This weeks game

Round 8- May 27th


Camden Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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u/18's v SHOCs

Sacred Heart

Middle School

on Sunday 3pm

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A Grade

PHOS Camden         8.2-50   10.5-65   12.7-79   16.7-103

Sacred Heart OC     3.2-20     4.2-26     7.2-44        9.6-60


Goal Kickers: A. Bergsma 5, N. Ramsey 4, H. Cumming 3, S. Underwood 2, L. Jacka, H. Gordon
Best Players: T. Finn, N. Ramsey, H. Cumming, A. Bergsma, H. Young, R. O''Grady


Goal Kickers: H. Cock 4, S. Potts 2, B. Moroney, J. Turton, N. Forster
Best Players: S. Potts, C. Vince, H. Cock, R. Peake, N. Brooks

Quinnys Post Match report  

Saturday the boys put together a very strong effort to beat a good side in SHOCS. We had the 21 contributors that we seek every week with all players having their time in the sun but most importantly as a team we were relentless and strong with everything for four quarters. 


Our best were Tom Finn in a great game at full back, brave, skilled and encompassed the team spirit. Ritch O'Grady and Rama very good through the mids and Orrs giving good supply. Our whole backline again stood tall and Harry Young and Curtis Harms were excellent in sticking to their tasks. Harry Cumming and Sam Williams great in their part as well. 


Bergs kicked 5 in a great game and Rama 4 were our leading goal kickers. 


Badluck to Craig, Sam and Ritch against quality opposition. 


Old Ignatians this week. Another big day! 


Ta Quinny. 

B Grade

PHOS Camden        2.0-12     2.1-13      3.5-23      5.6-36

Sacred Heart OC    5.2-32     9.4-58    11.6-72    18.7-115


Goal Kickers: J. Loades 2, S. Leatch, R. Morgan, A. Flett
Best Players: D. Laing, S. Webster, J. Cadzow, T. Unger, A. Flett, N. Watts


Goal Kickers: L. Paparella 6, H. Spurling 3, L. Mill 3, Z. Delmenico 3, T. O''Malley 2, D. Moroney
Best Players: L. Paparella, D. Moroney, T. Button, A. Willson, N. Fahey

Craigs Post match report 

We came up against a very determined SHOC side in the twos last Saturday, they were a side that worked hard for each other and moved the ball quickly with purpose. Unfortunately we couldn't match them in effort and intensity and the scoreboard reflected that with a 79 point loss.

Dane Laing led from the front with his attack on the ball in his best on ground game while Sam Webster had a good game off his back flank showing great composure under plenty of pressure. Tom Unger kept one of their dangerous forwards relatively quiet, James Cadzow had good game in defence taking plenty of intercept marks while Fletty and Wattsy in his first game back with us rounded out our best.

We have played the best two sides in the comp in the last two weeks and we now know what it will take to take it up to them. If we can take anything out of these games is that we need to increase our intensity and work rate and play as a team to be able to be around the mark.


We now reset and work on these things on the track this week to take on Old Iggies who will be tough but are beatable providing we are prepared to work for it!

A great effort from the Simon and the A Grade on Saturday showing us how it's done, good work guys.




Craig B

C Grade

PHOS Camden         1.1-7   2.2-14    3.2-20         4.3-27

Sacred Heart OC   6.2-38   8.3-51   14.6-90   17.8-110


Goal Kickers: B. Pollard, J. Biagi, S. Taylor, J. Clark
Best Players: J. Biagi, S. Meyers, B. Pollard, M. Blyth, A. Wieegelmann, H. Flentje


Goal Kickers: S. Clements 4, N. Tait 3, S. Connelly 2, M. Johnston 2, J. Chapman 2, J. Teakle, A. Gibb, B. McHugh, S. Whelan
Best Players: S. Clements, S. Connelly , B. McHugh, M. Turton, J. Chapman

SJT post match report 

Another tough week for us as we went up against a strong SHOCs outfit with a few of our best players either injured or playing B Grade.


They started with the wind and got out to a six-goal lead which we could not chase down when we had the breeze with a make-shift forward line.


James Biagi and Sam Meyers continued their great years, battling for us in the midfield and up forward all day, while Bryce Pollard had one of his best games for the club, topped off with a goal against his old club. The backline battled all day, and prevented the margin from being even greater, with Wiggles, Hamish Flentje and Matthew Blyth the standouts.


Next up is Old Ignations in the City, hopefully we can get back on the winner's list against a team sitting on the same record as us.


Sacred Heart OC       11.18-84

PHOS Camden                4.8-32


Goal Kickers: L. Potts 2, W. Otto 2, W. Craig, B. Connor, M. Turton, L. Mill, T. Paparella, L. Kelly, R. Stephenson
Best Players: W. Otto, M. Turton, L. Mill, C. Goodrich, D. Langridge


Goal Kickers: L. Toohey 2, A. Lyon, D. Grant
Best Players: D. Grant, L. McCabe, S. McCabe, L. Toohey, W. Cheesman-Dutton

u/18 Ritchies & ABs Post Match Report (to come)

Right from the start we could sense the boys where a little flat this week in our game against SHOCS and having no one on the bench made it a bit more difficult. In saying this I thought we were always in the game which was a credit to the boys as we finished the game with 17 fit players.


It was just one of those days where we played some good , moving the ball well and then at times our decision making let us down but the good thing about footy is we will learn from this and move on and look forward to next week’s game.


So far this season it’s been a great effort by all that have pulled the Guernsey on and that’s all we ask for, Well done to Simon and the boys in the A grade for a good win over SHOCS on Saturday.

Best Players

Declan Grant tried his heart out for 4 quarters, left nothing on the track.

Lachy McCabe was the best player up to half time, then got sore but still played very well standing firm and reading the ball well as always in the back pocket.

Liam Toohey soreness from Saturdays game prevented Liam from much midfield action, but dominated when he did go mid and also up forward, we just couldnt get the ball up to him enough times.

Sam McCabe tried very hard thru the midfield and forward.

William Cheeseman-Dutton despite playing with broken fingers, Will was hard at the ball and had a good game, one of the few positions we won in the game.

Will Price, not one of Priceys best games, probably a bit tired from his well deserved first 1st18 game on Saturday. Will still provided some highlights on the wing.

Jack Porter, once again a full back was very solid. SHOCs had a huge amount of inside 50 entries if not for Jack we would of lost by alot more.

Special mentions u16s player Dylan Stickland 1st game, took some good marks down back and is certainly up to u18s footy. Chase Meuris: the ball didnt come down to our forward lines much, but Chase magaged to take 3 solid marks, unfortunatley missed the goals, but is improving each week. Aeden Lyon & Max Porter also played well.

Next Week Morphy Parks at home.

A Grade

Quinnys Pre Match report  

A big game this week for us with SHOC's coming to PHOS for what should be a good game. 

We have a few changes with Daniel Hill, Glen Soper, Josh Bayliss going out with injuries. 


Coming in to the squad are Tommy Underwood, Justin Whitford and Liam Toohey, with Curtis Harms coming in for his first A grade game for the year. 


We as a group need to respond and get right what has hurt us a bit over the past few weeks. Every bit of faith in the lads to thread it together tomorrow. Then we'll see where we are at. 


All the best to Craig, Sammy and Ritch. 


Ta, Quinny. 

B Grade

Craigs Pre match report  

Saturday we roll into SHOC who are always a tough task and this week will be no different. They are a well drilled side and are very disciplined when it comes to running their structures, we must be prepared to run the ball and be effective with our disposal in order to get the win.

With injuries and unavailability in both A’s and B’s we have 3 fresh faces coming into our side this week, Brian Cheung plays his first B Grade game for the club after some good footy in the C’s while Nick Watts plays his first twos game for the year and Hot Dogs comes into the side to give us some height and experience for his first game this season.

Intensity, accountability and reward for effort are the keys to getting the win this week, if we can master these aspects for four quarters the scoreboard will look after itself.

Good luck to Simon and the A’s, Sam and the C’s and Richie’s Under 18’s this weekend.




Craig B.

C Grade

SJT post match report (to come)


u/18 Ritchies & ABs Post Match Report (to come)

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