Round 2 - April 8

Scotch OC v PHOS Camden

@ Scotch College


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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Congrats to Dylan Georgeson’s & Peter Cox - 50th Games

(unfortunately no photo's, please email the club if you have some).

A Grade

Scotch OC                     6.8-44

PHOS Camden       27.11-173


Goal Kickers: L. Einarson 2, J. King, W. Thorpe, S. McAdam, T. Langley
Best Players: P. Collett, J. Lagonik, L. Giles, J. King, M. Campbell


Goal Kickers: N. Ramsey 8, S. Underwood 4, L. Jacka 2, D. Hill 2, R. Reavley 2, R. O''Grady 2, H. Gordon 2, A. Bergsma 2, M. Ruwoldt, H. Cumming, J. Bayliss

Best Players: M. Ruwoldt, N. Ramsey, H. Young, G. Soper, S. Inglis

Coaches Report

Saturday saw us head up to Scotch and come away with three really good wins for the club. The efforts of all players from thirds to A's is exactly where we want it. 


We got off to an okay start in the late game and some fine tuning saw us take a 6 goal lead in to quarter time which in its self was surprising as we were as i said "okay" and Scotch were too. 6 goals seemed a bit ahead of where we we were but again that represents the lads workman like ways. Rama was getting plenty of it along with Ruwy and we began to get some ascendency in the centre square. 


We held Scotch to 5 goals at half time and allowed 1 more for the game, as coaches we were very pleased with that. We kicked another 19 from quarter time with Rama finishing with 8 in a very good game. Sam Underwood kicked 4 and a host of players kicked 1's and 2's in an eventual 120 point. Win. 


Our best were Ruwy with 40 plus touches and Rama with not only 8 goals but a heap of touches. Sam Inglis was good down back and Glen Soper excellent through the mids and forward. Hamish Gordon and Shaz had good games and Harry Young did a good job when thrown in to the midfield for a role. 


So two early wins is great and now a bye. No training Thursday night so looking for a nice break for the guys before we tackle Athelstone at home. 


Well done to Craig and Sam snd their teams on a good day. 


Ta Quinny. 

B Grade

Scotch OC               5.6-36

PHOS Camden     18.13-121


Goal Kickers: T. Freeman 3, A. Borchard, H. Mansfield
Best Players: H. Mansfield, J. Kelly, P. Dawes, A. O''Loughlin, N. Heaslip


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 9, N. Iordanou 3, N. Walters 2, T. Ward, D. Grant, M. Molnar, A. Flett

Best Players: S. Williams , A. Flett, L. May, B. Toohey, C. Harms

Coaches Report

We had a great team effort last Saturday in the B Grade against Scotch OC which was pleasing as we had spoken to the players about doing what was best for the team before the game.

Our run from the back line and work rate from our mids really set us up on the weekend as they created a lot of our goals through smart and direct use of the footy while our forwards played their role and stuck to the plan we set in place.

Goal kickers were Sam Williams with 9, Eo with 3, Nick Walters 2 and Tom Ward, Declan Grant, Mitch Molnar and Fletty all with one each.

It was hard to go past Sam Williams as best player with his 9 goals giving us plenty of marking and scoring power up forward while Fletty again was second best as he showed his experience directing traffic and playing a good team game. Luke May was third best in a good four quarter effort showing his class giving us plenty of drive around the ball. Ben Toohey in the ruck and Harmsy in the middle rounded out our best last week but it was a great team effort from all 21 players showing that we can play fast moving, attacking footy when we increase our intensity levels and accountability.

This now gives us a bit of momentum in to the break and allows us to reset for Athelstone in a couple of weeks’ time.

Great work from Sam and the C’s and Simon and the A Grade in what was a great weekend for the club with convincing wins in all three grades.

Happy Easter to everyone and have a safe one.




Craig B.

C Grade

Scotch OC               5.9-39

PHOS Camden   17.8-110


Goal Kickers: J. Wellington 4, J. Nichaloff
Best Players: J. Wellington, S. Scales, L. Eggers, E. Juers


Goal Kickers: B. Longbottom 6, B. Pollard 2, S. Meyers 2, S. Henderson 2, J. Resnais 2, T. Garnaut, J. Phillips, D. Georgeson

Best Players: J. Phillips, B. Longbottom, K. McGuinness, S. Meyers, T. Garnaut

C Grade Match Report


We travelled out to scotch on Saturday for a rematch of our 2015 Grand Final with a vastly different side compared to that day two years ago.


The result however was no different. We started off slowly with Scotch peppering the goal early but not taking their opportunities, but once we got into our groove and understood the way that Scotch wanted to play at the contest we controlled the game from therein.


Three quick goals to end the first got us out to an early lead, whilst a hard running and linkup style through the midfield in the third quarter allowed us to hold a 12 goal lead at 3qtr time.


Phillo lead the way through the middle again, whilst he was handily supported by the heavy workload of Tate Garnaut and Joshy Resnais, the attack and pressure from Res curtailing multiple outside efforts from Scotch. Not to be outdone up forward Sammy Meyers put in a blistering third term that helped assert dominance, and Brad Longbottom in his first game for the club created opportunity after opportunity with his ability to read the flight of the footy and provide a contest on the ground. He bought teammates into the game and snagged 6 himself. Congratulations to Sam Dunn, Taylor Riley and Brad on their first games. Dylan Georgeson on his 50th for the club and cheers to Johnny Tonks for filling in last minute.


Well done to the As and Bs, good strong start to the season


See you after Easter!



A Grade Prematch

Saturday we travel up to Scotch for what should be a good game against a young side who under Kym Cobbs coaching should be hard to beat. 


We are really looking to improve on last week which was very good in a lot of areas but also needing of improvement in a few too. So from that angle its exciting to see where we can be by 5pm tomorrow arvo. 


We have one change with Tom Finn out with a minor injury and Justin Whitford coming in to give us a tall back and support for Orrs in the ruck. 


Wishing all the best to Tayl's and the C's, get us off to a good start lads and Craig and the 2's who I'm sure will bounce back. 


On a side note we lose Brent Van Gils for approximately 6 weeks with a fracture in his lower leg. We are wrapped to have this bloke back to the club and a speedy recovery will see BVG back amongst it after great trial form. 


Thanks, Quinny



B Grade as follows,


After a rusty start last week the boys had a solid week at training and are keen to get back on track this Saturday against Scotch who are also searching for their first win.

We had another tough night at selection and there are some players playing C’s again this week that could consider themselves unlucky but we know the character of these lads is to fight and I’m sure they’ll be smashing down the door for selection in Round 3 with good games again this week.

Kouta and Mitch Molnar come in for their first game this year and both are keen to have big games first up.

Last week was a lesson for us and the only thing that will get us the win this week is working hard for each other and thinking team first.

Good luck to Simon and the A’s and Sam’s C Grade, let’s get the three wins this week.




Craig B.

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