2016 Round  1   'A'  grade  




Congratulations to  Matty Jaq

who played his 50th game for the Phantoms

A grade Coaches report


Saturday we kicked the season off out at SPOC with our A's and B's both playing good sides. Credit to the B's and Craig who wore down their opponents with a great effort to win comfortably in the end. The really pleasing thing is the form of some of the lads who now place even more pressure on the senior group.


We got off to a very average start in the A grade, uncharacteristic mistakes and a lack of energy seemed to be the two key areas we were struggling and realistically could've been 10 goals down at half time. Such is the fight in the group we hung in and didn't toss the towel and stayed within striking distance should we pick up in a few areas. Our backline, Matty Jacquier and Aaron Bergsma held us in the game and tried their best to straighten us up.


After half time we seemed to play better with SPOC kicking 3 points in a row at the end of the third kept us in the game.


Our group had been in this position before and perhaps last year we would've snatched it but we didn't deserve to win and didn't. SPOC kicking a goal to win after we levelled the score.


Yep, very admirable to get back and nearly steal a game we had no right to win but we look at things much deeper. We can not make errors like we did that cost goals. Six in fact. We didn't seem to get those goals, they came from great pressure and structured footy. Those six goals we handed SPOC were unpressured. We can not hand it easy to good sides which they are.


We'll see if it's a lesson learnt. I did see a lot of players in the side show tremendous character to the point we had contribution from everybody by the end of the game. Some had had not great starts but fought on. Good signs. 


We welcomed in Josh Green and Ritchie Mcnamara for their first games for the club and Casey Beard back to us. All showed something.


Our best were Lauchie Mcdonald, really solid where ever we put him, Tom Finn at full back who played sore, Jarrad Braley and Sam Inglis good in defence, Luke May and Adam Scholz on ball. Our best two players were Matty Jac in what i would say was his most complete game I've seen him play in my time here, he did it all and Aaron Bergsma who's strength and desire to win the footy was evident despite the attention from opponents. A real good Captains game.


Goals were spread, Jac, Smythy, Ritchie Mc and Lauchie kicking 2 each.


So in closing to lose by a goal was a good kick in the bum. We are developing some players, have some good players out of the side etc etc.... We aren't here for admirable fight backs. We are here to play well as much as we can, hand nothing away and give ourselves the best chance to win no matter who plays and who doesn't.


Biggest positive of the weekend was the win of the U/18's. Great work Granty and fantastic for our club.


Ta, Quinny.



U/18's Match Report

Phantoms 18.18.126
Rosewater 6.6.42

Goals: Davis Porter 4, Brown 3, Grant Bayliss Dunkin 2, McCabe 1
Best: No Order : Bayliss Brown Davis Grant Gulliford McCabe Porter Webster Dunkin Price

Great work today boys dismantling Rosewater ..
Very happy with the two late inclusions Martin and Price....best call An hour B4 a game the coach get.
I thought everyone contributed during the game and we were in total control from the first bounce... Did not think for a minute they could beat us...
The back line stood fast with McCabe Macphee and Bryce which repelled attack after attack
Dunkin Webster and Edwards were un passable at Half Forward while Price Grant and Martin did the job in centre line.
Bayliss Brown Davis created many opportunities kicking 9 goals between them...
Great to have Mensil back who competed well at CHF and Ruck And the Big Sauce finding his feet in the Forward line
Took a while but Porter kicking 4 was a surprise packet and look forward to many more for the Season
Gulliford controlled the Ruck all day and it's great to have Harvey,s poise around the packs which will be a huge bonus in games to come..

Was going to put all played well which you all did during the game so let's back it up next week and let the competition know we mean business

Darren Grant

2016 Round  1   'B'  grade   

B grade Coaches report


We looked a bit scratchy early last Saturday against SPOC giving them a 2 goal head start and we looked a bit tentative before our guys kicked into gear. After the 18 minute mark of the first quarter the boys cleaned up their disposal and intencity to come in at quarter time about a goal down. Once we addressed a few things at quarter time and made a couple of changes we started to take control of game, playing it on our terms with our run and carry and quick delivery into our forward line.


Our half back line kept us in touch early in the game battling hard and creating a lot of run all day but most importantly when the game was there to be taken.

The beneficiaries of this quick ball movement were Sam Williams who kicked 5 goals from a flank and Simon Brozel who was thrown to full forward for a mismatch with 4 goals.


With a win like this it was very hard to pick best players but the top 3 were standouts in Harry Walters on the ball with his best game for the club so far, Sam McGill who was hard at the ball all day and probably on track for BOG but unfortunately came off the field with an injury in the third quarter while Patty Hamden had great game on the half back flank creating plenty of run and setting up a couple of goals. We also had our two wingmen in Billy Cameron and Glen Soper showing their class and speed on the day making their cases for A Grade selection in the coming weeks.


Bad luck to the A’s and C’s who both battled hard and I know will bounce back next week.


It was a good first up effort from our B grade side but we now need to focus our efforts on Modbury this week who were Grand Finalists last year and will be keen to knock us off so we must be ready.




Craig B.

2015 Round  1   'A'  grade   

1st Game 2015


Seaton Ramblers

Sat Apr 11th

Camden Oval


A grade Results


PHOS Camden         3.4-22     9.6-60     13.12-90    22.18-150

Seaton Ramblers           0.0     3.3-21     4.5-29          9.5-59



Goal Kickers: T. Quinn 6, N. Ramsey 3, A. Smyth 3, D. Gamble 2, L. May 2, A. Bergsma 2, M. Jacquier , S. Inglis , S. Williams , R. Bartlett 


Best Players: , N. Ramsey , H. Gordon , T. Quinn , M. Jacquier , G. Soper


Quinnys Postgame


The boys got off to a solid start with a 91 point win against Seaton. I was really proud of the guys who kept their mind on the job when it would've been easy to bite back at some of the rubbish. 


Probably the biggest highlight was I believe we have a lot of improvement left in us as at times we were fumbly, a little bit of Round 1 nerves but this got better after half time as did our directness. Overall it's promising. 


Goals were spread with Tom Quinn (no he isn't my son as i've had people ask haha) kicking 6, Smythy and Rama 3, Bergs, Dylan Gamble and Maisey 2 and singles to Matty Jac, Teddy, Hotdogs and Ingo singles. 


Best players were tough, Evo was solid in a very good defence, Gambo and Bergs solid around the footy with Orry going well in the ruck. Quinny was good up forward and Matty Jac was terrific in his new role. Our best three players were Rama, Gordo and Sopes with Smythy unlucky not to be for a very good game at both ends. It's worth noting that Rama has played a handfull of games for the club due to injuries over three years and looked the goods with more to come and Gordo and Sopes are young players with a big future at our club. 


Yes it's round one, we will never get ahead. We crawl before we walk before we run! The playing group is aware of that! 


On a negative note we will lose Ryan Bartlett for possibly 4 weeks with quite a serious back injury. Teddy as Teddy does backed into a pack and as a result copped a knee in the back causing a minor fracture, although when it's your back or spine nothing is minor! He'll be back raring to go soon. 


Well done to Craig and Popey with the Two's and thirds respectively! 


I also pass on a well done to the guys who were dealt a kick in the guts at selection! All responded the best way possible and this is what strengthens the individual if the individual is up for it. Most importantly it strengthens our club and we wont take a step back with that! 


Round 2 off now unfortunately then we host Golden Grove! A side on the move. 


Well done to Jo Stagg and all helpers Satdy with Ladies day. There is a good vibe at the club and revolves around all the volunteers and support staff. It's great. 


Quinnys Pregame


Finally Round 1. Seems a long time coming but I know I speak on behalf of the guys when I say we are looking forward to it. Although we have attracted some good new players to the side the spirit and heart remains intact and the improvement from the group on the whole is the most satisfying thing over the past six months. 


So now it's down to business. The boys are fit under the guidance of Dave Salter, our runner and all round good bloke! They are well structured because they have given us something to really work with and they are sick to death of crawling and it's time to walk before we run! 


Selection was tough and we are fielding a very strong seconds and thirds. New players in are Hamish (Spider) Gordon, Dylan Gamble, Tom Quinn, Daniel Hill, Glen Soper. We also welcome back Orry Cross and Lukas Kangur back into the Team. All the best lads!


I again, pass out our thanks from the playing group to the band of people who run the club! Yes we get the fun part but without the Unconditional support our cub people it wouldn't happen. 


All the best to all players tomorrow! 






Pretty much covers it!


Web Pregame


Great to have footy back & even greater to have such strong numbers to choose from.


Round 1 we kick off playing Seaton Ramblers.


Seaton finished the minor round last year in 2nd position with 15 wins & 3 losses.


However they would still be stinging from going out in straight sets, getting smashed in the Qualifying final by eventual Div 3 premier Modbury & a close loss to Pembroke in the semi final.


Our selected squad looks very different to last year’s team with around 10 new players in the starting lineup.


Retuned PHOS player Orry Cross will give some much needed help to Hot Dogs and allow Smythy not to have to ruck. Lucas Kangur played junior footy for the Phantoms pretty sure this is his first senior game for points on loan from the Bays will add plenty of class to the side. Great to see Nick Ramsey back after missing most of last year with injury. Tom Quinn will straighten us up in the forward line and provide some much need support to Jaqs who has spent a bit of time in the middle in the trial games.


We have a bye next week so try and get down and watch some local footy.


Go Phantoms


B Grade Results


PHOS Camden        4.9-33     12.11-83      16.16-112        26.20-176

Seaton Ramblers   1.0-6           1.0-6            2.0-12                 3.0-18



Goal Kickers: S. Williams 6, A. Harris 6, D. James 2, C. Harms 2, B. Cameron 2, T. Finn 2, J. Marton 2, S. McGILL , B. Eddy , J. Koutsikas , M. Papatolis 

Best Players: , M. Molnar , B. Cameron , D. Marriott , S. Williams , A. Harris


Craigs B Grade Postgame


We had a scratchy start last Saturday in the B Grade kicking inaccurately in front of goal in the first quarter while having plenty of the ball, but restricting Seaton to 1 goal was a good outcome.


Once things settled down and the lads got their round one nerves out of their system the game opened up for us and allowed us to play our running game with Billy Cameron and Brodhi Carracher using their explosive pace to move the ball quickly from their respective wings.


Going in at half time with a 77 point lead it was emphasised we needed to stick to our structures and team rules in order to extend our lead with our goal being to at least double our score by the end of the game.


Again, inaccuracy in front of goal in the third quarter restricted us but the work rate had definitely lifted, we just needed the rewards.


In the last quarter we finally got our eye in and kicked 10 goals with a mountain of work being done in the packs by our on ball brigade.


Saturday was a game where every single player contributed at a high level which made picking best players very difficult. Mitch Molnar was best on ground in his first game for the club for his heavy work around the packs feeding our outside runners while Billy Cameron had a great game dominating his wing. Dale Marriott was impressive, rucking most of the day and giving great service to our midfield while Andrew “Harry” Harris and Sam Williams both showed their class by kicking 6 goals each with Sam giving off at least another 4. Credit also goes to our back six restricting Seaton to 3 goals and working together well as a unit when the pressure was on them.


It was a great day for the club on Saturday with 3 solid wins, the challenge now is to keep improving.


Craigs B Grade Pregame


After starting in November, pre-season has finally finished and we are now into the real stuff. With some good recruiting over the summer and many players turning up wanting to play senior football with us this year we have had a massive squad to pick from with a wealth of talent right through the group which has made life hard at the selection table coming in to Round 1. We welcome 7 players into the B Grade playing their first game for PHOS, Tyson White, Dan James, Josh Marton, Mitch Molnar, Josh James, James Cadzow and Sam McGill all of which will push for A Grade selection at some stage. These lads have all shown over the summer they will be handy players to have around the club both on and off the field and will definitely compliment the established playing group we already have.


This week we have an established and experienced back six with a new look midfield who will deliver to a forward line that has a good mix of height and speed. With those sort of qualities on offer in the B Grade we need to make sure we stick to our structures and play the game on our terms for the full four quarters, once this is achieved the scoreboard looks after itself.


Good luck to all grades tomorrow and let’s kick the season off with 3 wins.



C grade Results


Adelaide Lutheran         7.4-46

PHOS Camden         18.14-122




Goal Kickers: D. Kreig 3, B. Toohey 2, H. Walters 2, J. Butler 2, J. Resnais 2, A. Parker 2, O. Stagg 2, H. Young , S. Leatch , S. Willcocks 


Best Players: , H. Young , S. Willcocks , J. Resnais , A. Tremaine , B. Toohey

2015 Round 1 A grade Squad



24    R. Bartlett

20    A. Bergsma

27    J. Braley

8     T. Clarke

50   O. Cross

4     K. Evans

15   D. Gamble

32   H. Gordon

17   D. Hill

18   S. Inglis

9     M. Jacquier

5     L. Kangur

7     L. May

26   W. Papatolis

38   T. Quinn

3     N. Ramsey

23   A. Scholz

37   T. Shaw

21   A. Smyth

19   G. Soper

12   S. Williams

2015 Round 1 B grade Squad



J. Cadzow

B. Cameron

B. Carracher

T. Christie-Ling

B. Eddy

T. Finn

C. Harms

A. Harris

D. James

J. James

J. Koutsikas

D. Marriott

J. Marton

L. McDonald


M. Molnar

R. Morgan

M. Papatolis

A. Simpson

T. White

S. Williams

2015 Round 1 C grade Squad

2:15pm Adelaide Parklands V Adel. Lutheran


S. Bates

C. Bensch

J. Butler

H. Flentje

A. Flett

T. Garnaut

D. Georgeson

C. Gilby

D. Kreig

N. Krieg

S. Leatch

A. Parker

M. Polkinghorne

J. Resnais

A. Robb

O. Stagg

B. Toohey

A. Tremaine

H. Walters

A. Wieegelmann

S. Willcocks

H. Young


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