Finals Time!

the Phantoms have finished the minor round

in 3rd position.


Qualifying Final

Brighton v PHOSC

25th August

venue: Brighton Oval


click here for team

winner to take on SPOCS

loser to take on the winner of the

Broadview v Unley Elimination Final

orry cross.png

Brighton Bombers   2.3-15   4.5-29   8.11-59   9.15-69

PHOS Camden            1.2-8    4.4-28     7.4-46     8.8-56


Goal Kickers: J. Mcpherson 3, S. Harvey 2, D. Boyanton, S. Kennedy, D. Howie, C. McCatty
Best Players: J. Spurling, C. McCatty, J. Carger, J. Plenty, W. Rivers, S. Harvey


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 2, M. Jacquier 2, W. Papatolis, D. Grant, L. Toohey, M. Virgin
Best Players: A. Scholz, M. Virgin, C. Beard, R. Reavley, L. Toohey


Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report


I’ll start by saying that we were beaten by a side who simply played better than us. We had a plan and some components worked and some didn’t and in order to win this week we need to execute the whole plan very well. So credit to Brighton for the way they played but also the way they hosted the final. 


We had many chances to surge forward in the first quarter but we broke the ball at the fifty metre line to often and lost our chance to score more. Second quarter was better but we let them in with a couple that undid a bit of good work. Our third was where we let ourselves down a bit and ultimately cost us the game as our last was solid. 


Goal kickers were spread with Matt Jac and Sam Williams kicking two each. 

I’ll mention Dane Lang for his role on Sam Venning from Brighton. Dane did a great job in nullifying Sam and we wish him all the best  with his broken arm, an unfortunate part of the game. 


Tom Vassallo was very good for a young man with his one on ones superb. 


Our best were Virg in a great game from the mids and forward his tackling was a highlight. Casey Beard followed suit with a great game at half back and Ryan Reavley solid all day. Liam Toohey played with duress and set a great example and proved to himself what he is capable. Our best was Adam Scholz in a terrific game through the mids. 


We will play Broadview at The old “Panther Park” (St Marys Park). Can’t wait for it. 


Thanks Quinny. 

Web Pre match Report

Upcoming Events


  • Orry Cross’ 100th Game (pictured above)

Brighton Goss 

Last time we played Brighton was Round 16 click here

we lost by 22 points

A. Bergsma kicked 4 goals & H. Young best


click here for Round 8 when we played Brighton:  

the match was drawn

L. Jacka kicked 3 goals &  A. Bergsma best

Current Ladder: 

equal 2nd position 12 wins 5 losses 1 draw 57.20%  (PHOSC 12w, 5l,1d 52.04% )

Last 5 games: 

18/08 vs Old Ignatians     18  - 121  W

11/08 Golden Grove     46  - 43  W

04/08 vs PHOS Camden   76  - 98  W

28/07 St Peters OC        88  - 114  L

21/07 vs Salisbury North   0  - 21  W

Fair to say both sides have had pretty even year results wise finishing on exact points and also having a draw in round 8, however Brighton got the points last time we met in Round 16.


Round 16 was a windy old day at their oval, the game could of gone either way however Brighton were more accurate in the last Q kicking 5.1 to our 3.5.


Interesting since Round 16 Brighton only just beat 9th placed Golden Grove by 3 points but smashed 10th placed side Old Iggies last week so there confidence will be pretty high going into this week’s game.


Brighton have done very well to finish 2nd on the ladder in their first year of Div 2 being promoted as Div 3 premiers the year before.

Our boys will be very keen to get a win for our ruckman Orry Cross (pictured above) who plays his 100th game for the Phantoms.


The winner gets to have a crack at undefeated SPOCs the following week for a spot in the Grand Final and automatic placement in Div 1 for 2019.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

click here for full team

With no game last week the lads had a beach session Saturday morning that was well attended as was brekky after. This set us up for a great week on the track and to be there last night and see the attitude and understanding of where we are at was great and encouraging. 


Going out of the side is Harry Young who has gone to live in Florida for six months for a student exchange and had to leave to commence the semester. Harry is one of our best players and just a ripper to know and coach and having the old man around has been great. All the best Harry, we are all proud of you and have a great time. We lose Harmsy and Ben Toohey with minor injuries that we don’t need to risk. Both players in good form and we will have them back next week. 


Coming in is Adam Scholz who returns from OS and has got a weeks training under his belt. Nick Watts returns giving us some much desired leg speed and his attitude since going back to the two’s about a month ago has been first class. Declan Grant comes in and I hope the young man reads this and realises it’s time to turn “talent” into “fact” and we are sure he will. All the best Dekkers. Liam Toohey comes back and will give us some grunt around the packs and is an important player to our plans. 


Special mention about our trip to the Tribunal last week and although we didn’t want to be there the experience itself was great for our club after being well supported by not only the Tribunal but also the reporting Umpire who was great as well as he maintained his thoughts. The highlight was the way in which Matt Jac presented himself and spoke in a respectful and honest way. I sat there thinking when Matt respectfully corrected the Umps evidence “wow, that was first class”. Well done Matt. 


So, here we go against a good side in Brighton who have done a great job in A2 from A3. We on the other hand are a group that have cemented ourselves in A2 over the past three years. I could go on about challenges that arise and we overcome but it’s just footy. This for us is a great opportunity and the 22 out there tomorrow will play to achieve. 


Congratulations to Orry Cross on 100 games and a mention for Lace as well who has been there for pretty much all of them. A great couple for our club to have and Ors is a great footballer, more than well respected and ripping bloke to go with it. All the best Ors. 


See you Satdy, Quinny. 

Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report

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