Round 7

(Heritage Jumper Day)

PHOSC v Broadview

12th May

C Grade: 10:15am

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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venue Camden Oval

club rooms open

u/18s Sunday 13th May 3pm @ Camden Oval

Special thanks to 

Sammys on the Marina


Who are providing $50 vouchers to the best player every week of the 2018 season


Restaurant 1-12
Holdfast Promenade
Glenelg, South Australia 5045

Phone:      08 8376 8211

Congrats to 

Ben Toohey

100th senior game


PHOS Camden (A)   2.4-16   6.9-45   8.10-58   11.13-79

Broadview                2.5-17    4.5-29     6.9-45     8.10-58


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 2, M. Virgin 2, L. Jacka 2, L. Toohey 2, A. Bergsma, B. Toohey, L. Barreau
Best Players: O. Cross, M. Virgin, L. Jacka, B. Eddy, J. Braley


Goal Kickers: J. Fergus 3, B. Simpson, S. Mazzone, Z. Slade, J. Sheppard , S. Daniele
Best Players: P. Fittock, S. De Leonardis, Z. Slade, S. Daniele, J. Fisher


Quinnys A grade postmatch report

A really good day at the Club on Saturday with “Our Club” having a good win against a good Broadview side. I say that in regards to the fact that the A’s had a win and we had great support from our U/10’s and integrated the boys in to the Senior group. That extends to the B’s and C’s who are as much a part of what we are doing. Results are not our measuring stick in a year where we are developing a number of players. We have re introduced a lot of players to footy either back from years of not playing or bad injuries but despite not getting a win yet in the two’s we look a bit broader to see some things.


1. The coaching and support staff committed to the development of this group.


2. The leadership of Dane, Kouta and Fletty. The three have them have played in perhaps better teams on paper but continue to lead from the front and see the potential if the boys work harder.


3. The consistent form of Tom Unger, Sam Webster, Teaks and Tommy Vass who give the A grade great options as we move along.


4. Our C grade who loose numbers every week up the grades and although we would love to see more of the lads at training it’s a great feel there and we are moving forward.


On to Saturday and the A grade were really focussed on answering a question we asked ourselves with a below standard effort against SPOC. A tight game throughout our defence led by Boof Braley and Tom Finn were tough, relentless and worked really well together. Adam Scholz up until injury was great and his form has been first class this year. Matty Jac was good as well learning the craft as a defender and his dedication to it is exciting. Ryan Reavley and Brent Eddy were great and Brents hardness a highlight.


Orry Cross was our best with Liam Jacka playing a cracker with run and good delivery. Michael Virgin terrific all over the ground with clever and strong footy. Ben and Liam Toohey had good games with Ben capping off a good 100th.


Saw a bit of the U/18’s yesterday and was impressed against Tea Tree Gully. Toosa, Tus and the boys trying hard.


All in all a good weekend with only the one win but it reflects our club. Thanks to Adrian (Coach) and the U/10’s for being a big part of it.


Ta Quinny.


Lets support Ladies Day Saturday.

PHOS Camden (B)    1.0-6     2.0-12     3.1-19      3.2-20

Broadview               3.2-20   10.4-64   10.6-66   11.12-78


Goal Kickers: A. Flett, T. Ward, J. Resnais
Best Players: S. Webster, T. Unger, T. Vassallo, T. Ward, B. Teakle


Goal Kickers: A. Ralph 5, B. Sheridan 2, P. Disibio, J. Rillotta, J. Tamasi, R. Falcione
Best Players: A. Ralph, J. Tamasi, E. Hill, C. Iannella, R. Thompson


Grantys B grade postmatch report

Congratulations to the A's in a very important win for the club on the weekend.

Once again the B's played three quarters of good hard running football and only let down by the second quarter with 7 goals to 1 with Broadview capitalising with the wind and making it hard to come back from a 8 goal deficit at half time.

Congratulations to the boys who came up from the C's (H&W Sharp, J Biagi and Bahnisch) who all equipped them self well to B grade football.

The Back line in the second half kept Broadview goalless until late in the 4th quarter which proves we have the talent but need to perform over the whole game.


Well done to Webster, Unger, Ward and Teakle on another great performance and have been very consistent over the past few weeks. Jessie and Biagi stepped up in the second half and it was great to see Crouchy bounce back this week with a good performance. To the leadership group keep up the good work and it's great to see you get around the younger players. 

Let's get out to training this week and get ready for Golden Grove on Saturday and get a win on the board



PHOS Camden (C)    0.1-1     0.7-7     1.8-14        2.13-25

Broadview              5.5-35   8.8-56   10.11-71   15.11-101


Goal Kickers: D. Krieg, M. Ramsey
Best Players: S. Meyers, B. Booth, B. Cheung, K. Ball, D. Georgeson, B. Longbottom


Goal Kickers: K. Russell 6, R. Juers 2, S. Kinter 2, M. Bentley 2, P. Ahern, M. Manning, M. Biggs
Best Players: K. Russell, C. Smyrneos, P. Ahern, R. Juers, W. Sellan

Hully's C grade postmatch report

Well done to the A's on a hard fought win, and bad luck to the B grade boys who went down.


The C Grade faced a tough Broadview outfit and too their credit our young side showed some true fight at times which wasn't reflected on the scoreboard. This was probably the teams first game against some real men, and we were happy with how the lads stood up for each other.


Special mentions go to; Kreigy who managed to kick a goal from full back, young Boothy for his first senior game, and the work of a new young fella Taylor Bryant, who in his second game of senior footy was thrown into the ruck and gave it a real go. Best for us over 4 quarters was Sam Meyers back from his state American Football duties


The lads really need to get out on the track to work on their skills and fitness, as this unfortunately showed through the game when Broadview were able to run over the top of us.

PHOS Camden (u18)    7.5-47

Tea Tree Gully              8.18-66


Goal Kickers: J. Porter 2, W. Price 2, J. Crouch 2, B. Schumann
Best Players: J. Crouch, N. Jones, J. Porter, J. Agars, W. Price


Goal Kickers: J. Russell 2, J. Houston, T. Roberts, Z. Kessner, C. Couzner, T. Bennett, C. Tucker
Best Players: T. Bennett, K. Brazell, D. Dunlop, T. Roberts, C. Linhart

Toos u18 postmatch report

Allot better effort than last week with out a win, we played some great football and also some poor football which comes from either poor skills or lack of concentration. I notice during the game some of the players didn’t set up very well when Tea Tree Gully came out of our forward line not pushing across and setting up a wall across our half forward line letting them come out to easily putting pressure on our back line. In the third quarter led by Crouchy  we showed how good we can play football, some fight into a breeze steadied by Jaiden Agars and Jack Porter in the back line. Nick jones showed us how hard you have to work around the ball getting plenty of it working well with Chris Bowden in the ruck. The last quarter we had the breeze and we thought we where in it but a few undisciplined acts talking back to the umpires turned out to give them two goals.  In all the games of football I have watched or played I have never seen an umpire change his decision so we should learn just to get on with the game instead of talking back to them.


Next week we will need to play four quarters of football to get a win which I feel we aren’t far away

Toos & Tuss

Web Pre match Report



Ben Toohey’s 100th ​



Harry Youngs 50th, Brent Eddy’s 150th

New Players


Upcoming Events

Ladies Day

Bogan Bingo

Broadie Goss 

Last time we played Broadies:  2017 Round 8 we won by 12 points.

Ladder: Currently equal 2nd on ladder with 4W 1L


Last 4 games: 3 wins (S-Nth, Gaza, SHOC) ,1 loss (SPOC).

2017 Broadies finished 8th 4W 14L, fair to say they have improved in 2018 having 3 wins already and pushing SPOC to there closest winning margin of 25 points.  Most "experts" reckon Broadies are the 2nd best team in the comp. Phantoms at there best will prove them wrong.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

What a great test for us tomorrow against a good young side in Broadview. I think both our teams are similar and our position on the ladder reflects this. We talked after last week it’s what we do now thats our realism after being out played last week. The lads were great on the track and some of them addressed their own areas for improvement.


Going out are Harry Cumming, who’s young Brother Isaac makes his AFL debut for Greater Western Sydney in Sydney. All the best to Isaac and the family.


Coming in is Sam McGill who returns from work interstate.

We wish Ben Toohey all the best for his 100th game. Ben is playing his best footy and looks like he’s got another hundred in him.


The boys wear the heritage jumper to mark our 25 year PHOS Camden history. Nick Ramsey organising it. Well done Nick.


All the best to Granty and the B’s, a win is very close and Mick/Hully and the C’s.


Toosa and Tus take the u/18’s to Tea Tree Gully Sunday. Lets get a win out there.


Great night last Saturday night in the club, a lot of great work by our players and partners in digging in for our club.


Thanks, Quinny

Grantys B grade Prematch report

Saturday we take on Broadview at home who are sitting third with our boys looking for their first win for the season.

The boys are keen and are developing very well and if we can put a four quarter effort together I'm sure we will be right in the game.

We have a few changes this week which will give more C grade players the opportunity to impress in the B's Out this week are Mc Guinness and Brini  (shoulders), Blight (Ribs), Gray (Leg soreness) and Conley (Work).

Coming in for their first games are Bahnisch, J Biagi, W & H Sharp and back from injury Loades.

Get along and support the B,s this week and good luck the A's B's and U18 boys



Hully's C grade Prematch report

This week we face another tough challenge verse second place Broadview, on top of losing a number of players to the B grade and work commitments.

Outs are O'Brien, Taylor, Recourt, Blyth, Post  and Coach Sumner (his 40th Birthday, so he is away this week smashing Carlton draught cans down at the Mount).

Further outs to the B grade are Bahnisch, H Sharp, W Sharp , J Biagi and probably someone else by the time tomorrow comes around.

We welcome back league medalist Sam Meyers from his state American Football duties. Hope he can provide some of the magic he is known for.

This week is an opportunity for the young team to play in a few different positions and gain some experience.

Rumour has it you might find club stalwart Adrian Pope making an appearance.

Good luck to the A and B grade.


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