Round 15

Glden Grove v PHOSC

28th July

venue: Harpers Field

C Grade: bye

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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u18s v Broadview @ Broadview Oval Sunday

Golden Grove           12.11-83

PHOS Camden (As) 16.8-104


Goal Kickers: M. Walters 6, T. Harris 3, J. Horskins, J. Morris, B. Jardine
Best Players: J. Morris, C. Di Stefano, S. Walker, M. Walters, J. Pitman


Goal Kickers: H. Cumming 5, M. Jacquier 5, S. Williams 2, D. Laing, L. Jacka, W. Papatolis, M. Yeatman
Best Players: T. Finn, M. Jacquier, J. Bayliss, A. Bergsma, H. Cumming


Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report


Our trip out to Golden Grove proved to be exactly the battle we thought it would be. Both A’s and B’s got up for hard fought gutsy wins but both sides will learn a lot out of the day. 


In the A’s we played pretty terrible in the first half and I’m not sue how else to put it. I think everyone of us was embarrassed of our efforts and mistakes. To Golden Groves credit they played very good footy. 


At half time we addressed a few things and from that moment on we seemed to grab some momentum and play much better controlled footy. Wil Pap in the midfield had a great game to be best just in front of Tom Finn and Bergs and Orry did their usual. Harry Cumming and Matt Jac gave us great avenues and kicked important goals. Sam Williams not to be left out kicked 2 and provided the one percenter of the day. Reavs took what I thought was a fantastic footy mark with the flight and Josh Bayliss the same. All of a sudden we were playing “Our footy” and went on from there. Tom Vassallo continues to play well and Casey Beard and Youngy were their reliable selves. 


So it’s important we go on now and play to our standard. We’ll know a bit more Satdy arvo. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Golden Grove            3.3-21   6.3-39     8.7-55    11.9-75

PHOS Camden (Bs) 4.3-27   6.10-46   9.12-66   11.16-82


Goal Kickers: D. Adams 3, B. Morris 2, J. Potts 2, D. Boxer 2, L. Robinson, L. Payne
Best Players: R. Shenton, B. Wilton, B. Morris, L. Robinson, B. Sumner


Goal Kickers: N. Watts 3, S. Brown 3, A. Flett 2, J. Tomlinson, C. McDonald, N. Iordanou
Best Players: N. Watts, J. Manley, J. Cadzow, S. Webster, S. Brown

Granty's B grade Postmatch report


Great win on the weekend by the B’s in a real gutsy 4 quarter effort.

Losing players throughout the game and ending up with no bench meant players had to tough it out with no rotations and the boys hung on to a 7 point win.

Once again most players contributed but I thought Wattsys 4 quarters help set up the win backed up by Manley in the middle, Cadz out back and Soli Brown up forward. I thought our ruck combination of Unger and Whitford set a lot of the attacks moving forward and the young guns in Jessie and Brini had solid games and look forward to watching  them develop in the future.

Another big week coming up not only on the field but off with a dedication round to Gary Williams and Chris Morgan who both had ties with Brighton and the Phantoms



Broadview                      8.1-49    13.6-84    18.11-119    24.17-161

PHOS Camden (u18s)    1.1-7        1.1-7        1.3-9               2.3-15


Goal Kickers: S. Gligora 5, H. Ralph 4, B. Hart 3, Z. Nurton 2, J. White 2, H. Baker 2, L. Jarvis 2, A. McWhirter 2, J. Renney, L. Porcaro
Best Players: A. McWhirter, B. Feutrill, J. Renney, H. Ralph, J. White


Goal Kickers: M. Porter, H. Williams
Best Players: S. Brown, M. Porter, J. Porter, J. Agars, N. Crouch

Toosa u18s Post Match Report

Web Pre match Report

Upcoming Events


  • This week is James Cadzow’s 50th Game

  • upcoming: Next week could be Nick Watt’s 50th

Golden Grove Goss 

Last time we played Golden Grove:  

we won by 22 points

Harry Cumming kicked 5 goals & was BOG

Ladder:  9th:  3 wins 11 losses


Last 5 games:  SPOC loss by 66 points, S-Nth Forfeit win, Iggies win by 11 points, SHOCs win by 31 points, Gaza loss by 11 points.

Certainly defy there 9th spot on the ladder, they have been in all there matches this year only have to look at there percentage. A win against SHOCs demonstates they can cause an upset, they need 3 wins from the last 4 games to avoid relegation. Its the first time the Phantoms have played at Harpers Field lets hope its a win.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

Big game for us this week against Golden Grove who are a very good side who certainly pushed us at home earlier in the year. 


We need the win as they do too so should be a ripper game. 


Going back to the two’s areKouta with injury,  Wattsy, Webby and Tom Unger. With Wattsy needing some footy, Webby to work on a couple of things and Tom through the squeeze of players coming in. All three have a great attitude and will be back. 


Coming in is Mark Yeatman for his first A grade club game. We have been excited about this prospect all year. Tom Finn returns to our defence and Harmsy to our mids. Josh Bayliss comes in after a blow out in the two’s on getting back from his trip. 


All the best to Granty and the B’s tomorrow. C’s have a bue and Toosa and Tus with the U/18’s all the best Sunday. 


Ta, Quinny

Grantys B grade Prematch report

Looking forward to heading out to Golden Grove for what is going to a good game of football.

Last time we meet we had our first win so I’m sure they will be looking for revenge and also they need to win to make finals sitting 6th

Coming into the side after weeks off are Corey McDonald and Henry Finn with Keegan McGuinness coming up from a couple of weeks in the C’s.

Unfortunately for Sam Webster, Tom Unger and Nick Watts they join us from the A’s but its fortunate for the B’s to have quality players in the side this week.


Congrats to Cadz playing his 50th game & all the best to the A,s and U18’s this week and hopefully three wins


Hammo C grade Prematch report

Hammo's C grade Postmatch report

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