Round 11

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Round 11 Results

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In one of the most emotional days in our clubs history

all 3 teams had victories and dedicated the wins to the 

Williams Family.


The 'A's had to dig extremely deep to shake off a fiercely determined Gepps Cross in Arctic-like conditions. With scores level at 3/4 time Willo was able to kick 3 match winning goals to get us over the line with a hard fought 11 point win


The 'B's were always in control with a 46 point win,

Aussie Tremaine having a standout game.


The 'C's completed the 1st trifecta for the year with a hard fought 8 point win. Cahill Morgan BOG.


Gaz would have been extremely proud of all you boys

well done.



Gepps Cross - Duncan Fraser Reserve - Saturday 28th June - 2:15pm


Gepps Cross       2.3-15   2.4-16   5.6-36      8.6-54

PHOS Camden   0.3-3     3.9-27   5.12-42    8.17-65



Goal Kickers: S. Williams 3, S. Underwood 3, L. May , A. Bergsma 

Best Players: T. Clarke, K. Evans, B. Carracher, S. Underwood, A. Bergsma


Quinnys post-game:


In 25 plus years of Senior footy I can honestly say I've never been prouder of a group of young men than Saturday! It put a lump in the throat to see the boys run the length of the field to get a piece of Sam and it will stay with all of us there, I'd think forever. 


It was perhaps a sombre mood when we met at the Enfield Hotel on our way to Gepps. We did this to make Sam feel and the players at ease and start to focus on our task ahead. We welcomed in Sam "Itchy" Underwood to the team, talked of what we expected of each other and us as a Coaching Staff decided that no matter what went on today given the emotion attached if a player, any player needed a kick in the arse, they would get one! We got to Gepps and Sombre stepped out and Mongrel dog stepped in! 


There were a couple of boots in the bum but overall what a tough hard win fought out by our boys who are really starting to put it together! Everyone contributed, again and that’s all that matters! Team, team, team! 


Yep some deserve an award but didn’t get one, I don't think any of the players care as all they wanted was a win to honour Garry and give Meredith, Erin and Sam something to smile about turn this year around! 


Our best player was Tom Clarke, tough, brave and strong with 30 plus touches. Kris Evans who was faultless in defence was next and continues to get better. Young Brodhi Carracher was fantastic on his wing, excelling in the Mount Gambier conditions. Sam Underwood was strong and hard kicking 3 goals our next best followed by our Captain, Aaron Bergsma, who withstood a tag to win the ball many times and drive it forward plus lay 10 plus tackles. Sam Williams, solid all day went forward and kicked three goals. I had a great coach who wrote on a blackboard, yep a blackboard, it was a while ago, "Great men, do great things, at great moments". 


Well done to the whole club in the support shown for the Williams family! A's, B's and C's, we are all in this TOGETHER


Thanks, Quinny. 


The Phantom side:


FFwd:      Scholtzy       Harri         Simo     

HFwd:     TC               Jac              Smythy

C:             Willo          Teddy         Carracher

HBack:    Shaz           Ingo            Itchy 

FBack:    Boof             Shaw         Evo

Ruck:      Dogs             Berga       Maysie

Pine:       Christie-Ling,  FInn,      Papa

Emerg:    Resnais


web pre-game:


Great to see Simo Brozel back which will inject some much needed pace. Ingo has served his time on the sidelines and will stiffen our defense. Big welcome back to Sam 'Itchy' Underwood who has been released from GFC to play with his good mate Willo. Sam was a gun Phantoms junior & Immanuel College jet.


This week against Gepp Cross is as usual a must win game. Gepps are one game out of the five and have lost their last 3 games to top sides PNU, Scotch & PAC and will be extremley keen to play well against us.  The last time we played Gepps was a close game with the Phantoms just in front right up to the end only to go down by a gut retching 3 points. Suffice to say we owe them & Gaz this one.


Quinnys pre-game:


After our best performance for the year the A grade must now continue to put a foot forward and improve in every area. We were supported by Curtis Harms and Andy Simpson who came in last week from the two's and acquitted themselves really well. They both return this week with Billy Cameron for a full game and the three are well in contention to return with a solid performance Saturday. 


Coming in is Sam Inglis, Simon Brozel who have been two of our most consistent all year and Sam Underwood from the Bays. 


The boys have trained really well this week and to say we want one back on Gepps is an understatement! 

From the playing group, we pass on our condolences to the Williams family with the tragic loss of Gary. Sam will suit up Saturday and play for Dad and we will help him every bit of the way! 


Thanks, Quinny


















RIP Chris Morgan


It is with great sadness and regret that we have lost a fellow Phantom.


Chris Morgan unfortunately lost his battle with Cancer and passed at home with his family close by.


I have not known Chris for a long time but got to know him from the tragedy that we had not so long ago with his very good friend Garry Williams. His support then and his ongoing support with the Williams Family showed the character of the man that he was. His efforts that he put into the Reserve’s team and the tremendous job he did with assisting Craig with the B Grade team over the last few years.

Chris also helped with the junior grades & at Immanuel College supporting teams that his sons Cale & Rian played in. I hope from this he was able to take some good memories and his boys will also have many good memories to look back on.


Chris was one of the most unselfish, happy, positive & upbeat type of guys you would ever come across and he will be sadly missed by all his friends at the Phantoms FC.


On behalf of the PHOS community we would like to passon our deepest sympathies to Caroline, Cale & Rian, our thoughts are with you for the passing of Chris a 'true Gentleman'.


Paul Williams


Phos Camden sports and social club


12 month Anniversary message from the President 


Where do you start

You sit down to try to wright a message of respect comfort reassurance to people that have had there life ripped apart and sadly will never be the same.

Not that they are the only ones that this type of devastation has happened to but they are part of the Phos Camden football club and in hard times there is no better place than the culture that a club like ours has

This is where the hard yards start anniversary’s come around birthdays are hard  and it seams never ending  the pressure that this tragerty has brought  

This is when we can do our part as a club  do not ever forget the trauma that Meredith and her family have gone through and will go through

So all I can say to our community is that to catch up for a chat a coffee hello at the football dose matter and will more so in years to come

This week we do remember Garry but also the Williams  family that he left behind

Phos Camden Football Club 







R.I.P Garry 'Gaz' Williams


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Williams Family.


We at PHOS Camden Football Club are sincerely saddened by the loss of our friend Garry Williams.


Garry has been a popular figure throughout his time at the club, including his previous role as Head Coach for the A-Grade and more recently as a proud dad supporting his playing son, Sam.  


Garry was a man with great integrity and high morals, which was admired by the entire football club community. 


Our hearts go out to the family for this tragic loss.


As a club this is a time when we may be able to support the family just by listening and by doing the small things that may be required. It is a cruel reminder of how fragile life can be.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this very tragic time.



Paul Williams 


PHOS Camden football club  

3/4 time game in the balance

sirens sounds, boys get up on the back of

Willos 3 last 1/4 goals.

The boys meet in the middle with the Williams family & friends, the rain stops, sun breaks through and a rainbow appears.

boys walk off triumphent, but emotionally spent.

Club song load & proud..

S Underwood 1st seniors win in the middle.

The change rooms weren’t big enough to accommodate the big crowd, so players come back out, Quinny thanks them & whole group sings the club song

Footy Director Steve Jacquier thanks all for coming back to club and asks Merideth & Sam to the stage

Sam & Merideth 

Williams family, friends & players

Round 11 A Squad


24 R. Bartlett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

11 S. Brozel

45 B. Carracher

13 T. Christie-Ling

8 T. Clarke

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

55 A. Harris

22 S. Inglis

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

15 J. Scharenberg

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

6 S. Underwood

10 S. Williams

12 S. Williams




S. Underwood, S. Brozel, S. Inglis



J. Resnais,

C. Harms, A. Simpson


A grade ladder


1  Payneham NU          20

2  Scotch OC                 18

3 Prince Alfred OC       16

4 Broadview                 10

5 Sacred Heart OC       10

6 Gepps Cross               8

7 Walkerville                  8

8 SMOSH West Lakes    8

9 PHOS Camden            6

10 Flinders Park            6


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