This weeks game

Round 15 - June 29th

PHOS Camden v Henley

Camden Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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u/18's v SHOCs

Camden Oval

Sunday 3pm

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Last time we met Henley click here

A's: lost by 61 points, O'Grady & Undies 2G, Finny best

B's: lost by 64 points, Iordanou, Molnar, Loades 1G, James best

C's: lost by 103 points, Pollard, Longbottom 1G, Meyers best

u/18's  lost by 52 points, D.Grant best, L.Toohey 2 goals


Ladder position: 1st 13 wins 1 loss

Best Wins: Athelstone last game by 60 points, in 1st round they only beat Athelstone by 3 points.

Worst Losses:  Old Iggies bu 34 points

Interesting:  how did old iggies win?,  Henley havent looked like losing a game all year.

A Grade

PHOS Camden   2.2-14   4.2-26     4.5-29      7.8-50

Henley                 2.6-18   7.9-51   9.11-65   13.13-91


Goal Kickers: A. Harris 2, S. Underwood, M. Ruwoldt, O. Cross, H. Cumming, R. O''Grady
Best Players: O. Cross, A. Bergsma, L. Toohey, J. James, S. Underwood, H. Young


Goal Kickers: D. Longman 4, L. Radley 3, T. Lane 2, B. Currie, M. Gautesen, J. Johncock, B. Geddes
Best Players: D. Longman, J. Enright, B. Geddes, T. Lane, T. Thunig, L. Radley

Quinnys Post Match report  

Saturday we saw a good performance from a good side in Henley. I wasn't displeased overall with our performance but some things clearly we need to do better and some better for longer. We had a good spread of good players so yeah as we head towards this week V SHOCS we are in a good place despite the loss. 


Goal kickers were Harry 2, Ruwy, Ritch, Sam Undies, Hazza and Orrs. 


Best were clearly Orry followed by Josh James in a bit of a break out game with Bergs good too. Harry Young was rock solid in his role and Sam Underwood battled all day. 


So, we need to win 3 games remaining to finish 2nd with an important home final. We need to provide all blokes who want to truly play A grade a path to be considered for finals footy, we need as a club to pull together and support each other through these next weeks to get 3 sides as well as our U/18's playing the best footy possible and supporting our club along the way.


We as a club are in good shape and 3 losses to Henley last Saturday should only want to make us better and more importantly make us aware we need to get better! 


Ta Quinny. 

B Grade

PHOS Camden         0.0     1.1-7       2.4-16       4.5-29

Henley                 6.3-39    7.6-48    11.8-74    13.10-88


Goal Kickers: D. Grant 3, S. Williams
Best Players: B. Eddy, D. Grant, T. Unger, J. Bayliss, M. Molnar


Goal Kickers: L. Hosie 4, T. Currie 2, R. Sampson 2, T. Howlett, M. Goldner, J. Pavlich, J. Lawless, J. Rex
Best Players: L. Hosie, B. Broughton, K. Raison, B. Dobson, C. Smith

Craigs Postmatch report 

It was always going to be a tough ask last Saturday and the boys in the B Grade were up for a fight with the game being an arm wrestle for the first 10 minutes matching Henley for intensity and run. Henley then got their running game going and we couldn’t quite go with them and ended up going in at quarter time 39 points down while we didn’t trouble the scorers. For the next three quarters we seemed to match them in most areas but they just got away from us at certain periods of the game and we couldn’t shut them down but to our boys’ credit they showed great character and  fought it out to the end when they could’ve just let the game play out and lose by a much larger margin.

It was hard to split our two best players, Declan Grant worked hard all game on a quality opponent and had our team’s entire score for the game at one stage kicking 3 goals while Brent Eddy had a good first half on a back flank and then was productive around the ball when he went into the middle in the second half. Tom Unger was great again for us down back, shutting down their dangerous full forward in the first half and then moving up to half back to minimise the effect of one of Henley’s prime movers while Josh Bayliss had a solid game on the wing, slowly working himself back into A Grade form and Mitch Molnar had another solid game in the middle.

Henley are certainly the benchmark of the competition this year and we can take a lot out of the game last Saturday. What we now need to do is learn from them and do everything we can over the next month and a half to get ourselves into a position to have another crack at them in the finals series, it all comes down to how hard we want to work to get there.

Bad luck to the A’s and C’s on a tough day for the club and well done to the Under 18’s flying the flag for the club, beating the top side.

SHOC at Thebby this week would be a good way to get back on the winner’s list.





Craig B.

C Grade

PHOS Camden    4.2-26    5.2-32      5.2-32         7.2-44

Henley                  2.0-12    9.5-59    14.9-93    19.18-132


Goal Kickers: H. Sharp 2, J. Clark 2, N. Iordanou, M. Ramsey, J. Biagi
Best Players: H. Flentje, A. Wieegelmann, D. Georgeson, H. Sharp, T. Garnaut, S. Leatch


Goal Kickers: J. Chapman 8, B. Carey 5, D. Wilksch 2, B. Galletti, J. Harvey-Friel, J. Chambers, B. Graham
Best Players: J. Harvey-Friel, T. Rosewall, J. Primer, B. Carey, J. Chapman, B. Graham


PHOS Camden         15  14  104  

Sacred Heart OC          6  10  46


Goal Kickers: S. McCabe 5, L. Toohey 3, D. Grant 3, J. Porter, J. Bayliss, T. Kewell, W. Price

Best Players:  J.Bayliss, T.Kewell, L. Toohey, D.Grant, T.Irvine


Goal Kickers: B. Richardson 2, B. Connor 2, L. Potts, H. McKay
Best Players: B. Connor, L. Whitford, M. Morris, C. Goodrich, C. Vinall

u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report

We came up against the top side today and could not have asked for a better effort from all the boys, to win by the margin was great but the way in which they did it was excellent, we could tell they were switched on for this game, their warm up and attitude before the game was and is what we want before all games.


Having 5 on the bench was great as it allowed us to rotate players which hasn’t always been the case during the season. Right from the start of the game our ball movement was good and decision making very good whether it be out of defense or into the forward lines and we were very happy in the way the boys delivered the ball to our forwards.


One of the most pleasing things was their aggression at the opposition when they had the ball, when the ball was in dispute and also the protecting of our players when we had possession. It was a well deserved win for the boys and it was pleasing to see them finish the game off the way they did, full of running. Well done boys.


To Simon, Craig and Sam even though the wins weren’t there from what I saw on Saturday there will be a few sides worried about playing PHOS in the last few rounds and finals.


Cheers Richie .

A Grade

Quinnys Pre Match report  

Tomorrow we host Henley at home in what stands to be a really good game. What is important is that we bring a much more competitive game than we did when we last met Henley who are clearly the comps measuring stick. In saying that we are happy where we are at going in to the game and we will know more by 5pm tomorrow night. 


Going out is Dean Bonnici for the week due to very minor suspension accrued in the U/18's. Again, please dont think Dean is nothing but a super fair, respectful young man and footballer, it was just an unfortunate incident and Fletty who has been really good in two A games back. 


Coming in is Harry Young back from a quick trip and Justin Whitford back after an enforced lay off. 


All the best to Craig,Sam and Rich and their boys. On this we have a group of lads playing in the two's who are very close to a game in the A's and that is great for the club. Up to you now fellars to get there. 


Ta, Quinny.

B Grade

Craigs Prematch report 

This week presents a massive challenge against Henley who are currently undefeated in the B Grade. With some key players back into our side including Hot Dogs, Fletty and Nick Walters we are fielding our strongest team in a while which gives us every chance of snatching a win against a well drilled opposition. This will only happen if we are prepared to play the ultimate team game and apply pressure all over the ground to force turnovers and most importantly capitalise on the scoreboard when we get our chances.

We have a chance to firm up third spot on Saturday and it will definitely be tough to get the points, but I know the boys are up for it and are prepared to give it everything after a strong week on the track.


Best of luck to Simon and the A’s, Sam and the C’s and Ritchie’s Under 18’s in a big weekend of footy for the club.




Craig B.

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