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Logo's of the Camden Football Club.

Camden FC had no nickname, they wanted to be called the Camden Kangaroo's but Morphy Parks had the same nickname.



Norm Etherington 

this jumper was only

used for this year











D.C. Freer




1971 prior to 1st ever game


royal blue - yellow- sky blue

St Kilda Style






Jumpers used by Camden FC

(chocolate brown and light blue

as per SA state colours in 1930's)

Jumper used by PHOS FC

Jumpers PHOS Camden FC


1987 -2000 the golden

sash is introduced to the A grade

sponsored by

"Lennies Tavern"!


pre 1987 

the sky blue replaced by white or maybe a very faded sky blue


mid 1980's 



1991 C grade Premiers

note the varying RHS sky blue colors

The above 1970's jumper was worn up to 1986. It changed to a Carlton style in 1987 with the Greek merger but it was a 'G' not a 'C'.

1st Coach

Glen McPherson (left) pictured with his son Ian on the original Meyer Oval behind Plympton High School (now William Light)





PHOS (Plympton High Old Scholars) was originally based at NS Bull Memorial Oval at the back of the now defunct Plympton HS (now William Light) from 1971 until 1994. At this time they were given an opportunity to relocate to Camden Oval where the changed their name to PHOS Camden. This allowed them to carry on a proud Football tradition that had been happening on the corner of Anzac Highway and Morphett Road since 1930 Camden Football Club (and Greek Camden Football Club) had existed previously.


We are a proud and successful club having won numerous premierships in various football associations making our way in Amateur League from A5 to A1 and achieving two A1 premierships, one in 2000 and the other in 2002. 

The club has had an impressive list of state and association representatives as well as association best and fairest medal winners. Many past junior players have gone onto play SANFL & AFL football, including: James Sellar (Adelaide 2006/Melbourne), Hayden Jolly (Gold Coast 2011), Mathew Sharenberg (Collingwood 2013), Brayden Maynard (Collingwood 2014) & Ryan Burton (Hawthorn 2015).


At the start of the 2014 season our future seems bright with 3 senior teams and over 250 juniors competing each week in U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 and U18.


The Phantoms also have an over 35s team for those in the twilight of their careers.



Plympton High Old Scholars (PHOS) 



1971 - 1994





Plympton High School was one of the state’s largest schools in the 1960’s and boasted numerous state schoolboy titles during the mid 1960’s to 70’s. (Plympton High School is now William Light R-12 School)


In 1971 a group of recent old scholars met to establish a football team to keep their school friendships together and to create the Plympton High Old Scholars Football Club. Amongst this inaugural group was Bart Campbell (current Assistant Football Director), Dr Greg Kreis (Timekeeper), Paul Christie (life member) and Steve Ramsey (A grade Team Manager). Many of the early PHOS players still regularly attend the Club.


The jumper used was 3 vertical stripes of, royal blue, yellow and sky blue – the colours of the Plympton High School football teams. The nickname at the time was The PHOS 'Panthers' although not used a great deal. In 1987 the 'Phantom' logo was developed as a concept by past player and past President Jim Jackaman (deceased) who also wrote the existing club song. Jim aparently was obsessed with the Phantom comic and had been lobbying for years to change the logo he got his wish when he became president in 1987.


This group of young men (almost all in their teens) encountered teams of mature, tattoo covered men during a period of regular thuggery on the field. They excelled despite this, often posting wins of 20 to 30 goals. In one of the early years PHOS A grade had two players (Paul Christie and Dave Trembath) post over 100 goals each, a feat not matched before or since then.


The inaugural A grade Coach was former Glenelg and State champion, Glen McPherson. He coached the first PHOS premiership side in 1972, when massive brawls were encountered both on and off the field. Steve Ramsey was Captain at the grand age of 20. PHOS were to go on and win further A grade premierships in 1977, 1979, and 1989 before uniting with Camden in 1994.


PHOS was recognised as one of the most successful of the numerous old scholar clubs participating in Amateur League. Life was pretty difficult though as this fledgling club’s committee was made up of the players who had to run the club, raise funds to compete with more established clubs and all without clubrooms. It formed though a close comradery, the basis of which is seen in today’s club culture.


They initially played on the school and Myer oval (later to be named the N S Bull Memorial Oval after our Secretary who died suddenly) and celebrated afterwards in the Saloon Bar at the Highway Inn. After a few years the school allowed the Club to occupy the Common Room in the school so long as their celebrations weren’t too boozy and loud. Then great progress was made when the Club secured licenced premises during the football season at the Myer Bowling Club. The Myer Oval and Clubrooms on Stonehouse Avenue are now occupied by housing.


PHOS decided to move to Camden Oval in 1994 to secure its future with stable, long term clubroom and oval access. This was at times a testing move, but with great leadership from PHOS and committed Camden supporters and management from the Camden era, the relocation has been very successful.

Games Record Holder: Sherif Catic 320

Goals Record Holder: Garth Wright 719 

(as of 2016)


As PHOS Camden, the Club has gone from strength to strength.


(many thanks to Steve Ramsey & Jeff Fulford for providing the above PHOS History)






1929 – 1986


Camden Football Club began in 1929 in the then Glenelg Districts Football Association when a group of friends, who lived in Camden, decided to form a football club.


The club colours were decided as chocolate and blue (the State colours of the time) and the jumper design was alternate chocolate and blue stripes.


The original change/club room was a tin shed and the water heater was wood fired,

(the shed was still in use by opposition players until the late 1960’s).


After 6 years the club played in it’s first grand final (1935) when at half time the players learned that the umpire had backed the opposition (St. Leonards Football Club) which resulted in fights all over the ground with the umpire being knocked out at the final siren.


Camden lost.


The coach M.L. (Mo) Tucker who played in the first side in 1929 and all games subsequently,  and had coached  for 4 years would not continue the following year  because of ill discipline,  but resumed in 1937 when the club won it’s first premiership.


Mo Tucker  (1932-33-34-35-37) , together with Mel Brock (1948-1952) were the longest serving coaches  in the club’s history.

Mo returned to the club in the 1960’s after an absence of nearly 30years as team manager, committee and club steward which continued until 1975.


After WW11 the club reformed and continued with varying success being runners-up in 1952 and premiers in 1957 (Lloyd Weston coach).


A notable jumper experiment was the change to a blue jumper with a chocolate sash in 1949.


This was quickly discontinued and the jumper became a chocolate body with a blue yoke.

In 1970 the jumper was changed to chocolate, white and blue panels (front) and a blue back.


Premierships were won in 1972 (Ron Redford coach), 1974-75-76 (John Burkett coach) and runner-up’s 1979.


The club amalgamated with Greek  Football Club in 1987 and played in Division 1 SAAFL, winning two Division 1 premierships, 1990 undefeated and in 1991 losing two games.


The partnership dissolved in 1993.


PHOS moved to Camden Oval in 1994, the PHOS Camden era began.


(many thanks to Peter Tucker for providing the above Camden FC history)



PHOSC 2014

Preseason Training Singlet




Reversible Training Jumpers


PHOSC 2015

Preseason Training Singlet

"Redemption" after getting relegated in 2014 from Div 2 to Div 3. The boys did find redemption in winning the 2015 GF progressing back to Div 2


PHOSC 2016

Preseason Training Singlet


The Fight Back (to Div 1)

(2016 PHOSC finished 4th in DIV 2)


PHOSC 2017

Preseason Training Singlet


2001 - Current Jumper 

A.Pope (past legend, current c grade coach)

the gold slash is overlayed by the Phantom Mask, possibly designed by David Rosman

PHOSC 2014

Preseason Away/Clash Jumper

1st time worn at Broadview

Pictured at front is designer

Steve "Hot Dogs" Williams




Current player Nick Ramsey with father Steve, Steve played in the 1st ever PHOS team 1971, 44 years later Nick wears the same number 3 jumper.




Jumper Used for Breast Cancer Network fundraiser.

All jumpers auction raised $4100


PHOSC 2016

Round 3 V SMOSH WL

History made with 3 brothers playing in the A grade.

Will, Henry & Mike Papatolis with father Tus


PHOSC 2016

Round 14 V Broadview

Past Players day

celebrated by wearing a replica of the original PHOS jumper with a Camden FC logo on left.

Pictured are 3 u/18 players who played that day. Elliot Dunkin, Josh Bayliss & Henry Papatolis. 



2016 August

Jumper Used for Beyond Blue fundraiser.

All jumpers auction raised $4500


Black & white stripes!

2017 Round 17

PHOS Camden v Old Ignatians

Camden Oval

Karen Fitzgerald Fund

Charity Game ($5k raised)

2017-2018 President of PHOSC

Michael Hamilton.

ex Premiership Coach & Player Mike "Hammo" Hamilton is the new PHOSC President replacing Paul Williams who retired after doing a great job for the last 3 years. 

PHOSC 2019

Round 11 V Woodville South

Father Son

Bailey (20) & Anthony Booth (50 pictured right)

played in same team,possibly only for the 2nd time in PHOSC history

following Mick, Jack & Max Porter



Fundraiser Jumper

Steve Clements (pictured above) past Phantom player & club stalwart who passed away back in 1996.

Steve ClementsScott Salisbury  Cup

Scott Salisbury played over 200 games (including 2 premierships) for SANFL side Glenelg, played state footy in 1987 and was awarded All Australian honors in the same year. Scott played Junior & senior football at Plympton

25th year of the amalgamation between the PHOS and Camden Football Clubs.  

To celebrate we will be wearing this guernsey on Saturday 12 May 2018 Vs Broadview at Camden Oval and auctioning the game worn guernseys afterwards.

Every one who has ever played A grade for PHOS Camden is written into the front of the guernsey.

to order one click on the image.

The Cup past results:


Aug 15th 2015

PHOS Camden    18.21-129

Plympton                   5.5-35

June 13th 2015

PHOS Camden    18.11-119

Plympton                   9.8-62


August 17th 1996

PHOS Camden    26.23-179

Plympton                   6.9-45


June 16th 1996

PHOS Camden    28.20-188

Plympton                   6.13-49

Bruce Clements (pictured above) awards the Cup to 2015 captain Aaron Bergsma.


A grade Results Round 9 2015


Plympton                   9.8-62

PHOS Camden    18.11-119




Goal Kickers: G. Kastrappi 4, L. Genikas 3, M. Scott , D. Clunes 
Best Players: , T. Holtham , G. Kastrappi , K. Nelson , A. Tan , M. Downey



Goal Kickers: D. Gamble 4, H. Gordon 3, S. Williams 3, T. Quinn 3, M. Jacquier , D. Hill , A. Bergsma , B. Van Gils , S. Williams 
Best Players: , T. Clarke , D. Gamble , A. Bergsma , R. Reavley , J. Brale



Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


I'll start this by saying well done to Tristan Shaw on 100 games for the PHOS Football Club. Shawy, also known as "The Difference" had his hands full early Saturday but in true fashion fought back to win his position! His leadership and steadiness down back is greatly appreciated and admired by his team mates and coaches! 


We played for the Clements/Salisbury Cup on Saturday. Only played for once in 20 years so to win it was great and to have Bruce and Family there was extra special and enhances our culture further. 


Plympton had a red hot go at us Satdy and their tenacity and intensity was a credit to them.  In saying that Plympton undertook similar tactics to what we've confronted numerous times this year! It's ideal for us as it's character building and we are having really good results from it! I'm very proud of the lads ability to just get on with it and remain hard at the footy. Dylan Gambles very hard but very fair hip and shoulder on a player yesterday personified the attitude that if you are patient and remain ready to strike the chance will present! I believe that act changed the course of the game in what was a bit of a see saw prior! 


It wasn't a pretty game but both sides played some good footy! I believe our structure and fitness and willingness to seek improvement was the difference! All players contributed and really seemed ready to play and stick at it! Very pleasing from a coaching view! 


Goal kickers were spread with Dylan Gamble 4, Hamish Gordon, Tom Quinn and Steve Williams 3. Singles to Aaron Bergsma, Daniel Hill, Sam Williams, Brent Van Gils and Matt Jacquier. 


Our best players were plenty, again everybody had a serviceable game and some were real good. Some copped a spray and responded very well ie Teddy and Rama and showed terrific character to improve so well done lads. I thought Orry Cross and Steve Williams had good games in the Ruck and Forward and wore down a very good young ruckman for Plympton. Hamish Gordon played a great team game kicking goals but his courageous acts and annoyance of Gambo's tag was good. Brent Van Gils was solid all day around the footy and Jarrad Braley was excellent at centre half back. Kris Evans was his normal intense well skilled self and Ryan Reavley solid across half back. Smythy was very good on ball adding to his versatility despite knocking off a kransky 20 mins before the game! I thought our three best were Dylan Gamble, 4 goals and a great physically controlled game despite a hard tag, Aaron Bergsma for grunt and work rate through the middle as well as first class direction and intensity. Our best was Tom Clarke in the back pocket, faultless display with leadership, courage, great decision making and very good skill! 


So all up, a good win and at the half way mark of the year sitting 7/1 with a good percentage things look solid! We are continually working to improve and "get good at being good" and a real highlight is our depth and pressure from the two's. Craig is doing a great job with them and they are playing great team orientated footy and seem ready that when their chance to come up comes, they’ll be ready! Popey has the C's having a good year and despite a couple of losses if they keep working hard they’ll get a win this week. 


Seaton this week. Let's hope we can all just play footy. 


Ta, Quinny. 




PHOS CAMDEN B grade results


Plympton                         3.3-21

PHOS Camden         26.14-170




Goal Kickers: R. Wilde 2, B. Pitman 
Best Players: , P. Bidmeade , R. Wilde , B. Farrell , 



Goal Kickers: A. Harris 7, A. Flett 4, P. Hamden 3, B. Cameron 2, W. Papatolis 2, J. Marton 2, B. Toohey , H. Young , L. McDonald , M. Papatolis , H. Walters , J. Koutsikas 
Best Players: , A. Flett , B. Toohey , W. Papatolis , H. Walters , L. McDonald




Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report



After having a week off with the bye it would've been quite easy for our boys in the B grade to come into last Saturday's game with a relaxed mindset but to their credit they came out firing for a big game.


Our first five minutes was a bit scratchy with Plympton keen to take it up to us but they couldn't capitalise with our back six including Brent Eddy working hard to keep them out.


Once we found our feet and got our game going the players moved the ball well with precision and speed producing goals from defense by running and carrying the ball. The work rate from our midfield including Mitch Molnar, Harry Walters and Jono Koutsikas was great with the support of Harry Young, Sam Willcocks and Josh Marton who gave us a physical presence around the ground while Andrew Harris rewarded the good work done further up the ground by kicking 7 goals from full forward.


Having a game like we did on Saturday makes it hard to leave players out of our best as everyone contributed heavily to the win. Anthony Flett had his best B grade game this year running several opponents ragged, kicked 4 goals and handed off a few more while Ben Toohey had a great game in the ruck giving our mids first use at stoppages and getting plenty of ball himself. Wil Papatolis kept his good form in the midfield going getting plenty of the ball and kicking 2 goals. Tom "TJ" Finn dominated in the backline creating plenty of rebound footy by attacking the contest and Lachlan McDonald had another good running game on the wing including his hanger, much to the delight of the crowd.


This was a game where we could have let our standards drop, but to the players' credit they maintained their intensity and work rate from the previous game which is a sign that our young playing group is focused and maturing, great work fellas!


Well done to the A's for grinding out the win against a determined opponent and bad luck to the C's who I know will work hard to regroup for a win next week.



C grade results


PHOS Camden        0.1-1      2.3-15      4.5-29             7.5-47

Scotch OC              4.4-28      7.5-47      10.10-70     15.12-102




Goal Kickers: J. Whitford 2, O. Stagg 2, T. Johns 2, S. McGill 
Best Players: , J. James , S. McGill , B. Carracher , J. Resnais , S. Bates , J. Whitford



Goal Kickers: T. Freeman 5, H. White 4, J. King 2, A. Gilmore , N. Fox , N. Aistrope , A. Williams 
Best Players: , N. Fox , W. Porter , B. Drake , A. Ey , J. King






Quinnys A grade Pregame


Tomorrow we head to Plympton on what's predicted a great day for footy. After the long weekend where the boys hopefully relaxed and enjoyed their time I think it's fair to say we are all looking forward to getting into it! 


Out of our A grade side is Sam Inglis due to injury and Harry Walters and Harry Young go back to the two's for no other reason than they've been squeezed out by Matt Jacquier and Daniel Hill coming back from a week off and Adam Scholz returns to the side after being injured in Round 1 and playing well in the two's last game! A big inclusion to compliment the group! 

We are really proud of the lads who've come in and out of the side! They've rolled with the punches and keep delivering to put their name up again! With the club almost injury free it can be frustrating but hang in there as its helping our club no end! 


All the best to Craig and the B's, great performance before the bye and Popey and the C's no doubt keen to fight back this week. 


Have a great time at PHOS Square tomorrow night, support the club! Most importantly, look after each other and the people who come to our club! 


See you Satdy, Quinny. 


Web Pregame


Congratulations to Tristan Shaw who plays his 100th game for the club this week..all the best Shawry!.


Tight win in the As & good win by the Bs (2 weeks ago) against Old Ignatians. Cs looking to a rebound after there first loss for the season against Kennilworth.


Round 9: is the local derby, we play for some silverware!, The Scott Salisbury / Steve Clements Cup against Plympton FC.


Scott played over 200 games (including 2 premierships) for SANFL side Glenelg, played state footy in 1987 and was awarded All Australian honors in the same year. Scott played Junior & senior football at Plympton.


Steve Clements hails from the Clements family who have been a massive part of the club in the past 20-40 years. Steven’s father Dennis (ex A grade Team Manager) has the Dennis Clements Cup named after him, which is awarded to the best of the junior best & fairest recipients. Steve’s brother (Bruce) is an ex Club President, A grade captain & ex club record holder with 275 games, A grade premiership player in 1989 & captain coach of the 1999 C grade premiership side. Bruce will be at the game to award the cup to the winning side in honor of his brother who sadly passed away in 1995. The Phantoms would like to invite all family & friends of Steven's to the game.


The 2014 Bulldogs team finished in 7th position with 7 wins 11 losses, missing out on the finals.


This year the team is also in 7th position with 2 wins and 5 losses, the wins were against Mitcham & Seaton. They lost there game against Golden Grove so will be keen to do well against us.



(Ins):  M. Jacquier, A. Scholz, D. Hill

(Outs) : S. Inglis, H. Young, H. Walters


Plympton Bs are in 8th spot with only the 1 win.


The C's take on Scotch College Old Scholars at home @ 12:15pm..the SOC's are flying undeafeated in top position with 7 wins 0 losses, the boys will have to be at there best. Hope to see all of the Popeys boys across the road at Plymton to watch the As with good news.


Go Phantoms


Craigs B Grade Pregame


After a good win before the bye we must be switched on and not let complacency set in this week against Plympton. The hunger and desire to win should be stronger and we have definitely now set a standard that we want to maintain for the rest of the season.


With second spot up for grabs we must be ready for anything that Plympton is prepared to throw at us and ensure that everyone sticks to playing their role in the team.


We get the 3 Harrys back this week with Harry Young and Harry Walters back from the A’s who will both want to stamp their mark on the game while Andrew “Harry” Harris can add to his goal tally this week after having a few weeks off. Simon Brozel also comes in and will give us some more explosive speed around the ground after an extended time out of the game.


This Saturday is all about backing up the good work we have done in the games that led into the bye and maintaining momentum, keeping up the intensity, tackling pressure, teamwork and working hard for each other, things that have got us to where we are currently.


With so many players available and in form it is definitely making it harder to select a side each week, unfortunately we can only select 21 and to every player’s credit they are all maintaining their high standards at training and every Saturday to push for selection to keep the coaches on their toes. Looking at the big picture this is great for the club and it is showing the class and character of the players we have, well done lads!


Good luck to Simon and the A grade and Popey’s C grade in their top of the table clash.






Great to have Lecornu back on board for the 2016 Season.


click on the image above to view their latest sale, support the business's that support the Phantoms

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