This weeks games

Round 14 - 23rd July

PHOSC v Broadview

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This weeks C grade game

No C grade game

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This weeks u/18 grade game


(Sunday away @ 3pm)

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(Scared Heart Middle School)

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1st Coach

Glen McPherson (left) pictured with his son Ian on the original Meyer Oval behind Plympton High School (now William Light)

Round  14  Past Players Day

Historical Jumper Round


Heritage Jumper Auction

all jumpers were auctioned after the game

pctured Capt Aron Bergsma ($400+)


1996 D9 Premiers celebrated their 20yr anniversary 


1/4 time speech against Broadies


u/18 players  Elliot Dunkan, Josh Bayliss & Henry Papatolis all player very well

2015   Round  14  Sponsors Day


Round 14 is Sponsors Day 

We will not only be thanking our sponsors in a fully hosted marquee, but we will be dedicating the round to raising funds for the Breast Cancer network.  It will be a spectacle to see the boys running out in their special Pink and White Guernseys. 


That evening we will be holding both our presentations for our senior players and an auction of the player guernseys from which all funds will go towards

Breast Cancer network of Australia 


Round 14


Pembroke OS

Sat July 18th

Camden Oval



(C grade v Colonel Light Gardens home 10 am -Triple Header)












PHOS Camden      2.3-15         4.8-32    6.10-46   11.11-77

Broadview              1.1-7           3.2-20    3.4-22      5.5-35


Goal Kickers: L. May 2, A. Bergsma 2, M. Jacquier 2, S. Williams , H. Gordon, H. Papatolis, J. Bayliss, N. Ramsey
Best Players: M. Ruwoldt, A. Smyth, R. Reavley, O. Cross, G. Soper

A grade Postmatch report


I'll start by saying how great it was to have the lads wearing a guernsey worn by good PHOS Men of the past and I believed the boys held up their end. We spoke of carrying the baton of the club and that this group is responsible for how we conduct ourselves right now. 


Saturdays game against Broadview was always going to be a firm one. Both sides fighting for form and hopefully a spot in finals. We started well and I believe controlled the quarter but with some missed shots at goal the game was well in the balance. Again through the second quarter no team pushed away but i did feel we were close to splitting it. All players were contributing which is our key as we don't have those key position specialists, we have blokes who go there and give you a great effort. 


Our third and fourth quarters were excellent. I don't like leaking goals and we kept them goalless in the third which pleased me and our last quarter we ran hard and finished off a tenacious Broadview by 6 goals. 


Goal kickers were spread which is a handy thing. 


Our best were Ruwy and Reavs playing his best game for the year and being our best player. I though Maisey was terrific, Sopes was really solid and big Orrs played a bottler. Smythy wasn't bad either and Gordo had some really good moments. 


Our young brigade of Henry Pap, Josh Bayliss and Elliot Duncan (a good debut) well and truly showed they like a bit of A grade footy and Henry displayed the toughness i love when he copped an accidental elbow in the head, dusted off and went and laid a tackle and then won the footy. That's the way you hurt opposition, get the footy! 

well done to Craig and the two's in a good gutsed out win! 


I know this Satdy isn't past players day (editor: its Ladies day) officially but every Satdy can be past players day! Come get around the boys, they love having you there and the support is great. It makes the club feel alive! 


Ta, Quinny. 


A grade Prematch report

Saturday we host Broadview, a team we played poorly against last time. I say that with no disrespect to the effort and good win by Broadview but not one of our people would be proud of their performance that day compared to the standards we are starting to set. If we had played near our best or somewhat proud of effort and Broadies were still good enough to beat us then so be it! We did not come to play and were rightly beaten. 

Things have changed! We'll see! 

We lose Mick Papatolis, Jono Koutsikis and Paddy Hamden from our side for holidays and in Paddys case, work reasons. 

Coming in are Adam Scholz and Brent Eddy returning to A grade footy and we introduce Elliot Duncan to the group for his first game of A grade footy. The promotion of our lads from Granty's terrific group of U/18's is not a "token" selection! I've watched a lot of U/18's footy this year and what I have seen from them is exciting and encouraging for our club! Henry Papatolis, Josh Bayliss and now Elliot Duncan have brought something to us! Well done Granty. 

We look forward to having our past players come to watch the present day players. Wearing the heritage jumper is a huge thrill for the players, have a great day. 

All the best to all PHOS players, Craig, Popey and Granty. Let's have a big day for the club! 

Ta Quinny. 

Ps- I was lucky enough to sit in the rooms at half time last week and see the way the U/18's have banded together and listened to the junk they talk that is part of tight knit groups lead by the smallest bloke with the biggest presence, Wil Price! The senior players run a "ratpack" (a group or rat bags who manage to make and find trouble and indulge in cheeky behaviour) and I believe Pricey fits the criteria. I certainly encourage any PHOS people to get along and watch the lads and if you can get in and listen to their banter. It's entertaining. 

B grade results

PHOS Camden    0.6-6    2.8-20   5.12-42    7.14-56

Broadview           4.0-24  5.3-33   6.6-42      7.7-49


Goal Kickers: N. Walters 2, A. Flett, J. Green, J. Whitford, B. Toohey, R. Morgan
Best Players: J. James, B. Maitland, J. Grosser, R. Morgan, N. Walters

B grade postmatch report

We let Broadview get off to a flyer last Saturday with them having four goals on the board before we posted our first in the second quarter. Our boys had a few questions asked of them at half time when we went into the main break two goals down and our opponents throwing a few barbs as we were walking off. Our ability to work as a team was one of the big questions with too many boys playing for themselves in the first half, but the maturity of our group shone through as we re-grouped in the third, getting ourselves back in the game through good teamwork and an ability to commit 100% to every contest. We finally hit the front in the last quarter and never looked back with Nick Walters kicking two clutch goals and putting Broadview to the sword. Despite Broadview’s physical pressure for four quarters our boys played the ball and got the desired result, a hard fought win. Our other goal kickers were all singles to Fletty, Greeny, Whitty, Tooza senior and Morgs.

A lot of players drifted in and out the game but Josh James had a great game at Centre Half Back in his first B Grade game in over 2 months while Brodie Maitland on a back flank showed no fear all day backing into packs, getting cleaned up and going back for more. Jake Grosser keeps improving every week and had another big game on the other back flank and Rian Morgan is adding more dimensions to his game by having an influence from a wing. There were a few players that could’ve taken the last spot in the best including Nick Watts, Lachie McDonald, Nick Walters, Fletty and Liam Toohey in his first senior game, all had an influence on the game at various stages throughout the day.

Well done to Simon and the A Grade on a strong win and thanks to the Past Players for their support on the day, it definitely helped us get over the line.




Craig B.

B grade prematch report

Broadview will be a tough opponent in the wet after giving us a good run for three quarters the last time we played them out there and giving SHOC a scare last week. Our boys need to be switched on from the first bounce and need to have the intensity and desperation that has got us to where we are at the moment, but it needs to be for the entire game, not just when it suits.


We are nearing the pointy end of the season and with players coming back from injury and travel over the next few weeks everyone needs to be on their toes and prepared to give it everything to get the result we want.

We get Nick Walters, Dane Laing, Sam Webster and Josh James back to bolster the side and due to a late withdrawal from Mitch Molnar, Liam Toohey gets an opportunity to play his first senior game for the club. Liam's another player from Granty's Under 18 Footy Factory keen to make his mark at senior level and will be a handy player in tough conditions.

Good luck to the A Grade and Under 18s (unfortunately no C's this week) who are both finding momentum at the right time of the season.

It would be great to celebrate a couple of wins with the Past Players on Saturday night, let's make it happen!!


Craig B.

C grade

Did not play


Sacred Heart OC         12.7-79

PHOS Camden               2.1-13


Goal Kickers: C. Rankin 2, S. Whelan 2, C. Gibbie 2, C. Reynolds, T. O''Malley, J. Chapman, B. Sadedin, T. Kelly, H. McKay
Best Players: T. O''Malley, B. Sadedin, S. Whelan, S. Kerrish, T. Kelly


Goal Kickers: L. Toohey 2
Best Players: E. Dunkin, L. Kohn, L. McCABE, L. Toohey, J. Resnais

Grantys Post Match report

Hard day to play football but both sides had the same conditions and SHOC were harder and used the ball better under in the conditions

We did have some shining lights in the game with the back line who where continually under pressure.. Top five in fact in Dunkin who repelled the advances time and again and Lachie Kohn who's attack on the ball and player could not be questioned...
Webster,Resnais and McCabe worked hard all game to beat there opponents on the day but could not stop the running midfield who flooded the forward line.
Other players who contributed were Liam Toohey with a couple of goals and worked hard all game and Tom Unger and Tom Gulliford who always give 100%.
Pricey and Boothy both had moments on the wing and Harvey used the ball well when he got his hands on it...
Losing the in form Brown to a knock on the knee third meant limited rotations and player fatigue.
Bayliss tried hard all day but a great game for the seniors the day b4 took its toll. Brycey picked up a lot of touches today including himself from the opposition.... Eddy couldn't get on the score board today and Big Hugh found space today and needs to be reworded for the hard work...while It was great to have Sam M having a crack against a few of his mates...

Game done now ..
let's look forward to the finals... We get back some pretty handy players from the SANFL which will see a different stronger side to take on Plympton...

Train hard and let's get ready to kick some Butt over the next few weeks

Fire Up Phantoms


Round 14 2014


Scotch OC College - Scotch College Oval - Saturday 19th July - 2:15pm


Scotch OC           2.3-15    4.4-28    7.6-48    11.8-74

PHOS Camden   1.1-7      2.4-16    4.6-30       6.9-45



Goal Kickers: S. Williams , A. Tremaine , L. May , B. Cameron , K. Evans , A. Bergsma 

Best Players: A. Smyth, K. Evans, J. Braley, W. Papatolis, S. Williams


Quinnys post-game


In the A Grade on Saturday we were beaten by a better side who played the conditions better than us. We wanted to dance around with the footy and in the mud that’s not the way. We let ourselves down with some undisciplined efforts and at times our skill level was nowhere near what we are capable of! A lot of our turnovers were unpressured! That’s hard to watch. We had players who would feel pretty unhappy about their game and if they are honest with themselves they will get better. 


Our Best players were Smythy, a really good backmans game, Evo all over the ground, dogs in the ruck, Boof was very good at centre half back and Wil Pap did a goood shut down role on a good player.


We have a bye to re-straighten ourselves for Walkerville! We still have a lot to get out of this year, individually and as a team! 


Well done to Craig and the B's, with 9 or so players out of the A grade and a few more on top of that from the B's there is possibly 15 players who could be available and the effort Saturday was outstanding! 



web pre-game:


This weeks game against Scotch is as usual a must win game.


They are coming off a good win against 3rd place PAC but have had surprising losses to SHOCs and Walkerville in the last 5 weeks.


The last time we played Scotch was round 5 at home, we let them get off to a 5 goal headstart in the 1st Q which they maintained for most of the game then ran away with it to win by 51 points. 


Quinnys pre-game:


This week sees us take on the second ranked side, Scotch. If we bring 100% intensity to the game then we are more than capable of beating them! They are a good side and so are we when we bring what we need to!


We look forward to this game a lot! Let’s really go after them boys! 


Out going from last week is Brodhi Carracher (who's form has been great) due to a uni placement in NSW, Mike Bennett due to a wedding, Shawy and young Simon Brozel with injuries, both have been terrific and will be missed. Andy Simpson who badly broke a thumb last Saturday and was forced to play on with it due to injuries. We copped a few last week but Simmo was outstanding in fighting on despite the injury and so were 3 or 4 other men who I won’t mention but they and more importantly their team mates know who they were!


We lost to SHOCS, yep we weren’t  good enough on the day but when 7 players are carrying injuries and trying their best, that is a good sign to show the fabric of the side is strong to keep fighting!  


Coming in this week is Sam Underwood from the Bays and Sam Williams from Kuta. Tom Wallent with Jake Resnais come in to the side for the first time this year after good solid performances in the two's and Shaun Smith (Boxa) for his A grade debut, we are excited to throw Shaun in and see how he goes! 

Thanks, Quinny. 


Ps - Shauns nickname is Boxa as in lifes like a Box of Chocolates - You never know what you’ll get? It's exciting! 

The Phantom side:


FFwd:      Scholtzy       Harri            Papa     

HFwd:     Itchy              Jac                 Aussie

C:               Willo            TC                    Billy

HBack:    Teddy          Boof              Smythy 

FBack:    Finn              Smith            Evo

Ruck:      Dogs             Berga           Maysie

Pine:       Christie-Ling,  Wallent,    Resnais



Round  14   'B'  grade  team


Scotch OC College - Scotch College Oval - Saturday 19th July - 12:15pm


Scotch OC              5.9-39

PHOS Camden    10.11-71



Goal Kickers: J. Grosser 3, H. Walters 2, M. Parslow 2, C. Harms , J. Whitford , D. Parkins 

Best Players: D. Parkins, L. McDonald, B. Eddy, H. Walters, A. Flett



Craig post-game:


The theme we have had all year is playing team footy and doing the one percenters to help out our teammates. Last Saturday saw the players running for each other and making the effort to get to a contest and do things like put on a shepherd or talk which was extremely pleasing.


Our ability to hold the ball in the forward line and create scoring opportunities through our tackling pressure was great with Matt “Pasty” Parslow capitalising on this and having his best game for the year kicking 2 goals and creating a couple more while Anthony “Fletty” Flett ran his opponent ragged up forward and then did the same down back and on the ball when asked. We had Scotch OC  on the ropes early working hard to run the ball, linking up through the middle of the ground using Jake Grosser who had his best game since coming back kicking 3 goals and Lachlan McDonald who has found form over the past few weeks and is not afraid to go for a hanger or two.


Our backline worked hard keeping the opposition to just 5 goals with Brent Eddy proving to be handy out of a back pocket and Rian Morgan back in form from half back. Our young brigade also flew the flag with Harry Walters kicking 2 goals and Patrick Cusenza both setting us up from stoppages around the ground and Justin Whitford giving us a tall target up forward. The most pleasing thing that came out of Saturday was that every player contributed and played for each other which made it very hard to pick best players, it was definitely a case of all played well.


We now need to take this mindset into our next game against Walkerville who are hunting for our spot, there’s no way we are giving it up!!





Fwd                       Hull                        Parslow                Phillis

HF                           Walters                Flett                       Whitford

C                             McDonald           Harms                   Grosser

HB                          R Morgan            Marriott               Garnaut

B                             Eddy                      Leatch                   Turner

Ruck                                                      Interchange

Parkins                                                 Doolette-Cox

Cusenza                                               Millard

Meyers                                                C Morgan


Craig pre-game:


We have the opportunity this Saturday to go into the week off with a win, but only if the 21 players that take the field this week are prepared to work for each other and play as a team.


Scotch OC has found some form in the last few weeks in the B grade and will be a tough opponent on their home deck. We must be prepared to take the game on and back our ability which is how we’ve won our games over the course of this season.


Our back six is bolstered by the return of Rhys Turner with Brent Eddy and Shannon Leatch showing some good form in recent weeks while our on ball brigade has Corey Phillis back on board after several weeks on the sideline.


This game is a must win for us and the only way we are going to get the result we want is through hard work, accountability and playing 4 quarters of intense football, if we tick all these boxes the result looks after itself.


Round  14   'C'  grade  team


Adelaide Uni - Park 10 - Saturday 19th July - 2:15pm


PHOS Forfeit - 10 goals loss






Round 14 B Squad


3 P. Cusenza

16 D. Doolette-Cox

32 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

17 T. Garnaut

14 J. Grosser

29 C. Harms

25 A. Hull

46 S. Leatch

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

40 S. Meyers

22 K. Millard

34 C. Morgan

44 R. Morgan

42 D. Parkins

49 M. Parslow

11 C. Phillis

15 R. Turner

31 H. Walters

35 J. Whitford


B grade ladder


1 Prince Alfred OC      28

2 Sacred Heart OC      23

3 Payneham NU          19

PHOS Camden         16

Walkerville                  14

6 SMOSH West Lakes   12

7 Broadview                   10

8 Scotch OC                    8

 Flinders Park              6

10 Gepps Cross              4





Round 14 A Squad


24 R. Bartlett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

28 B. Cameron

13 T. Christie-Ling

8 T. Clarke

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

55 A. Harris

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

30 J. Resnais

23 A. Scholz

19 S. Smith

21 A. Smyth

2 A. Tremaine

6 S. Underwood

5 T. Wallent

10 S. Williams

12 S. Williams




S. Underwood, S. Williams, B. Cameron, S. Smith, T. Wallent,  J. Resnais



B. Carracher, M. Bennett, S. Brozel, T. Shaw, A. Simpson, B. Van Gilse,


A grade ladder


1  Payneham NU          26

2  Scotch OC                 22

3 Prince Alfred OC       18

4 Broadview                 14

5 Sacred Heart OC       14

Walkerville                12

7  Flinders Park            10

8  Gepps Cross              8

9 PHOS Camden           8

10 SMOSH                     8


Round 14 C Squad


N. Bartsch

S. Cook

L. Dawson

7 C. Djurasevich

D. Georgeson

26 L. Gerschwitz

6 C. Gilby

M. Halls

R. Kleinig

9 D. Kreig

14 S. Kreig

1 D. Martin

G. Martin

16 J. Mcdade

A. Parker

19 M. Polkinghorne

4 B. Prater

8 A. Robb

A. Roccisano

T. Sekay

S. Sheridan

F. Smith

23 O. Stagg

L. Steyn

A. Wieegelmann


C grade ladder


C grade ladder


1 GoodwoodSaints     24

2 Rostrevor OC             22

3 Unley Mercedes        22

4 AdelaideUniversity   19

5 Port District               18

6 Walkerville                   11

7 PHOS Camden          10

8 Salisbury North          6

St Peters OC                6

10 Gaza                            2





VILI'S DIVISION 3 results 

Video Highlights of Round 14 click here



PHOS Camden        4.1-25     11.2-68     16.3-99     18.4-112

Pembroke OS          4.3-27       6.6-42        9.6-60     14.7-91




Goal Kickers: H. Gordon 4, A. Bergsma 3, J. Koutsikas 2, W. Papatolis 2, O. Cross 2, S. Williams 2, A. Smyth , D. Gamble , S. Brozel 
Best Players: , R. Reavley , O. Cross , S. Williams , A. Bergsma , A. Smyth



Goal Kickers: H. Nicholson 4, A. Dean 3, T. Evans 3, E. Connors 2, J. Pengelly , F. Pinkney 
Best Players: , J. Pengelly , N. McCann , S. Wightman , F. Pinkney , S. Franklin


Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


I a liken a footy season a bit like reading a book. Some chapters are boring, some good and some you just don't want to end because what you're seeing or reading has you wide eyed wanting more! Not every game is a great chapter but Saturdays game against Pembroke was!


We wore pink and white guernseys to assist in raising money for Breast Cancer and the boys put forth a honourable performance in front of our much appreciated club sponsors!


As far as the game went, well we played an in form side sitting third. We had some players missing from our squad for numerous reasons which effects the whole senior group not only the A's. Before the game we linked arms, looked each other in the eyes and made a bit of a pledge to give our best today on and off the field. We employed some tactics and structures and off we went!


Five minutes into the game we'd lost TC and Boof in a sickening clash that left both lads in an ordinary place! None of us like seeing this but it's footy and when two blokes like those two who show courage every week cross paths it's going to happen! By just after half time we lost Teddy Bartlett with a hammy and then Simon Brozel was hampered with a head injury.


So it was busy and a quick spray re to many free kicks and turn overs in the first quarter and off we went. All players were putting in and really stood up for their mates lead by Steve Williams up forward. A really dominant start and Ryan Reavley, our rock in a depleted backline.


Our second and third quarters were very good. We seem to leave sides in the game with high free kick counts and some fumbly turnovers but we are working on it. Our last quarter was solid and although out scored we fought hard and came away with a 21 point win.


Our goal kickers were Gordo 4, Bergs 3, Orrs, Hotdogs, wil Pap and Kouta 2 and singles to Gambo, Simmo and Smythy.


Our best were Smythy who played everywhere, our skipper Bergs, a great Captains game, Big Orrs and Dogs in the ruck and fwd and our best player who from half back marshalled our young thrown together back line with assistance from Tom Finn was Ryan Reavley! A clean, courageous and mature game of footy! A lot of blokes could've been in the best but it's just not important!


So yeah, fair to say I was a proud Coach and as proud as I was of the playing group I was equally grateful and proud of the assistance from Bussy, Craig, Salts and Shawy.


Great day for our club for a few reasons! We now head to Athelstone! We want to beat them, they are a side we respect!


Thanks, Quinny. 





PHOS Camden    5.2-32    7.6-48    8.10-58    11.12-78

Pembroke OS      3.2-20   6.2-38       7.5-47        8.6-54




Goal Kickers: T. Quinn 5, M. Papatolis 2, J. Resnais 2, B. Cameron , S. McGill 
Best Players: , A. Simpson , A. Flett , L. McDonald , C. Harms , H. Walters



Goal Kickers: T. Denyer 3, L. Allen 3, Z. Polyak , B. Webster 
Best Players: , R. Shibibki , M. Walsh , N. Smith , B. Webster , L. Allen



Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report


With Pembroke fighting for a top 5 spot they were always going to be a tough opponent and they  certainly lived up to it last Saturday.


We finally got the start we wanted and had a five goal first quarter to their three, going into the break with a 2 goal buffer and confidence riding high. Our opponents fought back in the 2nd and 3rd terms playing hard and tough footy in tight and making us work for every score which gave them a sniff going into the last break. The message at three quarter time was to be ruthless and be able to take the game to the next level by increasing the pressure on Pembroke by tackling harder and play the ultimate team game by working hard for each other and do the one percenters. That is exactly what the boys did, they managed to find that extra gear to put the game beyond Pembroke's reach by piling on three goals in the last quarter to their one and walking away with a four goal win.


Tom Quinn did a great job in his first game back for a few weeks kicking 5 goals, while Mike Papatolis and Jake Resnais both kicked 2 each. The top three best players were hard to split as Andy Simpson in the middle, Anthony Flett on his half back flank and Lachlan McDonald on the wing all put in great four quarter efforts and were instrumental in the win. Curtis Harms is finding good form on the ball with his strength and quick hands while Harry Walters has been good in the past couple of weeks and continued his good form again this week around the stoppages.


Our last three weeks have been tough and we have asked a lot of our players with our depth being tested. Players have been injured and unavailable lately and to everyone's credit that has taken the field in the B grade they have given us 100 percent and contributed greatly to where we are sitting on the ladder at the moment which is a fantastic endorsement of our club.


We now focus our energy on Athelstone who are going to be tough to beat on their own deck and are a challenge we are happy to take on.


Finally, congratulations to Quinny and the A Grade to get the win in challenging circumstances with only 17 fit players, a character building win guys, something to be proud of.




Craig Bahnisch




PHOS Camden                    10.0-60

Colonel Light Gardens.        0.0-0   (forfiet)



Quinnys (A grade) PREgame Report


Tomorrow is our biggest game for the year. We play Pembroke who are up and about and striving as we are to feature heavily in finals. Should be a very good game and no better people to play in front of than our sponsors. We take this chance to say "thank you".


We unfortunately lose Matt Jacquier from the side due to injury and in form full forward Andrew Harris is unavailable.


Coming in to the side are our Captain Aaron Bergsma who will be super keen after missing last week and we welcome in Simon Brozel for his first game for the year. Simmo is a player we rate highly and we consider him a strong in for the group.


Theses games against quality sides are the games we crave. They are a test individually and an even bigger test as a team.


We as a Match Committee are very proud of the way the boys have been covering for each other given constant team changes. We are getting close to getting injured players and or unavailable players back but could not be happier with the groups attitude to their footy.


So we look forward to Pembroke!


All the best to Craig and the B's and Popey and the C's.


Also Personally I think it's great our club is supporting the Breast Cancer Network. Unfortunately this bloody disease touches us all, so to be doing our bit is great!


See you Satdy, Quinny



Web Pregame


Coming off the a good win against Flinders Park this week we take on Pembroke Ols Scholars. Last time we played the Kings was round 5 and we had a hard fought 30 point win at their ground. Gamble & Hilly kicked most of the goals and Gamble Shawy & Papa had good games.


Pembroke are in 3rd position with 8 wins 3 losses (Athelstone,Us & G-Grove), they have won there 4 last games. Last week they beat G-grove by 3 points, there best win this year was probably against Old Iggies. 



Changes: (for full squad click here)

(Ins):  Aaron Bergsma, Simon Brozel

(Outs) : Matt Jacquier, Andrew Harris


In the Bs: Pembroke in 6th possy with 4 wins 7 losses. Last time we had a convincing win.


The C's take on Colonel Light Gardens (home). 9th position with 3 wins 8 losses.


All the best lads


Go Phantoms




Craigs (B grade) PREgame Report


After having a draw last week we set our sights on getting a win against Pembroke who are another team battling for a top five position.


These guys will be tough as they like to play in tight and will try to stop our run, so we must be ready for a physical game and be prepared to work hard to break the shackles to play the game on our terms.


We get a few players back this week including Sam Willcocks, Curtis Harms, Lachlan McDonald and Harry Walters who have been unavailable through sickness, injury and uni exams while Tom Quinn comes in after an extended stint on the sideline for his first B grade game this year. A special mention goes to Josh Resnais who plays his first ever B grade game for the club this week. Josh is one of our Under 16.5 players (and brother of Jake) who has been training with the senior group and had his first senior game with Popey a couple of weeks ago. He has shown great signs on the track and through his hard work deserves this opportunity.


The ability to play for each other and to never give up are the keys to making sure we get the win this week, but we must do it for the full four quarters.


Good luck to Simon and the A's against another tough opponent and to Popey's C Grade in the early game.















Luke Mays 50th game & Kouta's back in the A grade 








u/16.5 junior player Josh played his 1st senior game with brother Jake Resnais, 








Lots of mums & sisters attended the game where $4100 was raised for the Breast Cancer network of Australia 








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