading out to Athelstone would be tough. Unfortunately we had to forfeit our C grade through sheer lack of numbers with blokes away and injured. Our B grade felt this as well and did a really good job and out of it came some great things like Bryce Pollard and Tatey putting their hands up to play and Tuck going out there and taking his gear ready to go. It's this sort of stuff that I take from the day as the indicators that tell me as a club we are ok.  Bad luck to Craig and the boys though. 

In the A grade game we met a side that were ready to go. They were better than us in a lot of areas and the scoreboard reflected this. Some of our footy was very good but a bit to spasmodic and too many skill errors, fumbles or the wrong decisions. Again we should take a lot from the game and we do but with 6 games to go we need to be bringing our best and this is measurable by result not effort as our effort I don't question.


We were 8 goals down going in to the last qtr and lost by 13 points. Dominant in every area of the game for the last qtr, even with 17 men for ten minutes. Frustrating but also encouraging. Just on our 2 red cards issued. Richie O'Grady's was down graded to a yellow in the last as it should've. Justin Whitford's tackle was an absolute ripper and there is not a person that can tell us it was "dangerous". Contributing factors out of Justins control lead to the player hitting the ground hard and as a result Justin gets 2 games. This is not a smack at the Saafl Umpires, they umpired "the game" well.  It is just bloody frustrating as the lad is a good tough player who wants to be a Centre Half Back but does not possess a nasty or vicious bone in his body. Justin played a good game on a good player. These red cards are not a reflection on us as a team and these young men! Enough said. 

Big Andrew Harris ended with 5 after trying hard all day and we had then a good spread of individual goal kickers. 

Best players were Bergs and Ruwy battling hard, Youngy who continues to stop players cold. Reavs and Liam Jacka good on wings and Dean Bonnici very good in a number of spots. Dean nearly pulled out with illness but played on and was really good. Luke May played his best game for the year, tough and reliable down back. Harry Cumming was again excellent in not only his game but his in put towards others in the forward line. Our best player was Orry Cross, dominant all day and great to see. Orrs is a big proud man and his good form is really important to us. 

So not a great result but still a good day.  

Ta Quinny. 

B Grade

Athelstone          5.2-32    8.10-58   12.14-86  15.15-105

PHOS Camden    0.1-1       2.2-14      4.2-26         5.4-34



Goal Kickers: C. Wood 3, S. Barabas 2, L. Hancl 2, N. De Laat 2, J. Davies 2, M. Jonas, A. Davies, B. Cross, Z. Pacitti
Best Players: J. Davies, T. Cotton, S. Barabas, M. Jonas, S. Monda


Goal Kickers: D. Grant 2, A. Flett, S. Meyers, J. Koutsikas
Best Players: D. Laing, N. Watts, S. Williams, J. Hicks, J. Cadzow

Craigs Postmatch report 

It was a tough day at Athelstone last Saturday, they had our measure from the first bounce, moving the ball well and scoring quickly. Our boys battled their guts out and the scoreboard didn’t reflect how hard they worked as we didn’t get a lot of reward for effort with our opponents taking advantage of the big ground and running us off our feet. 

Declan Grant keeps building every week and was our leading goal kicker with two while singles were spread between Fletty Sam Meyers and Kouta.

Dane Laing was our best player for the third week straight and battled hard around the packs, Nick Watts had another good game in the middle using his pace to break away and set up some of our forward entries while Hot Dogs worked hard in the ruck most of the day until coming off with a dodgey knee late in the game. Josh Hicks showed his class getting fourth best in his first senior game while Cadz had another solid game at centre Half Back and quietened down one of their major forwards and Hamish Flentje added another string to his bow playing at full back and holding his own.

The endeavor and effort that the boys showed on the weekend goes without question and we couldn’t have asked anymore from them, we were just beaten by a better side on the day, we learn from it and move on!

A special thanks goes to the lads that helped us out this week with struggling numbers, Sam Meyers, Tate Garnaut, Bryce Pollard, Andy Simpson and Scott “Tucker” Payne (who brought his gear just in case). All are good club people and we appreciated their efforts on Saturday after the C’s had to forfeit.

Bad luck to the A’s after a tough loss and well done to the Under 18’s for flying the flag for the club this week.


C Grade

forfeit by us


u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report

PHOS Camden     12.14-86

Rosewater              5.6-36


Goal Kickers: S. McCabe 5, D. Bonnici, S. Brown, T. Kewell, C. Meuris, J. Kewell, J. Rau, H. Macphee
Best Players: T. Kewell, D. Bonnici, T. Irvine, S. McCabe, L. McCabe


Goal Kickers: C. Fraser 2, B. Pawluk, M. Wanganeen, P. Hure
Best Players: B. Smith, J. Kelly, B. Pawluk, B. Honson, Z. Jeffrey

A good team effort from all the boys today,  we welcomed back some players from college football slotting into the side nicely.


Windy conditions made kicking for goal a bit tricky as the score suggests. Our movement of the ball and decision making was a lot better than the last couple of weeks and even when Rosewater came back at us  a couple of times the boys regrouped and played some very good football.


Our warm up and attitude pre game was good and the boys took that into the game, what’s good to see is they have taken ownership of the team and I think we will challenge the top sides with the attitude and enjoyment they have when they play.


We move on to next week and look forward to playing top side Brighton .


Bad luck to Simon , Craig and Sam, I think the weekend was a very minor hiccup and they will bounce back this week. Cheers Richie

Quinnys Pre Match report  

Saturday we head to Athelstone to play what is our biggest game for the year. The boys are well aware of this and have trained really well this week. 

We regain Ritchie O'Grady and Daniel Hill who return from a week away and Andrew Harris comes in for his first A grade game. Welcome back Harry. 

We lose Ben Toohey to a trip away, Brent Eddy the same and decision will be made on our last change. 

All the best to Craig and the two's. Unfortunately the c's have to forfeit this week. We are a bit undermanned through the grades with injuries and unavailability hitting in at the moment. Approx 10 A grade players and this affects depth right through. However this is where we need to stand up and plough through as we will have a good flow of players back. 

All the best to Josh Hicks, an ex junior who has returned and plays B's tomorrow. Thanks to Payneham footy club for making that flow re a clearance. The way Josh trained we see him playing A's down the track. 

See you Satdy, 


B Grade

Craigs Prematch report 

We make the trek out to Athelstone this week with momentum after three weeks of playing good team footy. The last time we met they knocked us off by about 3 goals and we are certainly keen to even the ledger on Saturday to keep our one game buffer from the rest of the pack and third place.

There are a few more changes this week with Josh Hicks coming into our side to play his first game for PHOS, he comes over from Payneham NU and will be a handy player for our club in the run to finals. Andy Simpson and Tate Garnaut play their first B Grade games for the year while we also get Kouta, Philo and Cheungy back into the side to give us some experience and speed.

Athelstone will be tough to beat on their home ground but if we stick to what we have been doing the last few weeks we can get over them with our “team first” attitude and our Intensity and pressure at the body and ball.

Good luck to Simon and the A’s and Richie and the Under 18’s this week.


Craig B.

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