Round 17

Gaza v PHOSC

11th August

venue: Klemzig Oval

C Grade: 10:15am

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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u18s vs Henley @ Henley Memorial Oval

Gaza                             7.8-50

PHOS Camden (As)   9.6-60


Goal Kickers: C. Radetti 2, D. Allocca 2, S. Fulton, N. Frederick, D. Hill
Best Players: S. Fulton, B. Farr, D. Lambert, J. Senior, T. Fielke


Goal Kickers: M. Jacquier 5, S. Williams 2, A. Bergsma, J. Bayliss
Best Players: H. Young, M. Virgin, M. Jacquier, B. Toohey, A. Bergsma


Quinny' s A grade Postmatch report

Saturday saw us get the 3 wins we were after against Gaza and full credit to all involved. A great job by Tim Hammond with the thirds after coming in to coach mid season after we lost Mick. Granty has produced players to come through and play good A grade footy and maybe some more will get an opportunity in the next couple of weeks. Well done Coaches. 


On Saturday and the boys got off to a good start hitting the scoreboard with Matt Jacquier kicking 4 first quarter goals. Matt kicked 5 for the game and finished high up in our best. The game then pretty much rolled goal for goal with us taking a 5 goal lead in to the last. The boys fought on well and we got a 10 point win. The win sets us up well no matter who or where we play in the first week of finals. We lost Harry Cumming early in the game to an injury and to cover for him was great given Harrys work rate and quality. 


Harry Young was our best in the mids and forward with Bergs having a good game. MJ was great up forward and Finny good down back. Virg is playing really good footy and his leadership has been great. 


Although I thought our tackling was well below its best we take a lot of good out with a bye this week we will make sure we are ready for a weeks time. 


Good to see a great turn out Saturday night at the Junction and excellent job by Mick Hamilton. He is a great President doing so much behind the scenes to make our Club as good as we can be. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Gaza                                 0.0     6.2-38   6.2-38      8.5-53

PHOS Camden (Bs)   4.7-31   5.8-38   7.16-58   11.17-83


Goal Kickers: B. Ley 2, B. Crosnier 2, D. Garlett, B. Beioley, J. Mason, S. Dinedios
Best Players: B. Beioley, J. Dutschke, J. Jarrett, B. Ley, J. Carrigg


Goal Kickers: D. Grant 4, A. Flett 2, S. McGill, N. Iordanou, S. Webster, S. Brown, N. Watts
Best Players: S. Webster, A. Flett, S. Brown, D. Grant, J. Whitford


Granty's B grade Postmatch report


Great results over the weekend for all grades with well-deserved wins.

The boys took advantage of the strong wind kicking 4.7 in the first quarter while keeping GAZA scoreless.

Unfortunately we become complacent and let GAZA back in the game in the second quarter and went into to the main break with score locked away.

In the second half we had 15 scoring shots to 5 coming away with a 30 point win and a dominate last quarter out scoring GAZA against the wind.

Once again our backline did a great job lead by Cane Reynolds with the midfield of Webster, Watts, Brown and Whitford giving us first use of the ball and setting up opportunities for the forwards. I thought Fletty worked hard all day and it was great to see Declan get amongst the goals.

With over 50 boys playing B’s this year it made it very difficult to be consistent but it was great to see a lot develop and play some really good football.

To everyone who helped out over the year I truly appreciated the support and I will thank you come presentation night.

To the club, thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach and some insight into how hard you work to get a team on the park every week.

Well done Hammo and Tooza on your coaching efforts this year and been great to work with you.

Good luck Quinny and the A’s I look forward to being a part of a successful finals campaign




Gaza                           1.3-9      1.5-11  1.6-12    2.6-18

PHOS Camden (Cs) 3.3-21   5.4-34   8.7-55   12.8-80


Goal Kickers: S. Dragomir, B. Rogan
Best Players: S. Dragomir, T. Harvey, B. Rogan, R. Knowles, B. Dohrman


Goal Kickers: H. Fisher 3, S. Meyers 2, D. Georgeson 2, K. Ball 2, A. Biagi, T. Bryant, M. Ramsey
Best Players: D. Conley, B. Cheung, S. Meyers, A. Biagi


Hammo's C grade Postmatch report


The last game of the year we headed down to Gaza ,it was a very windy cold day .

We won the toss kicked with the wind out scoring Gaza 3 goals to 1, kicking into the wind in the second quarter we again out scored Gaza 2 goals to none which was very pleasing. From there we kicked on to kick 7 goals to 1 in the second half. It was a great way to finish the year, it was pleasing for the boys who have try their hearts out every time they took the the field. It was great to see Taylor kick his first goal for PHOS. And to see a lot of improvement off the players throughout the year. All in all a tough year but an enjoyable year for me. I hope all the players that played Cs this year enjoyed themselves and hopefully will be back next season to have another crack.

Thanks Hammo


Well done to Quinny and Granty for good wins .

Thanks to PHOS Camden for giving me the opportunity to coach the PHOS Camden C grade.



Tim Hammond


Web Pre match Report

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Gaza Goss 

Last time we played Gaza:

we won by 1 point

H. Cumming kick 3 goals & W. Papatolis was BOG

Ladder:  7th:  6 wins 10 losses 


Last 5 games:  

loss to St Peters OC 46-104 

forfeit win to Salisbury North

win against Unley Mercedes Jets 74  -66 

win against Old Ignatians 77-96 

loss to Broadview 78-48

Have officially got themselves out of relegation with 6 wins overtaking Salisbury North.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

Firstly I’d like to thank Dave Vivian for supplying and cooking up a storm lastnight at training for the lads. Very much appreciated and Viv “gets it” re looking after each other and still revels in that feeling you get around the lads. 


Tomorrow it’s Gaza in a again a massive game for us. We need a win and most importantly a chance for all players to build form with next week being a week off. 


Tommy Unger goes back to the two’s as we need as much game time in to him as possible and Matt Jac comes in and we are stoked to have him back from OS a bit earlier. 


All the best to Granty and Hammo and all the lads having a crack tomorrow. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

Seems like only yesterday we had our first game and now its our last for the year.

Good turn out to last night and great enthusiasm at training should see the B’s perform well tomorrow.

In are H Sharp (C’s), H Finn (Sick) and Unger from the A’s. Out are McDonald, Manley and Gray all Injured

Get along and support the boys at GAZA this week

Good luck to Quinnys A’s, Hammo’s C’s and Tooza and the U18’s



Hammo C grade Prematch report



Toosa u18s Post Match Report

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