This weeks games

Round 17 - August 12th

PHOS Camden v Old Ignatians

Camden Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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Qualifying Final

u/18's v SHOCs

Sacred Heart Senior College

Sunday 3pm

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Charity Game

we are supporting the

Karen Fitzgerald fund

And yes we have permission by the league to wear 

Collingwood Jumpers

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  • Ryan Reaveley – 50 Games

Last time we met Old Iggies click here

A's: won by 28points, T. Finn BOG, Willo, Undies, Gordo, Rama 2Goals

B's: won by 7 points T.Unger BOG, L.Toohey 3G

C's: lost by 89, Meyers best, Meyers, Biagi, Iordanou, Robb 1 goal each

u/18's v Sacred heart won by 58 points, S.McCabe 5 goals, J.Bayliss BOG

Old Iggies:

Ladder position: 7th: 7 wins 9 losses

Best Wins: 34 point win over top side Henley, Henleys only loss for the season.

Worst Losses:  39 point loss to Broadies, 58 point loss to SHOCs

Interesting:  memories of the 2015 GF against Old iggies click on image below

A Grade

PHOS Camden    1.2-8    4.6-30    8.9-57    16.13-109

Old Ignatians     4.1-25   6.4-40    10.4-64      11.7-73



Goal Kickers: L. Jacka 2, J. James 2, N. Ramsey 2, H. Cumming 2, S. Underwood 2, D. Grant, L. May, M. Ruwoldt, R. O''Grady, H. Young, J. Bayliss
Best Players: A. Bergsma, M. Ruwoldt, R. Reavley, S. Inglis, H. Young


Goal Kickers: M. Christophersen 3, P. Connelly 3, K. Reynolds 2, W. Abbott, A. Murdoch, T. Kerin
Best Players: M. Christophersen, W. Abbott, P. Connelly, E. Shaw, K. Reynolds

Quinnys Post Match report  

First up badluck to Craig and Sam and the boys and a big well done to Richie and the U/18's who were super impressive yesterday.


Saturday saw a real text of character from our guys in the A's that we met head on. Something in the past two weeks we hadn't managed to achieve. It started Tuesday night in an alternative training technique and complimented itself Saturday. Well done to the lads for really buying in. I'm very proud of the lads in the way they got it done in honour of Karen Fitzgerald and the way in which Nick Ramsey presented this opportunity to the group was full of class and genuine passion.


On to footy and we had an even spread of goal kickers in a game at one stage we were 5 goals down then began to claw away at Old Ignatians Football Club and eventually split them with an 8 goal last quarter.


Our best players were Bergs and Ruwy outstanding with good support from Orrs, Sam Inglis who captained the side brilliantly in Shaz's absence, Harry Young who nullified a good player and Nick Ramsey, Ritch O'Grady and Sam Underwood having really good moments. Ryan Reavley was a class act all day and this a guy who's leadership values are so important to us.


Looking forward to Broadview now to stitch up a double chance and press hard from there! "One week at a time" for now!


Ta, Quinny!

B Grade

PHOS Camden   0.0       2.5-17   3.6-24    6.7-43

Old Ignatians   3.2-20   4.3-27   7.7-49   10.7-67


Goal Kickers: S. Williams , T. Ward, B. Toohey, M. Molnar, J. Loades, S. Williams
Best Players: M. Molnar, B. Toohey, J. Loades, J. Koutsikas, S. Webster


Goal Kickers: H. De Poi 4, D. Fitzgerald 2, J. Jurisevic 2, J. Kennedy, Z. Borlace
Best Players: S. Winter, D. Fitzgerald, M. Hamra, H. De Poi, D. Orlando, J. Connell

Craigs Postmatch report 

We went into Saturday's game with a double chance at stake and the boys were fired up and ready to go. It was a pretty physical encounter against our fierce rivals with both sides throwing everything at each other and the endeavour and effort our side showed can't be questioned.


Every player that took the field gave it everything and unfortunately things didn't quite go our way and we couldn't claw back Old Iggies' lead in the end, eventually going down by 4 goals.

Our goals were spread between six single goal kickers including Loadsey, Wardy, Sam Williams, Hot Dogs, Wardy and Ben Toohey who had a BOG game in the ruck beating a much bigger opponent at stoppages and around the ground. Dane Laing was a close second doing a job on one of their prime movers and Sam Webster had a solid game on his back flank beating his opponent convincingly and getting plenty of the ball himself. Josh Hicks was solid around the ball again and gave us a physical presence around the packs while Mitch Molnar rounded out our best working hard all day.

It was a tough and trying game last Saturday, the best thing we can do is harness what we've learnt over the past three games against the top sides and turn it around this week against Broadview to get back on the winner's list.

Well done to Simon and the A's and Ritchie's Under 18's on fantastic wins and bad luck to Sam and the C's who I know are working hard to turn it around.





Craig B.

C Grade

PHOS Camden    2.0-12    2.2-14     4.6-30       4.6-30

Old Ignatians      3.0-18   10.1-61  15.3-93     21.7-133


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou 2, J. Clark, M. Polkinghorne
Best Players: K. McGuinness, J. Biagi, T. Garnaut, H. Walters, A. Wieegelmann, C. Gilby


Goal Kickers: E. Vagnarelli 5, N. Fereday 5, A. Klavins 4, T. Washer 3, B. Lord 2, D. Zerella , B. Piotrowski
Best Players: N. Fereday, E. Vagnarelli, T. Washer, A. Klavins, C. Gallman


Sacred Heart OC        6.1-37

PHOS Camden       11.10-76


Goal Kickers: T. Reynolds 2, T. Varcoe, T. Paparella, L. Mill, R. Stephenson
Best Players: D. Langridge, T. O''Malley, B. Connor, W. Craig


Goal Kickers: D. Grant 4, S. McCabe 3, T. Kewell 2, T. Irvine, J. Rau
Best Players: T. Kewell, J. Bayliss, D. Grant, L. Toohey, J. Resnais, W. Cheesman-Dutto

u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report 

We travelled to Sacred Heart’s senior school for our Qualifying final against SHOCs on Sunday. Our mindset and preparation before the game was very good and we knew the boys were switched on for this game.


Our start with the wind wasn’t to bad but at times we allowed the easy ball out the back to their loose players but fortunately our backs under a lot of pressure moved the ball well out of defense and quelled a lot of their forward entries.


Midway through the quarter we started to get on top and got some score board pressure against them. We addressed a few things at quarter time and after that I thought we controlled the game, most impressive was the pressure the boys put onto the opposition, fierce tackling and aggression at the player and ball which made them fumble and make mistakes turning the ball over.  Unfotunatley we lost Brayden Hayes to a head knock who was providing fantastic forward line pressure, all the best Brayden.


It was a great effort by all  especially in only allowing them to kick one goal till midway through the last term where we made a lot of positional changes, the emphasis all year has always been on team football and becoming one when the PHOS Guernsey is pulled on, the boys got the deserved result by their efforts.


We now focus onto next week’s game against Brighton at Brighton as we take it one week at a time, well done boys.


Well done to Simon and the As and unfortunately not the desired result for Craig and the Bs or Sam with the Cs, But as a club we now all focus on this week’s games.


Cheers Richie

A Grade

Quinnys Pre Match report  

In the spirit of our team discussion Tuesday night we will let our actions do our talking this week so not much from me.


We lose Dan Hill out of the side with a minor arm injury that will see him back soon. Justin Whitford goes back to the two's to get his form back up.


In is Andrew Harris returning and Brent Eddy comes back in.


Great to have Reavs play his 50th, a ripper lad!


All the best to Craig, Sam and Richie and their boys and all our PHOS junior teams.


Ta, Quinny.

B Grade

Craigs Prematch report

We have a chance to give ourselves a shot at the double chance in the B Grade if we can get over Old Iggies this week.

What we've learnt over the past couple of weeks is that our best footy is good enough to take it up to the top sides but it has to be for four quarters, so being mentally strong and doing the little things well will be paramount this week.

We are strengthened with the inclusions of Justin Whitford, Tom Underwood, Sam Williams, Hamish Flentje and Mitch Blight coming into our side this week after losing Leatchy, Tom Unger and Jake Resnais to injury while Brent Eddy went up and Tom Gulliford went back to Westies, all have been strong players for us over the last few games.

Time for talk is over, we all know what we need to do and it now has to translate onto the field if we want to get the win.

Good luck to Simon and the A's, Sam and the C's and Ritchie and the Under 18's.




 Craig B

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