This weeks game

Round 6 - May 13th

PHOS Camden v Broadview

Camden Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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u/18's v Brighton

on Sunday 3pm

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Phantom Cocktail Party

(2017 PHOS Ball)

The Gallery

Sat. 20 May 2017

7:30 pm – 11:30 pm ACST

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A Grade

PHOS Camden    3.4-22    9.5-59    13.7-85    21.10-136

Broadview           2.1-13    4.3-27      7.3-45           7.4-46


Goal Kickers: S. Underwood 4, H. Gordon 3, A. Bergsma 3, R. O''Grady 2, J. Bayliss 2, M. Ruwoldt 2, S. Williams , H. Cumming, G. Soper, J. Whitford, D. Hill

Best Players: S. Inglis, C. Beard, H. Cumming, R. O''Grady, H. Gordon


Goal Kickers: Z. Slade 3, J. Sheppard 3, J. White
Best Players: J. Sheppard, B. De Prinse, J. Ryan, N. Papaioannou, B. Pretty

Quinnys Post Match report 

Saturday the lads bounced back really well with a good win against Broadview, who as suspected put up a good show as a young team wanting to get better. 


We worked through the gears as the game wore on which I believe is the best way to go into the top side this week. We were really pleased with the form found by some of the players and the way they appreciated the efforts of each other. Really important to us moving forward. 


Our forward line worked really well together and our backline grabbed it's "mojo" back with Casey Beard and Jake Scharenberg instrumental in setting the scene and then very well supported by our defenders. 


Our mids were really good With their vision and effort at the footy. Ruwy worked his tag over and Bergs, Gordo and Ritch were good with their ability to win the footy and convert goals. Maysie gave us some drive as well and this was compounded with Orrs and Whitty really doing a great job against a good ruckman. 


Goal kickers were spread, which is healthy with Sammy Underwood kicking 4 the  main avenue. 


Our best were Casey Beard who did not lose a contest all day, Sam Inglis rock solid down back with a few mates down there. Harry Cumming, working along nicely, Gordo, backing up last week and Ritchie O'Grady a top game in the middle. Daniel Hill was terrific, judged by a work rate which was first class. 


So lots of good from Saturday with all teams getting a win. We have Nick Ramsey and Ryan Reavley up for a spot and hopefully Tommy Underwood, so tough selection! 


Ta, Quinny. 

B Grade

PHOS Camden   7.2-44     9.6-60   11.14-80   15.15-105

Broadview          2.1-13     3.4-22       5.7-37          6.9-45



Goal Kickers: J. Loades 6, D. Grant 5, T. Gulliford 2, A. Flett, B. Toohey
Best Players: J. James, J. Loades, D. Grant, D. Laing, A. Flett, T. Gulliford


Goal Kickers: T. Ahern 3, T. Daly, B. Sheridan, D. Carter
Best Players: T. Ahern, J. Eastwood, T. Matovic, J. Rose, J. Box

Craigs Post match report 

Our boys got off to a flyer last Saturday against Broadview, kicking 7 goals in the first quarter to set us up for a good win. Our ability to link up from defence and hit our targets was good while our midfield worked hard to lock down a couple of their playmakers as well as run off them and create themselves.


Our forward line stuck to their structures and made the most of their opportunities when they got them with Jack Loades kicking 6 goals, Declan Grant 5, Tom Guliford with 2 and singles to Fletty and Ben Toohey.

Josh James was best on ground after shutting down one of their dangerous forwards to the point that he finally snapped in the last quarter and was red carded due to Josh’s ability to run off him and create from his back flank all game while Harmsy was asked to run with Broadview’s “go to player” around the stoppages and did a great job to shut him down and get plenty of the ball himself. Jack Loades had his best game for the club so far up forward with hard leading resulting in kicking his 6 goals and Declan Grant set us up kicking all of his goals in the first quarter and handed a few more off later in the game while Tom Guliford worked hard in the ruck and gave us a good target up forward in his first senior game for the club. Fletty, Dane Laing and Dean Bonnici also had good games for us but we couldn’t quite fit them into the best.

All up a good team performance by the lads, we now roll into Henley who will challenge us all over the ground and give us an opportunity to make a statement.

Great work to the A’s and C’s last Saturday to get the wins, let’s keep the momentum going.




Craig B.

C Grade

PHOS Camden   2.4-16   5.4-34   10.8-68   14.15-99

Broadview          5.1-31   6.4-40     8.6-54        8.8-56



Goal Kickers: J. Resnais 4, K. McGuinness 2, S. Meyers 2, M. Ramsey 2, B. Longbottom, D. Parkins, J. Biagi, D. Georgeson
Best Players: S. Meyers, K. McGuinness, H. Sharp, N. Hull, J. Biagi, S. Payne


Goal Kickers: M. Whittle 3, M. Kellett 2, B. Hancock, L. Gallagher, W. Selway
Best Players: T. Felstead, M. Biggs, B. Hancock, M. Kellett, B. Linford

SJT post match report 

We came into this game pretty confident, but after a few late outs - including most of our starting back line - we struggled to get started, which showed on the scoreboard after the first quarter.


The turning point seemed to be Keegan McGuinness getting to the game in the second quarter after work, and coming onto the ground and kicking a goal in under a minute. This seemed to kick the boys into gear and from then on we seemed to get on top. We could have really put Broadies to the sword, but wayward goal kicking in the fourth quarter (4.9) hurt us.


Jake Resnais was deadly in front of goal as always, kicking 4 goals and providing plenty of forward pressure. Keegs was great as well as a late arrival, but undeniably best on ground was Sam Meyers. Sammy and I hold Meyers to a high standard, but he was terrific as his calmness under pressure and clean hands opened up the game for us, and he went forward and kicked 2.3 to boot. Harry Sharp was also impressive in his first game for the club, playing the entire game without coming to the bench, and spent a large portion of the game in the midfield. Hully and Biagi continued their good run of form, providing run off halfback. Scott Payne and Matthew Ramsey both get mentions as well, as their clean skills in the forward half led to multiple scores.


Next week we have our biggest test of the year as we head to Henley to face the Sharks at 10:15. They're undefeated in all grades from A thru to under 18s, so having a few key players back next week will be crucial.




PHOS Camden                 0.0  3.0-18    6.3-39   6.5-41

Brighton Bombers   4.2-26   5.5-35    6.5-41   8.9-57


Goal Kickers: Beard 2, E. Dunkin, C. Meuris, M. Porter, S. McCabe

Best Players: E. Dunkin, D. Grant, D. Bonnici, W. Price, W. Cheesman-Dutton, B. Booth


Goal Kickers: T. Armour 2, T. Yates 2, B. Warner, K. Scharkie, C. Cox, I. Roocke
Best Players: D. Juckers, C. Cox, D. Hefford, B. Warner, T. Armour, J. Hosking

u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report 

We looked forward to playing Brighton who are top of the table, but we only had 14 players available at the start and then three u15s offered to play which I thank very much, so we took to the field with 17 .

The first quarter was very competitive which is what we asked for and where only down by four goals at the break, as the second quarter started we had a few more players turn up so we brought the u15s off gradually which had done a great job.  


We then had a full side and also started to win the ball and put a lot of pressure on the opposition which were starting to make mistakes. I thought we were very good in the next three quarters with our movement of the ball and work rate putting ourselves in a position to win the game.


Unfortunately we went down by two goals,but to play most of the game with no bench with the opposition having seven on the interchange was just a great effort by all.


We were all obviously disappointed by the result but in no way disappointed in the way the boys played and effort that was put in by all, we were very proud of the boys to play the way they did today, as we have said before, every week we have a lot of changes to the team but every week they pull together as a team and play some very good football.

u/18 ABs Best Players

Westies didnt want Elliot Dunkin to play for us on Sunday but to Elliots credit he rang the coach and said he wanted to play, and play he did, moping up plenty and his disposal skills on both side are a pleasure to watch. 

Declan Grant kicked 5 on Saturday in the B grade, and was sensational for us on Sunday.

Dean Bonnici also butterd up from Satudays B grade game, Deano said he was happy to play deep in a pocket, but to his credit knew we were in trouble with player numbers put himself in ruck and played one of his best games.

Will Price always plays well, smallest player on the field with the biggest heart.

Will Cheeseman-Dutton proving to be a great pick-up from Westminster has played 4 consistant games this being his best so far.

Sam McCabe was required up the ground on Sunday so didnt kick his normal bagful but still played a very nice game.

Brian Chung after a quiet game last week was back to his best.

Bailey Booth worked hard and was a crucial linkman on his wing.

Special mention to Jack Porter who was given a job to keep the leagues top goal scorer (T.Yeats who has kicked 20 goals in 3 games) to minimal goals. Jack kept him to 2 in a great effort.

Next week another home game aginst Flinders Park.

Quinnys Pre Match report  

We host a young, enthusiastic Broadview tomorrow looking for their first win for the season. We on the other hand after two losses need to reset and recapture some of our form from the start of the year and tighten ourselves up. Take our reactive footy out and lead the game with intensity and effort. A really good test for us.


We had some injury problems from Saturday but in the wash up we lose Tom Underwood and Nick Ramsey both with minor ones. The other injury queries are no longer queries and the lads are good to go. Full credit to all for toughing it through and wanting to play with Tom and Nick giving it their best.


We bring back to the side Liam Toohey and Brent Eddy after very good performances in the two's over the past couple of games. Their attitude to their footy and leadership is first class.


All the best to the B's, C's and our U/18's as well as all our junior teams.


Looking forward to it.


Thanks, Quinny. 

B Grade

Craigs Pre match report  

We have a bit of a score to settle against Broadview this week after they bailed us out of the finals last year and the boys are fired up and ready to go against a side that is battling for the same position we are at the moment.


After coming off a couple of good wins our aim is now to get consistency into our game in the twos and we must ensure that we don't become complacent and keep our intensity at the levels it has been in our last two games.


With Liam Toohey and Brent Eddy getting the call up this week (well deserved fellas!) we bring in Tom Gulliford who has been at West Adelaide for most of the season for his first senior game for the club and Henry Finn who went back to the C's last week and tore it up. I'm sure both lads will be keen to have big games this week.


Good luck to the A's, C's and Under 18's this week and we'll catch you at the footy.




Craig B.


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