This weeks game

Round 7 - May 20th

Henley v PHOS Camden

Henley Memorial Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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u/18's v Flinders Park

on Sunday 3pm

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A Grade

Henley                 3.3-21     5.8-38    10.9-69    15.13-103

PHOS Camden   2.2-14     3.3-21      4.5-29           6.6-42


Goal Kickers: D. Williamson 4, D. Longman 2, D. Redden 2, T. Lane 2, J. Johncock, T. Broadbent, B. Currie, P. Sinor, J. Pavlich
Best Players: T. Broadbent, T. Thunig, S. Jarman, H. Jessen, D. Williamson, S. Ferguson


Goal Kickers: R. O''Grady 2, S. Underwood 2, N. Ramsey
Best Players: H. Young, T. Finn, S. Inglis, C. Beard, D. Bonnici

Quinnys Post Match report 

Saturday down at Henley didn't go to script with us unable to force Henley to change their style of play mainly due to us turning the footy over (unpressured). Due more to our own clumsiness or wrong decision than Great pressure put on us. In saying that, Henley are a good solid side who play effective footy.


I was pleased with a lot of things that came out of the game none more than the effort of Harry Young on a player from Henley who has been kicking a lot of goals. Every 'one on one' Harry was there for. A fine example. Think the lad kicked one lucky one so great effort. Harry wasnt alone, we had a good defence which when we get a large score kicked against may not look that way. Sam Inglis and Tom Finn played really good one on one games and Shaz, Maysie and Beardy worked hard to quell the flow of forward runs by Henley.


Up forward I thought Hilly and Gordo were really good in their chase and tackle stuff that can sometimes go un noticed. Some of our footy was terrific but too many times we missed a crucial give or went to the wrong option and Henley made us pay as good sides do.


I cant criticise the work rate of our mids but we need to be better. We have some very very good players within our mids and they must lift their effectiveness as they are players we need with the footy but protecting it. 


Sam Williams i thought worked hard up forward and Ritch O'Grady kicked 2 great goals. 


We reset for Sacred Heart this week in what is a very big game for us. I have absolute faith in this group. That's not built on false hope or reassurance, it's built on what I've seen them do at times and the way they have tackled challenges head in. 


Well done to Ritch and the U/18's and to Craig and the 2's and Sammy and the C's lets bounce back this week. 


Ta Quinny. 

B Grade

Henley                    3.1-19    7.1-43   10.5-65   13.8-86

PHOS Camden      1.2-8      2.3-15     2.4-16     3.4-22


Goal Kickers: T. Currie 4, K. Raison 2, C. Smith 2, N. Pierson, R. Sampson, J. Clark, L. Hoare, M. Schwarz
Best Players: L. Radley, A. Cannon, R. Sampson, T. Currie, S. Newman


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou, M. Molnar, J. Loades
Best Players: J. James, C. Harms, T. Unger, M. Molnar, D. Parkins, J. Cadzow

Craigs Post match report 

It was a tough day at Henley last Saturday against a well drilled side. Our players’ effort and endeavour couldn’t be questioned and the score line didn’t really give a good indication of how hard our boys worked.


Unfortunately we just had a few lapses at various stages of the game which allowed Henley to score multiple goals in quick succession which we couldn’t claw back and get the reward for the effort from further up the ground.

Our backline worked overtime led by Josh James creating run from his flank and even did some damage spending time on the ball late in the game while Tom Unger did a great job at full back shutting down a much bigger and experienced forward. Harmsy was again influential in the middle getting plenty of the ball while doing a job on their strong midfielders, Parko did well in the ruck in his comeback game and Mitch Molnar and Cadz had solid games rounding out our best.

We can learn a lot from the game last week, most of all how hard we need to work for each other for the full four quarters in order to beat a top side, something we can work on for this week against SHOC.

Well done to the Under 18’s on their win on Sunday good to see the boys flying the flag this week.




Craig B.

C Grade

Henley                   4.7-31    9.12-66    15.16-106    17.18-120

PHOS Camden       0.1-1        0.1-1             0.5-5          2.6-18


Goal Kickers: B. Carey 4, J. Chapman 3, C. Battersby 2, D. Rowley 2, H. Egel, D. Loveder, N. Meiers, L. O''Donohue, B. Lodge, L. Wilksch
Best Players: T. Rosewall, J. Harvey-Friel, N. Portolesi, T. Reichstein, D. Rowley, B. Lodge


Goal Kickers: B. Pollard, B. Longbottom
Best Players: S. Meyers, J. Biagi, D. Georgeson, H. Flentje, A. Wieegelmann

SJT post match report 

There's not much that can be said about this week's game, beside the fact that we now know what the benchmark of the competition looks like.


Henley were on top of us from the first bounce, and their gameplan is perfectly suited for their wide oval. It seemed like they had 22 blokes on the field at times, as they always had players open to get the ball moving, and it's obvious that we still have a few things to work on if we want to go deep in finals. In the end, they rolled us by 102 points, which could have been more had we not put up a bit of a fight in the fourth quarter when the game was all but over.


Sammy Meyers and James Biagi were the two standouts, as both continue to have great years for the club. Their poise with the footy in hand and clean ball use were good to see in a game in which we were dominated throughout. Dylan Georgeson was also impressive in a new role - we put him into the guts as a rover in the second half to give us a bigger presence around the ball and it worked immediately as he lay tackle after tackle, and even gave out a couple of stiff-arms. Finally, the defence was valiant as usual, with Alistair Wieegelmann, Hamish Flentje and Nathan Hull keeping the score from blowing out to an enormous amount.


Next week we have another big test as we play SHOCs at home; hopefully we can recover from this reality check to take it to them.


PHOS Camden      17.12-114

Flinders Park               3.8-26


Goal Kickers: S. McCabe 6, K. Chalmers 4, L. Conlon 2, D. Grant 2, T. Irvine, C. Meuris, J. Rau
Best Players: B. Booth, D. Grant, L. McCabe, B. Cheung, K. Chalmers, J. Porter


Goal Kickers: K. Rankine, I. Tregenza, C. Potter
Best Players: A. Roberts, C. Boydon, K. Rankine, L. Swan, J. Sarti

u/18 Ritchies Match Report

A great effort by the boys this week winning well but its the way they are playing that is the most pleasing thing.


This week we introduced five new players to the side and started with 2 on the interchange which is really another position. Each week we have been very pleased with the way all players are very accepting of new players and combine to play some very good team football.


As we dont train as a squad our game plan isnt to complex but all the boys buy into the way we do want them to play. This week their movement of the ball, decision making, support of each other and enjoyment of playing in this team was very impressive as has been all season and the result showed , picking best players was very difficult as all players where good, well done boys.



u18 Best Players

Great to have Hank playing with us, his attack on the ball and disposal was 1st class.

Sam McCabe 6 goals, 4 in the 1st half when the game was in the balance were gold another good game.

Declan Grant always play well, this week no different.

Brian Cheung, wasnt going to play if numbers were good, as had a black eye from Saturdays game, numbers were marginal so he suited up and was sensational the way he put his body on the line and took some good marks in the backline.

Bailey Booth very good in the 1st half, plenty of possessions with good efficiency.

Kyle Chalmers made some good leads and his team mates found him to kick 4 goals, improving every week.

Jack Porter again given a job to do by Richie as a full back & back-up ruckman, again job done well.

Jack Rugless 1st game in nearly 12 months, you wouldnt know it fitted in superbly.

Special mentions, Lindsay Conlan 2 goals in his 1st game, Steve Cutts & Zac Mucklow also played well in there 1st game..Cuttsy 1st touch of the game had the crowd on there feet!.

All played well, next week is a good challenge against SHOCs.

Quinnys Pre Match report

Tomorrow we head to Henley for what should be a good game with Henley undefeated at this stage of the year. We are well aware we need to be at our best as will they.


We lose Justin Whitford with a leg injury, Liam Toohey also with an arm injury and Brent Eddy has gone back after doing a good job last week. Coming in to the side are Ryan Reavley who returns from being away, Nick Ramsey who has recovered and Dean Bonnici comes in for his first game. A player we have big hopes for in the future.


I wont go in to it but the attitude showed by some players to be right for this game (injuries) was outstanding with not all getting there but thats the attitude we want for this game. Excellent work guys.


All the best to Craig, Sam and Ritchie and all our Senior teams as well as all Junior Teams. Saw the U/16's last week, great brand of footy and a very humble attitude in a 20 goal win.


Ta, Quinny.

B Grade

Craigs Pre match report 

We roll out this week against Henley who are top and undefeated in the twos and will be keen to keep their record intact on their home deck.

Our consistency and ability to play as a team over the last few weeks has been good and will certainly be tested on Saturday with a few players missing through injury. What this now does is allow the players selected to step up and grab their opportunities to play good footy at this level against a quality opponent.

We bring in Jake Resnais who has been kicking a few goals in the C's, Keegan McGuinness, Dave Parkins and Shannon Leatch for their first B Grade games in a while and Brent Eddy comes back from the A's to give us some more bite in the midfield, all are keen to make an impact.

Intensity and effort will need to be at 100% to get the win this week and judging by the way the boys trained on Thursday they are ready for the challenge.

Good luck everyone in all grades this week.




Craig B.


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