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Round 9

(Final Home game for 2018)


PHOSC v Gaza

2nd June    venue: Camden Oval

club rooms still open

B grade: 12:15pm

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A grade: 2:15pm

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C Grade: 2:15pm (away)

venue: Klemzig Oval

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u/18s v Henley @ Thebby Oval Sunday

Special thanks to 

Sammys on the Marina


Who are providing $50 vouchers to the best player every week of the 2018 season


Restaurant 1-12
Holdfast Promenade
Glenelg, South Australia 5045

Phone:      08 8376 8211

PHOS Camden (A)  1.3-9   7 .4-46   9.8-62   10.9-69

Gaza                         5.1-31   5.5-35   7.7-49   10.8-68


Goal Kickers: H. Cumming 3, L. Jacka 2, W. Papatolis 2, M. Jacquier 2, L. Toohey
Best Players: W. Papatolis, L. Jacka, O. Cross, M. Jacquier, B. Eddy


Goal Kickers: B. Beioley 3, A. Stephens 2, B. Heintze 2, K. Papachristos 2, R. Burns
Best Players: T. Karr, B. Beioley, T. Skinner, S. Fulton, J. Jarrett


Quinnys A grade Postmatch report


Saturday we squeezed out a really good 1 point win against a determined Gaza. This is great for us after the draw the week before with the boys “finding a way to win”. 5 points down with 2 mins to go and Wil Pap had a great 1 minute of footy with a goal at one end and a smother at the other. Wil has come back to our club an even better player and his love for the lads is evident. 


So we got off to a slow start but were able during the second quarter to play more like ourselves and built a decent lead only to be clawed and headed by Gaza late to their credit.  The lads then knuckled down and with Wil doing it at both ends we got the win. 


Goals were kicked by Harry Cumming with 3 and 2’s to Liam Jacka, Matty Jac and Wil with a single to Liam Toohey


Our best were Wil who had a bit of a rough start along with Matty J and Ben Toohey who then all fought back to be good players for us. Liam Jacka has added some real polish to his game of late with Orrs doing a great job in the Ruck. Brent Eddy was solid all day with Boof Braley good. Sam Webster showed an ability to step to the level, well done Sam. 


Great work by Granty’s B’s and Hammo getting a win in his first crack at it. 


A well earnt bye with some good players about after it and a special mention to Casey Beard. Missed all year due to a stomach infection. Came out and does what he does. 


Enjoy the week off. 


Ta, Quinny. 

PHOS Camden (B) 3.2-20   7.6-48   9.8-62   13.10-88

Gaza                         3.1-19   3.1-19   8.2-50     10.3-63


Goal Kickers: M. Yeatman 5, T. Ward 2, T. Vassallo, J. Loades, J. Tomlinson, D. Laing, T. Gray, A. Flett
Best Players: M. Yeatman, D. Laing, J. Koutsikas, C. Beard, A. Flett, B. Teakle


Goal Kickers: J. Mason 3, B. Farr 2, B. Crosnier 2, N. Bailey, S. Dinedios, M. Karr
Best Players: J. Dutschke, J. Carrigg, B. Farr, J. Abela, J. Mason

Grantys B grade Postmatch report

The B grade continue to build momentum with three wins in a row now and plenty of upside to come as we head into the second half of the year.

It was great to see a spread of goal kickers this week lead by Yeata with 5 and singles to Wardy, Fletty, Gray, Laing, Loads, Tomlinson and Vassallo.

The back line did a great job again and with Beardy, Brini and Teakle  putting in solid performances this kept GAZA down to 13 scoring shots for the game.

The midfield had its challenges throughout the 4 quarters with Dane and Kouta steadying the ship over the course of the game to come out on top.

The forwards gave us plenty to aim for and took advantage of the quick movement from players streaming down the ground and it was great to see Mark Yeatman in great touch with Wardy and Fletty contributing to get us over the line.

I am excited about the way we are playing and how the new players are fitting into the team and I’m looking forward to the back half of the year.



Gaza                           1.0-6     3.2-20   3.2-20     6.4-40

PHOS Camden (C)  4.4-28   9.4-58  10.5-65  12.7-79


Goal Kickers: A. Henry 2, T. Wesbroom, S. Saxby, B. Nixon, J. Bonello
Best Players: M. Jones, H. Fielke, S. Dragomir, B. Rogan, D. Jenke


Goal Kickers: H. Fisher 4, A. Biagi 2, K. McGuinness, K. Ball, A. Lyon, J. Resnais, B. Longbottom, H. Sharp
Best Players: L. McCabe, J. OBrien, D. Conley, S. Meyers, A. Biagi

Hammo C grade Postmatch report

to come

Web Pre match Report



Sam Webster 1st game of A grade football.

Upcoming Events

Saturday 16th June: Cocktail Party

Venue - Happy Sally

Friday 21st September Presetation Night

2018 100 Club raffle $100 ticket

Gaza Goss 

Last time we played Gaza:  was round 14 and we won by 45 points, Gaza winning in round 5 by 16 points. They finished 5th knocked out in 1st final by SHOCs (2 points).

Ladder: Currently 9th on ladder with 2W 6L


Last 5 games: loss to SPOC by 108 points, beat S-Nth by 43 points the 3 losses to Unley, Iggies & SHOCs.

2018 Gaza will be desparate for a win currently in danger of being demoted to Div 3, flogged by SPOCs last week but a good win against 5th place Salisbury Nth.

Quinnys A grade Prematch report


Tomorrow we host Gaza to Round out the half way mark of the season. Gaza are a developing side pushing lots of young players through and still with a mix of good A2 footballers. We respect the fact the ladder positions don't always tell the story so we will need to be at our best. 


We take some things we learn’t from last week and get the opportunity to show our improvement and I would expect a wound up focussed group in our jumper tomorrow. 


We lose Virg tomorrow due to family commitments in Melbourne. Reavs has a leg injury that requires some rest and Corey McDonald goes back to the two’s for some game time. Corey has been great in many ways and represents sometimes a victim of our style of footy. He’ll be back. 


Coming in are Wattsy after a great effort in the two’s and Scholzy returns after a couple off. Sam Webster comes in for his first A grade game . His form has been super this season and his attitude first class. The look in his eye was total appreciation when he got the nod. All the best Sam. 


All the best to Granty and the Two’s, keep up the good work and Hammo and the Thirds out at Gaza. Rolling out two very good sides. 


Also to Toosa and Tus and the U/18’s. Lets get another win. 


Well done to the boys Tuesday night with a good turn out to listen to Jessie from the Sammy D Foundation who presented the talk and awareness session. 


Ta, Quinny. 

Grantys B grade Prematch report

Saturday the B grade take on Gaza at PHOS oval for the last time this year and the players are keen to get another win on the board.

With a lot of good players coming back from injury or being away, selection was the hardest it’s been all year.

We welcome two senior players in Casey Beard and Corey McDonald into the side this week and I’m looking forward to having their experience add to what is a team continuing to grow each week.


Congratulations to Sam Webster on his first A grade game and Wattsy getting back after a solid effort last week.

The great news is we have a number of B grade players coming back through the C,s which will give us depth coming into the second half of the year

Good luck to Quinny, Hammo and Toosa  this week let’s see if we can all bring home the bacon



Hammo C grade Prematch report


Congratulations to

club doctor Lane Hinchcliffe

The Health Hub Family GP

The Health Hub Family GP provide valuable sponsorship to our club; U18’s Team Sponsor, Junior Shorts sponsor, club doctor role, to name a few.


If you are a player or a parent of a player please consider using The Health Hub as your local GP. They are located in Waterloo St, Glenelg.​

The Phantoms would like to thank Dr Lane and The Health Hub for their fantastic support.

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