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Brighton Bombers   1.5-11   4.6-30   10.13-73   14.17-101

PHOS Camden           3.4-22   3.4-22   3.6-24          6.6-42


Goal Kickers: B. Trembath 3, J. Boyle 2, D. Howie 2, D. Boyanton 2, J. Mcpherson 2, J. Evans, J. Carger, S. Nerlich
Best Players: B. Williams, S. Kennedy, S. Harvey, J. Boyle, S. Nerlich, J. Spurling


Goal Kickers: H. Cumming 2, S. Williams , L. Jacka, S. Webster, A. Scholz
Best Players: B. Toohey, S. Williams , H. Cumming, A. Scholz, M. Virgin

Quinny' s Postmatch report

Saturday unfortunately we weren’t able to maintain our early standards and ultimately were over run by Brighton in the third term to lose our chance at a GF. We started really well which complimented our preparation which i can not fault from the guys. In to the second quarter and although we put the ball in to our forward line our efforts to hold the ball in to get more scoring chances was not strong enough and Brighton to their credit were able to chip away and go in at half time with a small but important lead. 


The third quarter was a disappointment for us, we simply got out played and out coached. Although we stand by our plan to beat Brighton we needed to action it. We didn’t. The last quarter, well it was always going to be a big ask to correct the third. 


Congratulations to Brighton, a strong club well set up for A1 football. On and off the field. 


I would like to thank Bart and Steve Ramsey for your loyal help and support of the playing group and coaches. Your ability to do the job you do without a desire to step in to the light is what football clubs are built on. The Coaches in Granty and Mick early this year and then Tim well done guys it was great to work with you and my assistant John Buss well its a pleasure and I certainly admire your support and see your commitment to the group. Our runner Tus, it was great working with you and I know you see things clearer from the inside out. Thanks for your strong support. Our training staff of Ray and Steve and our water people Nick and Chels, thanks guys you look after the players so well. Greg Buss, well you are a bloody legend in my book. 


So we had a good year as a group, we know whole heartedly we let ourselves down Satdy and we let you our good club people down but please allow some time to reflect on some contributing factors. 


I’ll finish up with a thank you to Leon Braley who played a major part in our recruiting or better said, getting players back to our club as opposed to recruits. To Pete Arbery, you are what footy clubs are about. All effort for no limelight. An old Footballer who gives and looks for nothing but seeing young men thrive on and off field. 


So yeah I will have forgotten people and I apologise. We asked the players to look hard at what they can do better in the future and maybe thats something everyone can do. I know as a Coach I will, we do all the time. 


I’ll leave it at that but thank the club for the opportunity to coach and be involved with this group. Thankyou. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Web Pre match Report

Upcoming Events


TO BE HELDNino’s place

5a Lawson Ave

Morphettville 5047

1 to 5 pm

Byo drinks  and share plate.


  • Dane Laing’s 50th game (pictured above)


Brightons Last 5 games


01/09 St Peters OC       45 - 102  L

25/08 vs PHOS Camden   56 - 69  W

18/08 v sOld Ignatians     18 - 121  W

11/08 Golden Grove     46 - 43  W

04/08 vs PHOS Camden   76 - 98  W


PHOSC last 5 games

01/09 vs Broadview                 76 - 45  W

25/08 Brighton Bombers   69 - 56  L

18/08 vs Salisbury North        21 - 0  W

11/08 Gaza                           50 - 60  W

04/08 Brighton Bombers   98 - 76  L

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

click here for full team

Well the big news around our footy club is the arrival of Elias Charlie Bergsma, 7 pounds and fighting fit. Born yesterday. Congratulations to Mum and Dad and a fair recruit in the future. 


Oh and tomorrow we play a good Brighton side at Brighton in a Preliminary Final to decide who takes on St Peters in the GF. I have not doubt Brighton want it but I absolutely know that our lads want it. The hunger and the want definitely stood out as when your the coach you get the best view when 24 or so blokes are intently looking at you. 


In advance I’ll thank those that come down for the game and support the players, the reverse is they will own up tomorrow and give you something to watch. 


On to the team and it’s one change being Orry Cross unavailable due to a wedding. Orsa told me this in November last year saying quite regretfully “if we make the prelim I’ll be in at a wedding in Qld”. Me be like “yeah mate a Prelim hahahahaha, lets work on not getting relegated”. NEK MINNUT! We wish Orsa and Lace a god trip away and coming in  to cover is Sam Webster. A great opportunity for Sam was earnt and presents. 

Well done to Dane Laing on 50 games at our club. Dane has been a great addition to our side this year. Mid season we added Dane and Kouta as string leaders in to the group and although we lost Kout with an i jury Dane is flying the flag for the pair of them. All the best Daneo


We are looking forward to tomorrow, we want a crack at St Peters next week so we need to beat Brighton for the first time this year! 


Ta, Quinny. 


Previous games against Brighton

2018 Qualify Final

Brighton Bombers   2.3-15   4.5-29   8.11-59   9.15-69

PHOS Camden            1.2-8    4.4-28     7.4-46     8.8-56


Goal Kickers:  J. Mcpherson 3, S. Harvey 2, D. Boyanton, S. Kennedy, D. Howie, C. McCatty
Best Players: J. Spurling, C. McCatty, J. Carger, J. Plenty, W. Rivers, S. Harvey


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 2, M. Jacquier 2, W. Papatolis, D. Grant, L. Toohey, M. Virgin
Best Players: A. Scholz, M. Virgin, C. Beard, R. Reavley, L. Toohey


Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report


I’ll start by saying that we were beaten by a side who simply played better than us. We had a plan and some components worked and some didn’t and in order to win this week we need to execute the whole plan very well. So credit to Brighton for the way they played but also the way they hosted the final. 


We had many chances to surge forward in the first quarter but we broke the ball at the fifty metre line to often and lost our chance to score more. Second quarter was better but we let them in with a couple that undid a bit of good work. Our third was where we let ourselves down a bit and ultimately cost us the game as our last was solid. 


Goal kickers were spread with Matt Jac and Sam Williams kicking two each. 

I’ll mention Dane Lang for his role on Sam Venning from Brighton. Dane did a great job in nullifying Sam and we wish him all the best  with his broken arm, an unfortunate part of the game. 


Tom Vassallo was very good for a young man with his one on ones superb. 


Our best were Virg in a great game from the mids and forward his tackling was a highlight. Casey Beard followed suit with a great game at half back and Ryan Reavley solid all day. Liam Toohey played with duress and set a great example and proved to himself what he is capable. Our best was Adam Scholz in a terrific game through the mids. 


We will play Broadview at The old “Panther Park” (St Marys Park). Can’t wait for it. 


Thanks Quinny. 

Round 16

Brighton Bombers   2.1-13   7.4-46   10.7-67   15.8-98

PHOS Camden (As)  2.6-18   5.7-37   7.11-53   10.16-76


Goal Kickers: J. Mcpherson 3, S. Venning 2, J. Boyle 2, D. Lang 2, B. Tate, J. Evans, J. Chalmers, J. Carger, R. Kernick, J. Spurling
Best Players: D. Lang, J. Mcpherson, J. Boyle, W. Rivers, B. Williams, J. Carger


Goal Kickers: A. Bergsma 4, H. Young 3, C. Harms, T. Finn, W. Papatolis
Best Players: H. Young, A. Bergsma, O. Cross, M. Virgin, J. Bayliss


Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report


Saturday, although not happy with the result and I feel we were good enough yo play better I was also pleased with some of our footy. Brighton played well and executed their short game in to the wind better than us and kicked some important goals at times that stumped our momentum. 


Missing goals early proved to be costly but our lads are aware of the importance of getting things right. Awareness is one thing, finding the ability to get better quick is the next. That’s not asking the impossible at all. 


Goal kickers were Bergs with 4 and Youngy with 3. These two were also our best two players on the ground. End of story. No disrespect to our players or other goal kickers. 


So we now we sharpen up for a big game against Gaza knowing that the week after is a win V Salisbury North. Then its finals. 


So I suppose what I’m saying is! If you want to be in that side come first week of finals then train and play accordingly and whilst you are doing it, don’t kid yourself and more importantly, your team mates! This is just far too important. 


Ta, can’t wait for Satdy. Quinny.

Round 8

PHOS Camden  (A)    0.1-1     0.7-7    4.9-33    6.14-50

Brighton Bombers  2.2-14   2.3-15   6.6-42    7.8-50


Goal Kickers: L. Jacka 3, A. Bergsma, M. Virgin, J. Bayliss
Best Players: A. Bergsma, M. Jacquier, M. Virgin, O. Cross, J. Bayliss


Goal Kickers: S. Harvey 2, D. Howie 2, J. Mcpherson 2, J. Carger
Best Players: B. Trembath, W. Rivers, B. Brookman, E. Drew, J. Chalmers, B. Tate

Quinnys A grade Postmatch report


I think on Saturday getting a draw was perhaps a good result when up

Until half time we were goalless which is very unlike us. In saying that I believe there was definite room for some better footy to have been produced by us during the game. Brighton may say the same. 


What I love about this group is their level heads and the want you can see in them to get better. Their is an amount of grit in the team that is getting stronger each week. 


So yeah we would’ve loved to win the game but We didn’t but we didn’t throw the towel either and concede it wasn’t our day. To then sit down and talk and get things out of us to strengthen us was a real highlight. 


Liam Jacka kicked 3 in a good game and his solid form continues. Aaron Bergsma and Matt Jac were really good all day with both players doing important things to lift us. Our backline was solid all day as a unit and Michael Virgin’s form continues. Orrs was good in the ruck and Wil Pap was busy all day. 


Well done to Granty and the lads in the B’s a really good win and you have stamped yourself as a strong team. Personally I am loving what Seb Brini is bringing on to the field with his strength and hardness at the footy. Good work lads. 


We now lose Mick in the C’s and welcome in Hammo so with a bit more consistency with our C’s we will get a win soon as the signs are there. 


Really looking forward to this week on the track then Gaza Saturday. 


Ta Quinny. 


Quinnys A grade Prematch report

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Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report


Preliminary Final

Brighton v PHOSC

8th September

venue: Brighton Oval


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winner to take on SPOCS

in the Grand FInal

& direct entry into Division 1 in 2019

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