Action shot taken by Matt Williams (MP) who attended the game on Saturday.

A grade

PHOS Camden        12.11-83

St Peters OC             13.7-85


Goal Kickers: H. Gordon 3, A. Smyth 3, A. Bergsma 2, N. Ramsey, M. Jacquier, S. Williams, J. Koutsikas
Best Players: C. Beard, M. Ruwoldt, O. Cross, J. Scharenberg, A. Bergsma


Goal Kickers: D. Franklin 4, T. Schulz 3, L. Trenorden 3, C. Goldsworthy, O. Sharpe, E. Colley
Best Players: C. Calabrese, S. Roberts, J. Lockwood, D. Franklin, T. Schulz, J. Duncan


Quinnys A grade Match Report

I'll keep it brief for fear of saying the same things over and over. 


Goal kickers were Hamish Gordon with 3 in a really good game and Smythy who took a couple of decent hits because he puts his head over the ball, kicked 3 also. Bergs kicked 2 and singles to Steve Williams, Matty Jac, Kouta in a good solid game and Rama


Our best was Casey Beard. When as a coach you write three words on the board "play to win!" As the simple instruction to a group that encompasses every contest you are around or can influence this bloke eats those three words up! He along with Marc Ruwoldt who is of the same ilk, it brings a sense of satisfaction that we hit the nail on the head with those two recruits as that's the attitude we sought.  Those two were our best two players on the ground with big Orry Cross not far behind. Jake Scharenberg was terrific in defence with countless brace acts and Bergs and Gordo were really good both in attack and defensively. 


So when you lose by 2 points after being 3 mins before in control by 9 points it hurts and so it bloody should. As a group we are playing some really good footy and it can get lost in the mist of a loss like that! It doesn't, we know who's looking to get better, looking to harden and looking to bring team mates with them.  I can say that I believe if we can start to win games no matter what it takes and thats the attitude we push and develop then with what we've seen in Div 2 we are amongst it! I actually believe we are better than "amongst it" but it's time to put up or shut up! 


This week we head to Modbury to play the top side at home! Personally I can't wait. We deserve this in that we win it rewards or perseverance to get better and throws the whole comps heads back. We get our pants pulled down and it simply says we aren't hard enough! 


We are all in this together! 


Sorry for not keeping it brief! 


Ta, Quinny. 

B grade

PHOS Camden    4.5-29    8.7-55    10.10-70    13.11-89

St Peters OC        1.0-6      2.1-13     3.2-20          5.5-35



Goal Kickers: J. Whitford 4, R. McNamara 2, B. Toohey 2, N. Watts 2, D. Parkins, S. Webster, N. Walters
Best Players: D. Parkins, J. Whitford, L. McDonald, G. Soper, H. Finn


Goal Kickers: J. Faunt 2, N. Cook, A. Robey, R. Findlay
Best Players: R. Findlay, N. Rowlands, J. Forbes, A. Matheson, J. Hunter, J. Bowman


Craig B grade Match Report


Our boys were switched on in the B grade last Saturday against SPOC and managed to get a good jump on the opposition, having 3 goals on the board before they got their first of the game.


The second quarter was much of the same, running the ball and playing hard tough footy, going in seven goals up at the main break. We always knew that SPOC would step it up in the second half, which they did, becoming more physical and clagging the game up, stopping our run and playing tight, in close footy for the rest of the game which our boys responded to by matching their physicality and winning the game by nine goals.

We had plenty of goalkickers including Whitty with four, Ritchie McNamara, Tooza and Wattsy with two and singles to Parko, Sam Webster and Nick Walters.

Dave Parkins was best on ground rucking most of the day and giving our mids first use of the ball all game, Justin Whitford was second best with his 4 goals, making himself a good target up forward and handing off a couple of goals as well while Lachie McDonald was third best on his wing getting plenty of the ball and giving us good transition from defence. Glen Soper was fourth best in his come back from injury making a good case for A Grade selection next week with his hard running and Henry Finn was fifth with his tackling pressure up forward, holding the ball in the area which in turn created opportunities at goals. Special mentions go to Matty Parslow, Ben Toohey and Nick Watts who all had good games and were unlucky not to make the best.

Last Saturday was a great response after a loss the week before but we must now focus on Modbury, who are the top side and we will need to be at our best to beat them, a great challenge!



Craig B.



Mitcham                   7.11-53

PHOS Camden         8.10-58


Goal Kickers: C. Dowie 2, K. Hawes, J. Wills, B. Disher, H. Matthews, R. O''Brien
Best Players: H. Matthews, J. Couzner, B. Barrett, R. O''Brien, J. Wills


Goal Kickers: L. Mensforth 3, D. Grant, L. Harvey, W. Price, H. Germein, H. Macphee
Best Players: L. Toohey, D. Grant, E. Dunkin, S. Davis, T. Unge

Grantys u/18 Match Report

Well done today boys... A great win under extreem presure ... And how good did feel. Moved up to Third on the ladder with 4 games to go.

Davis played a great all round game today whether up forward in the middle or down back. Toohey continued his dominance at this level and has added valuable depth to the side.
Declan, Elliot and Tom U played there usual solid games backed up by Webster, Bayliss, Brown and Mensforth (valuable 3 goals)
Porter continues to grow in the ruck while the new additions of Brini and Crouch today slotted in very nice and gave the side stubility.
Soli continued his good form on ball and CHB and great to see Harvey at speed on leads and creating opportunities up forward.
Cheung and Bryce had good performances in the back pockets with Crouchy while Hugh was tossed around and found his feet in the forward line.
Couple of young blokes in Price and Germein kicked valuable goals today and Aussie continues to grow as a player and will be missed in the coming weeks...

Big game next week vs GAZA and hopefully we get a few more back and give them a run for there money

Fire Up Phantoms




Saint Peters Old Collegians known unofficially as "SPOCS"

So far this year SPOCs are 4th on the ladder with 5 wins & 4 losses. They started the season well with 2 wins (including us in rd 1), then lost 3 games including a shock loss to Portland and a massive loss to top side Modbury. Last week they had an impressive 65 point win over Scotch.

Players to watch: Fowards: Trenordan 24 & Schultz 17 goals so far. Midfielders: Butler & Hayward

Quinny pregame


This week we host Saint Peters Old Scholars. Round 1 saw us nearly steal a game we possibly should not have been close to winning. We now get the chance to thread four good quarters together and see where that gets us. 


Going out are Brent Eddy (Bali) and Rian Morgan and Justin Whitford going back to the two's. Morgs showed plenty last week with limited opportunity and Whitty needs footy. We are wrapped in his development. 


Coming in are Matty Jac, Sam Inglis and Nick Ramsey. Three good ins that compliment a group that are playing good footy. We must turn that in to wins. 


All the best to all PHOS teams this weekend. 


Ta Quinny.  


Craig pregame

We need to bounce back this week against SPOC who are a better side than their ladder position suggests so we must be prepared to slog it out in the wet!!

Our ability to put our head over the ball and not take a backward step will be the keys to getting a win this Saturday.

We get a few players back this week including Morgs and Whitty back from the A’s, both will be keen to get amongst it while Glen Soper comes back from injury and will want to make a charge to get his A Grade spot back.

Wet weather footy this weekend will be hard and tough, the boys know what it will take to get the desired result, now we need to walk the talk!

Good luck to all the grades this week including the Under 18’s who Granty has humming at the moment, four wins would be great!




Craig B.

Darrens u/18 Pregame

Game Details

Date : Sunday 26th June 2016
Opposition: Mitcham
Venue: Price Oval (Mitcham)
Time: 3.00pm

With 5 games to go till the end of the minor round we need to make sure we consolidate a Top 5 spot (preferred Top 3) currently 2 games clear in 4 with Top teams coming up let's fire up and let them know we are serious about taking out the flag this season.

We play 5th spot Mitcham and need to nail them on there home oval.

We still have a number of players yet to play 4 games to qualify so don't leave it till the last minute...

As per normal reply to this Post your availability subject to any unexpected reasons for not making it to the game...

Fire up Phantoms

This weeks games

Round 10 - 25th June


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This weeks C grade game (10:15am away)

Adelaide Uni v PHOSC

click here for selected C grade team

click here for map on how to get there

click here for C grade ladder


This weeks u/18 grade game

MItcham v PHOSC

(Sunday away @ 3pm)

Click here for map on how to get there

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last weeks local Messenger paper report

Congratulations to

Scott Sheridan who played his 100th game against Adelaide Uni

2015 Round  10  

Round 10



Sat June 20th

Pedlar Reserve

Pedlar St, Seaton



Congratulations to Ben Toohey and Lewis Gerschwitz who played there 50th games in round 10.  Toosa kicked 4 & got 4th best in the Reserves and Lewis helped the Cs to a hard fought win against Trinity, well done guys.


All three grades are 2ND position and looking good. The A/Bs have the bye this weekend, the Cs will get to play infront of a crowd at Camden Oval this coming Saturday vs 3rd on the ladder side Mitcham. The club will be open come down and support Popeys boys.




Seaton Ramblers      10.7-67

PHOS Camden          16.20-116




Goal Kickers: C. Scherwitzel 3, S. Harris 2, R. Rugari 2, M. Reberger , B. Wild , P. Fonovic 
Best Players: , T. Gates , J. Brusnahan , S. Harris , P. Fonovic , J. Kovacs



Goal Kickers: D. Gamble 4, H. Gordon 2, N. Ramsey 2, A. Scholz 2, A. Smyth , G. Soper , R. Bartlett , L. May , S. Williams , A. Harris 
Best Players: , H. Gordon , J. Braley , D. Gamble , R. Reavley , A. Smyth


Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


We weren't at our best Saturday. A little clumsy or fumbly at times early but we were peppering the scoreboard but not putting them away. All players were having some impact and to their credit, Seaton hung in there and played some good hard running footy. 


We searched for improvement and eventually got there and again our fitness saw us through. In the end 36 scoring shots to 17 is somewhat convincing. 64 of this seasons goals were out of the side so yeah although not perfect, a good result. I tend to get excited at what's to come from the group as I firmly believe we have a gear or two to go. 


Goal kickers were Dylan Gamble with 4, Hamish Gordon, Nick Ramsey and Adam Scholz kicking 2. Singles to six other players so that's promising. 


Our best players were plenty of good performances, Orry Cross and Steve Williams good in the ruck and up forward, Ryan Bartlett a good second half with Nick Ramsey busy all day. Luke May was good in the second half especially and our back line group led by Shawy was great all day. 


Our five best were Smythy, who gives his all, all day no matter where we throw him. Ryan Reavley, super clean and courageous across half back. Dylan Gamble backed up last week with a really consistent game and some real clever footy. Jarrad Braley was mistake free at centre half back and played a terrific team game setting the example we are after. Our best was Hamish Gordon who started with a terrific first half with both offensive footy and really good sureness and defensive work too. 


We now have a bye this week then front up to Golden Grove on their oval. A game that we now put all our efforts into preparing for. We would expect 4-6 players back to push for selection which will be tough. 


Saturday we train at midday at PHOS in the lead up to the C grade. Our chance to watch Popey and the guys go around. 


In summary, happy how we are going as a group, excited at where we can get to if we want it bad enough! 





Seaton Ramblers     1.3-9

PHOS Camden        26.20-176




Goal Kickers: J. Beerenfels 
Best Players: , Z. Wallace , D. Bowell , M. Harfouch , D. Calladine , P. Lagana



Goal Kickers: J. Koutsikas 5, B. Toohey 4, M. Bate 4, S. Bates 3, M. Papatolis 3, S. McGill 2, D. Parkins , H. Walters , J. James , S. Brozel , A. Flett 
Best Players: , J. Koutsikas , J. Cadzow , C. Harms , B. Toohey , A. Simpson



Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report


Having six player changes to our side plus a late call up on Friday can certainly unsettle a side, but what it does is give players an opportunity to show us that they can adapt to situations like this and still play good footy.


This was proven as boys got off to a flyer against Seaton last Saturday kicking 9 goals in the first quarter and never looking back.


With our backline under some early pressure our defence stayed tight and managed to create a few goals with their run and pressure which was pleasing to see. Although the clearances were pretty even all day it was around the ground where our midfielders dominated with their work rate and intensity at the football.


The goals were spread between 11 players this week which included Jono Koutsikas with five, Ben Toohey and Matthew Bate with four, Simon Bates with three in his first B Grade game and Sam McGill with a couple.


Best players were hard to pick again this week due to the one sided result but our stand outs were Kouta who has been slowly building all year to his best on ground performance while James Cadzow had his best game for the year at Centre Half Back creating a lot of attacking plays from defence with his run and high marking. Harmsy was strong around the packs after coming up from the C’s while Tooza kept up his recent good form and Andy Simpson played a solid game in the middle.


Every player did their part for the team last Saturday which was pleasing, but now with a week off we must start preparing for Golden Grove who will be tough test for our team and we need every available player to work hard in the lead up to this game.

We let them get the jump on us early last time, something we must be prepared for when we face them in two weeks’ time.


Well done to the A’s and C’s for their performances last week, it’s good to go into bye week with 3 wins.




Trinity OS              10.10-70

PHOS Camden       12.4-76




Goal Kickers: B. Grose 3, A. Koch 3, C. Mills 2, S. Collins , D. Crocker 
Best Players: , B. Grose , S. Fatchen , A. Koch , A. King Disibio , G. Smith , B. Marschall



Goal Kickers: A. Parker 4, D. Kreig 2, S. Leatch 2, O. Stagg , S. Taylor , M. Blight , A. Pope 
Best Players: , H. Flentje , D. Georgeson , S. Taylor , D. Kreig , A. Parker




Quinnys (A grade) PREgame Report


Tomorrow we head to Seaton for what should be a spirited contest. Last game against them saw us a bit strong in certain areas but none the less we are expecting Seaton to be up for the game. It was Round 1 last time we met and it's fair to say we have improved and are seeking a lot further improvement! 


Although we lose Daniel Hill, Matty Jacquier, Tom Quinn, Sam Williams all to injury and Kris Evans unavailable our five ins of Harry Young, Andrew Harris, Wil Papatolis, Brent Eddy and Paddy Hamden more than compliment the group. Big Harry plays his first game for the year after a interrupted (work commitments) first half but a bundle of goals says he's good to go. Paddy Hamden comes in and we are excited at what he brings! 


So our depth will be tested again this year and all these little hiccups so to speak are character defining and building! It gives these five players a crack at it and hopefully forces the coaching staff to assess things even harder so it's not as simple as five in, five out! 


So far I'm very proud of the group and even more excited at the improvement they can achieve! Tomorrow is the chance to be "good at being good"! That's not about Seaton, that's about PHOS driving the improvement! 


All the best to Craig and the B's and Popey and the C's. 


Also Ben Toohey on his 50th game


Web Pregame


57 point win last week against Plympton suggests it was an easy game, those involved & watching know it wasn't easy. Plympton were fiercely determined and were in the game right up to the last quarter.


The Bs were far too good last week & the Cs will be looking for a win after a loss to top side Scotch.


Round 10: marks the half way point of 2015 where we have played each team once and now have the return bouts. This week we play Seaton Ramblers.  Last time we played the Rams the boys got off to a solid start with a 91 point win despite some untoward 'rubbish' (as Quinny would say) employed by our opponents. Tom Quinn kicked 6 and Rama, Gordo, Sopes & Smythy had very good games. 



(Ins):  B. Eddy,  P. Hamden, A. Harris, W. Papatolis, H. Young

(Outs) : K. Evans, M. Jacquier, Hill, T. Quinn, 11 S. Williams



The C's take on Trinity OS away @ 12:15pm..the Lions are 7th position with 2 wins 6 losses.


Seaton sounds like a long way away, but its the oval you drive past on West Lakes Blvd to footy park. Be good to see heaps of Phantom supporters out there.


Go Phantoms




Craigs (B grade) PREgame Report



We have a chance to keep our momentum going in the B grade this week in a return bout with Seaton Ramblers who will be keen to make an impression after we beat them convincingly in round one.


With six changes to our B grade side, including five players promoted to the A’s, we will certainly have our depth tested but we can more than cover the players with talent like Curtis Harms, Sam McGill and Josh James that played well in the C grade last week.

Included in our changes this week is Simon Bates who comes in for his first B Grade game for the club. Batesy has been performing well in the C’s and comes highly recommended by Popey who has been impressed with his workrate around the ground.


Seaton will be a test of our resolve this week and we must be prepared to do what is right for the team and stick to our game plan in order to get the required result. We mustn’t be fooled by ladder positions as they will be keen to get their second win against us and will come out ready to play. Previous weeks have shown us that if we are disciplined and each player plays their role then the scoreboard looks after itself. Our aim is to play with high intensity every week, that is how we will become a better side.



Well done to Ben Toohey who is playing his 50th game this week on the back of a couple of solid performances in the twos.


Good luck to the A’s who must stay focussed and the C’s who will be keen to get back on the winner’s list, let’s come home with 3 wins this week!






























A grade ladder



Round 10 C Squad



9 C. Bensch

7 M. Blight

J. Butler

20 B. Carracher

L. Dawson

H. Flentje

22 D. Georgeson

19 L. Gerschwitz

21 C. Gilby

28 D. Harris

D. James

29 T. Johns

12 D. Kreig

N. Krieg

S. Leatch

26 M. Polkinghorne

15 A. Robb

S. Taylor

Round 10 B Squad


51 M. Bate

39 S. Bates

10 S. Brozel

46 J. Cadzow

28 B. Cameron

1 T. Finn

41 A. Flett

29 C. Harms

47 J. James

31 J. Koutsikas

33 L. McDonald

49 S. McGill

35 M. Molnar

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

22 B. Toohey

2 H. Walters

6 S. Willcocks

Round 10 A Squad


24 R. Bartlett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

8 T. Clarke

50 O. Cross

40 B. Eddy

15 D. Gamble

32 H. Gordon

13 P. Hamden

55 A. Harris

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

3 N. Ramsey

5 R. Reavley

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

19 G. Soper

34 B. Van Gils

12 S. Williams

14 H. Young

b grade ladder after round 10


C grade ladder


click on image to go to the div 3 weekly round up..skip thru to 4:24 & 7:44 for PHOS info


Round 10 last year, great win against Broadview,

see bottom of this page for all details



Round 10 2014


Broadview - Camden Oval - Saturday 21st June - 2:15pm


PHOS Camden   4.2-26     5.7-37     13.11-89     19.13-127

Broadview          2.2-14     3.5-23          4.8-32           9.8-62



Goal Kickers

M. Jacquier 7, L. May 3, S. Williams 3, A. Harris 2, B. Cameron , A. Scholz , R. Bartlett , T. Christie-Ling 

Best Players: S. Williams, M. Jacquier, A. Scholz, J. Scharenberg, R. Bartlett, L. May



Quinny Post Game Report:


I'll start by saying another big Thanks to all sponsors of the club and we as the playing group appreciate all you've done and hopefully continue to do. 


Saturday was about protecting "our brand" of footy and we not only protected it we enhanced it. A rewarding effort from the lads. 

With good players all over the ground I thought our best player was Tristan Shaw who beat the leading goal kicker hands down and formed a part of our back 6 that has been our shining light all year with Boof, Evo, Shazza, TJ, Smythy and Teddy they were terrific. 


Our captain Bergs with TC and Maysie were strong through the midfield and Matty Jac had his most dominant game for the year with 7 goals. Big Harry continued his form with Brodhi Carracher excellent on a wing we were set for a good day! I havent mentioned everyone, maybe I should but its about more than that! We need a team contribution and a constant effort and intensity and who knows! 


Big Steve Williams was outstanding in ruck and his development this year has been great. Sam Williams kicked 3 goals and Scholzy a couple as well! 


We go after Gepps Cross now, we owe them! 


Well done to the boys in the 2's a really good win and when we have injuries etc in the A grade (9 out) it means that the B's and C's steuggle 2 but for both teams to battle on shows our club is going forward, so great effort by the 3rds and credit to Popey and Boggy for keeping the spirit high! 


web pre-game:


The boys will be keen to regroup this week after a disappointing loss last week to PAC. The effort against PAC could not be question, the Phantoms were in the game right up to the last 10 minutes. This week we need to same effort but more accuracy for score board pressure.


Everyweek is important but none more so this week with all our sponsors watching.


Good see to TJ back, and the good form of Harms & Simpson in the B Grade has been too hard for coach Quinny  to ignore and he has given them a crack at As for there 1st run for the year..good luck boys.  Jake Resnais will be sniffing around if there are any pull-outs, 


This week marks the start of the second round. Last time we played Broadview was coach Quinnys 1st  game against our previous coach 'The Weed', the game was close till 3/4 time but we got run over in the last to go down by 5 goals. Since this game Broadies have had mixed results to be sitting just inside the top 5. Wins against PNU, Walkies, Gepps, SMOSH, amazingly they went down to F-Park, a 5 goal loss to PAC, Scotch & last week had a narrow loss to SHOCs.


From memory they had a very good full forward, if we can stop there delivery to him and produce the same 4 quarter desperation as last week we win. Good Luck & Go Phantoms 


Quinnys pre-game:


This week sees us play a good top 5 side and provides a great oppurtunity to keep stepping forward. Last week saw us control the footy for a large portion of the game and we will need to do this again plus find the intensity improvement that can land some big blows and put sides away. 


Its not about ladder positions for us, its about each contest as it presents! 


We welcome into the side Curtis Harms for his first A grade game with Andy Simpson and a returning and fired up Tom Finn


Thanks to all our sponsors, have a great day and we will try our very best to give you an effort to be proud of! 



The Phantom side:


FFwd:     FInn            Jac                Evo  

HFwd:    Billy              TC             Scholtzy

C:            Willo          Berga          Carracher

HBack:   Shaz           Harri           Smythy

FBack:    Boof           Shaw          Maysie

Ruck:      Dogs          Teddy         Papa

Pine:       Christie-Ling, Harms, Simpson  

Emerg:    Resnais

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