This weeks games

Round 18 - August 19th

Broadview v PHOS Camden

Broadview Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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Semi Final 2

u/18's v Brighton

Brighton Oval

Sunday 3pm

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Last time we met Broadview click here

A's: won by 90 points, S. Underwood 4G, Ingo BOG

B's: won by 60 points, Loades 6G, James BOG

C's: won by 43 points, Jake Resnais 4G, Meyer BOG


Last time u/18s met Brighton click here

u/18's won by 19 points, S.McCabe 4 goals, D.Bonnici BOG​


Ladder position: 8TH, 4 Wins 13 losses

Best Wins: Gaza by 23 points, Old Iggis by 39 points

Worst Losses:  80+ to SHOCs & Henley, and small loss to Scotch.

Interesting:  if Broadies lose to us & Scotch beats Unley, Broadies will get relegated to Div 3, if Broadies beat us they stay in DIv 2. 

A Grade

Broadview             2.2-14      6.4-40     7.5-47      8.5-53

PHOS Camden       1.1-7       2.5-17     6.8-44     9.11-65


Goal Kickers: Z. Slade 2, J. Sheppard 2, J. Tziortzis, J. White, D. Carter, J. Fergus
Best Players: S. Costello, B. De Prinse, J. Massie, N. Papaioannou, T. Matovic


Goal Kickers: A. Harris 2, L. Jacka, A. Bergsma, H. Gordon, M. Ruwoldt, S. Underwood, J. Bayliss, H. Cumming
Best Players: H. Young, R. Reavley, O. Cross, A. Bergsma, M. Ruwoldt

Quinnys Post Match report  

Well done to our U/18's on a great win to progress in to the Grand Final


All three teams had a win on Saturday at Senior level. The C's gutsing it out, the B's all day and the A's showing enough guts and respect of our situation to get up and win. 


Our best were Harry Young in a great game, Bergs and Ruwy pushing the side to improve, Orry in a great tussle with Broadies ruckman and Reavs in a great game all day. We had plenty who showed plenty during the day and the fight was admirable. 


Goal kickers were spread. 


We go to Athelstone this week for what is a big game. We will be ready. 


Ta, Quinny. 

B Grade

Broadview          2.1-13    3.1-19      3.2-20        6.13-49

PHOS Camden   6.1-37    8.8-56   13.12-90   17.13-115


Goal Kickers: T. Ahern 3, T. Daly, J. Box, J. Howcroft
Best Players: S. Hunter, M. Oborn, R. Thompson, B. Sheridan, T. Ahern


Goal Kickers: D. Grant 7, S. Williams 3, T. Underwood 2, J. Loades 2, T. Ward, M. Molnar, N. Walters
Best Players: D. Laing, D. Grant, T. Underwood, N. Watts, M. Molnar

Craigs Post match report 


A good four quarter effort was what we were after from the B Grade last Saturday against a spirited Broadview and that was what we got. At no stage were our guys distracted from what they needed to do to despite some of the tactics applied by our opponents during the game, winning every quarter.

We had a good spread of goal kickers starting with Declan Grant who kicked a lazy 7, Hot Dogs kicked 3, Tom Underwood and Loadsey with 2 each and singles to Wardy, Mitch Molnar and Nick Walters.

Dane Laing led from the front again with a BOG performance giving good direction around the ball and getting plenty of it to set us up while Declan Grant was a close second kicking his bag of 7 goals under enormous pressure and questionable tactics from the opposition. Tom Underwood is getting back to his best form and gave us a good target up forward while Nick Watts used his pace around the packs and used the ball well and Mitch Molnar worked tirelessly all day to round out our best.

We now roll into an Elimination Final against Athelstone and need to tick every box to make sure we are prepared for them.

Good work to the A’s and C’s again on the weekend grinding out a couple of wins coming into their finals this week and well done to Ritchie and the Under 18’s on getting into the Grand Final after dominating their game yesterday.

We’ve achieved what we’ve aimed for all year, qualify for finals. Now we need to change it up and make an impression!!





Craig B.

C Grade

Broadview          2.0-12     2.0-12     3.0-18      10.0-60

PHOS Camden   3.4-22     4.11-35    8.15-63    9.16-70


Goal Kickers: M. Kellett 5, S. McMahon 2, D. Rehn, H. Veitch, A. Mackinnon
Best Players: T. Jensen, H. Veitch, M. Kellett, N. Brown, A. Mackinnon


Goal Kickers: S. Meyers 2, J. Biagi 2, S. Payne, H. Walters, M. Ramsey, N. Iordanou, C. Gilby
Best Players: S. Meyers, H. Walters, H. Flentje, D. Parkins, J. Biagi


Brighton Bombers    1.2-8    1.3-9        3.4-22    4.6-30

PHOS Camden         4.0-24    7.2-44    12.4-76   14.5-89


Goal Kickers: J. Watt, T. Armour, T. Yates, J. Hosking
Best Players: J. Hosking, B. Warner, L. Viska, D. Hefford, T. Armour, D. Bland


Best Players: S. McCabe, D. Bonnici, D. Grant, J. Smith, J. Resnais

u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report 

Phos Camden 14  5  89   Brighton 5  4  34

Goal scorers S Mccabe 5  J Bayliss 2 B Christian 1 L Conlon 1 T Kewell 1 H Mcphee 1 J Rau 1 J Smith 1 H Williams 1

Best Players  J Bayliss  S Mccabe  J Smith  T Kewell  D Bonnici  J Resnais C Brini  J Kewell

We travelled to Brighton oval to play Brighton in the second semi final, for the winner a berth into the Grand Final. It was good to see the boys arrive with a great attitude and ready to play against a good opponent, the windy conditions where always going to make it difficult but I thought we played the conditions very well and as it has been our ball use and decision making in the first quarter with the wind was very good, sometimes with the wind it’s easy to just blast away and waste opportunities but to the boys credit they played some very good football and where rewarded on the scoreboard.


Our pressure on the opposition was the best I have seen which caused Brighton to fumble and turn the ball over in which the boys capitalized on. The most impressive thing about today was the way the team went about the game ,the fierce attack on the ball and opposition when they had it, the protection and support of each other, their discipline and taking each quarter by quarter and not letting up till the final siren.


It was once again great to see the enjoyment these boys are having from their footy and where today rewarded by their efforts with a spot in the Grand Final, our focus now moves to two weeks where we look forward to another great challenge, well done boys.


Well done to Simon, Craig and Sam with wins in the As, Bs and Cs and good luck and all the best with the finals which start this week and lets all get out to their games  and support the senior sides.


Cheers Richie.

B Grade

Craigs Pre match report 

We roll into Broadview this week who will be keen to notch up a win in their last game for this season so we need to make sure we have ticked all the boxes and are ready for them on Saturday.

Jake Resnais, Cadz, Leatchy and Tom Unger come back in to our side this week bolstering our defence and forward stocks while Declan Grant comes back to us from the A's and will be keen to have a big game.

With finals just around the corner we need to get a good win under our belt by sticking to our structures and playing intense, physical footy against a side that will fight to the final siren this week. We have shown signs in the last few weeks against the top 3, now it needs to come together for four quarters to give us some momentum coming into the major rounds.

Good luck to all grades this week especially the Under 18's in their chance for a GF berth against Brighton.




Craig B.

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