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Round 10

(Cocktail Party Night)



16th June

venue: Sacred Heart Middle School 

C Grade: 10:15am

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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u/18s v Brighton @ Brighton Oval Sunday

Sacred Heart OC      5.4-34   7.5-47   9.8-62   9.10-64

PHOS Camden (As)   0.1-1    1.3-9     3.3-21   4.8-32


Goal Kickers: T. Carcuro 2, J. Turton 2, N. Forster, C. Vince, B. Moroney, J. Sires, H. Kitschke
Best Players: B. Moroney, J. Sires, N. Forster, R. Clarke, M. Parr


Goal Kickers: S. Williams , L. Jacka, L. Toohey, W. Papatolis
Best Players: O. Cross, J. Braley, B. Eddy, A. Scholz, L. Toohey


Quinnys A grade Postmatch report


Apologies for quick report, very busy at work. 


Saturday we got off to a poor start and this ultimately cost us. Reasons for that were SHOC were really good and played the right amount of intensity and we simply didn’t. 


After half time and some excellent words from Virg and a re structure to what was required we played a much better second half. So we do take some positives out of the game and we will definitely learn from what we can do better. 


Best players were, Orrs playing well in the ruck despite some quite fascinating rucking decisions from the umps. Boof Braley played a great game down back and Harmsy did a solid job on a good player with Brent Eddy tough all day. Liam Toohey played well and Dane Laing is worthy of a mention with Virg battling hard all day. I was also pleased with the way in which our key forwards battled being Harry and Sam


Big week on the track and as is the case its how we respond that is really important. Couple of good players return and some continued good form in the twos so things are healthy. 


Ta, Quinny

Sacred Heart OC    12.6-78

PHOS Camden (Bs) 5.5-35


Goal Kickers: N. Davies 3, H. Spurling 2, S. Whelan 2, C. Vinall 2, M. Taht, L. Paparella, A. Kiddy
Best Players: L. Mill, J. Threadgold, F. Taylor, C. Vinall, N. Davies


Goal Kickers: M. Yeatman 3, J. Koutsikas, S. Brown
Best Players: T. Ward, J. Koutsikas, C. Beard, B. Teakle, M. Yeatman


Grantys B grade Postmatch report


In a cold, wet and windy day at Sacred Heart middle school the B’s were always going to find it tough against 2nd placed SHOC.

SHOC got off to a good start kicking 5 unanswered goals in the first quarter with a strong southerly breeze and PHOS butchered  opportunities in the second quarter with basic skill errors in front of goal and around the ground.

The second half saw a different Phantoms side on the ground and matched SHOC in every way which means we have to switch on for the whole game and we are good enough to take out the top sides.

Another good performance from Mark Yeatman booting three goals up forward, with Kouta and Wardy getting plenty of touches around the ground.

Teaks and Beardy were solid all day in the backline with their opponents hardly getting a touch. The second half was very pleasing and we can take a lot of confidence going into next week’s game against St Iggies



Sacred Heart OC       6.13-49

PHOS Camden (Cs)     5.3-33


Goal Kickers: C. Myles 2, B. Coles, J. Chapman, W. Craig, P. Cusenza
Best Players: B. Sadedin, M. Kocman, P. Cusenza, J. Cummins, H. Wooldridge


Goal Kickers: Cam Bahnisch 1, Royce Goodwin 1,Eo 1, Riley Post 1, Will Sharp 1

Best Players: Cadzo, Cam Bahnisch, Cheungy

Hammo C grade Postmatch report


After winning the toss, the first quarter started out positively kicking 2 goals 2 to 3 points. The boys all putting in a good effort with great efficiency to goal and the back line holding up well.


The second quarter was less positive, SHOC kicking 3 goals 2 whilst we were not to score.

Half time the expected downpour came upon us but by the end of the break the sun began to shine.


The third quarter is where the battle was fought, fatigue clearly setting in having only 1 man on the bench which made it hard for rotation.  PHOS kicking 1 goal 1 with the breeze but SHOC getting the better of us kicking 2 goals 4.


The final quarter started with a bang with a goal in the first 5 minutes  PHOS outscoring SHOC by 2 goals to 1 goal 4. Unfortunately this wasn't enough and SHOC walked away with the win with final score SHOC 6 13 to PHOS 5 3.


Although it's disappointing to lose, it was a great overall effort from all involved with a special mention to Cadzo who played well on the centre half back rebounding well for the whole game. Another great effort by young Cam Bahnisch with his first game back after injury and to Cheungy for punching above his weight all day with his tackling, aggression and hard ball gets. Just fantastic to see.


I know its bloody cold but lets all try and get out to training on Tuesday and Thursday.



Web Pre match Report



Adam Scholz’s 100th game this weekend

upcoming Nicholas Iordanou’s currently on 148

Upcoming Events

SHOC Goss 

Last time we played SHOC:  was round 1 and we won by 71 points H.Cummings kicked 5 goals & A.Bergsma was BOG.

Ladder: Currently 7th on ladder with 3 wins (G-Gove, Gaz, & Iggies) 6 losses


Last 5 games: last game loss to undefeated SPOC by only 18 points, further 2 losses to S-Nth 4 points & Unley 15 points. A good win against Iggies & flogged against Broadies.

2018 as mentioned above SHOCs have been very close to a win especially against SPOCS, always a good local derby rivalry against SHOCs, they get a good crowd to there games being an old scholars team. Phantoms will need to show up on & off the field.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report


Great to have a week off but better to be able to head to SHOC Middle School this week for our game with SHOC. No doubt a strong contest will ensue. 


I am unable to finalise our side as yet but can say Dane Laing comes in for his first A grade game of the year. Dane has earnt his chance with great consistency and outstanding leadership and example in the two’s, all the best. 


It is Adam Scholz’s 100th game and great work by Scholzy who’s footy has taken a step forward since returning to PHOS with his mates. All the best. 


All the best to Granty and the the two’s and Hammo and the thirds. 3 wins would be terrific. 


Also to Toosa and Tus Sunday in the U/18’s. Get a side together lads and support your coaches and staff who support you. 


Ta Quinny. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

We go into the game against SHOC on Saturday at Sacred Heart Middle School with a much stronger team than last time and three wins in a row under our belt..

Although we are the underdogs, Sacred Heart will underestimate how much we have improved after our first encounter and if we put 4 quarters together it should be a very close game.

All we need to do is play as we trained last night and we will take the chocolates.

We welcome back this week after a game in the C’s McGuinness, Resnais and Conley who are fired up and ready to go while Eo was unlucky this week and will have a run in the C,s and I’m sure will work hard on getting back soon.

Well done Dane on you’re A grade selection and I know over the coming weeks we will have more players pushing selection.

Good luck to Quinny A’s, Hammo C’s and Toosa and Tus’s U18’s


Hammo C grade Prematch report

It's good to be back after a week off and even better we now have a full squad playing. We are in for a wild and woolly day I'm looking forward to the game and if the boys play like they did in the first half of the game against GAZA then I have great faith that PHOS will once again come out on top as they did in round 1.


Would be great to see as many PHOS supporters cheering on the boys for a win.



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