This weeks games

Round 13 - 16h July

Scotch V PHOSC 

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This weeks C grade game (2:15pm home)

PHOSC v Rostrevor

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This weeks u/18 grade game

PHOSC v Broadview

(Sunday home @ 3pm)

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Last time we played Scotch was Round 4

We started on fire kicking 5 goals to none in the 1st quater, but lost by 22 points after being up by 9 points at 3/4 time.

Key Ins:

A's : Mattty Jacquier


B's: Dean Bonnicci (1st game), Adam Scholz  (back from hols)

A grade

Scotch OC                   4.6-30

PHOS Camden     20.14-134



Goal Kickers: J. Middleton 2, W. Goode, S. Underwood
Best Players: J. Schmidt, B. Skeen, H. Twopeny, A. Camens, J. Middleton


Goal Kickers: M. Jacquier 5, A. Bergsma 3, M. Ruwoldt 2, H. Gordon 2, N. Ramsey 2, S. Williams , A. Smyth, R. Reavley, G. Soper, S. Williams, L. May
Best Players: J. Scharenberg, M. Ruwoldt, P. Hamden, R. Reavley, T. Finn

Qunnya post match repo

Travelling up to Scotch and coming back with two wins from two games, our C grade putting in a courageous display and our U/18's with 15 players defeating Broadview (admirably played 15 as well), the top side can be described as a very good weekend for the club. 

Two weeks ago, as a group we sat down and reset our season path and reminded the group of lots that is going on well in the club and to not lose focus in the haze of where we sat on the ladder. It was a positive meeting. And we are now two parts into a seven part series. 

Scotch have been somewhat of a tough side to beat for us in recent times in A2 footy. Saturday saw that change in a very pleasing way. The guys came to play, there was that normal "larrikin" attitude that surrounds this group of lads before the game. Once we hit time to switch on they did and went to work on Scotch. A solid first quarter saw us lead marginally at the break with all players influencing lead by our backline and Ruwy doing what he does. Hamish Gordon was busy Ryan Reavley good on his wing. Big Steve Williams was super in the ruck allowing Orrs to play up forward for a bit. This pretty much set the scene for the day and allowed us to take a 6 goal lead in at half time which was then improved after half time. 

With continued effort after the main break we ended up 103 point winners! Well deserved by the boys who have invested into our plan! 

Goal kickers were Matty Jac 5, Bergs 3, Gordo, Rama and Ruwy 2 each and a host of players kicking 1 including a beauty from Smythy

Our best were plenty but the top 5 were Sam Inglis, Ryan Reavley, Paddy Hamden, Marc Ruwoldt and our best for the almost perfect game was Jake Scharenberg from his back pocket! Josh Bayliss and Henry Papatolis deserve a mention for their effort and attitude they have brought to this unit. 

Well done to Craig and the two's. Craig with Morgs and extra help from Viv, do a great job as the two's coaching staff. It can be a tough job in that you get players in form and you lose them up to the A grade, you deal with players sometimes coming back down on form and confidence and you need to get them up. You deal with parents unhappy that their kids aren't getting a game or not playing in the position they think they should play or people who think they know more or how we are "outdated" or Doing it wrong! Sometimes coaching can be a thankless tough job. Craig loves it and is a fantastic loyal ally as we work to bring sustained success to our club! Neither of us are original PHOS people but we love the place and have a path! By all means have an opinion but don't step in the way of the path because we won't shift from it! 

Looking forward to the past players round this week against Broadview and the chance to wear a heritage jumper from our past! 

Ta Quinny. 

A grade Pre Match Report

We travel to Scotch today for a game of great importance. A win could sneak us in the five for the first time this year. We regain Matty Jacquier this week who comes in for Josh Green who goes back to the two's to find some footy in a full game. 

We have players in really good form and some on the verge and a couple of blokes who must find it immediately with some great pressure coming from the two's. No excuses, we need the win. 

All the best to Craig and Popey and their teams and Granty for Sunday. 

Ta, Quinny

B grade

Scotch OC                       7.6-48

PHOS Camden        15.17-107



Goal Kickers: H. McGregor 2, B. Flower 2, J. Nichaloff, O. Wight, J. King
Best Players: A. Ey, L. Archibald, A. Saies, M. Bourne, P. Harman


Goal Kickers: J. Whitford 5, S. McGill 3, N. Watts 2, M. Molnar 2, L. McDonald 2, J. Resnais
Best Players: B. Toohey, J. Whitford, M. Molnar, B. Eddy, D. Bonnici

Craigs post match report

Last Saturday was certainly an arm wrestle for three quarters against Scotch OC. Their physical pressure was intense which forced us to turn the ball over and cost us goals. We had plenty of the ball and made right decisions but just didn’t execute the skills the way we wanted to with 21 turnovers which directly resulted in them kicking 6 of their goals to three quarter time. We only had a lead of 2 goals at the last break against an opposition that was poised to take the game from us.

The last quarter was a different story after shuffling a few players around at three quarter time. Our clean skills, good decision making and efficient ball use allowed us to split them apart, moving the ball quickly with our run and carry and good ball use. The decision making didn’t change but the disposal efficiency did which resulted in us kicking 8 goals in the last quarter and running away with the game.

Justin Whitford had a big day out up forward clunking marks, hitting packs and kicking 5 goals while also giving off a few which got him a best on ground closely followed by Brent Eddy who had a tough day around the ball being targeted by the opposition, but he rose above it, kept his cool and got second best. Tooza was third best and started up forward but was then moved into the ruck in the second half, giving us first use of the ball as well as roving his own taps and feeding the mids while Mitch Molnar was fourth best using his physicality to win the ball and feed the outside runners and also took a couple of telling marks when the game was in the balance. Dean Bonnici was fifth in his first senior game and certainly showed his class using the ball well when he got it and making good decisions in tight situations.

It was a good day for the club with Simon and the A Grade pulling off a 103 point win and showing they are well on way to getting their season back on track.

Momentum is now the key, if we work hard for the rest of the season we will get to where we want to be.
Craig B.

B grade Pre Match Report


This week we play Scotch OC, a side that likes to put constant physical pressure on their opponents . We must be ready to absorb their pressure and play the game on our terms and keep our momentum going through being disciplined and denying them the footy through good skill execution.

We have lost Parko and Dane Laing who have niggling injuries and will be better for the week off which gives an opportunity to Dean Bonnici who comes into the side to play his first senior game for the club and Scholzy comes back from some time overseas and will be keen to regain his form to reclaim his A Grade spot.

This week is another big one for the club in the scheme of the season. Good luck to Simon and the A’s, Popey and the C’s and Granty’s 18’s, four wins sounds pretty good!!
Craig B.


C grade

PHOS Camden         1.1-7      2.3-15   3.4-22        6.6-42

Rostrevor OC           3.3-21   4.7-31    7.9-51    10.13-73



Goal Kickers: A. Ghinis 2, N. Iordanou 2, L. Chine, M. Polkinghorne
Best Players: J. Resnais, S. Taylor


Goal Kickers: T. Carpinelli 3, M. McPeake, S. Tagg, B. Moore, T. Moore, P. Norris, M. Zamparelli, D. McPeake
Best Players: S. Wilson, T. Moore, M. Sauer, N. McDonough, S. Tagg


PHOS Camden   0.6-6   4.9-33   5.9-39   8.11-59

Broadview        3.1-19   4.2-26   6.8-44   7.11-53


Goal Kickers: J. Bayliss 3, A. Martin 2, D. Bonnici, L. Toohey, T. Gulliford
Best Players: J. Bayliss, D. Bonnici, L. Toohey, E. Dunkin, S. Brown


Goal Kickers: J. Box 3, K. Russell 3, J. White
Best Players: K. Russell, J. Box, R. Falcione

Darrens Post matc h report


With out a doubt, one of the best wins this year and...against the Top side which has set us up for a top 3 shoot out with SHOC next week in the last minor round game. 

I thought we have 5 stand out players today and all played different rolls to get us across the line. 
Deano dominated the air around the ground while Toohsaaa was unstoppable in the packs. Bayliss tore up the forward line and Dunkin was a brick wall in the back line which left Brown left to mop up around the Packs. 
Five players don't win a game ...the team does and all played there part to assist in the win 

The late inclusion on Aidan (betts) Martin with two crucial goals in the second quarter and Big Tom Gulliford who was told not to play by his Phyiso and chipping in with one was a big help...and yes Eddy great goals. 

To have two players like Toohey and Brini hard at it under the packs all day 
Made it tough for Broadview to get a clear Clarence with extreme pressure 

Great to have Lachie McCabe and Lachy Kohn back for the game and both slotted back in where they left off in great form. 
Will Price darted in out of the game today setting up many attacks in a good display up forward. Josh Resnais and Tom Unger do there job week in week out whether up forward or in attack and always give 110% 
Lachie Harvey is starting to contribute every week in different rolls around the ground and although Hugh was a bit quite gave a contest when ever the ball came into his area which is what I asked for from every player today. 
Jackson Tilley made a Cameo today but will be back to fight another day... 

Ok.... Currently 4th and with a win next week 3rd with a double chance in the finals 
So get to training if you can and bring on SHOC next week 
Well done today boys 

Fire up Phantoms


2014 Round 13



SHOCs - Sacred Heart Senior College - Main Oval - Saturday 12th July - 2:15pm


Sacred Heart OC    13.7-85

PHOS Camden          8.7-55



Goal Kickers: A. Harris 2, B. Van Gils , A. Bergsma , W. Papatolis , A. Smyth , S. Williams , K. Evans 
Best Players: T. Clarke, R. Bartlett, K. Evans, A. Scholz, A. Tremaine


web pre-game:


This weeks game against SHOCs is as usual a must win game. SHOCs are 2 wins ahead of us and equal 4th on the ladder. They are coming off a very good win against 2nd place Scotch but lost to SMOSH the week before. They will be extremley keen to cement there place in the 5 with a win over us.  The last time we played SHOcs was at home, we had a good but inaccurate start and kept them goal less in the 1st Q. We let ourselves down in the 3rd Q only scoring a point and a close last Q but ended up going down by 9 points. Last weeks win over SMOSH was a credit to all, but if we are to avoid relgation and keep the faint chance of finals alive we must win this game. What better place to have a win against our neighbours on there home ground.


Quinnys pre-game:


to come




The Phantom side:


FFwd:      Scholtzy       Harri            Papa     

HFwd:     TC                   Jac                 Willo

C:               Willo            Harms           Carracher

HBack:    Teddy          Boof              Smythy 

FBack:    Finn              Shaw            Evo

Ruck:      Dogs             Berga           Maysie

Pine:       Christie-Ling,  Aussie,    Beno

Emerg:    Resnais



Round  13   'B'  grade  team



SHOCs - Sacred Heart Senior College - Main Oval - Saturday 12th July - 12:15pm


Sacred Heart OC      11.12-78

PHOS Camden              3.3-21




Goal Kickers: D. Doolette-Cox , T. Wallent , B. Cameron 
Best Players: A. Flett, L. McDonald, H. Walters, P. Cusenza

Round 13 A Squad


24 R. Bartlett

52 M. Bennett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

11 S. Brozel

45 B. Carracher

13 T. Christie-Ling

8 T. Clarke

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

55 A. Harris

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

43 A. Simpson

21 A. Smyth

2 A. Tremaine

34 B. Van Gils

12 S. Williams




B. Van Gilse





A grade ladder


1  Payneham NU          24

2  Scotch OC                 20

3 Prince Alfred OC       16

4 Broadview                 14

5 Sacred Heart OC       12

Walkerville                 10

7 Gepps Cross               8

7 PHOS Camden           8

9 Flinders Park              8

10 SMOSH                     8


2015 Round  13

Round 13 B Squad

28 B. Cameron

3 P. Cusenza

16 D. Doolette-Cox

32 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

17 T. Garnaut

14 J. Grosser

29 C. Harms

46 S. Leatch

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

40 S. Meyers

22 K. Millard

44 R. Morgan

42 D. Parkins

49 M. Parslow

30 J. Resnais

19 S. Smith

35 J. Unger

5 T. Wallent

31 H. Walters


B grade ladder


1 Prince Alfred OC      26

2 Sacred Heart OC      22

3 Payneham NU          18

PHOS Camden         14

Walkerville                  12

6 SMOSH West Lakes   12

7 Broadview                   10

8 Scotch OC                    8

9 Gepps Cross               4

10 Flinders Park            4


Round 13


Flinders Park

Sat July 11th

Camden Oval


(C grade v Elizabeth away)






PHOS Camden      3.3-21     7.5-47     12.6-78       14.6-90

Flinders Park          0.3-3       0.4-4        2.6-18         5.8-38




Goal Kickers: A. Harris 5, N. Ramsey 2, R. Bartlett 2, H. Gordon , A. Scholz , S. Williams , K. Evans , A. Smyth 
Best Players: , A. Scholz , N. Ramsey , A. Harris , R. Reavley , D. Gamble



Goal Kickers: B. George 2, C. Brooke , D. Blythe , B. O''Hara 
Best Players: , D. Blythe , J. Lean , B. O''Hara , M. Green , J. Keatley


Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


Saturday saw us welcome our Past Players back to the Club and give them the chance to see the lads in action. We played a spirited and very keen Flinders Park who flew out of the blocks and had they kicked straighter could've had us a few goals down early. The lads steadied got our style of footy moving and we were able to go in at quarter time three goals up on a day where goals were hard to come by. Big Harry was catching everything and rewarding the upfield good work led by Ryan Reavley at half back with some great kicking at goal.


Our second and third quarters were perhaps our best for the day and again a common thread of the season was appearing and that was 21 contributors. Our last quarter was a little off the standard we'd set earlier but in saying that, Flinders Park battled hard all day and they deserve credit for having a crack and not flying the flag when by three quarter time. A win looked unlikely.


Goal kickers were Andrew Harris with 5 in a team inspiring effort up forward. Ryan Bartlett with 2 in another fantastic team man game. Nick Ramsey with 2. Singles to Evo, Gordo, Scholzy, Smythy and Steve Williams.


I could mention everybodies effort which is a good thing but I'll stick to 5 with some things worth pointing out as far as best players go.


Big Harry was very good up forward. Reavs excellent at half back, Gambo strong and clever all day in a good wet weather game. Our best two were Nick Ramsey in a really bust and active game mixed with skill with the footy and effective we weather play. Adam Scholz was in my opinion was our best in a faultless game with bursts of pace, clever footy, strong attack and 1 %ers all day! Well done Scholzy and he a long with a few others are warming up nicely.


Two players in our group deserve a mention. Ryan Bartlett and Luke May who are two of our better midfield options have have been played in other spots to help OUR team and have been first class. They are both up our sleeves!


With players coming back over the next couple of weeks it will be tough re selection. As a selection committee we pick blokes who can do a role not necessarily who was best on ground in the two's. Tom Finn returning to the A grade and playing a belter at full back for Shawy and Kouta playing his role to perfection should stand as proof to the group and enhance our values of Team first and always trying to make our mate a better player than me!


Please come out Satdy and watch what should be a very good game V Pembroke!


Well done to Craig and the boys for a gutsed out draw In the B's and a Popey inspired win in the C's!


Ta, Quinny. 





PHOS Camden      3.1-19     5.4-34     5.6-36     5.8-38

Flinders Park           1.1-7      2.2-14   5.2-32     6.2-38




Goal Kickers: W. Papatolis 2, R. Morgan , S. Brozel , S. McGill 
Best Players: , J. Cadzow , A. Flett , A. Simpson , R. Morgan , S. Brozel



Goal Kickers: B. Dyda 3, T. Alder 
Best Players: , S. Snowdon , A. Martino , D. Marinoff , L. Detullio , S. Thompson




Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report


Flinders Park was always going to be a tough game after the result we had last time we played and the key was getting off to a good start. We let them get their first goal in the opening minute but after that the boys managed to compose themselves, got control of the game and kicked the next three. In trying conditions the boys played basic wet weather footy which gave us a 3 goal lead going into half time.


The second half was a different story, after losing Mike Papatolis and Ben Toohey just before the half time siren we had to shuffle the side around to try and get the right mix to keep our momentum going. We unfortunately couldn't keep the intensity up and allowed them to kick 4 goals straight to our 4 points in the second half which resulted in a draw.


James Cadzow was best on ground from centre half back, playing an effective sweeping role while Rian Morgan and Andy Simpson were hard at it playing well in the midfield. Anthony Flett had another solid game in defence and Simon Brozel is getting back to his A Grade form playing on the wing.


Saturday was a bit of a lost opportunity after doing all of the hard work in the first half to get a good lead in the conditions. But to our boys' credit they never gave up, especially when our opposition hit the front the boys fought tooth and nail to keep the ball in our forward line, we just couldn't get the elusive goal we needed in the dying minutes.


It's a bit hard to know how to feel after a draw but we will certainly take the point and it is definitely better than a loss, we now need to make sure we get full points this week against Pembroke.


Well done to the Quinny and the A Grade against a much improved opposition and great stuff to Popey and the C Grade to get the win with 17 players, great effort guys!





Elizabeth                7.8-50

PHOS Camden      8.10-58




Goal Kickers: D. Glenie 3, M. Vawser 2, B. Sims , J. Williams 
Best Players: , B. Sims , D. Glenie , M. Pudney , J. Watts , J. Salvemini



Goal Kickers: A. Pope 3, J. Butler 2, C. Taylor , S. Meyers , D. Doolette-Cox 
Best Players: , C. Taylor , D. Doolette-Cox , B. Maitland , J. Butler , L. Gerschwitz


A message from the President 

(this was in last weeks away game Budget on the 12 month anniversary of past Phantom A Grade Coach Gary Williams sad passing).


Where do you start

You sit down to try to wright a message of respect comfort reassurance to people that have had there life ripped apart and sadly will never be the same.

Not that they are the only ones that this type of devastation has happened to but they are part of the Phos Camden football club and in hard times there is no better place than the culture that a club like ours has

This is where the hard yards start anniversary’s come around birthdays are hard  and it seams never ending  the pressure that this tragerty has brought  

This is when we can do our part as a club  do not ever forget the trauma that Meredith and her family have gone through and will go through

So all I can say to our community is that to catch up for a chat a coffee hello at the football dose matter and will more so in years to come

This week we do remember Garry but also the Williams  family that he left behind

Phos Camden Football Club 



Quinnys (A grade) PREgame Report


Tomorrow we host Flinders Park, a club it's fair to say we have a friendly rivalry with. We pay no attention to the ladder or wins losses. We need to push ourselves to improve and tie down our structures and game style. With a mention of ordinary weather it should be a really good contest. 


Going out of the side are our skipper, Aaron Bergsma due to work commitments, Paddy Hamden due to family commitments abroad and Tristan Shaw with a week off injury. 


Coming in are big Orry Cross, Finny returns after really solid form in the two's and Kouta for his first game after working really hard this year and showing really good leadership qualities! 


It's our past players day and we as the current crop are very keen to show the way we go about our footy to the guys who wore the jumper before us! 


All the best to Craig and Popey, three more wins would be great for our club! 


See you Satdy, Quinny


Web Pregame


Coming off the a tough hard fought win against Golden Grove this week we take on fellow demoted A2 side Flinders Park. Last time we played F-Park was round 4 and we had a convincing 100 point win at their ground. Jaqs, Hilly & Quinny kicked most of the goals and Rama, Van GIls & Orry had good games.


F-Park are in 7th position with 4 wins 7 losses, Last week they got beat by Old Iggies, there best win this year was probably against Plympton & MItcham. 



Changes: (for full squad click here)

(Ins):  Orry Cross, Finny and Kouta

(Outs) : Aaron Bergsma, Paddy Hamden and Tristan Shaw


In the Bs: F-park do alot better in 4 possy with 7 wins 4 losses. Last time they stitched us up by 24 points. Craigs team will be itching to get this one back


The C's take on Elizabeth (away). 6th position with 7 wins 4 losses.


All the best lads


Go Phantoms




Craigs (B grade) PREgame Report



After a tough game last week we face another challenge this week against Flinders Park. These guys were hard at it last time and walked away with a 4 goal win against us which has not sat well with our team since it happened, so our guys are keen to make amends at home this week.


We welcome back Harry Walters and Josh James who have had exams and Brodhi Carracher who was best on ground last week in the C’s and will add to our pace (for full squad click here).


With the weather looking like it is going to be cold and wet we must be prepared to play hard and tough footy, putting our head over the ball and doing the one percenters. Our opposition have shown they can do it against us now we must be able to turn the tables back on them!


This is a critical game for us if we want to consolidate second spot as a win will put us a game clear of Athelstone who we play in a couple of weeks, it’s all about how bad we want it and how hard we are prepared to work to achieve it.


Good luck to the A’s who travelling nicely and to Popey and to the C’s against a tough opponent.











Round 13 is

Past Players Day

calling all the past PHOSC players come and watch the current batch take on Flinders Park at Camden Oval.

(pictured is Norm Etherington 1949, this jumper was only used for this year, thanks to Peter Tucker for pic and info.

click here for more club History











Round 13

Adam Smyth's 50th game 








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