Round 13


14th July

venue: Caterer Oval

C Grade: lost by 39 points

S. Meyers, J. Ridgway, C. Brini 1 goal each

 D. Georgeson best

B grade: lost by 21 points

N. Iordanou 2 goals & T. Unger best

A grade: lost by 56 points

L. Jacka 2 goals & O. Cross best

u18s: lost by 1 point

C. Ding 2 goals & L. Taylor best

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Sad day for the Phantoms

On behalf of the PHOS Camden community we would like to pass on our deepest sympathies to the Bonnici family. Our thoughts are with you on the passing of Peter. 

Peter was one of our most loyal supporters, generous sponsor and was very proud of his son Dean playing for the senior A grade team.

He will be sadly missed by all of his friends at the Phantoms Football Club.

Rest in peace Peter.

St Peters OC             13.16-94

PHOS Camden (As)      5.8-38


Goal Kickers: J. McLeay 2, S. Valkonen 2, T. Matsouliadis 2, J. Mcleay 2, B. Mcgill 2, H. Trenorden, H. Allan, J. Hargreaves
Best Players: T. Kelly, N. Mcgill, H. Allan, E. Colley, S. Roberts


Goal Kickers: L. Jacka 2, S. Williams , H. Cumming, L. Toohey
Best Players: O. Cross, M. Virgin, M. Jacquier, D. Laing, J. Braley


St Peters OC              9.9-63

PHOS Camden (Bs)  6.6-42


Goal Kickers: H. Edwards 3, P. Matsouliadis 2, M. Mittiga, C. Wiggins, W. Cameron, N. Hunter
Best Players: W. Cameron, N. Hunter, H. Edwards, D. Sawers, E. Millen


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou 2, T. Ward, D. Grant, J. Whitford, T. Irvine
Best Players: T. Unger, S. McGill, D. Grant, S. Webster, J. Cadzow

St Peters OC              9.13-67

PHOS Camden (Cs)  3.10-28


Goal Kickers: N. Bailey 4, O. Rogers 3, F. Cameron, A. Le Plastrier
Best Players: E. Trenorden, F. Cameron, N. Funnell, N. Bailey, G. Catford, A. Algie


Goal Kickers: S. Meyers, J. Ridgway, C. Brini
Best Players: D. Georgeson, S. Meyers, M. Blyth

Sacred Heart OC          1.5-11   5.7-37   8.8-56    9.10-64

PHOS Camden (u18)   2.1-13    4.2-26   7.4-46   9.9-63


Goal Kickers: T. McInerney 3, C. Hebberman 2, H. Bobridge 2, C. Greatrex, H. Williams
Best Players: J. Tester, B. Rayson, P. Fordham, M. Schiller, T. Paparella


Goal Kickers: C. Ding 2, J. Nielsen, L. Taylor, T. Vassallo, A. Lyon, J. Tomlinson, J. Porter, B. Smith
Best Players: L. Taylor, A. Lyon, J. Tomlinson, C. Ding, J. Nielsen

Well we went to Sacred Heart Middle school with a side that had a bit of everything, seven boys from the under 16 , a couple of lads that had an 18th the night before and some lads that played on Saturday and none of them let us down. We played the first half with some good attack on the ball but they scored a lot easier than us kicking five goals to our four at half time. With  Kyle Kerruish going to the back line the back line started to get on top, Luke Taylor going on the ball giving us plenty of drive out of the centre both under 16s we started well and where only 10 points down at three quarter time The last quarter we had a slight breeze and Aedon Lyon grew another leg jumping all over there ruckman giving Mac Neild, Jessie Thomilson and the forwards plenty of the sherrin. The last five minutes we peppered the goals only to come up a point short kicking 2 goals five points in the last quarter, it was a great game of football but unfortunately not getting the chocolates

Toos & Tuss

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Upcoming Events

SPOC Goss 

Last time we played SPOC:  was round 6, we lost by 72 points N. Watts kicked 2 goals & A. Scholz best

Ladder: Currently 1st on ladder with 12 wins 0 losses


Last 5 games: wins against Unley (25), Iggies (71), SHOCs (18), Gaza (108), Brighton (12), G-Gove (14), Broadies (25), S- Nth (78), Unley (51), Iggies (76)

2018  SPOC sitting  sitting in 1st spot, 2 1/2 wins clear of us. Having been demoted from Div 1 last year SPOCs went on recruiting drive bringing Harry Trenorden, Luke Mitchell & Jessie Obrien to the side along with some good old scholars close to SANFL level (Haysman & Allan) they have a very good team in 2018. Also have Sydneys Will Haywoods brother Harry in the side.

Sides have got close to them Brighton (12 points), SHOCS (18) & remarkably bottom side Golden Grove 14 points. 

SPOCS have had 2 weeks without football having the Salisbury North forfeit & last weeks bye they might be softened up for a hard at it Phantoms outfit.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report


Ta, Quinny. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

Hammo C grade Prematch report


Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report

Granty's B grade Postmatch report

Hammo's C grade Postmatch report

Toosa u18s Post Match Report

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