This weeks games

Round 11 - 2nd July

Modbury v PHOSC 

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This weeks C grade game (2:15pm home)

PHOS v Salisbury Nth

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This weeks u/18 grade game

PHOSC v Gaza

(Sunday home @ 3pm)

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Last time we played Modbury in round 2.

We lost by 27 points .

TC was best,

Smythy kicked 2.

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club legend Fletty plays his 250th game

A grade

Modbury                   18.13-121

PHOS Camden          10.5-65


Goal Kickers: J. Benbow 5, R. Rankine Jnr 3, M. Gibson 3, M. Bennett 2, M. Fogden 2, T. Worden, B. Martin, T. Davey
Best Players: C. Burns, S. Hofmeyer, R. Rankine Jnr, K. McNaughton, J. Benbow


Goal Kickers: M. Jacquier 5, S. Williams , N. Ramsey, L. May, J. Green, H. Gordon
Best Players: O. Cross, M. Ruwoldt, N. Ramsey, A. Bergsma, J. Scharenberg

Quinnys A grade Match Report

Apologies for briefness. 


Out to Modbury for a very big game of footy. Kouta goes out due to injury. His form has been really solid and Sopes comes in after returning from injury and showing he's ready in the two's last week. 


All the best to Fletty on 250 games and all other PHOS teams this weekend. 


We will know where we are at by Satdy 5pm. 


Ta Quinny. 


B grade

Modbury                 17.13-115

PHOS Camden               3.7-25


Goal Kickers: N. Buckerfield 3, V. Davey 3, J. Hahn 2, H. Riede 2, J. Robinson 2, H. Robinson 2, B. Geisler 2, D. Vitnell 
Best Players: M. Garreffa, J. Robinson, B. Geisler, N. Buckerfield, D. Vitnell


Goal Kickers: N. Watts, J. Whitford, S. Webster
Best Players: H. Papatolis, J. Whitford, A. Flett, A. Simpson, N. Walters

Craig B grade Match Report

We took the trek out to Modbury hoping to make amends for what happened last time we played them but the result wasn’t what we’d hoped for. Unfortunately we were outworked by a well drilled side who worked hard for each other and backed themselves in for four quarters which resulted in a 15 goal loss again. 

Despite the result there were some positives to come out of the game including Henry Papatolis having a best on ground performance in his first B Grade game for the club. Henry worked hard all day getting into good positions on the ground and using the ball efficiently when he got it while another positive was Justin Whitford’s game. Whitty gave us a good target at Centre Half Forward and competed fiercely at every contest he was in , clunking marks and giving our smalls a chance bringing the ball forward busting packs, having a physical presence and kicking a goal. Fletty was 3rd best in his 250th and had an impact up forward and down back while Andy Simpson was fourth, kicking a goal and working hard around the packs and Matty Parslow continued his good form in the middle rounding out our top five.

Modbury showed us how hard we need to work to get to where we want to be, we need to learn from this, move on and ensure we get back back on track against SMOSH.

Well done to Popey and the C’s getting the chocolates and flying the flag for the Seniors this week, great work guys!!
Craig B.


Last time we went head to head in the twos with Modbury they gave us a bit of a lesson in hard running footy. This week we are hoping to turn the tables on the top side and the only way it will happen is with four quarters of hard work and our ability to work well as a team. With a good week on the track, the boys certainly seem switched on, this just needs to transfer to Saturday’s game.

Henry Papatolis plays his first B Grade game for the club and will give us plenty of pace around the ground while Harry Walters, Andy Simpson and Shannon Leatch are back from injury, all players are handy ins!!

A massive club milestone presents itself this week for a PHOS stalwart in Anthony Flett who is playing his 250th game for the club, a great achievement from one of our most consistent and reliable B Grade players, well done mate!

Some big games coming up in all grades this week, all teams will be challenged heavily but are capable of coming home with a win against quality opposition, let’s just get it done!!




Craig B.

C grade

PHOS Camden      3.3-21      3.7-25     6.15-51     7.18-60

Salisbury North   1.1-7         2.4-16     2.5-17         7.6-48


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou 3, S. Meyers, D. Krieg, C. Moore, N. Watts
Best Players: D. Marriott, S. Meyers, J. Resnais, M. Halls, N. Iordanou


Goal Kickers: B. Collins 2, S. Sinclair 2, B. Haydon, J. Holland
Best Players: A. Moffat, S. Sinclair, G. Vanprooyen, B. Williams, S. Holland


Grantys u/18 Match Report

Phantoms           5.5.35 
Gaza                 14.10.84 

Best: Bayliss Brown Price Resnais Unger Crouch Kohn Dunkin Grant Gulliford 
Goals: Grant Mensforth 2 Bayliss 1 

The score doesnt really give a good indication of the game today and with a number of players ill and injured we were always going to be up against it. 
unfortunatly after being a point up at half time things quickly went south in the third quarter having a player sent off and a player injured we did our best with 16 vs 18 players and an 8 goal onslaught.....disadvantage of not having a bench. 

Josh B was back to his best and ripping up the wing. great to have Soli back and having an impact on the game. Pricey committed his body to some pritty heavy contests while Josh R got better as the game went on and hit the ball hard as we know he can do. Tough job for the full back line today but Tom U Crouchy and Lachy K can hold there heads up high with great performances. 

Great to have Tom G back in the middle making it easy for the midfield. Declan had his work cut out getting some attention from a tag (you will have to thank Crouchy for the help) which means they respect your game. Elliot played as we know he can and repelled numerous attcks for a solid game. 

Big sauce managed a couple while not feeling the best and Porter, Macphee and Laver worked hard to keep the ball in the forward line competing with an extra man in defence. 

Lachie H pulled up a bit sore from yesterday and gave everything he had while Lindsay Conlon unfortunatly got injured throwing him self into the contest in the third Quarter. 

With Webster and Rau not the best but playing so we had a team (and playing well) giving there best efforts it was the flavour of the day...... 

As I mentioned after the game it was a great effort and I have know doubt we are in pretty good shape if we can get a team together each week with a bench 

Well done boys

Modbury Info


Modbury Mascot/Nickname: Hawks

The Modbury Football Club is one of the oldest football clubs in Australia. The first ever game recorded as taking place was between Modbury and Adelaide in 1862.

So far this year The Hawks are the pacesetters in Div 2, top of the ladder and have been for most of the year with 9 wins & 1 loss to SHOCs by 3 points 5 weeks ago. They have smashed SPOCs twice but interesting only just beat Broadview. Last time we played they won by 27 points after keeping them scorelees in the 1st quater and being just up at 3/4 time.

Players to watch: Fowards: Jay Shaw (20) & Liam Verity (24) goals so far. Ex Phantom Michael Bennett in the ruck & Blake Marshall who was best against us in round 2.

2015 Round  11  'C' Grade

Round 11



Sat June 27th

Camden Oval


(C grade, A/B's bye)



Round 11 C Squad



S. Bates

9 C. Bensch

J. Butler

23 H. Flentje

T. Garnaut

22 D. Georgeson

19 L. Gerschwitz

17 C. Gilby

C. Harms

28 D. Harris

J. James

T. Johns

12 D. Kreig

3 S. Leatch

5 B. Maitland

S. McGill

6 S. Meyers

26 M. Polkinghorne

21 A. Robb

T. Sekay

10 S. Taylor

C grade ladder prior to round 11






PHOS Camden      3.2-20         9.4-58         12.6-78        16.6-102

Mitcham                  1.1-7          1.1-7              3.6-24             4.7-31




Goal Kickers: S. Bates 3, A. Flett 3, D. Harris 2, D. James 2, M. Polkinghorne , M. Blight , S. Taylor , D. Kreig , S. Sheridan , L. Steyn 
Best Players: , S. Bates , S. Taylor , C. Gilby , D. Harris , D. Georgeson



Goal Kickers: N. Haniotis 2, L. Henderson , R. Wildy 
Best Players: , A. Jones , L. Donald , L. Henderson , C. Oliver , P. Brokensha





























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