Round 8

(Ladies Day)

PHOSC v Golden Grove

19th May

C Grade: bye

no game this week

B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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venue Camden Oval

club rooms open

u/18s Sunday 20th May 3pm @ Camden Oval

Special thanks to 

Sammys on the Marina


Who are providing $50 vouchers to the best player every week of the 2018 season


Restaurant 1-12
Holdfast Promenade
Glenelg, South Australia 5045

Phone:      08 8376 8211

PHOS Camden (A) 1.3-9    4.5-29     7.11-53   10.14-74

Golden Grove        3.2-20    5.3-33    8.3-51       8.4-52


Goal Kickers: H. Cumming 5, L. Toohey 2, S. Williams , W. Papatolis, C. Harms
Best Players: H. Cumming, O. Cross, M. Virgin, L. Jacka, R. Reavley, L. Toohey


Goal Kickers: M. Walters 2, T. Harris 2, J. Pitman, C. Dodd, S. Walker, B. Shaw
Best Players: B. Jardine, M. Walters, S. Scudds, S. Scudds, J. Pitman

Quinnys A grade Post match report

As expected Golden Grove were everything but a bottom of the ladder side. The game see sawed and eventually we broke away late in the game. Full credit to them as a developing team who will get wins soon. 


On to us and what a great day to see the B’s win. This is great reward for the lads who have taken on a year of developing many new players and players returning from long lay offs and injuries. Lets take this belief and use it as a bench mark. Well done to Granty and Rich who are so committed to the rise of the group. 


In the A’s goal kickers were Harry Cumming with 5 in a best on ground performance. Well done Haz in a super professional game. Liam Toohey with 2 goals and singles to Sam Williams, Harmsy and Wil Pap. We obviously kicked plenty of points too. 


Our best were Harry followed by Orrs, Virg, Liam Jacka and Reavs with Matt Jac and Wil Pap playing their roles well. Sam McGill played a great shut down role and Brent Eddy a good game full of courage and toughness in his 150th. 


So overall a great day and Ladies day was a hit with the girls doing a great job. Brides and Bronny well done. 


On a side, I note a conversation with our full back TJ Finn satdy early evening. 


Tom said - See Quinny, I have tracksuit pants on, I’m not going to town so I’m right for recovery in the morning. 


I said - yeah good one Tom, you really are growing up. Who would’ve thought an early night for you. 


Next minute


Tom Finn departs PHOS at 6am Sunday morning. Texts the coach before recovery “can you pick me up, still a bit over!”  


Big week this week against a good Brighton side. 


Thanks, Quinny. 


PHOS Camden (B)  2.1-13    2.3-15    6.5-41   8.7-55

Golden Grove          2.1-13    3.3-21   4.5-29    7.8-50


Goal Kickers: D. Laing 2, J. Whitford 2, J. Tomlinson, S. Brown, J. Loades, N. Iordanou
Best Players: J. Koutsikas, T. Unger, H. Young, S. Webster, D. Laing, J. Whitford


Goal Kickers: S. Adams 2, A. Carr, J. Knowles, D. Adams, L. Zschorn, J. Potts
Best Players: L. Zschorn, D. Barge, L. Skinner, B. Wilton, A. Harris

Grantys B grade Post match report

Phantoms : 8.7. 5

Golden Grove: 7.8.50


Goals: Laing Whittford 2, Tomlinson Brown Loads Iordanou 1

Best: Koutsikas, Unger, Young, Webster, Laing, Whittford


Great day for the B grade at Camden oval on Saturday notching their first win against 4th place Golden Grove.

The team has been building week by week and finally put a 4 quarter effort together to get the chocolates.

It was great to have Whitty and Yeatman  come into the side for their first games this year. Well done to Kouta and Dane who keep on giving and combined with Fletty make a great leadership group on the ground. Big Tom Unger has adjusted well in the ruck and won that position on the day. Webster and Young had plenty of the ball and young player Vass, Jessie brown are continuing to grow and add to the structure of the team.

Looking forward to next weeks game against Brighton and building on a great weekend




PHOS Camden (u18s)    0.4-4   4.4-28     4.7-31   7.10-52

Broadview                     4.1-25   7.3-45   11.7-73   14.8-92


Goal Kickers: C. Lewis 3, H. Williams 2, J. Crouch, L. Gibson
Best Players: C. Lewis, M. Parker, J. Porter, B. Schumann, J. Agars


Goal Kickers: H. Ralph 3, S. Gligora 3, A. McWhirter 2, C. George 2, L. Jarvis 2, H. Baker, B. Hart
Best Players: C. George, A. McWhirter, L. Jarvis, T. Lockwood, D. Carter

Toosa u18 Post match Report


Another loss this week against Broadview, we started off ok with Mitch Parker getting plenty of it and using the ball well , Crouchy, Pricey and Chris Bawden  all having a go. Same old story we couldn’t buy a goal getting it down there and the ball coming out way to easy, Broadview ran the ball out our back line in numbers and it opened up there forward line and letting them score with out to much pressure. We had some lads come up from the u16 and  they didn’t let us down {Conan and Wardy] doing there role , Mac Neild was our cleanest players showing some great skills and finishing off his good work with 2 goals also our new forward in Cooper Lewis making the best of his opportunities  and nailing 3 and Luke Gibson kicking a nice goal in the last quarter . We have  next  week off so we can freshen up and look forward our next challenge against Henley the following week

Toos & Tuss

Web Pre match Report



Brent Eddy’s 150th



Harry Youngs 50th, 

New Players

Mark Yeatman (Immanuel 1st 18)

Upcoming Events

Ladies Day (today)

Bogan Bingo (26th May)

Golden Grove Goss 

Last time we played GG:  Round 14 2015 we won by 21 points, Gordo kicked 4G & Reavs was BOG

Ladder: Currently 10th on ladder with 0W 6L


Last 6 games: 4 losses (SPOC 14, S-Nth 43, Unley 77, Iggies 35, SHOCs 12, Gaza 16)

2017 GG finished 2nd losing to Brighton in the Div 3 GF thus being promoted to DIv 2. Fair to say they have hard a tough start not getting a win yet, but last week they got within 14 points of SPOC, this is the closest any side has come (remembering we lost by 72 points!). The Phantoms wouldnt want to take them easy.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report

Tomorrow we host Golden Grove, a side who’s position on the ladder does not reflect their ability from what I hear. Looking forward to a good game and reigniting our clashes from 2015 in Division 3. We will need to be at our best. 


It’s ladies day and we look forward to the girls kicking back with a expresso martini and cheering on the boys. Great work by Bronny and Brides in putting in plenty of time to get it up and running. 


Coming in to the side is Harry Cumming after missing last week to watch his young Brother Isaac play for GWS. Great to have Harry back. Adam Scholz goes out with a minor leg injury that hopefully sees Scholzy back soon. 


Brent Eddy plays his 150th Saturday and we wish Brenna all the best. He plays the game hard, is brave and Is clever, good footballer. A pleasure to Coach and his team mates love it whens he’s out there. Team mate respect is everything in this group and he has it! 


All the best to Granty and his improving B grade. Getting really close and it’s great to see Justin Whitford back ready to go and Mark Yeatman after a couple of years off. Harry Young is a handy in too. Lets get that win lads. 


No C Grade game this week so enjoy the week off. 


All the best to Toosa and Tus and the U/18’s on Sunday. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

B’s take on Golden Grove this week and looking forward to getting a win on the board.

We welcome back Justin Whitford and Mark Yeatman for their first  games of the year and Seb Brini & Youngy back from injury.

Unluckily omissions for the week after coming up from the C’s and playing well are the Sharp brothers who I’m sure will get another chance throughout the year.

The boy are keen to put a four quarter effort  together this week and hopefully bring home the chocolates.

God luck to Quinny and the A’s and Tooza with the U18’s this week with Michael and the C’s putting their feet up with a week off.



Micks C grade Prematch report

Bye - no game this week

C grade news 

Very pleased to announce the appointment of PHOS Camden legend Tim Hammond who will replace Michael Summers after the Brighton game. Michael is returning to the South East for work.

Thank you Michael for everything you have done. 

Congratulations to

club doctor Lane Hinchcliffe

The Health Hub Family GP


Lane has been shortlisted as a finalist in the South Australian 40 under 40 awards. This new award is about recognising young future business leaders (under age 40) and the contribution they are making to the future of South Australia. It also recognises their philanthropic pursuits that balance their achievements. The Phantoms are very proud of Lane’s achievements and commitment to community activity. 

The Health Hub Family GP provide valuable sponsorship to our club; U18’s Team Sponsor, Junior Shorts sponsor, club doctor role, to name a few.


If you are a player or a parent of a player please consider using The Health Hub as your local GP. They are located in Waterloo St, Glenelg.

The Health Hub will be offering flu vacs at the club, soon stay tuned for more info.

The Phantoms would like to thank Dr Lane and The Health Hub for their fantastic support.

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