This weeks game

Round 16 - August 5th

SHOCS v PHOS Camden 

Thebarton Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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u/18's v Morphettville Park

Kellett Reserve

Sunday 3pm

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100 club fundraiser

on Sunday 1pm

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•    Andy Simpson – 50 Games

Last time we met SHOCS click here

A's won by 43 points, Finny BOG, Bergs 5 goals

B's lost by 79 points, D. Laing best, J. Loades 2 goals

C's lost by 83 points, J. Biagi best, B. Pollard, J. Biagi, S. Taylor, J. Clark

1 goal each

u/18's v Morphy Parks won by 146 points, Bonnici best, S.McCabe 4G


Ladder position: 5th 8wins 7 losses

Best Wins: Unley, Gaza & Scotch by 95 points

Worst Losses:  Scotch by 1 point, Henleu by 45

Interesting:  6th placed old iggies 1 win below are closing in.

A Grade

Sacred Heart OC    0.2-2     3.8-26    6.11-47   10.11-71

PHOS Camden        2.2-8     2.5-17      3.8-26     4.13-37


Goal Kickers: T. Carcuro 4, P. Spurling 2, Z. Delmenico, J. Turton, H. Cock, H. Kitschke
Best Players: P. Spurling, M. Delmenico, D. Noll, T. Carcuro, N. Forster


Goal Kickers: D. Bonnici, D. Hill, L. Jacka, H. Cumming
Best Players: O. Cross, L. Jacka, R. Reavley, S. Inglis, D. Bonnici

Quinnys Post Match report  (to come)

Saturday did not go to plan at all. That in no way should take away from a good club performance by SHOC who took all 3 games from Thebby on Saturday. 


There were a few areas we fell down in on Saturday but none more than our ability to step up to another level which is needed at this time of year. We now need to win two and hold a top 3 finish and give ourselves the best chance we can. 


One thing i will say is I am 100% behind this group and believe the personnel are here to win a premiership! I know my assistant coaches  feel exactly the same. Given our last two weeks we could be called fools for that but thats how we feel. Its up to us to pick the players who feel the same and prepare and play accordingly. Not when things go ok but dig in and make a difference when its needed. 


Saturday our best player was Orry Cross, just bloody outstanding. Reavs and Liam Jacka solid most of the day. Sam Inglis and Dean Bonnici also good. 


Well done to the u/18s Sunday with another good win. 


Ta Quinny. 

B Grade

Sacred Heart OC   10.16-76

PHOS Camden           6.5-41


Goal Kickers: L. Paparella 3, S. Clements 2, N. Davies, T. Kelly, M. Jennings, D. Noll, T. Howard
Best Players: T. Kelly, J. McKAY, S. Clements, L. Hartshorne, B. McHugh


Goal Kickers: J. Resnais 2, J. Loades 2, N. Watts, N. Walters
Best Players: T. Ward, J. Hicks, J. Resnais, J. Koutsikas, M. Molnar, A. Flett

Craigs Post match report  (to come)

Our boys in the Twos were up for a fight last Saturday against SHOC, our intensity and pressure at the body and ball in the first half of the game was brilliant and we had them looking over their shoulders and turning the ball over constantly. The score line reflected our efforts with the scores even at half time and we were pretty happy with the way the game was going up until then. SHOC were always going to change it up in the second half after being seriously challenged and the message at half time was to absorb their pressure and stick to what we were doing to give us a shot at taking the game away from them. Unfortunately our third quarter let us down and we allowed them to kick 5 – 6 for the quarter with the wind while we were held scoreless. Our last quarter showed plenty of fight, outscoring them to end up going down by 35 points.

Goal scorers were Jack Loades and Jake Resnais with two each and singles to Wattsy and Nick Walters.

Tom Ward had a return to form on his wing getting plenty of the ball and using it well in his BOG performance while Josh Hicks gave us some grunt around the packs with his pressure acts and his ball use and Jake Resnais kept his good form going having a good game in  the middle. Kouta was good out of his back pocket while Mitch Molnar worked hard all day and Fletty gave us a good target up forward.

There was some good footy played by the boys in the Twos on Saturday but as we learnt, to beat the top sides we need to do it for four quarters and we now need to take that into next week against Old Iggies to try and secure our finals spot.

Tough luck to Simon and the A’s and Sam and the C’s, we are all taking our losses pretty hard and will do everything we can to get back on track. Well done to Ritchie and the Under 18’s to get the win on Sunday.

It was another tough day for our club but I know we can bounce back this week. Our fate is in our own hands in all grades, it’s now time to step up!!





Craig B.

C Grade

Sacred Heart OC    13.13-91

PHOS Camden            5.3-33


Goal Kickers: N. Hurley 3, J. Chapman 3, M. Johnston 3, N. Clarke 2, B. Green, N. Tait
Best Players: N. Hurley, H. Whiting, J. Taylor, W. Spurling, M. Johnston


(not provided)


Morphettville Park    0.1-1         0.2-2        0.2-2          0.2-2

PHOS Camden            5.2-32    10.5-65    14.7-91   15.11-101


Best Players: J. Jenkins, T. Cyganov, N. Higgins, P. Spicer, A. Campbell


Goal Kickers: S. McCabe 8, D. Grant 2, S. Brown, T. Kewell, T. Gulliford, J. Smith, J. Bayliss

Best Players: T. Kewell, E. Dunkin, S. McCabe, J. Smith, S. Brown,

u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report 

Our game against Morphy Parks was played in very wet and windy conditions making it difficult for both teams, to our boys credit they adapted very quickly and played some good footy, nothing fancy but always first to the ball with team mates backing each other up and then not blazing away but making good decisions and delivering the ball well whether by hand or foot .


In conditions like today it sometimes can be easier for an opposition team to shut a better team down but the boys didn’t allow this and controlled the game all day. We have been impressed all year by the way no matter who comes into the side the boys combine, support each other and play as a team, and that’s what wins games.


We have finished the minor round in third place so it’s on to next week, the first week of finals against SHOCS away and we play them with a lot of belief in each other and the team they play in, well done boys deservedly earning the double chance.


Not the desired result unfortunately for Simon, Craig and Sam with the As,Bs and Cs but focus for all teams needs now to be next week.


I would also like to congratulate Sam Mccabe it looks like after today’s effort of 8 goals that he is the league’s leading goal kicker for the season, well done.


Cheers Richie.

(post script: Sam McCabe tied for leading goal kicker, see image right, Sam would like to thank all his team mates for the goal assists!)

Quinnys Pre Match report  

Tomorrow we go to Thebby for a much anticipated hit out with SHOC. Going out of the side is Andrew Harris with a quick trip away, Jake Scharenberg with a leg injury and Josh Hicks who goes back to get some footy in to him.


We have Dean Bonnici and Josh Bayliss returning to the side and Declan Grant for his first A grade game for PHOS. Declan has really been made to earn it and is ready to go. All the best Dec.


Pretty pleasing when we have 4 players eligible for U/18's in the side to compliment a strong side anyways.


Big game for us and all sides, all the best to Craig, Sam, Rich and all the lads in the PHOS jumper Satdy and Sundy!


Ta, Quinny.


Craigs Prematch report 

We roll into SHOC this week,  another formidable opponent who run hard for each other and like to break the game open. Our focus must be on each player playing their role and winning their position by applying huge amounts of pressure to their opponents, running hard and using the ball well to get the result we want.

Josh Hicks comes back to us from the A’s and will be keen to have a big one in the middle while we get Tom Gulliford back from Westies and Leatchy comes back into our side to give us some bite and run from down back.

Work rate and intensity are the keys to beating the top sides and it has to be for four quarters. The finals are approaching and we need to bring the heat against these sides to set ourselves up for a crack at a successful campaign, we showed it for two and a half quarters last week now it needs to be for a full game against quality opposition. The boys are keen, we now need to put our words into action on the field!!


Good luck to Simon and the A’s, Sam and the C’s and Ritchie and the Under 18’s on the weekend.

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