Round 1

(Past Players Day)


7th April

C Grade: 10:15am

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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Special thanks to 

Sammys on the Marina


Who are providing $50 vouchers to the best player every week of the 2018 season


Restaurant 1-12
Holdfast Promenade
Glenelg, South Australia 5045

Phone:      08 8376 8211

next week

Saturday 14 April 2018

Round 2 PHOSC v Old Iggies at Camden Oval


followed by Race Night at the club

$20 Entry - inclusive of 2 drinks redeemable at the bar


Tickets available at:

PHOS Camden  (As)   4.2-26    6.6-42    12.10-82   17.12-114

Sacred Heart OC         1.1-7      4.4-28      5.5-35       6.7-43


Goal Kickers: H. Cumming 5, S. Williams 4, A. Bergsma 3, L. Toohey 2, R. Reavley, W. Papatolis, M. Jacquier
Best Players: A. Bergsma, B. Toohey, J. Bayliss, H. Cumming, H. Young


Goal Kickers: L. Button 2, P. Spurling 2, T. Howard, P. Neal-Bullen
Best Players: A. Vizzari, S. Keen, P. Spurling, N. Brooks, D. Noll


Quinnys A grade post match report

Well Saturday was a very good win against a good side and as Round 1 does there are some times surprising results as there were in A2. Although I probably didn't expect a 10 goal win I was confident that the boys would go well. 


They played great footy with a team first focus that enabled us after half time to kick away from SHOCS. The boys can be very proud of the fitness levels they have achieved over the pre season. 


It’s very hard to pick out best players and all as we were very impressed with all the lads. Ben Toohey played very well in the ruck which was a great step forward for Ben. Our whole backline were again terrific not only shutting down but the run and rebound was spot on. Harry Young was good on his back flank keeping Tristan Carcuro quiet and Jarrad Braley shut down Lauchy Button, two of SHOCS dangerous forwards. Aaron Bergsma was great through the mids with Lauchie Barreau and both racked up plenty of good possessions. Bergs kicking 3. Harry Cumming and Sam Williams very good up forward and their gut running and clever footy provided 9 goals. Harry Cummings chase and tackle the highlight of the day for mine. Josh Bayliss was super through the mids. 


So yeah a good win first up and we have some things to tighten and round out but there is plenty we did and are doing right. Bad luck to Granty and the two’s and we will bounce back this week and congrats to Mick Summers and the C’s getting a good win against quality. 


Got down and saw a fine display by Toosa and Tus’s under 18’s Sunday. Gutsy win against Brighton. 


Copped a couple of injuries over the weekend with Rama and Cain Reynolds. Ram will be back soon and as for Cain, his shoulder was dislocated and he put up with it for approximately two hours out of it’s socket. The lad never whinged once. Tough kid. Has been going really well so now we got to get that one right. 


Thanks to all our Past Players for getting along and our Over 35’s. 


Thanks Quinny. 


PHOS Camden (Bs)   1.1-7        2.1-13        3.2-20          5.4-34

Sacred Heart OC      6.3-39    13.6-84    19.10-124   28.10-178


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou 3, S. Brown, T. Clarke
Best Players: J. Manley, D. Laing, N. Iordanou, J. Koutsikas, S. Brini


Goal Kickers: J. Turton 5, Z. Delmenico 4, L. Potts 4, N. Davies 3, L. Mill 3, F. Taylor 2, L. Paparella 2, S. Connelly , S. Whelan, T. Kelly, J. Finckler, B. Noble
Best Players: B. Noble, F. Taylor, L. Potts, Z. Delmenico, N. Davies

Grantys B grade Post match Report


Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan on Saturday as we came up against a very young, fast and fit Sacred Heart Unit.

With a few new faces in the team and a club game plan that is evolving down through the B’s and C’s, things will improve as players take what we do at training into the game on Saturdays. After losing a couple of key players in Grant and Reynolds early it put our rotations under pressure and the midfield had to run out the game with minimal breaks.


Without a dedicated Ruckman I thought that McGuiness, Unger and Brini tried hard against a much taller opposition.

In the middle Laine, McGill and Manley got their hands on the ball but under extreme pressure form the sacred heart midfield.

Our best forward was Eo kicking 3 and young Soli Brown pick up some good possessions late in the game. Kouta, Webster, Brini and Conley all contributed in the backline.


With the first game out of the way the boys will hit the training track hard this week and look at redeeming themselves against Old Ignatians


Well done to the A’s C’s and Under 18’s


PHOS Camden (Cs)  2.5-17   6.5-41   8.7-55   11.9-75

Sacred Heart OC      3.3-21   7.6-48   7.7-49    8.7-55


Goal Kickers: S. McCabe 3, M. Ramsey 2, D. Krieg, J. Biagi, R. Post, H. Sharp, M. Blight, B. Eddy
Best Players: B. Eddy, H. Flentje, H. Sharp, R. Post, M. Ramsey


Goal Kickers: M. Johnston 5, J. Chapman, D. Tymmons, L. Kelly
Best Players: W. Hayes, W. Craig, M. Johnston, L. Kelly, H. McKay


Michael's C grade Post Match report

Well we welcome another footy season the weather was more like beach weather than footy weather very hot day with the players very keen to start the new season of well.

1st quarter was very hard contested football player's needed to find their feet being a new season and also getting to know some new players to the team.

2nd quarter was a more like the footy we have practice over the pre season, our ball movement was a lot better and we started at the scoreboard.

3rd and 4th quarter was the football PHOS is looking to play this season with great team movement great defence from our back 6 the boys kept Sacred Heart 1 goal 1 behind after half-time.

It was a great start to the season with some experience players and new players at the club really coming together for the first win of the season, solid team effort by all 23 players.

Goal Kicker: S. McCabe 3, M. Ramsey 2, D. Krieg, J. Biagi, R. Post, H. Sharp, M. Blight, B. Eddy

Best Players:B. Eddy, H. Flentje, H. Sharp, R. Post, M. Ramsey

PHOS Camden  (u18)        10.11-71

Brighton Bombers              8.12-60


Goal Kickers: T. Kewell 3, S. Randhawa 2, J. Crouch 2, J. Smith, A. Stidiford, J. Agars
Best Players: A. Stidiford, J. Agars, J. Crouch, T. Kewell, J. Smith



Goal Kickers: B. McRAE 2, H. Wingard, A. Poetsch, D. Ladner, A. Beaumont, J. Scarce, J. Kennedy
Best Players: H. Wingard, G. Martin, A. Beaumont, M. Phillips, K. Scharkie


Web Pre match Report


The boys have trained hard over summer and are looking very fit & ready for our 1st game against arch rival SHOCs.


Congrats to Ben & Liam Toohey playing there 1st A grade game together. Parents Gerard & Sharon will be very proud. The Papa brothers Henry & Will will also be reunited in tomorrows game Henry back on loan from Glenelg & Will back from a year off.

Capt Shaz

Congrats to Jake Scherenberg on being announced 2018 A grade club captain, Jake missed most of last year with a knee injury lets hope he has more luck in 2018.


Congrats to Hamish Flentje on reaching 50 senior games.

New Players (19 in total)

Please welcome: 

Cory McDonald & Lachy Barreau on playing there 1st A grade games for the club. 


Cain Reynolds, Jordan Manley, Daniel Conley, Seb Brini, Soli Brown, Thomas Vassallo & Troy Gray playing in the Bs &

Ben Teakle, Daniel Ward, Jaiden Agars, Jay O'Brien, Jimmy Crouch, Lachlan McCabe, Nick Kulakoff, Riley Post, Sam McCabe & William Sharp playing in the Cs.

Past Players Day

The Camden Oval redevelopment will commence in May with the possibility of only 3 home games at Camden Oval this year. We thought it fitting to have past players day early in the season.


2018 also marks the 10 year Premiership Reunion for the 2008 Div2 Reserves Premiership team to celebrate. 

There will be a drinks special / package available on the day which will include drink specials, Footy Food (BBQ Sausages, Pies, Sausage Rolls etc), Social Membership at the footy club and a limited 1 time only “collectors” stubbie holder. Art work below.

SHOCs (Sacred Heart Old Collegions)

SHOCS & PHOSC have a huge rivalry, with both only a few suburbs apart it’s a local derby and fair to say we are not huge fans of each other. Last year in the seniors PHOS had the better year finishing 3rd compared to SHOCS 5th and a 26 point win to us in the Semi Final. However SHOCs defeated last years PHOS u/18s in controversy by 2 points.  Many of  last years u18s are playing tomorrow and will be keen to get the win.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

Tomorrow kicks off season 2018 hosting SHOC’s at home in what should be a good game. A really healthy rivalry has developed between the two clubs and we look forward to it. Pre season has been long but enjoyable and to watch our players mature and develop their leadership and teaching skills a major highlight.  To embrace this shift we have extended our Leadership group.


Our Senior Leadership Group is:


Captain - Jake Scharenberg 

Senior Vice Captains  - Jarrad Braley/Nick


Vice Captains - Ryan Reavley/Sam Williams/Harry Cumming


We welcome in new players to our club in Lauchie Burreau and Corey McDonald both talented mid field types who have already impressed the group. We welcome back Matty Jacquier, Wil Pap and Adam Scholz.


Harmsy, Boof, Tom Finn and Tom Clarke all are back in the group after severe and long term injuries which reflects greatly on them as footballers and the boys as they want to be a part of it. 


Selection was very tough with a few very close to selection but that’s footy and I’m sure they will get their chance based on their efforts. 


All the best to Darren Grant with his B grade and Mick Summers with C’s on Saturday and of course Toosa with the U/18’s on Sunday. 


This group and the people around our club are a pleasure to be around and we will play our footy accordingly to say thanks to the Barts, Brales, Steve Rama’s, Greg Buss’s and of course Pete Arbery to show them how much we see what they do. 


Thanks to all our sponsors for 2018 and special mention to Beavis Plumbing for being our pre season singlet sponsor for 2018. Thanks Jamie. 


See you Saturday. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

Looking forward to tomorrow clash with Scared Heart at home in what should be a very completive game.

Congratulations to the following players who will lead to B grade for 2018 (if not selected in the A,s)


Captain Dane Laing with Vice Captains Jonathon (Kouta) Koutsikas and Anthon Flett


A big welcome to our new players for the season Soli Brown (U18), Tom Vassallo (South East), Dan Conley (retirement), Seb Brini (overseas), Troy Gray and Jordan Manley (country). Great to see Tom Clarke back after nearly two years with a Hamstring that any normal player would of retired from and looking forward to having in the side this week.


Selection was very tough and there were a few unlucky players not to get a game in the B’s this week, with that said it will put pressure on the players selected to preform which is a very healthy place to be in any football club.


Good luck to Simon with the A grade and Michael with the C grade for his first game coaching at the club and Toosa with the U18’s on Sunday


Get on down the club this week and  help the boys get over the line


Fire up Phantoms



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