Round 16

Brighton v PHOSC

4th August

venue: Brighton Oval

C Grade: 10:15am

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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u18s Bye - this week no game

Brighton Bombers   2.1-13   7.4-46   10.7-67   15.8-98

PHOS Camden (As)  2.6-18   5.7-37   7.11-53   10.16-76


Goal Kickers: J. Mcpherson 3, S. Venning 2, J. Boyle 2, D. Lang 2, B. Tate, J. Evans, J. Chalmers, J. Carger, R. Kernick, J. Spurling
Best Players: D. Lang, J. Mcpherson, J. Boyle, W. Rivers, B. Williams, J. Carger


Goal Kickers: A. Bergsma 4, H. Young 3, C. Harms, T. Finn, W. Papatolis
Best Players: H. Young, A. Bergsma, O. Cross, M. Virgin, J. Bayliss


Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report


Saturday, although not happy with the result and I feel we were good enough yo play better I was also pleased with some of our footy. Brighton played well and executed their short game in to the wind better than us and kicked some important goals at times that stumped our momentum. 


Missing goals early proved to be costly but our lads are aware of the importance of getting things right. Awareness is one thing, finding the ability to get better quick is the next. That’s not asking the impossible at all. 


Goal kickers were Bergs with 4 and Youngy with 3. These two were also our best two players on the ground. End of story. No disrespect to our players or other goal kickers. 


So we now we sharpen up for a big game against Gaza knowing that the week after is a win V Salisbury North. Then its finals. 


So I suppose what I’m saying is! If you want to be in that side come first week of finals then train and play accordingly and whilst you are doing it, don’t kid yourself and more importantly, your team mates! This is just far too important. 


Ta, can’t wait for Satdy. Quinny. 


Brighton Bombers   5.2-32   7.2-44   12.6-78   15.6-96

PHOS Camden (Bs)   0.3-3     4.7-31    5.8-38    6.12-48


Goal Kickers: D. Howie 5, H. Riddle 2, T. Yates 2, D. Bland, D. Hefford, M. Billings, C. Evans, J. Kennedy, B. Irons
Best Players: J. Kennedy, T. Black, B. Irons, K. Scharkie, M. Billings, D. Bland


Goal Kickers: J. Loades 2, S. Brown 2, L. McCabe, D. Grant
Best Players: J. Cadzow, J. Whitford, J. Tomlinson, N. Watts, S. Webster

Granty's B grade Postmatch report

Disappointing game on the weekend for the B’s after going in with great confidence failing to convert on the score board in windy conditions.

The second Qtr cost us dearly kicking with the wind having 8 shots at goal and only converting 4 and conceding 2.

Loadsy coming back into the side kicked 2 as did Browny and singles to Lachie Mccabe and Declan Grant.

Hard to pick the best with a number of players doing some good things during the game but Cadz and Webby in the backline with Whitty and Wattsy in the middle and Jessie on the wing all tried hard.

Next week is our last match for the year and I’m looking forward to finishing with a win



Brighton Bombers   5.6-36   7.7-49   9.9-63   10.11-71

PHOS Camden (Cs)     0.0     1.4-10    3.7-25   7.12-54


Goal Kickers: S. McInerney 3, J. Forster 2, J. Watt, J. Windsor, J. Reichstein, D. Adair, M. Pethick
Best Players: J. Forster, S. O''Hara, P. Ganly, S. Lloyd, W. Thomas, T. Phillips


Goal Kickers: S. Meyers 2, A. Biagi 2, H. Fisher, M. Ramsey, T. Irvine
Best Players: B. Cheung, J. OBrien, H. Sharp, D. Conley, S. Meyers


Hammo's C grade Postmatch report


Saturday was a very windy day, we lose the toss and had to kick against the wind in the first quarter, we didn't get off to a great start with Brighton kicking 5 goals with us scoreless.


The next quarter was not much better with us kicking only 1 goal.


At half time I was quite  disappointed with how the game was panning out. But to the boys credit they didn't give up and throw in the towel, they turn the game around the boys out scored Brighton in the third and fourth quarter, and I thought we had a good chance of pulling off a great victory but time ran out.


The great thing about this side they never give up no matter what the score is. It was good to see  B .Cheung back to playing good footy, J O'brien and D Conley  holding up the back lines with Sammy Meyers and Harry Sharp doing well through the centre. All in all a great time effort ,very proud of the boys.


See you next Saturday hopefully with a win against Gaza


Thanks Hammo

Web Pre match Report

Upcoming Events


  • Nick Watt’s 50th game

Brighton Goss 

Last time we played Brighton:  

the match was drawn

L. Jacka kicked 3 goals &  A. Bergsma best

Ladder:  4th:  9 wins 5 losses 1 draw


Last 5 games:  SPOC loss by 46 points, S-Nth Forfeit win, Unley win by 20 points, SHOCs loss by 24 points, Gaza won by 117 points.

The winner of this game could also get at vital top 3 spot (well 2nd or 3rd spot).  Broadview in 2nd spot on form should win the 2 next games (G-Grove & Unley) and play SPOC in the last leaving them 13W & 4L. Brighton play G-Grove & Old Iggies which should be 2 wins.  We play Gaza & will get a forfeit win in the last against S-Nth, on form 2 wins each. If all games go to form the winner of this game finishes 2nd (with a double chance in the finals) & the loser 4th (cut throat finals).


Brighton have had a very good year after being promoted from Div 3.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

Great game Saturday against Brighton coming up for a couple of good reasons. We get to play in a game that represents to great footy people in Gary Williams and Chris Morgan and to play a side with as much to play for as us. Both men have certainly left their mark on the game for both clubs. 


Going out are Declan Grant back to the two’s and Matt Jac OS. Coming in are Tom Unger and Boof Braley. 


Congrats to Phil Hoffman Travel at Glenelg winning another award for the way in which they operate. Fantastic people and sponsors of our club. 


If nothing doing lets get to Brighton for the games. All the best to Granty and Hammo and their lads. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

This week we go to Brighton to build on a gutsy win against Golden Grove the previous Saturday

Conditions will be testing with strong winds predicted, so our skill level will need to be high

Coming into the side this week are Declan Grant down from the A’s, Wardy and Bahno from sick leave, Loadsy from injury and Gray from a forced two week break. Missing will be H Finn sick, Teaks shoulder S&C Brini traveling and Unger up in the A,s

Good luck to the A,s and C,s

Hammo C grade Prematch report

Hi all ,

Tomorrow we head down the road to play Brighton, it will be the C grades second to last match for the year ,we had a good number of boys train this week which was pleasing to see.Last time we played them we were in the game for most of it ,so hopefully we can do the same this week and win.I know the boys are looking forward because of the rivalry between the two clubs.I'm not expecting a pretty game l should imagine it will a tough slog due to the conditions.We do have a full side this week with a couple of players coming back from injury and work commitments .So it would be good see a lot of support for all grades tomorrow.

Good luck to As and Bs  see you there.


Thanks  Hammo


Toosa u18s Post Match Report

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