2015 Trial Games Schedule


Make sure you have you mouthguards, socks & shorts ready!


Trial 3 against Goodwood @ PHOS Coaches Report


Saturday saw the club play 3 trials, against SMOSH in the C grade then Goodwood Saints in the B's and A's. 


A lot of positives came out of all three games with the most important thing is blokes getting good footy into them against quality teams. 


In the A grade, we were really pleased with what we saw. Goodwood are a well drilled confident side built on discipline and knowledge of their game and each others. Pretty much what we are trying to do accepting that confidence comes from hard work! 


The hard running direct style of footy is developing well and some of the other structures we are working on showed a lot of promise against a high pressure. 


We had approx seven out of what would be our so called best side but that's now up for discussion! Bergs and Mat Jac ran well through the midfield with Mat playing a different role which he's accepted with both hands. Dylan Gamble and Hamish Gordon were very solid through the mids as well and Nick Ramsey showed he could be set for a big year. Tom Quinn and Teddy again showed their willingness to work for the team mates up forward. Our backline was as solid as ever with Evo and Lucas Kanga ( back for the game from the Bays) good on flanks and Boof Braley very solid at CHB. Pat on the back to Tom Finn to for a near faultless display at full back. 


Orry Cross in the ruck hardly lost a tap and his groundwork and coverage was very pleasing. 


I can quite honestly say that all players took another step forward. That's all we asked from Satdy. That's in both grades. Tough selection decisions is what we asked the lads for and we have them! 


I'd like to make mention of 3 players. Josh Marton a new player who volunteered to run for the B's given he was injured. Dan James who played three quarters in the B's then pretty much sat on the pine for the A's game. When I said "sorry for not more of a run mate" Dan replied "it's all about the team quinny". Sam Williams was there early, marked the oval lines, then umpired the B grade. This willingness from the lads to help out and give to the team and club was terrific and embraces what we are on about!


Righto enough, bring on SEATON Round 1. 


Thanks Quinny. 



Trial 2 Full Scale Internal @ PHOS Coaches Report


Saturday’s internal trial was very pleasing with nearly 50 players taking part. No player really enjoys playing against their mate but all players accepted its necessary and their attitude and desire was first class. The umpires made comment post game of the player’s intensity. 


There was a lot to like about individual efforts however I won’t single out, I'll just say there is some selection headaches coming up that we welcome. No injuries was the most pleasing thing. 


We welcome a new signing, Josh Marton, a strongly built key defender, utility player who comes to us from Strathalbyn where he won an A grade premiership last season. 


We’ve also signed James Cadzow who trained with us pre season last year before damaging a shoulder requiring surgery. James is 6ft 2 smooth moving utility progressing really well.

We look forward to our trials this weekend with Goodwood, a club we have tremendous respect for and will be one step closer to where we need to be for round one. 


Saturday afternoon, after the internal the players had a BBQ lunch and a keg to share compliments of Luke Mays blistering 400 metre effort on Camden Classic Day. 


Prior to the keg , Tim Johns, two times premiership captain and three time premiership player addressed the group on the want for success, leadership and self honesty. It was fantastic from Johnsy and set the scene for current players. Luke May, Ryan Bartlett and Austin Tremaine spoke from an established player’s point of view and Tom Quinn, Mitch Moliner and Glen Soper spoke from a recruits point of view. Each had a different story for staying at or coming to PHOS and it was great to see the young men handle it so well and I'm sure what they said will stick in their mates head and heart for when required. 


Thanks to our sensational group of volunteers, Tus, Gerard and Sharon, Steve Jac and our Prez Paul and Anne Williams for their never ending support. 


Thanks, Quinny. 


Thanks, Quinny. 



Trial 1 v SMOSH WL @ PHOS Coaches Report


Sunday saw us tackle SMOSH in the first of our trials. We were pleased with what we saw from the group in both games. Quite a few players sat this one out with niggles etc but it's clear that the depth of our group has improved. This looks good for all three senior sides and the footy club as a whole.


We are very pleased to announce the further signings of Hamish Gordon formerly of Glenelg u/18's and Millicent in the South East and Dylan Gamble who signed with our footy club on Sunday after the game. Dylan played league footy with Glenelg last season and originates from Mount Burr in the South East. Both players are very talented and strengthen our on ball brigade no end. These signings are a pat on the back to the group as both players were keenly sought by other clubs but chose us purely by the vibe of the group and their association with our other lads from the South East.  


Back to Sunday and we saw a high pressure, running and attacking brand of footy complimented by everybody contributing from Bergs through to Harry Young, Mitch Moliner and Josh James who showed us A grade footy is not beyond them.


Kris Evans, Daniel Hill (new recruit) and Ryan Reavley (hopefully new recruit) set the scene with a great attack on ball and body and things flowed from there. Tom Quinn looked good up forward and Teddy Bartlett was terrific in his new role. Smythy did a power of work in ruck with Orry and Dogs out and Glenn Soper was crispy on the wing. That's enough, everybody contributed.


Saturday at 11am we play an internal at Phos with an afternoon together from then on.


Things will be hard re selection come round 1 but that is the problem we strive for!


I'd like to mention the great work by Billy Cameron, Tait Garnaut, Tim Christie-Ling, Tom Quinn, Dale Marriot and Mat Jacquier for their efforts in helping out Friday night with the juniors


More to come. 

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