This weeks games

Round 12 - 9th July


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This weeks C grade game (2:15pm home)

Athelstone v PHOSC

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This weeks u/18 grade game

Plympton v PHOSC 

(Sunday away @ 3pm)

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Round 3 last time we played SMOSH WL  PHOSC history was made with 3 three brothers playing in the same A grade game for points.

The Phantoms got up for there 1st win of the year by 15 points, unfortunately Wil Papa broke his ankle in the last 5 mins of the game and is yet to return for the Phantoms


Congrats to Brodie Maitland

50 games for the Phantoms




Camden Oval - Saturday 5th July 2014- 2:15pm


PHOS Camden                  1.2-8        2.6-18       6.8-44      9.10-64

SMOSH West Lakes         2.1-13      4.2-26        5.2-32        5.3-33



Goal Kickers: L. May 2, A. Scholz 2, M. Jacquier 2, S. Brozel , S. Williams , A. Smyth 

Best Players: A. Scholz, B. Carracher, R. Bartlett, A. Bergsma, T. Shaw, M. Bennett


Quinnys post-game:


Saturday we were lucky enough to have our past players present to watch the current crop go about their business. 


After a slowish start we went from strength to strength finishing the game reslly strongly. 


The most pleasing aspect was a total contribution from all the lads. Some players had standout games but as a group working hard to improve thats the key! 


Well done to Adam Scholz who was our best player closely followed by Brodhi Carracher again very good with Ryan Bartlett good across Half back. The skipper, Bergs was hard and tough and playing some good footy and big Michael Bennett made a good debut.  Our back six did a great job, with Evo, Boof, TJ, Shawy and Smythy repelling almost everything.   Goals were spread with "bags" of two to Maysie, Scholzy and Matty Jac


A good job and now we prep for Shocs. We want this game back! 


Training will be Theby oval at 6.00pm WEDNESDAY night! No training Tuesday due to oval confitions. 


Ta Quinny. 




web pre-game:


This week against SMOSH West Lakes is as usual a must win game. SMOSH are only one game ahead of us and have lost their last 4 games to Scotch, Gepps, Broadies, however only had 2 point loss last week to PAC, PAC being one of the top sides in div 2.They will be extremley keen to play well against us.  The last time we played SMOSH was Anzac Day at St MIcks College we had a shocking 6 goal to 1 second quater and played catch-up for the rest of the game to go down by 10 points. Last weeks win over Gepps was sensational, but it wont mean squat if we dont back-up this week.


Its also Past Players Day, always good to have a good game in front of the past legends of the club, who tend to get a bit fired up towards the last quarter.


Quinnys pre-game:


Speaking to a few of the lads you get the feel we just want to get out and play footy again! We go into this week in good shape, although we lose Shaz and Ingo who've been fantastic for us all year we replace them with Austin Tremaine for his first game for the year and Harmsy returns after a really good game in the two's. Aussy had foot problems early in the year then copped a broken finger so to get in the side now is great reward as his work ethic and persistence impressed us a lot! We also lose Sam Underwood back to the bays and wish him all the best.


This is a game we won’t back, we simply are going after SMOSH! Enough said!


We welcome all our past players and we aim to give you an effort to be proud of!


Thanks, Quinny.


Ps - I'd like to say thanks to Gepps Cross F.C to the respect and support shown to all PHOS people last week! 




The Phantom side:


FFwd:      Scholtzy       Harri            Papa     

HFwd:     TC                   Jac                 Willo

C:               Willo            Harms           Carracher

HBack:    Teddy          Boof              Smythy 

FBack:    Finn              Shaw            Evo

Ruck:      Dogs             Berga           Maysie

Pine:       Christie-Ling,  Aussie,    Beno

Emerg:    Resnais



Round  12   'B'  grade  team


Camden Oval - Saturday 5th July - 12:15pm


PHOS Camden              2.1-13      5.3-33       5.5-35         6.6-42

SMOSH West Lakes      1.4-10      2.6-18       5.12-42      6.13-49


Goal Kickers: M. Parslow 2, T. Wallent , S. Meyers , A. Flett , J. Whitford 
Best Players: D. Doolette-Cox, D. Marriott, T. Wallent, A. Flett, J. Resnais


Craig post-game


We had a challenge last Saturday to produce the goods against SMOSH/WL who had beaten SHOC the previous week and we couldn’t have wished for a better start.


Our first half was a great effort considering the conditions, we moved the ball well from defence with our run and carry, our attack at the ball and body was first class and the boys looked like they were switched on and ready to dismantle the opposition. This was reflected on the scoreboard going in at half time with a lead of 15 points. During half time we addressed a couple of things that needed to be improved, we didn’t need to change anything major but just needed to tweak a couple of things in order to improve for the second half.


What happened next was extremely disappointing, the opposition lifted their intensity and accountability while we became reactive and gave up the ball too easily, partly through their pressure but mostly through our poor decision making and an inability to play basic wet weather football by moving the ball forward at all cost, this  allowed them to kick the next 3 goals of the game and hit the lead which they didn’t give up. To our players credit they kept working to draw level late in the last quarter and we had a couple of chances to hit the front but just couldn’t capitalise.


Damo Doolette-Cox was best on ground smashing in all day and showing great courage on several occasions while Dale Marriott and Tom Wallent had solid games in the backline minimising the onslaught in the second half. Jake Resnais is improving every week playing on the ball and Anthony Flett played well up forward kicking a goal and then going down back to help out the back six. We have proven throughout this season that our best football is as good as any side in the competition but we must believe we can play our best footy for four quarters, once there is belief it will happen, so let’s start believing this week against SHOC and get back on the winner’s list. Another great game from the A Grade on Saturday, well done boys!!



Craig pre-game:

This week gives us a chance to consolidate our spot in the top five but we must turn up with the right mindset and be prepared to work hard for each other.


We have a tough task this week taking on SMOSH who knocked off one of the pacesetters in SHOC last week, so they will be riding a high and will be keen to keep winning.


Our players must stick to the basics in what will possibly be wet and heavy conditions by being accountable and be willing to make the extra effort to do what’s best for the team, things like shepherding, talking, tackling and smothering. Discipline to do the little things and perform selfless acts can be the difference between winning and losing in difficult conditions and this is what will be rammed home on Saturday.


Our back six has been bolstered by Dale Marriott at full back and Patrick Cusenza in a pocket while we have some welcome additions that include Billy Cameron who is keen to light it up on a wing, Damo Doolette-Cox, Kane Millard and Justin Whitford who was impressive last time we played SMOSH.


Let’s fire up and keep the winning momentum going by playing four quarters of team footy with 100% intensity




Fwd                       Flett                       Parslow                Meyers


HF                           McDonald           Unger                   Eddy


C                             Cameron             Simpson               Grosser


HB                          Wallent                Leatch                   Smith


B                             R Morgan            Marriott               Cusenza


                Ruck                                                     Interchange

                Parkins                                                 Doolette-Cox

                Resnais                                                 Millard

                Koutsikas                                             Whitford




Round  12   'C'  grade  team



Walkerville - Walkerville Recreation Oval - Saturday 5th July - 10:15am


Walkerville           14.9-93

PHOS Camden      7.6-48


Best & Goals not provided (come on Boggy!)

2015 Round  12


Round 12


Golden Grove

SAT 4 JUL  2:15 PM





Golden Grove       16.16-112

PHOS Camden      21.14-140




Goal Kickers: J. Sykes 4, S. Blair 4, B. Castree 3, M. Pendlington 2, K. Sumner , J. Horskins , B. Shaw 
Best Players: , J. Ingram , J. Morris , B. Castree , M. Pendlington , S. Blair



Goal Kickers: A. Harris 6, H. Gordon 4, M. Jacquier 3, A. Bergsma 2, N. Ramsey 2, A. Smyth , P. Hamden , D. Gamble , M. Molnar 
Best Players: , N. Ramsey , T. Clarke , R. Reavley , S. Williams , D. Gamble


Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


Saturday was a really good game of footy to watch. Both teams showed good skill and team patterns and on a sombre day regarding the loss of Phil Walsh there were reasons to smile and be proud of the guys.


I don't have goal kickers in front of me but Andrew Harris kicked 6 in a really good display at full forward and Hamish Gordon chimed in with 4 good ones.


Our best, well I've said it before but all the lads contributed, of course some were very good but most pleasing was the contribution of all. Steve Williams was lion hearted in the ruck, Bergs strong and busy all day. I won't rattle on as I could simply name everyone. So I'll stick to five more. Ryan Reavley and Tom Clarke complimented a very good back six showing courage and good decision making all day. Our best two were Nick Ramsey and Dylan Gamble as I saw a willingness to say "righto, enough" and led the way to us dominating the third term!


Golden Grove are a good side on the improve so that was a good win! One we'll remember! The signs were good with a great week on the track! Very proud of how the team is striving to be good at being good!


Well done Craig and the 2's. A terrific win against a side that's hardly lost at home in three or four years. Popey and the Thirds racked up a win and the name Johns stood out in goal kickers! Great to see!


We now look forward to Saturday V Flinders Park in front of our past Players and the chance to show them how hard we are prepared to work for each other! 





Golden Grove           6.11-47

PHOS Camden           9.8-62


Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report


We gave Golden Grove a head start last time we played them and it was looking like they would get the jump on us again with an early goal and a few wayward shots in the first ten minutes but our backline stood firm applying plenty of pressure to their forwards, forcing errors and causing turnovers.


Once the game settled down and we managed to get on the scoreboard things started to come together for us, using our tackling pressure and attack at the ball, we started to claw back their early lead only being down by a few points at quarter time.


After blowing out the cobwebs from the week off we managed to hit the front in the second quarter and never looked back, keeping a couple of goal buffer between us and them despite some questionable tactics in the second half from a few of their players. Despite the extra attention, our lads focussed on playing footy and ground out a hard fought win.


Our back six again performed well allowing Golden Grove to kick only 6 goals from 42 inside 50 entries which says a lot for the intensity and pressure that they apply to their opposition.


Our best players on the day were Andy Simpson who played a gritty and tough Captain's game while Shannon Leatch did another great job on their full forward and James Cadzow gave us great run from the backline. Anthony Flett and Jono Koutsikas were good on the day while Tom Finn gave us some bite up forward chipping in with a goal despite copping some extra attention from his opponent.


It was certainly an ugly win, but our side ground it out under trying circumstances at times which was great. Happy to take the points no matter how it looks!


Well done again to the A's and C's for making it a three-peat again.




Goal Kickers: B. Morris 4, N. Gaudio , L. Barker 
Best Players: , T. Harris , N. Gloede , J. Riches , A. Harris , B. Sumner



Goal Kickers: S. Brozel 2, B. Toohey 2, W. Papatolis , D. Parkins , D. Marriott , C. Harms , T. Finn 
Best Players: , A. Simpson , S. Leatch , J. Cadzow , A. Flett , J. Koutsikas




PHOS Camden           7.1-43     14.4-88   16.7-103    21.12-138

Adelaide Lutheran     1.0-6         2.1-13      3.2-20           3.2-20





no info provided (come on Popey!)



Goal Kickers: A. Gower 2, E. Legg 
Best Players: , C. Bentley , J. Scheer , E. Legg , I. Vanderwal , A. Gower



Quinnys (A grade) PREgame Report


Tomorrow we head to Golden Grove for what is our most important game of the year. They have a full head of steam up with recent convincing wins and we are coming off a bye. What I can say is that I cant have asked for nothing more of the playing group over the past two weeks. Their attitude and effort has been first class at training and now we get to let it loose. Out of the side go Orry Cross with a bit of soreness and Wil Papatolis and Brent Eddy back to the two's.


In are our Skipper, Aaron Bergsma, Matt Jacquier and Kris Evans. Three good ins to compliment the group.


All the best to Craig and the B's in a big game and Popey and the lads in the C's. 


Web Pregame


Coming off the bye, the boys will be keen as to get back on the field.


49 point win 2 weeks ago against Seaton is a distant memory.


Round 12:  This week we play Golden Grove.  Last time we played the Kookaburras we had a 92 point win on Anzac Day.  Matty Jacquier kicked 5 and Smythy kicked 4. Brent Van Gils, Aaron Bergsma, Nick Ramsey, Orry Cross a had very good games. 


Since round 3 G- Grove are in 5th position on the ladder with 5 wins,4 losses and have won there last 4 of the 5 games including a 112 point win last week against F-Park. There best win was probably against 3rd placed Pembroke.



(Ins):  Aaron Bergsma, Matt Jacquier and Kris Evans.

(Outs) : Orry Cross, Wil Papatolis and Brent Eddy


In the Bs: G-Grove are in 5th spot with 6 wins, 3 losses. Our Bs lost to them last time so will be very keen to get one back.


The C's take on Adelaide Lutheran @ home @ 12:15pm..the Bulldogs are 7th position with 4 wins 6 losses.


All the best lads


Go Phantoms




Craigs (B grade) PREgame Report



With a tough month of footy coming up for the B Grade we get a prime opportunity to consolidate second spot this week against Golden Grove who were beaten comprehensively last week and they’ll certainly be determined to get back on track against us this week.


We gave these guys a 5 goal head start last time and found it hard to claw back the margin eventually going down by four goals which is definitely a motivating factor for us and has been mentioned several times this week among the playing group.


Having several injuries in the A Grade again this week will test our depth but this also gives opportunities to players that have been working hard in the C Grade including Tate Garnaut who has been solid this year with Popey and Shannon Leatch who has more than proven himself at B Grade level winning our B & F last year.


Intensity, work rate, attitude and preparation are the key elements to beating sides like this and I know our guys are keen to make up for the result from last time and getting off to a flyer and maintaining the pressure for a four quarter effort will certainly do that!


Good luck to the A’s who will have a tough game and to Popey with the C’s against Adelaide Lutheran








A grade

Anzac Day Medallist

Mathew Jaquier



Simon Brozel winning the Spirit of ANZAC Medal



A grade

A grade post match report

Saturday saw a good gutsed out win against SMOSH, who are a better side than there place on the ladder suggests.


At half time we went in 2 points up but with some good signs! The negative being the performance of the umpires which was hurting the game. Both sides suffered from inconsistencies and glaring mistakes.... Ie if you take the ball out of a ruck play and are grabbed it's a free with prior opportunity being the ruck contest. When you break 2 tackles, well i would've thought that's as easy a decision as can be paid! This should've gone against us but didn't just to show my concern with some of the umpiring served up!


That's my umpiring vent! 

Anyways the highlight of the day was the debut of Josh Bayliss from our U/18's supported by Henry Papatolis. Josh looks every part an A grader. Well done young man and this is great for our club with two under 18's in the side. 

Goals were spread with Sam Williams kicking 3. 

Best were Nick Ramsey, a terrific game followed by Orry Cross and Marc Ruwoldt. Casey Beard and Luke May were very good and Jake Scharenberg and Sam Inglis rock solid in defence. 

Looking forward to Saturday V Scotch! 

Ta Quinny. 

PHOS Camden              3.1-19     7.4-46  11.6-72    16.6-102

SMOSH West Lakes     3.1-19    7.2-44    9.5-59      10.7-67


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 3, M. Ruwoldt 2, A. Smyth 2, A. Bergsma, S. Williams, R. Reavley, H. Papatolis, J. Green, J. Bayliss, T. Finn, G. Soper, H. Gordon
Best Players: N. Ramsey, O. Cross, C. Beard, M. Ruwoldt, L. May


Goal Kickers: N. Moore 3, L. Parham 2, N. Brown 2, Z. Beecken, M. Milojevic, T. Payne
Best Players: M. Harper, N. Moore, J. Moore, N. Brown, Z. Beecken

A grade Pre Match Report

Tomorrow we host SMOSH. A team we have a healthy respect and rivalry with. After last weeks lesson from Modbury we expect to see our group bounce back. We had a very healthy mid season reset Tuesday night and it's simply time for action above words.


The group trained the house down last night and were closely monitored by a number of ducks that made the oval home during the week. 

Going out are Harmsy and Mitch Molnar who simply need some footy after time on the bench. Coming in are Kouta from injury and Henry Papatolis who returns from School duties. 

All games are a must win and this really does start tomorrow. All the best to Craig, Popey and Granty and their respective teams. 


B grade


PHOS Camden                 6.2-38    8.7-55   9.10-64    13.13-91

SMOSH West Lakes        1.0-6      1.3-9      3.7-25       3.7-25


Goal Kickers: J. Resnais 3, B. Toohey 3, A. Flett 2, N. Watts, M. Molnar, S. McGill, B. Eddy, J. Whitford
Best Players: J. Grosser, B. Maitland, M. Molnar, B. Toohey, B. Eddy


Goal Kickers: M. Davidson 2, C. Lelos
Best Players: J. Crack, M. Davidson, C. Masson, M. Kurtzer, N. May

B grade post match report

We got off to a flyer against SMOSH on Saturday in the twos, kicking 6 goals into the wind which set us up for a good win. We knew the opposition would re group after the first break and put the clamps on which they did by playing hard, physical footy which our boys were willing to take up to them. We were off the pace a bit in the third quarter letting SMOSH play the game on their terms but to our boys’ credit they switched on again in the last and kicked another 4 goals and kept them scoreless, a great effort in the conditions.

Goal kickers were Jake Resnais and Tooza with 3, Fletty with 2 and singles to Wattsy, Mitch Molnar, Sos McGill, Whitty and Brent Eddy.

Jake Grosser was our best on his wing, getting into dangerous positions and making them pay with his ball use, Brodie Maitland was second in his 50th game and took plenty of intercept marks at Half Back while Mitch Molnar was tough around the packs, playing hard in the mud with his opponents and getting plenty of ball. Ben Toohey was fourth with 3 goals from a forward flank and Brent Eddy was fifth with his 3 quarter cameo appearance in the middle.

Well done to Simon and the A Grade this week, grinding out the win playing hard, tough footy.
We now prepare for Scotch OC with a big week on the track so we can hit them head on!!
Craig B.



B grade Pre Match Report

We tackle SMOSH in the mud this week which will be tough as they have won 3 out of their last 5 and they will be out to keep their good form going. We, on the other hand, need to bounce back after a disappointing loss which will test the character of our playing group to see how we respond.


Intensity, physicality and accountability will be the keys to rebounding this week from all 21 players, there will be no room for passengers!!

We have Josh Bayliss, one of our promising Under 18’s playing his first senior game for the club this week and according to Granty he loves to run while Brent Eddy, Dane Laing and Sam McGill are back from time off and Mitch Molnar and Curtis Harms come back from the A’s.

It’s going to be a tough, hard physical weekend in trying conditions but we can definitely bring home wins in all grades and celebrate with some goldfish racing Saturday night!!
Craig B.

C grade

Athelstone          16.14-110

PHOS Camden          2.6-18


Goal Kickers: A. Waldon 3, N. De Laat 3, P. Politis 2, T. Ruch 2, B. Skurrie, T. Skinner, T. McPeake, M. Christiansen, J. Cocks, J. Dunn
Best Players: A. Guy, P. Politis, T. McPeake, R. Capaldo, T. Ruch


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou, L. Harvey
Best Players: H. Finn, J. Resnais, K. McGuinness, M. Halls, D. Georgeson


Plympton                     13.5-83

PHOS Camden               8.7-55


Goal Kickers: T. Herd 4, J. Foote 4, J. Barritt 2, D. Gear, M. Campbell, L. Woolford
Best Players: T. Holtham, J. Heng, M. Campbell, M. Gill, A. Spalding


Goal Kickers: J. Bayliss 3, E. Dunkin 2, T. Unger, S. Brown, L. Harvey
Best Players: E. Dunkin, T. Gulliford, L. Toohey, J. Bayliss, L. Harvey

Match Report

Very disappointing when players tell you they are playing and than don't turn up... Not sure they know the amount of People it effects and time it takes to put a side on the field!!!!! To the boys who did and especially Sam W who got out of his sick bed and arrived minutes before the 2nd Qtr to Save a forfeit ...thank you

Let's not talk about the umpires as I still can't believe what I was seeing... To have 5 players come off with Head injuring and not a whistle to be heard...astonishing Let's see what the club can do??? Even Plympton could believe it???

Not a great start to the game with everything going on but it was a Great display by Elliot Dunkin today everyone was I. Ore of your skill today.. Best one for the year well done mate. To big Tom Gulliford who carried the Ruck all day and nailed it... An amazing effort by Liam Toohey today... Must of eaten something off last night and fertilised the oval for Plympton... Hope they pay you for that :) Congrats to Josh Bayliss who backed up his first A grade game yesterday with another solid performance ...and another victim a missed call and split head... Great to see your blood is red... 
Lachie Harvey turned one on for his folks today and lucky can take a hit as got plenty.
Soli Brown has been a shinning light this year and continues to improve. Best game by Nick Bryce today out of the back pocket and  Josh Resnais was having a great game until ... Yes a head high tackle side lined him in the Third Qtr.
To Both Sam Webster and Tom Unger who both had injuries ( I think your liver Sam took a beating last night) and Tom with a bad back played well under the circumstances.
Big Hugh MacPhee who was a late inclusion and what a couple of great goals and kept us in the hunt early.
What a great surprise today when Sam Mesnil played and his attack on the ball was the best I have seen from him so far...
What can you say about Aidan Martin he keeps you guessing all the time ( a bit like Eddy) and has added a competitive edge to his game which you gotta like ...
Another one who is developing is Jack Rau and another not feeling well but suited up for the team.

Great Game today and next time we meet Plympton in the finals we will be a different side and look out...

Fire up Phantoms


Round 12 A Squad


24 R. Bartlett

52 M. Bennett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

17 S. Brozel

45 B. Carracher

13 T. Christie-Ling

8 T. Clarke

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

29 C. Harms

55 A. Harris

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

2 A. Tremaine

10 S. Williams

12 S. Williams




C. Harms, M. Bennett, A. Tremaine



S. Underwood, S. Inglis, J. Scharenberg


A grade ladder


1  Payneham NU          22

2  Scotch OC                 18

3 Prince Alfred OC       16

4 Broadview                 16

5 Sacred Heart OC       12

Gepps Cross               8

7 PHOS Camden           8

8 Walkerville                  8

9 Flinders Park              8

10 SMOSH                     8


Round 12 B Squad


28 B. Cameron

3 P. Cusenza

16 D. Doolette-Cox

34 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

14 J. Grosser

31 J. Koutsikas

46 S. Leatch

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

40 S. Meyers

22 K. Millard

44 R. Morgan

42 D. Parkins

49 M. Parslow

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

19 S. Smith

35 J. Unger

5 T. Wallent

6 J. Whitford


B grade ladder


1 Prince Alfred OC      24

2 Sacred Heart OC      20

3 Payneham NU          16

PHOS Camden         14

SMOSH West Lakes   12

6 Walkerville                  10

7 Broadview                   10

8 Scotch OC                    8

9 Gepps Cross               4

10 Flinders Park            2


Round 12 C Squad


13 C. Bensch

17 L. Dawson

7 C. Djurasevich

P. Gander

5 T. Garnaut

26 L. Gerschwitz

6 C. Gilby

10 M. Jane

T. Johns

9 D. Kreig

14 S. Kreig

1 D. Martin

16 J. Mcdade

27 C. Morgan

S. Payne

19 M. Polkinghorne

4 B. Prater

8 A. Robb

A. Roccisano

2 S. Sheridan

23 O. Stagg

22 T. Thomas

11 C. Ware


C grade ladder


1 Rostrevor OC             20

2 GoodwoodSaints     20

3 Unley Mercedes        18

4 AdelaideUniversity   17

5 Port District               14

6 Walkerville                   11

7 PHOS Camden          10

8 St Peters OC                4

9 Salisbury North          4

10 Gaza                            2


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