This weeks games


Adelaide Footy League Div 2

Semi Final 1

Saturday 2nd September



Camden Oval


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Adelaide Footy League u/18

Grand Final​

Sunday 3rd September



Payneham Oval

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•    Hamish Gordon – 50 Games

A Grade

PHOS Camden        3.2-20   5.5-35   6.9-45   9.12-66

Sacred Heart OC     0.4-4    1.6-12   3.7-25    5.10-40


Goal Kickers: H. Gordon 2, A. Bergsma 2, M. Ruwoldt 2, H. Cumming, N. Ramsey, S. Underwood
Best Players: A. Bergsma, R. O''Grady, N. Ramsey, L. Jacka, R. Reavley


Goal Kickers: S. Potts 2, S. Keen, T. Redden, F. Taylor
Best Players: N. Forster, T. Angel, P. Spurling, N. Brooks, M. Delmenico

Quinnys post match report 

First up I'd like to pass on my congratulations to the Under 18's players, Coaches and support crew for what has been a great year in consolidating our future recruiting ground of the Club. I'm not going to say don't be disappointed with the result of the GF. If you aren't youre in the wrong game just allow time to take it all in. 


Congratulations also to Sam Meyers winning the C Grade Medal. A class player and humble young man. 


Saturday the lads put together a fine four quarter effort against a side that gave us a bit of a clip around the ears last time. It was a result that proves the maturity and drive of this group and puts us in a great position going in to this week. 


We started well out of the blocks as did SHOCs but our composure and pressure on them was probably the difference and we took a good lead in at quarter time. All players were impacting and the sense of the game seemed to be picked up on by us which allowed us to consolidate in the second quarter. I was extremely pleased with the lads in the second half, yes SHOCs kicked a couple in the second half  but good sides do and it was pleasing to get a good win because quite simply, now there is three teams left! 


Goal kickers were spread and some of our forwards who didn't kick a goal were outstanding in their role for the team. 


Our best were Reavs and Jack playing good games and Gordo playing his role to perfection. Ruwy was superb and the impact this bloke has had on our group is hard to accurately reflect. Rich and Rama played like blokes who like September and Orrs was again a lion heart. Youngy and Toosa were solid and Sam Inglis a true leader in place of his great mate Shaz. Our best was Bergs. It means something to him and its obvious. 


Don't let anyone say "you have nothing to lose this week against Henley" if you hear it turn and walk away in the most respectful way as that is the saying of a person who believes in fairy tales. 


We don't believe in "fairy tales". You get what you earn! 


Ta , Quinny. 

Round 8 

A's won by 43 points, Finny BOG, Bergs 5 goals

Round 16 

A's: lost by 34 points, Bonnici, Hill, Jack, Cumming 1 goal each.

Orry best


Ladder position: 5th 10 wins 8 losses

Best Wins: Unley, Gaza & PHOS

Worst Losses:  Scotch by 1 point, Henley by 45 & 16, Athelstone 36

Last weeek: Beat Gaza by 2 points in Elimnation Final

Interesting:  won 5 out of the last 9

A Grade

Quinnys Round 16 Post Match report  

Saturday did not go to plan at all. That in no way should take away from a good club performance by SHOC who took all 3 games from Thebby on Saturday. 


There were a few areas we fell down in on Saturday but none more than our ability to step up to another level which is needed at this time of year. We now need to win two and hold a top 3 finish and give ourselves the best chance we can. 


One thing i will say is I am 100% behind this group and believe the personnel are here to win a premiership! I know my assistant coaches  feel exactly the same. Given our last two weeks we could be called fools for that but thats how we feel. Its up to us to pick the players who feel the same and prepare and play accordingly. Not when things go ok but dig in and make a difference when its needed. 


Saturday our best player was Orry Cross, just bloody outstanding. Reavs and Liam Jacka solid most of the day. Sam Inglis and Dean Bonnici also good. 


Well done to the u/18s Sunday with another good win. 


Ta Quinny. 

Quinnys Round 8 Post Match report

Saturday the boys put together a very strong effort to beat a good side in SHOCS. We had the 21 contributors that we seek every week with all players having their time in the sun but most importantly as a team we were relentless and strong with everything for four quarters. 


Our best were Tom Finn in a great game at full back, brave, skilled and encompassed the team spirit. Ritch O'Grady and Rama very good through the mids and Orrs giving good supply. Our whole backline again stood tall and Harry Young and Curtis Harms were excellent in sticking to their tasks. Harry Cumming and Sam Williams great in their part as well. 


Bergs kicked 5 in a great game and Rama 4 were our leading goal kickers. 


Badluck to Craig, Sam and Ritch against quality opposition. 


Old Ignatians this week. Another big day! 


Ta Quinny. 


PHOS Camden      6.12-48

Sacred Heart OC    7.8-50


Goal Kickers: D. Grant 3, J. Bayliss, T. Irvine, B. Booth
Best Players: J. Bayliss, D. Bonnici, H. Papatolis, T. Irvine, J. Kewell


Goal Kickers: T. Reynolds 2, T. Paparella, B. Noble, C. Vinall, H. McKay, M. Morris
Best Players: C. Vinall, B. Noble, J. Finckler, L. Mill, T. O''Malley

Richies post match report (to come)

We travelled to Payenham oval looking forward to playing in our first u18 grand final for the club, the boys had a great attitude before the game and we started off well going into the quarter time break a few goals up.


Midway through the second quarter we dropped off a little bit allowing the opposition to get a few goals and take the lead going into the main break.


The second half saw a tight contest but things just didn’t go our way , whether it be the bounce of the ball, some baffling decisions against us, some matchups from the coach and some missed opportunities making it disappointing to go down by a few points.


What we need to do now is take the positives out of the season in that we played some very good football which allowed us to make a grand final, we played 43 players during the year and introduced a lot of new players to the club, in which we hope they remain and come out next year to play for a great club whether it be in the As, Bs Cs or 18s for those still eligible.


Many new friendships were made and from this the boys formed a bond which made for a great team and enjoyed their footy which is what it’s all about.


I would like to thank our assistant coach Anthony Booth, team manager Caroline Porter, runnerS Shane Hennig, Mick Porter, Stuart Brown, sponsor / Doctor Lane Hinchcliffe and many other parents who helped out, without the help of all these people and the players the u18s team would not have happened. To the players ,all 43 of you it’s been a privilege to coach and be associated with such a fantastic bunch of young men, I could not have been more prouder of each and every one of you in every aspect and just want to thank you for making it such a great season.


To Simon our A grade coach thanks for being a great supporter of the u18s team all throughout the year and good luck this Saturday.


Now what we all need to do is get out to Henley oval this Saturday and support the As in their prelim final against Henley.


Cheers Richie

Round 8

u/18's lost by 52 points D.Grant best L.Toohey 2 goals

round 15

u/18's: won by 58 points S.McCabe 5 goals, J.Bayliss BOG

Qualifying Final

u/18's  won by 49 points, D. Grant 4 goals, T.Kewell BOG


Ladder position: 2nd 11 wins 3 losses

Best Wins: Brighton & PHOS

Worst Losses:  Edwardstown, Brighton & PHOS

Last weeek: Beat Brighton by 1 point

Interesting:  Brighton were top all year but exited the finals in straight sets.


U/18s Richies Prematch report

This Sunday we play in the u18s Grand Final against SHOCs at Payneham oval, we go into the game with belief , belief in each other and belief in the way we play, the reason we are playing in the GF is because of the effort and hard work the boys have put into each game especially in the previous finals.


This will be the first time PHOSC u18s have played in a GF so everyone should be excited and looking forward to the day, Grand Finals are hard to get in and just as hard to win so let’s take this fantastic opportunity and make it a special day to remember.


Our attitude and preparation pre game is of most importance and we need everyone at the ground by 2pm, just remember boys that we have played 43 players this year and each and every one of you have gotten us to this day, unfortunately we can play only 25 players but everyone is and has been a big part of this team, we need everyone out there to support the team on Sunday.


Boys Grand Finals don’t come along every day so make the most of it and more importantly enjoy it.

Good luck to Simon & the A grade boys

Cheers Richie







Injured: T. Edwards

(All Emergenicies to bring there playing kit)

u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report round 8

Right from the start we could sense the boys where a little flat this week in our game against SHOCS and having no one on the bench made it a bit more difficult. In saying this I thought we were always in the game which was a credit to the boys as we finished the game with 17 fit players.


It was just one of those days where we played some good , moving the ball well and then at times our decision making let us down but the good thing about footy is we will learn from this and move on and look forward to next week’s game.


So far this season it’s been a great effort by all that have pulled the Guernsey on and that’s all we ask for, Well done to Simon and the boys in the A grade for a good win over SHOCS on Saturday.

u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report round 15

We came up against the top side today and could not have asked for a better effort from all the boys, to win by the margin was great but the way in which they did it was excellent, we could tell they were switched on for this game, their warm up and attitude before the game was and is what we want before all games.


Having 5 on the bench was great as it allowed us to rotate players which hasn’t always been the case during the season. Right from the start of the game our ball movement was good and decision making very good whether it be out of defense or into the forward lines and we were very happy in the way the boys delivered the ball to our forwards.


One of the most pleasing things was their aggression at the opposition when they had the ball, when the ball was in dispute and also the protecting of our players when we had possession. It was a well deserved win for the boys and it was pleasing to see them finish the game off the way they did, full of running. Well done boys.


To Simon, Craig and Sam even though the wins weren’t there from what I saw on Saturday there will be a few sides worried about playing PHOS in the last few rounds and finals.


Cheers Richie .

u/18 Ritchies Post Match Report Qualifying Final

We travelled to Sacred Heart’s senior school for our Qualifying final against SHOCs on Sunday. Our mindset and preparation before the game was very good and we knew the boys were switched on for this game.


Our start with the wind wasn’t to bad but at times we allowed the easy ball out the back to their loose players but fortunately our backs under a lot of pressure moved the ball well out of defense and quelled a lot of their forward entries.


Midway through the quarter we started to get on top and got some score board pressure against them. We addressed a few things at quarter time and after that I thought we controlled the game, most impressive was the pressure the boys put onto the opposition, fierce tackling and aggression at the player and ball which made them fumble and make mistakes turning the ball over.  Unfotunatley we lost Brayden Hayes to a head knock who was providing fantastic forward line pressure, all the best Brayden.


It was a great effort by all  especially in only allowing them to kick one goal till midway through the last term where we made a lot of positional changes, the emphasis all year has always been on team football and becoming one when the PHOS Guernsey is pulled on, the boys got the deserved result by their efforts.


We now focus onto next week’s game against Brighton at Brighton as we take it one week at a time, well done boys.


Well done to Simon and the As and unfortunately not the desired result for Craig and the Bs or Sam with the Cs, But as a club we now all focus on this week’s games.


Cheers Richie

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