Round 8

(Bogan Bingo Night)

PHOSC v Brighton

26th May venue Camden Oval

club rooms still open

C Grade: 10:15am

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B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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u/18s have a bye this week

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Sammys on the Marina


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Congrats to

Harry Young & Sam Meyers on 50 senior games

PHOS Camden  (A)    0.1-1     0.7-7    4.9-33    6.14-50

Brighton Bombers  2.2-14   2.3-15   6.6-42    7.8-50


Goal Kickers: L. Jacka 3, A. Bergsma, M. Virgin, J. Bayliss
Best Players: A. Bergsma, M. Jacquier, M. Virgin, O. Cross, J. Bayliss


Goal Kickers: S. Harvey 2, D. Howie 2, J. Mcpherson 2, J. Carger
Best Players: B. Trembath, W. Rivers, B. Brookman, E. Drew, J. Chalmers, B. Tate

Quinnys A grade Postmatch report


I think on Saturday getting a draw was perhaps a good result when up

Until half time we were goalless which is very unlike us. In saying that I believe there was definite room for some better footy to have been produced by us during the game. Brighton may say the same. 


What I love about this group is their level heads and the want you can see in them to get better. Their is an amount of grit in the team that is getting stronger each week. 


So yeah we would’ve loved to win the game but We didn’t but we didn’t throw the towel either and concede it wasn’t our day. To then sit down and talk and get things out of us to strengthen us was a real highlight. 


Liam Jacka kicked 3 in a good game and his solid form continues. Aaron Bergsma and Matt Jac were really good all day with both players doing important things to lift us. Our backline was solid all day as a unit and Michael Virgin’s form continues. Orrs was good in the ruck and Wil Pap was busy all day. 


Well done to Granty and the lads in the B’s a really good win and you have stamped yourself as a strong team. Personally I am loving what Seb Brini is bringing on to the field with his strength and hardness at the footy. Good work lads. 


We now lose Mick in the C’s and welcome in Hammo so with a bit more consistency with our C’s we will get a win soon as the signs are there. 


Really looking forward to this week on the track then Gaza Saturday. 


Ta Quinny. 

PHOS Camden (B)    1.1-7    4.3-27    7.5-47    11.10-76

Brighton Bombers   1.1-7   4.3-27     5.4-34        6.5-41


Goal Kickers: T. Ward 3, N. Iordanou 2, J. Whitford 2, S. Webster, M. Yeatman, T. Gray, J. Loades
Best Players: T. Unger, N. Watts, J. Koutsikas, B. Teakle, T. Ward


Goal Kickers: D. Hefford 2, T. Johnstone, R. Kernick, B. Irons, T. Yates
Best Players: A. Kitson, D. Hefford, T. Pearman, B. King, T. Black, R. Kernick

Grantys B grade Postmatch report


A great day for the B grade on Saturday against Brighton in what can only be called a fantastic team effort by all to run away with a convincing win.

The quick movement of the ball around the ground is an exciting brand of football to watch and the execution is getting better and better each week.

The back line held firm early with Teaks getting leather poisoning in the first quarter and Webster and Brini attacking the ball hard clearing it out of defence.

The midfield stood up again this week with Big Tom Unger getting his had first to the ball and giving Wattsy, Kouta and Laing first opportunity to clear form the stoppages and giving Fletty, Whitty and Wardy plenty of opportunity to capitalise on their good work.

The younger players are growing in confidence and it is showing in there on ground performance. To have seven goal kickers this week is a great achievement and with the rotations gives us plenty of flexibility and with every player contributing this week at some time it will make it hard on selection night when players come back from injury.

Special mention to Troy Gray on his best game of the year and defiantly BOG after the game with the team song.

Back luck to the C,s and well done to the A,s in scrambling a draw in a game I’m sure they will reflect back as to one that got away.

All the best to Michael Summers on his next chapter in Mount Gambier




Go Phantoms


PHOS Camden (C)     3.3-21     4.7-31      7.9-51        9.10-64

Brighton Bombers    2.4-16   7.7-49   12.10-82     16.13-109


Goal Kickers: H. Sharp 3, W. Sharp 2, M. Ramsey, A. Pope
Best Players: S. Meyers, D. Georgeson, H. Sharp, L. McCabe, M. Ramsey


Goal Kickers: S. McInerney 6, R. Miles 4, S. Hall 2, S. Moss 2, S. Swalue, M. Riddle
Best Players: S. Hall, R. Miles, S. McInerney, C. Bichengu, J. Reichstein, J. Bell


Micks C grade postmatch report

We welcomed Brighton bombers to our home on Saturday and what we were hoping for a positive response from a week of due to the bye. Unfortunately this didn't happen we had some great play but a little bit of lack of discipline and overball use and we lost the game.

With lots of selection problems due to injury and unavailability we called on over 35s players to help us out in Cook, Richardson, Pope and Polkinghorne thanks for helping us out you are more than welcome anytime for a game in C Grade.

Sammy Myers was great his ball use and reading the play is wonderful was nice to watch him in action. Big George worked hard and Harry Sharp kept presenting and straightened us up in the forward line. Ramma was great also till injury all the best for recovery.

As we know that was my last game coaching I would like to thank everyone for there support and friendship over this last few months PHOS Camden is a great club and everyone should be very proud to be involved in the club, Thanks to Qunnie and Granty for there support and Leon for all your help and Tabs for your friendly advise and all the best to Tim and Hully to continue the work with the C grade team, Thanks to all players you are all great guys I really enjoyed my time with you all. To any one else I have forgotten thanks I may have left town but I will also be a PHOS man now I will be looking forward to coming back soon.


Michael Summers



Web Pre match Report



Harry Youngs & Sam Meyers 50 games

New Players


Upcoming Events

Bogan Bingo (26th May)

Brighton Goss 

Last time we played Brighton:  This is the 1st time PHOS Camden will play the Brighton Bombers FC, PHOS  last played them as Brighton District and Old Scholars in 1991 before they went to Southern league. Camden played them in the old Glenelg South association.

Ladder: Currently 4th on ladder with 4W 3L


Last 6 games: 2 losses (SPOC 22, S-Nth 6) & 3 wins (Unley 71, Iggies 15, SHOCs 3, Gaza 34)

2017  finished top in the Div 3 GF thus being promoted to DIv 2, prior to 2017 Brighton were a powerhouse in the Southern League Competion. Fair to say Brighton are going ok this year getting within 22 points of SPOCs last week is a very good effort (remembering we lost by 72 points!). The Phantoms wouldnt want to take them easy.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report


Brighton come to PHOS Saturday in what should be a really good game. There is well deserved hype about Brighton so we will need to be at our best. 


Harry Young plays his 50th Saturday and we wish Harry all the best. A great guy to coach and his team mates respect him and love playing footy with him. 


We have named a 22 man squad with a fine tune between now and Saturday. Youngy comes in the the 22 and we again say keep up the good work to Webby and Tommy Unger as their form continues. 


All the best to Granty and the B’s, keep up last week and Great announcement of Tim to take on the C’s from the goodwork by Mick. Lets grab a win for Toosa and Tus too on Sunday. 


Looking forward to Saturday, 



Grantys B grade Prematch report

Phantoms B Grade take on 6th place Brighton on Saturday in what should be a very winnable game.

Back in the winning side from last week are Wardy (Sick) and Gray (leg soreness)

Unfortunately we lose Jed (away), Crouch (Knee soreness) and Young (As) but will gain a senior player who will be very un-lucky to come back to the B;s and I’m sure will be keen to impress.

Good luck to Tim filling the big shoes of Michael in the C’s and Quinnys in the A’s.

Let’s hope Toosas U18’s have a great game on Sunday



Micks C grade Prematch report

We welcome Brighton bombers to our home ground Camden Oval this week this should be a great match tough hard physical c grade football.

With a lot of selection troubles with injury and unavailability we have 12 changes this week from our last game which was 2 weeks ago so the final team has not been selected yet but with the depth we have we are still fielding a very competitive team this week against the Bombers.

We will see some first game players from over 35 fellas in Richardson and Cook and the return to C grade footy to the great Adam Hull, also into the side is Popey and Polkinghorn.

Even with these selection dramas the club is still very fortunate to have these players still around and wanting a game in C Grade.

Finally this unfortunately is my last game as coach of the C grade, I am tremendously happy with my decision to come out and put my hand up to coach this wonderful team, I will truly miss coaching this team.


See ya at the footy


Congratulations to

club doctor Lane Hinchcliffe

The Health Hub Family GP


Lane has been shortlisted as a finalist in the South Australian 40 under 40 awards. This new award is about recognising young future business leaders (under age 40) and the contribution they are making to the future of South Australia. It also recognises their philanthropic pursuits that balance their achievements. The Phantoms are very proud of Lane’s achievements and commitment to community activity. 

The Health Hub Family GP provide valuable sponsorship to our club; U18’s Team Sponsor, Junior Shorts sponsor, club doctor role, to name a few.


If you are a player or a parent of a player please consider using The Health Hub as your local GP. They are located in Waterloo St, Glenelg.​

The Phantoms would like to thank Dr Lane and The Health Hub for their fantastic support.

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