Round 14

Broadview v PHOSC

21st July

venue: Broadview Oval

C Grade: lost by 94 points

H. Fisher, K. Ball 1 goal each

S. Meyers best

B grade: lost by 94 points

N. Iordanou, J. Bayliss, R. Post 1 goal each

C. Reynolds best

A grade: lost by 37 points

T. Vassallo, S. Williams , O. Cross

A. Bergsma best

u18s v Tea Tree Gully lost by forfeit

Broadview                  1.0-6     2.3-15   5.3-33   8.11-59

PHOS Camden (As)  2.2-14   2.3-15    2.4-16   3.4-22


Goal Kickers: B. Oborn 2, K. Russell 2, B. Simpson, J. Fergus, J. Ryan, S. Daniele
Best Players: B. Pearce, S. Mazzone, B. De Prinse, B. Purser, J. Iannucci


Goal Kickers: T. Vassallo, S. Williams , O. Cross
Best Players: A. Bergsma, O. Cross, M. Virgin, D. Bonnici, T. Vassallo


Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report


I’d like to start by saying what a brave effort by Deano to get out and train so hard during a tough week then follow up with a good game on Saturday. The other great thing to see was the way in which the boys got around Dean and the family. Unfortunately we weren’t able to roll it in to a win Saturday against a good Broadview side but there were some wins over the day. Thanks to Julie for being at the footy and speaking with the lads after the game. I got a phone call from Julie Friday evening after a long day and it was the best phone call Ive had from a parent in regards to footy, their lad and their footy club. Thanks Julie.


Saturday Broadview showed us about maintaining the level required to win games of footy, BIG games as this was and will be important. We have the ability to make it work for us if we allow ourselves to not only learn but put in to action what we learn.


I take nothing away from Broadview but im not here to talk about them but simply us having seven scoring shots against a side is not anywhere near acceptable in A2 footy from a side that was second on the ladder. It isn’t acceptable that we have players racking up mistake after mistake. This is bloody good footy at this level so we need to step up or step aside. Constant fumbles, missed tackles, not being in front, missed kicks, letting players run inside us at stoppages. Just not on.


We may not be the best list on paper, I’ve been guilty of thinking “how are we going so well” but we are a good side. We just need to believe it and push each other to own up to it. Not for bits and pieces but all the time, training, playing and supporting one another.


I’ll speak quite frankly in regards to our best players. Aaron Bergsma and Orry Cross were our best two players on Saturday. Two of our elder more experienced players but also the two that tried to get things going. The burst through the packs or the stand up fight in the ruck followed by Seeing Orrs then run 50 metres hard to man up are the things that set them apart. I’ll put Virg in to that as well with his constant tackling and head over the footy. Get on board fellars. Deano was good and Tommy Vass continues to show what a find he has been. Daino was good and Tom Unger did okay too.


We have young blokes who want to play A grade footy, you are disappointed when you have been over looked at selection etc...  you get your chance, now step up! There is no time for “development” in season 2018 at A grade level.  Watch the blokes we speak of and get on board  NOW or step aside silently. Have the guts to ask yourself Am i giving my best?”... see what you get back? That’s a question for all of us. Answer it and we will play good footy and win games by building our belief in each other.


I’m possibly echoing the thoughts of Granty and Tim to a degree. Three games where although the opposition were good they weren’t unbeatable and we left without a win. Great effort by the U/18’s with low numbers to “fight” it out Sunday.


Please make some time Satdy to head out to Golden Grove for what is now a final.


Ta, Quinny.




Broadview                 4.2-26   7.4-46   8.8-56   12.11-83

PHOS Camden (Bs)  1.0-6     2.0-12   2.2-14    3.2-20


Goal Kickers: A. Ralph 5, J. Box 2, J. Tamasi 2, R. Falcione, J. Massie, N. Papaioannou
Best Players: C. Iannella, M. Oborn, J. Tamasi, A. Ralph, J. Howcroft


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou, J. Bayliss, R. Post
Best Players: C. Reynolds, J. Whitford, J. Cadzow, J. Manley, C. Bahnisch

Granty's B grade Postmatch report


Tough day out at Broadview Oval on Saturday and once again we go off to a slow start which put us in a situation of playing catch up football.

After making eight changes and bringing in a lot of kids I thought our overall performance was pretty good.

We had players drift in and out of the game and need more consistence over four quarter. Cain Reynolds is fitting into the half backline nicely and Whitty lifted once moved into the ruck to help Baino who battled all day. Good to have Manley and Bayliss back after their breaks who gave us much needed drive in the midfield.


Once again the backline was put under extreme pressure and I thought they did the best they could lead by Cadz.

Big game next week against Golden Grove  and we need to finish the back half of the season off well


Broadview                  2.7-19   4.9-33   11.13-79   16.14-110

PHOS Camden (Cs)   0.1-1     2.4-16    2.4-16         2.4-16


Goal Kickers: B. Hancock 3, N. Jacka 2, B. Juers 2, J. Coats 2, R. Juers, J. Takos, C. Felstead, C. Daniels, M. Biggs, D. Carter, J. Leak
Best Players: R. Juers, N. Jacka, M. Nicholas, E. Hayat, C. Daniels


Goal Kickers: H. Fisher, K. Ball
Best Players: S. Meyers, K. McGuinness, B. Ridgway, T. Bryant, S. Cook

Hammo's C grade Postmatch report

We travel to Broadview  to play Broadview, on a fine day just a bit windy.

Before the game we had one or two players pull out due to sickness we also had 3 over35s playing for us  and Brad Ridgeway from Cummins for his first game for PHOS.

First quarter kicking into the wind we held Broadview to  2.7  to 1 point .


Second quarter we out scored Broadview by 2 points with us kicking 2.4  .


Things didn't get any better for us after that with Broadview kicking 10.5 too no score which  was very disappointing ,when we were in the game at half time. The pleasing thing I got out of the game is the improvement of some of our younger players like Taylor Dwight Bryant , Sam Meyers BOG  again with Keegan McGuinness holding the back line together ,Brad Rigdeway playing a good first up game for PHOS with Cookie playing a solid game in the ruck before he was out off the game with maybe broken ribs ,let's hope not.

Going forward we have a bye this week.So boys we need to get on the track and work on our skills and fitness.


Web Pre match Report

Upcoming Events

Broadview Goss 

Last time we played Broadies: 

Round 6, we won by 21 points.

S.Williams 2, M.Virgin 2, L.Jacka 2, L.Toohey kicked 2 goals each

O. Cross was BOG

Ladder: Currently 3rd on ladder with 9 wins 4 losses (half game behind us)


Last 5 games:  Wins against SHOC (12), Gaza (30), S-North (forfeit), Losses: Brighton (43) & Unley (30)

Quinnys A grade Prematch report


Big game for us this week with Broadview who are as keen as we are to cement a top three position with under a third of the season remaining.


We are super proud of our group for a number of reasons and we pass on our loving thoughts to the Bonicci family on the passing of Pete and will certainly do what we do and get our arms around them.


Coming in this week is Bergs, Tom Unger and and Sam Webster returning and Declan Grant coming in for his first game.


Can not compliment the group strongly enough for last night on the track. Raining and windy and wet and the vibe was incredible.


All the best to Granty and the two’s who is pushing through the young fellars and Hammo who is doing a great job with the thirds. Toosa and Tus and Cags and Mick are doing the best they can with the U/18’s so its all looking good.


Ta, Quinny.

Grantys B grade Prematch report

The B grade travel to Broadview on Saturday to take on a side currently sitting top of the table.

Once again we have a lot of changes going into this week with Grant, Unger and Webster all going up to the A’s and I wish them the best of luck and well deserved.

We have Irvine and Finn away due to other commitments, Gray taking a break thanks to the league and Biagi recovering from a facial improvement procedure.

Coming in to the 22 are U18 players Brown, Lyon and Agars with Reynolds, Manley and Bayliss all coming back from Holidays. Great to see Christian Brini get a chance up from the C’s and gets to play with his brother Seb.  McGuinness is emergency this week after coming back through the C,s last week after being away.


We only have 4 games till the end of the home and away season and with so many players being rotated through the B’s it’s great to see the level of commitment is still very high amongst the players and I know we have more wins on the way


Hammo C grade Prematch report


Toosa u18s Post Match Report

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