This weeks game

Round 9 - June 3rd

Old Iggies v PHOS Camden 

Hunter Oval


A's: 2:15pm

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B's: 12:15pm

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C's: 10:15am

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u/18's v Morphy Parks

Camden Oval

Sunday 3pm

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Congrats to Casey Beard & Alastair Wiegelmann on reaching 50 games for the Phantoms

A Grade

Old Ignatians       1.4-10     2.7-19      3.8-26     7.12-54

PHOS Camden      5.2-32    6.4-40    10.9-69    12.10-82


Goal Kickers: R. Liddle 2, H. De Poi 2, M. Christophersen, D. Boyd, T. Bigg
Best Players: M. Christophersen, D. Mcneil, W. Abbott, D. Boyd, B. Owen-Thomas


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 2, S. Underwood 2, H. Gordon 2, N. Ramsey 2, H. Young, L. Jacka, R. O''Grady, A. Bergsma
Best Players: T. Finn, S. Inglis, N. Ramsey, S. Williams , J. Scharenberg

Quinnys Post Match report  

Saturdays game against Old Ignatians never reached any great heights as a spectacle and there was definitely things we can do a lot better as individuals and as a team. Two points is very valuable at any time and those two may be the two most valuable we get this year as sometimes you can lose those games where you don't hit your mark. 


In saying that, I think every player had some good moments that stick in my head and in the scheme of things being 6-3 at the turn is not a bad spot to be in. I firmly believe that our best footy is ahead of us. 


On to Saturday we had good players again in Tom Finn and Sam Inglis who hardly put a foot wrong as key defenders in defence and Nick Ramsey was good through our mids kicking two very good goals. Ritch O'Grady and Ruwy got some footy through the midfield as well and I thought Jake Scharenberg played a really solid game and offered plenty of voice and leadership in what at times was a flat game. 


I'd like to say well done to Craig and the two's in a great character building win. 


So now we can shut down for a week, refresh the head and body and spend a bit of time away from the club. We are in a great position and we don't want to waste it. So we come back ready to go and drag everything we can out of this football season and see where it gets us. 


Thanks Quinny. 

B Grade

Old Ignatians      2.1-13     3.7-25    4.10-34    8.10-58

PHOS Camden     4.0-24     6.0-36     7.2-44    10.5-65


Goal Kickers: M. Heath 3, J. De Poi 2, A. Valana, J. Calabrese, H. Stewart
Best Players: T. Manning, J. Parnis, M. Heath, J. De Poi, P. Hagi-Diakou


Goal Kickers: L. Toohey 3, M. Molnar 2, J. Resnais 2, B. Toohey, J. Loades, B. Eddy
Best Players: T. Unger, B. Eddy, L. Toohey, D. Laing, M. Molnar, A. Flett

Craigs Post match report 

Last Saturday was a massive game for the B Grade coming into Old Iggies who sat 2 games ahead of us in third place on the ladder.


We could go into the mid season break ahead on the win / loss ledger providing we applied ourselves and played the game on our terms on a big ground. Well, right from the first bounce our players were in the zone and applied a huge amount of pressure to their opponents, getting off to a fast start kicking 4 goals straight in the first quarter and never looking back from there.


Our intensity at the ball and tackling pressure was huge all day and our guys never got distracted from what they needed to do, even when they were challenged at various points during the game both physically and on the scoreboard.

Goal kickers were Liam Toohey with three, Mitch Molnar and Jake Resnais both with two and singles to Ben Toohey, Jack Loades and Brent Eddy.

Tom Unger was best on ground at full back, he minimised his opponent’s impact on the game while giving away about 6 inches in height and 15kg in weight, Brent Eddy had a good return game in the middle using the ball well while Dane Laing played a great Captain’s game leading from the front, getting plenty of ball and applying massive amounts of pressure to the opposition. Liam Toohey was very good in and around the packs again for us and Mitch Molnar and Fletty worked hard all game running their opponents ragged.

We now have a week off to have a rest and reset for the second half of the season after a good, character building win ready to take on Unley with a bit of confidence.

Well done to the A’s and Under 18’s on solid wins and bad luck to Sam and the C’s who I’m sure will bounce back after the break.





Craig B.

C Grade

Old Ignatians      7.0-42    10.2-62   14.6-90     17.13-115

PHOS Camden     1.0-6       4.0-24      4.1-25        4.2-26


Goal Kickers: H. Stevens 4, D. Zerella 2, X. Meegan 2, D. Puckridge, J. Limongelli, N. Hamilton, X. Owen-Thomas, L. Purcell, H. Kube, N. Fereday, T. Washer, Z. Borlace
Best Players: H. Kube, Z. Borlace, P. Black, L. Purcell, X. Owen-Thomas


Goal Kickers: S. Meyers, J. Biagi, N. Iordanou, A. Robb
Best Players: S. Meyers, N. Iordanou, A. Wieegelmann, T. Garnaut, J. Biagi

SJT post match report (to come)


PHOS Camden              23.16-154

Morphettville Park              1.2-8


Goal Kickers: S. McCabe 4, L. Toohey 3, W. Cheesman-Dutton 3, J. Smith 3, C. Meuris 2, J. Resnais 2, T. Irvine 2, D. Bonnici, J. Rau, J. Bayliss, Brini
Best Players: D. Bonnici, L. Toohey, S. McCabe, W. Thomas, T. Irvine


Goal Kickers: P. Spicer
Best Players: P. Spicer, S. Molloy, T. Cyganov

u/18 Ritchies & ABs Post Match Report (to come)

It was great to have a full side plus a couple on the interchange for our game against Morphy Parks and another team that Phos had never played against.


We couldn’t have asked for a better start kicking 7 in the first quarter and keeping the opposition to no score and once again we had a completely different makeup to the team. The pleasing thing is that whoever comes in plays their role in the team and well at that. I didn’t think the umpires appreciated the little bit of banter that we had with them and made us pay with a couple of 25m penalties but we will learn from that and move on.


The brand of footy the boys showed today I think is good enough to match it with anyone, even though the opposition wasn’t very strong there was no complacency among the group and they finished off each quarter with a lot of run and effort and stuck to the brand of footy we want.


With the team changing from week to week the boys have become very versatile in playing a number of different positions and that’s what we want in this team, whether it’s on the bench for a few of minutes as part of the rotations or a different position they adapt well. At the halfway mark of the season we sit at 5 and 2 and look forward to this week’s break and then the second half of the season.


Well done to Simon and the As, Craig and the Bs and Sam with the Cs even though you didn’t have a win you and your team are doing a great job. Cheers Richie

Best players, great to have the senior players Deano, Toosa & Bayliss from Saturday available and all played very well. Bonus having Hank line up for us and was 'best on', with his clean use. Not far bedhind was Sam McCabe kicked 4 and set up many more. Will Thomas played his best game for the team setting up many plays with some nice handball, hope a sign of more to come. After a few quiet weeks Tyler Irvine was back to his near best with a good effort in ruck but a better effort around the ground took some good marks, kicked 2 goals and stood up for his team mates when required.

Special mentions Brin in his first game was very impressive, Jesse Smith 3 goals when put up forward in the second half. Will Cheeseman-Dutton again playing with a broken finger kicked 3 goals and was very useful in the midfield. Great to have Steven Cutts, Josh Resnais, Jack Rugless, Zac Mucklow back in Phantom colors.

Bye this week, Kennilworth at home week after.

A Grade

Quinnys Pre Match report  

Tomorrow we head to Park 25 for our much anticipated clash with Old Ignatians. Long memory so this game carries extra weight but most importantly it is a great test for us to compound what we produced last week. I put it on our Senior players after Henley and they lead from the front. Now we must as a group back it up with a strong performance against a good side who we always have tight games with. 


Going out of the side is Liam Toohey who played his best A grade game last week which may seem strange but in comes Marc Ruwoldt and if training is a way to gauge a player he is ready to rip after missing the SHOCS game and keen to respond from Henley. 


All the best to Craig and the twos, lets go boys as we are all behind you, so grab that spirit and enjoy your footy. All the best to Sammy T and the C's and Ritch and the U/18's. 


All the best to Case and Alistair on 50 games for PHOS.  I can speak on Case and simply say  "I like the way Case does business. "


Ta Quinny

B Grade

Craigs Pre match report 

This week we take on Old Iggies who sit third on the table and are always a team that stretches us with their outside run. We have spoken about playing with spirit and having 21 leaders on the field this week with the boys keen to get back on the winner’s list knowing they’ll have to work hard for each other to get the result we want.

We’ve lost another four players this week to injury and unavailability but get some handy replacements with Liam Toohey and Josh Bayliss coming back from the A Grade, both keen to have big games while Ben Toohey and Brent Eddy come back into the side to give us some bite up forward and in the middle.

This is a game that can set us up for the rest of the season and keep us in touch with third spot with the right result, we must be prepared to throw everything at them!!

Well done to Casey and Wiggles on their 50 game milestones and good luck to the A’s, C’s and Under 18’s this weekend, let’s bring home 4 wins!!




Craig B

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