Round 11

Old Ignatians v PHOSC

23rd June

venue: Hunter Park

C Grade: 10:15am

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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u18s v Port Disctricts @ Largs Reserve Oval Sunday

R11 Video Highlights D2

Old Ignatians v PHOS Camden



Old Ignatians            0.1-1      4.2-26       7.5-47       7.5-47

PHOS Camden (As)  6.2-38   10.3-63   11.8-74   16.15-111


Goal Kickers: L. Washer 2, H. De Poi, X. Owen-Thomas, P. Kerin, D. Girdham, C. O''Brien
Best Players: L. Washer, P. Connelly, C. McPHERSON, S. Cooke, J. Centenera


Goal Kickers: H. Cumming 4, S. Williams 3, L. Toohey 2, T. Vassallo, O. Cross, N. Watts, M. Virgin, D. Bonnici, J. Koutsikas, A. Bergsma


Best Players: J. Braley, B. Eddy, A. Scholz, L. Toohey, M. Jacquier


Quinnys A grade Postmatch report


Saturday saw us have a good win against a side we haven’t always played our best footy against. We got off to a great start which set up our day. Our intensity was where it needed to be and we played “Our Brand” of footy. 


The second and third quarters were a bit scrappier but I think it’s fair to say we were in control. 


Our last quarter was really good again and back to the footy we need to be producing. 


Winning forwards, hard working mids and rucks, a tight rebounding defence with a bench that gave impact all day gives you a 60 odd point win. 


Goal kickers were Harry Cumming with 4 and Sam Wiilams 3. Liam Toohey kicked 2 and with Bergs was great in the middle. 


Harmsy did a good job on a good player and Matty Jac played almost the perfect game across half back. Scholzy was very good with Orrs backing up again and Jared Braley the best player on the ground. 


Tom Vassallo played well in his first game with Shawry presenting his jumper


A really good win that sends us now to Unley for what now becomes our biggest game for the year. 


Bad luck to Granty and Hammo and their groups. We were far from disgraced and a big well done to the U/18’s who for Toosa and Tus played their hearts out with 15. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Old Ignatians            3.3-21   7.7-49   11.9-75   13.13-91

PHOS Camden (Bs)  0.2-2     2.2-14    4.4-28      7.5-47


Goal Kickers: N. Fereday 6, J. Jurisevic 4, H. Kube, T. Washer, A. Horner
Best Players: Z. Sharrad, J. Jurisevic, N. Fereday, L. Purcell, T. Kerin, T. Bigg


Goal Kickers: J. Loades 3, D. Grant 2, C. McDonald, J. Biagi
Best Players: B. Toohey, J. Loades, S. Webster, T. Ward, B. Teakle


Grantys B grade Postmatch report

Great day for football at old Iggies on Saturday but has been the trend in the B grade for most of the year we get off to a slow start and come home strong, but unfortunately the damage has already been done early.

The positives out of game were the two boys who came back from the A’s (Tooza & Webby) both played good hard football with plenty of confidence. It was great to have Declan back up forward kicking a couple and combined with Loadsy who played his best game of the year with 3 goals.


With eight changes it gave us an opportunity to look a few young players in Lyon and  McCabe and bring back Reynolds, Bahnisch and Grant from injury while Cadzow played his first B grade game of the year coming back through the C’s. Wardy and Teaks also had solid games

We had a few players down on form on the weekend but I’m sure they will bounce back this week against the jets

Well done to the A’s and bacd luck to the C’s and U18’s


Old Ignatians            2.4-16   5.9-39   11.14-80    19.18-132

PHOS Camden  (Cs)  1.1-7    1.2-8       1.3-9             1.3-9


Goal Kickers: C. Woodham 4, A. Lands 3, E. Vagnarelli 3, D. Zerella 2, L. Scanlon 2, P. Pirone 2, B. Lord, M. Reichstein, L. Britten-Jones
Best Players: D. Zerella , A. Lands, J. Owen-Thomas, R. Dunemann, E. Vagnarelli


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou
Best Players: J. OBrien, H. Sharp, J. Patterson, N. Iordanou, D. Georgeson

Hammo C grade Postmatch report



Old Iggies  19.18

PHOS Camden !.3


Goal kicker N.Iordannou  EO- 1 goal

Best players


H. Sharp





Beautiful day to play footy plenty of sunshine and no wind. We started the game with only 20 player me being the twentieth. 10 minutes in we lost our first  player to a hammy.

We did really well to contain them to only 2.4 to our 1.1 our backline was doing a great job lead by full back Jay Obrien and Harry Sharp. 2nd quarter much the same with Iggies pressing forward for much of the quarter with  the back line doing the best the hold them off. 3rd quarter we lost William Sharp with a shoulder, Tate Garnaut running around on one leg and Jack Porter also running around with one  leg, with no one left on the bench the  flood gates started  to open, the boys just run out of legs. The 4th quarter was much the same.


To the boys credit they never stopped trying which is what we get every week. We just need numbers on the bench so the boys can get a rest. We can stay with our opponents for the first haif but then fall off in the second half. There is a positive from lack of numbers is the boys that are out there each week get more game time and will only learn more and get a little more fitter. Which is not a bad thing.

Next week we play Unley at Unley, hopefully get a few numbers back next week.


Well done  to the A’s and Quinny for a great win and bad luck Granty and the B’s


Thanks Hammo


Port District              12.10-82

PHOS Camden u18   9.10-64


Goal Kickers: C. Jeremy 3, C. Drewer 2, D. Marsland, J. English, B. Boulton, J. Andrews, E. Bonuedi, K. Cocking, T. Miller-Warren
Best Players: M. Elsmore, J. English, M. Carter, J. Carter, E. Bonuedi


Goal Kickers: J. Chalmers 3, J. Gadd 2, N. Crouch 2, W. Price 2
Best Players: M. Parker, C. Bawden, J. Chalmers, W. Price, N. Crouch

Toosa Post match Report u18


It was a bit frustrating that players didn’t turn up to Sundays game against Port Districs who said they where available, we need 15 players to have a match and we got there with James Jolly from the under 16 and posties bringing out his mate Jackson  from the river land to help out, a big thanks.


Port Districs played with 15 as well and it was a fast moving game with plenty of space to use, we started off in the first half with some great football but missing on the score board.


Chris Bowden rucked fantastically all day on his own and gave first use to our onballers .  On the back flank we saw Mitch parker play a blinder and was best on ground ,not far behind him Will Day , Jackson Chalmers , Nick crouch and  Will Price.


Some highlights of the game was Julian Gadd kicking two goals great to see and the back line sticking to there players and making them earn every kick.


A big thanks to Carolyn and Mick Porter for going to Burra in the morning for work and getting back in time for the start of the game, we went down by three goals and playing with only 14 in the second quarter after an injury it was a great effort.


Toos and Tuss


Web Pre match Report



Nicholas Iordanou’s 150th game this weekend

Will Papatolis 100th Game next week

Upcoming Events

Old Iggies Goss 

Last time we played Iggies:  was round 2 and we won by 27 points Liam Jacka kicked 3 Goals & Josh Bayless was BOG.

Ladder: Currently 9th on ladder with 2 wins (Gaza, & Golden Grove) 8 losses


Last 5 games: 4 losses, to undefeated SPOC, S-Nth, Unley Broadies (10 points),SHOCs and win against Gaza by 19 points.

2018 Iggies havent been travelling that well but will be desparate for a win to avoid relegation, interestingh Old Iggies are equal second in the Bs & top of the C grade so they have a bit of depth to draw on. Theres no easy games in Div 2 this year, the Phantoms could easily lose this game if they dont bring 4 quarters to the table.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

Tomorrow we head to Old Iggies for what is a really big game for us, in that we need to respond like good teams do and beat Iggies who have their share of talent and sum up the competitions evenness. A great opportunity for the guys to play on a quality oval and surrounds. We lose Josh Bayliss overseas for a couple of weeks, Sam McGill to an injury and Ben Toohey and Sam Webster go back to the two’s. 


Coming in is Bergs back from a week off. Casey Beard for his first game this year which is great for us. Kouta comes in for his first A grade game of the year after really consistent form in the two’s and young Tom Vassallo will play his first game. Tom came up from Mount Gambier and has played consistent no fuss footy in the two’s and we think he has some qualities we need in the A’s. 


All the best to Granty and his two’s and Hammo and his C Grade who kick off at 10.15 if you feel like a triple header as they are playing on the Oval behind us. 


Really hoping we get a side up for Toosa and Tus in the U/18’s. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

An important game for the B’s tomorrow against Old Iggies (4th) with only eight games to go we need to show whether we are serious about making the finals or not

Great to see a few players get their chance at A grade football this week and I’m sure Beardy, Kouta and Vassallo will equip themselves well after consistent performances in the B’s.

Unfortunately we have a few injury’s with Yeata (Hammy), Conley (Ankle) and Whitford (Shoulder) combined with Brown (Sick), Unger (Exams) and McGuinness (OS) so once again this will give opportunities to players to step up and state a case for B grade football.

Coming back in this week McDonald (interstate), B.Toohey and Webster (A’s), Cadz and L McCabe for their first B grade game and Reynolds, Grant and Bahnisch back from injury with Lyon coming in from being unavailable.


Good luck to the A’s, C’s and U18’s  this week


Hammo C grade Prematch report

Tomorrow we play the top side Old Iggies which has only lost 1 game.

As always we  are just getting a side together with all the injuries the A B and C are having .

It will be a very tough game for us but I’m sure the boys will give it their all like they have every week.

We will surely miss Sammy Meyer, Aaron Biagi with  work commitments , Agars with exams and B Cheung who is unavailable.

Well done to young Lochy McCabe playing Bs this week well deserved.


All the best to the A and B  this weekend



Special thanks to 

Sammys on the Marina


Who are providing $50 vouchers to the best player every week of the 2018 season


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Glenelg, South Australia 5045

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