Round 12

Unley v PHOSC

30th June

venue: Kingswood Oval

C Grade: 10:15am

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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u18s v Goodwood @ Thebarton Oval Sunday

Unley Mercedes Jets   1.2-8     3.6-24    4.11-35   5.12-42

PHOS Camden  (As)             3.1-19   4.2-26    4.3-27     8.5-53


Goal Kickers: L. Heaslip 4, D. Duval
Best Players: O. Munn, D. Caire, L. Heaslip, N. Chettle, D. Duval


Goal Kickers: H. Cumming 2, S. Williams , W. Papatolis, M. Virgin, J. Koutsikas, H. Young, M. Jacquier
Best Players: L. Toohey, L. Jacka, O. Cross, J. Braley, B. Eddy


Quinnys A grade Postmatch report

Saturday was a good win in the context of our season by firstly beating a form side in Unley which slows their progress and also elevates our standing as well as compounding this groups respect for each other. Super proud of them as the game could’ve slipped away but we hung in. The lads have showed a great ability to “learn as we go” this year which I can use a great example as we preach hard about staying in the fight and if it is not a great day for you individually you can have a great moment if you stay in it. Sam Williams had an okay day but where previously he might’ve been down on him self he stayed in and laid a great tackle with Scholzy that summed up the lads attitude. 


Fair to say our first and last quarters really good and second and third not so good. 


Contributors everywhere with Tommy Vassallo and Kouta great playing their second A grade game this year. Our best was Liam Toohey who’s last quarter was something to see along with Boofa, Brent Eddy and the whole backline as solid as ever. Orrs gave us first use and Harry Cumming really good finishing with two. Liam Jacka had a good game and Matty Jac good at both ends. 


Special mention to Wil Pap on a top 100th. 


Badluck to Granty and his two’s and Hammo and the thirds. We take a lot of good from both games and Toosa and the U/18’s gutsed out a game under manned on Sunday. 


A week off now then we set for ST Peters. 


Ta Quinny. 

Unley Mercedes Jets   1.2-8     5.6-36   6.12-48   8.15-63

PHOS Camden  (Bs)            3.0-18   5.0-30   8.0-48     9.1-55


Goal Kickers: W. Merrigan 2, A. Salt 2, M. Guerin, T. Cvetko, J. Einarson, A. Senior
Best Players: J. Einarson, H. Merrigan, W. Merrigan, F. Alaeddin, S. Cavanagh


Goal Kickers: J. Loades 3, J. Whitford 2, T. Ward, N. Iordanou, S. Brown, D. Grant
Best Players: J. Manley, D. Grant, J. Loades, T. Ward, S. Webster


Grantys B grade Postmatch report

For the first time this year the B’s got off to great start against the second placed Unley and there was only a couple of goals between the teams for the whole match.


The backline stood up again lead by Cadz, Webby and McCabe  putting pressure on the forwards to force a lot of rushed behinds.


The midfield were a lot more competitive and manned up a lot better to stop their opponents getting free which is an area we need to improve with Declan, Manley Unger and Gray all doing a great job.


Good to see Loadsy back up with another of 3 goals and Wardy continuing his good form on the wing. Young Jackson Chalmers came up from the under 18’s and fitted in nicely and look forward to a few more young players getting there chance in the coming weeks.

It was a great team effort and as a coach was very happy with the commitment the team brought to the game on Saturday and everyone contributed ate some stage during the game.


Well done to Quinny and the A,s and bad luck to Hammo C’s and Tooza U18’s

Enjoy your week off and lets have a real red hot crack at St Peters in a fortnight


Unley Mercedes Jets   4.2-26    8.4-52    9.6-60   14.11-95

PHOS Camden  (Cs)      2.1-13   2.1-13    5.2-32    6.3-39


Goal Kickers: K. Stewart 5, N. Pietraroia 4, L. Einarson 2, L. Smith, T. Hall, A. Clothier
Best Players: A. Penfold, T. Cronin, R. Miller, A. Clothier, H. Kitt


Goal Kickers: S. Meyers 2, H. Fisher, A. Biagi, H. Sharp, M. Polkinghorne
Best Players: S. Meyers, J. Patterson, M. Blyth, M. Reid, R. Taylor

Another great day for footy no wind and plenty of sunshine.

First quarter we started off really well having kick the first goal of the game. Ending up with 2 goals for the quarter and Unley kicking 5 for the quarter. 2nd quarter not so good for us with Unley kicking 4 goals and us kicking 0. At half time I ask boys to keep their heads up don't let the score board worry them and  asked them if they could kick at least 2 more goals . The 3rd quarter we out-scored Unley 3 goals to 1 which was very pleasing for the boys.. 4th quarter not so good for us with Unley kicking 5 goals to our 1 goals.

All in all very happy with the boys efforts they never drop their heads keep trying and keep improving with every outing. Very proud, next week we have a week off , So see you in a couple of weeks


Well done to Quinny and his boys great win

Bad luck to Granty and his boys

PHOS Camden (u18s)     8.3-51

Goodwood Saints         11.12-78


Goal Kickers: C. Patterson 2, S. Morelli 2, J. Crouch, L. Conlon, B. Schumann, W. Price
Best Players: W. Price, J. Porter, C. Patterson, M. Porter, D. Strickland

Toosa u18s Post Match Report



Web Pre match Report



Will Papatolis 100th Game this week

Upcoming Events

Unley Goss 

Last time we played The Jets:  was round 3 we won by 37 points

Sam Williams kicked 5goals &  Josh Bayless was BOG

Ladder: Currently 5th on ladder with 6 wins (?) 5 losses


Last 5 games: losses by 25 points against udefeated top side SPOC, then 4 wins against S-Nth, Broadview, Iggies & SHOC

2018 Unley sitting in 5th spot have beaten all sides below them, but been beaten by all side above. Kingswood oval runs East - West with a down hill slope to the west. They know there oval well and have a very good record against away sides. Kicking west in the last quareter normally against the wind and into the sun is always a challange.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

Up to Kingswood Oval to play Unley Tomorrow in again what is a huge game for both teams. We are working hard to improve our game and work out what will make us better in the second half of the year and Unley no doubt the same. Unley’s last 6-7 weeks have been really strong. We need to snuff that out. 


We lose Bergs for a couple but coming in is Ben Toohey who’s performance in the two’s was really good last week. 


All the best to Granty and his Two’s and Hammo and his Thirds. Three wins on Saturday would be great with Toosa and Tuss getting a fourth Sunday with the U/18’s. 

Congratulations to Wil Papatolis on his 100th game. Wil is playing as good a footy as ever at PHOS. Hopefully another 100 games in him. Well done Wil. 


Just wanted to wish Jake Scharenberg a speedy recovery with his knee reconstruction. We miss him this year but his input and support has been unmeasurable. 


Big game, come along. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

Tomorrow we take on Unley Mercedes jets in a must win game for the B’s

We know if we can put four quarters together we are in with a chance so the boys need to be switched on from the first bounce.

We lose Toohey to the A’s, Resnais (Injured), H Finn, Lyon and McDonald (unavailable) and regain Whitford, Unger and Brown from a week off with injury and exams and into the squad comes Charmers from the U18’s, Eo and H Sharp from the C’s with the side being finalised Saturday morning

Good luck to the other grades and let’s hope we have a successful weekend of football

Hammo C grade Prematch report

Tomorrow we head down to  Kingswood Oval to play everyone’s favourite team Unley.At 10.15am

Who are sitting 2nd on the ladder, so we are in for another hard game .I’m sure the boys are ready willing and able to push Unley for the entire game.

We have just about a full squad to pick from this week which is a nice change, there are some players I haven’t met yet so. Every week there is new challenge

Learning players name where they play their best.

All the best to the players who have been selected to play Bs from the Cs last week well done

Good luck to Quinn and As And Granty and the Bs

And if Michael Summers is around tomorrow come into the changeroom before and after game the would love to see you



Special thanks to 

Sammys on the Marina


Who are providing $50 vouchers to the best player every week of the 2018 season


Restaurant 1-12
Holdfast Promenade
Glenelg, South Australia 5045

Phone:      08 8376 8211

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