This weeks game

Round 13 - July 8th

PHOS Camden v Pembroke

Camden Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 2:15am

Haslam Oval

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u/18's v Brighton

Brighton Oval

Sunday 3pm

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Last time we met Pembroke click here

A's: lost by 1 point, L. Jacka best, S. Underwood 4G

B's: won by 79 points, L. Toosa BOG, Loades & Grant 4G

C's: won by 52 points, N. Watts BOG, M. Papa, Jake Res 3G

u/18's lost by 16 points, Beard 2G, Dunkin Best



Ladder position: 8th - 3 wins, 9 losses

Best Wins:  1 point against us & 31 point win over Unley

Worst Losses:  75 point loss to Henley & 7point loss to bottom side Broadview


A Grade

PHOS Camden    0.2-2   3.9-27   4.11-35   12.18-90

Pembroke OS     0.1-1     0.1-1     2.3-15       2.5-17


Goal Kickers: R. O''Grady 2, S. Underwood 2, H. Cumming 2, M. Molnar, D. Hill, L. Toohey, N. Ramsey, M. Ruwoldt, A. Flett

Best Players: O. Cross, L. May, H. Cumming, R. O''Grady, M. Ruwoldt


Goal Kickers: M. Marini, J. Pengelly
Best Players: M. Marini, B. Williams, R. Marini, B. Holbrook, E. Connors

Quinnys Pre Match report  

Really good day for the footy club Saturday with all 3 teams winning and a great turn out from our past players. This was then compounded by the U/18's on Sunday beating top team Brighton. So well done to Craig, Sam and Ritchie with their efforts as coaches. Great to see the club really alive Satdy night too. 

Saturday from an A grade perspective was a good step forward in response to our loss at Athelstone. Pembroke may be down the ladder a bit and missing some good players but so were we. All that stuff doesn't matter really to us its about the attitude and effort in getting on the front foot and playing the game the way we should play. 

Our mids were great in playing dirty effective footy with Marc Ruwoldt at the bottom of every pack, Nick Ramsey continually pumping the ball forward and Rich O'grady moving around the ground looking dangerous all day and influencing contests. Sam Underwood, Liam Toohey, Daniel Hill and Liam Jakka were good with their work through as well. Ryan Reavley was really good all day. 

Sam Inglis and Dean Bonnici were rocks in defence with Josh James playing a good game well supported by Shaz and Beardy and Luke May one of our best. 

Up forward Harry Cumming was good working with Fletty who in his first game for 5 years showed why he was picked. Big Harry and Sam Underwood finished with 2 goals each. 

Our best player was Orry Cross, a great game. 

Went down with Tom Finn to watch the U/18's Sunday. What a top effort and what pleased me more than anything was the way the lads who play Senior footy as well gave their all to the boys who's only game of footy for the weekend is U/18's. 

Big game this week V Gaza. 

Thanks Quinny. 

B Grade

PHOS Camden    5.5-35    7.5-47    11.9-75    13.11-89

Pembroke OS           0.0     2.6-18     3.6-24       5.8-38


Goal Kickers: D. Grant 4, T. Ward 2, G. Soper 2, B. Toohey 2, J. Resnais 2, J. Loades

Best Players: D. Parkins, N. Watts, H. Finn, G. Soper, D. Grant, J. Resnais


Goal Kickers: N. Smerdon, N. Bentley, O. Richardson, R. Goldsworthy, P. Clayer
Best Players: B. Ong, N. Smith, N. Smerdon, O. Richardson, R. Goldsworthy

Craigs Postmatch report 

Pembroke last Saturday were up for a fight and we knew that we had to play the game on our terms to break free of them. Kicking 5 goals ourselves while keeping them scoreless in the first quarter really set us up for the rest of the game and we managed to stretch the margin through hard work as the game went on eventually winning by 51 points.

Goals were spread with Declan Grant kicking another four, while Tom Ward, Glen Soper, Jake Resnais and Ben Toohey all finished with two and Jack Loades kicked one.

Dave Parkins had his best game for the year in the ruck running his opponent around all day and picking up plenty of touches. Nick Watts and Henry Finn both did a lot of the hard work at the bottom of the packs and forced turnovers with their tackling pressure while Declan Grant with his four goal haul gave us a good target up forward and Jake Resnais worked hard around the packs.


It was a good feeling getting the win in front of our past players and great day for the club with 3 wins, I know the players were keen to make it happen which shows their spirit and commitment to the club.

Well done to Simon and the A's, Sam and the C's and Ritchie's Under 18's on the weekend to get another set of wins.

We now prepare for Gaza.


Craig B.

C Grade

Pembroke OS         6.5-41

PHOS Camden    17.9-111


Goal Kickers: T. Sneath 3, J. Zavos, M. Pfitzner, M. Hand Mawby
Best Players: A. Wong, T. Sneath, J. Zavos, D. Rusby


Goal Kickers: K. McGuinness 3, J. Biagi 3, D. James 3, S. Henderson 3, A. Biagi 2, K. Ball, S. Sheridan, H. Sharp

Best Players: H. Sharp, S. Meyers, J. Biagi, M. Blyth, K. McGuinness

SJT post match report (to come)


Brighton Bombers  3.2-20    5.4-34    5.4-34    6.8-44

PHOS Camden           1.1-7     2.3-15    5.7-37    9.9-63


Goal Kickers: T. Armour 2, K. Scharkie, S. MacDonald, T. Jones, T. Daszkowski
Best Players: J. Watt, J. Tierney, G. Martin, R. Paull, D. Bland, T. Jones


Goal Kickers: S. McCabe 4, L. Toohey 3, T. Edwards, T. Irvine
Best Players: D. Bonnici, T. Edwards, S. McCabe, L. Toohey, J. Bayliss

u/18 Richies match report

PHOS CAMDEN  9  9  63       BRIGHTON  6  8  44

Our best win of the year so far over the top side, we had plenty of numbers before the game and had five interchange players which was good to be able to rotate players for a change.


Our first half probably wasn’t as good as we could play, we were being led to the ball and our work rate wasn’t what it should have been, but in saying that we were only down by three goals at half time.


We made a few changes and spoke about what was needed to get back into the game, and what a turn around it was, just a fantastic effort by each and every player, to be 3 goals down at half time and then  kick 7 goals to 1 for the rest of the game showed what great character this team has, their work rate, aggression, movement of the ball was well rewarded by a great win, each player combined and did their job for a great team effort.


Well done boys and well done to Simon , Craig and Sam for good wins in the As, Bs and Cs. Cheers Richie

Quinnys Pre Match report  

Tomorrow we host Pembroke who beat us by 1 point last time in a game where we got a lesson in a few areas. In other areas we were good and tomorrow is about putting it all together. The opportunity to play in front of our past players is always something the lads have really enjoyed and we welcome the guys out for a day at the footy watching us go to work. 

We lose Justin Whitford to last weeks unfortunate red card for a dangerous tackle. Just on that quick it's worth noting that the Umpy who issued it acknowledged it was a "great" tackle but unfortunately the kid got a concussion etc and the rules as they stand were actioned. I clarify this because I don't want anyone thinking Justin let his mates down in the slightest or is a reckless or dangerous player He is a great lad to coach and one of our up and coming very good players and leaders of the future.  

We bring in to the squad, Mitch Molnar after a solid game in the two's and Fletty has "worked" his way in after 5 years since his last A grade game playing his guts out in the two's. A great club man who if given his chance will try his best. Josh Hicks comes in to the squad. Josh has showed in a few trainings and a game last week the intensity we are looking for. 

So there are some great challenges in front of us this week.  A good week on the track, some great self appraisals from the playing group and some blokes given opportunities they may not've seen coming in a game that is huge for us certainly wets the appetite for Satdy. 

All the best to Craig, Sam and Ritch and their lads respectively. 

Looking forward to Satdy. 


B Grade

Craigs Prematch report 

We take on Pembroke this week who like to scrap and close the game down by strangling their opponents. We must be prepared to make the most of our opportunities and work hard to open the game up by running hard for each other and move the ball quickly into our forwards.

More changes are on the cards this week with players unavailable but we also welcome back a few boys from injury and holidays including Glen Soper, Rian Morgan, Brian Cheung, Ben Toohey, Henry Finn, Tom Underwood and Tom Gulliford while Josh Clark plays his first B Grade game for our club after showing some good form with the C’s.

Well done to Fletty who plays his first A Grade game in a few years and has shown really good form and leadership this year in the Twos, well deserved.

The key to this week is to stick to the structures and play that has worked for us, get the basics right, be prepared to apply plenty of pressure and give it everything.

With the C Grade back on deck this week it would be great to get 3 wins on Saturday for the Past Players who I reckon will be pretty keen to celebrate and top it off on Sunday with an Under 18’s victory.
Good luck to all grades and we’ll catch you at the footy.



Craig B.


Past Players Day

Saturday 8th July

home game 1:45pm


click here

for more details

Premiership Reunions:


80 Years for the Camden 1937 team. 

1st ever Club Premieship after being established in 1929 


45 Years for the 1972 PHOS A5 team


45 Years for the 1972 Camden A1 & A2 teams


40 Years for the 1977 PHOS A5 team


15 years for the PHOS Camden 2002 Div 1 Premiership against Adelaide Uni.


15 years for the PHOS Camden  C9  2002 Premiership  

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