This weeks games

Round 15 - 30th July

PHOSC v Gaza

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This weeks C grade game

away 10:15am 

Goodwood v PHOSC

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This weeks u/18 grade game

Elimination Final

Plympton v PHOSC

(Sunday away @ 3pm)

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A grade:

M.Papatolios, P. Hamden, C. Harms and R. Morgan. 

B grade: 

T. Christie-Ling, S. McGill, M. Parslow, T. Unger, H. Walters.

Congrats Kouta 100 games

GAZA info


7th - 6 wins 8 losses.

Def 2nd place SHOCs twice this year.

Def by 3rd place SPOCS 3 weeks ago by only 8p.

Def by Scotch last week by 13 points.

1 win out of the five, 2 wins above relegation zone.

Last time we played Gaza Round 6 click here for full report


Gaza                              10.7-67

PHOS Camden        15.15-105


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 6, H. Gordon 3, L. May 2, A. Scholz, A. Smyth, O. Cross, M. Ruwoldt
Best Players: S. Williams , M. Ruwoldt, A. Smyth, M. Molnar, N. Ramsey


B Grade


Gaza                            9.3-57

PHOS Camden        12.9-81


Goal Kickers: M. Parslow 3, H. Young 2, A. Flett 2, R. McNamara, N. Walters, S. McGill, L. McDonald, M. Papatolis
Best Players: M. Papatolis, B. Cameron, H. Young, M. Parslow, B. Eddy

A Grade

PHOS Camden    3.0-18    7.3-45     9.5-59    14.10-94

Gaza                      4.4-28    5.8-38    7.11-53    7.14-56


Goal Kickers: J. Bayliss 4, S. Williams 3, M. Jacquier 3, H. Gordon 2, G. Soper, N. Ramsey
Best Players: P. Hamden, C. Beard, J. Scharenberg, J. Bayliss, R. Reavley


Goal Kickers: B. Heintze 2, B. Macreadie 2, M. Beadle, N. Frederick, T. Karr
Best Players: B. Heintze, B. Macreadie, C. Draper, C. Radetti, D. Lee

Quinny postgame Report


Saturday our footy club really stood up. Our c's beaten on the scoreboard took a big step forward for Popey and Hully. Craigs B's were gutsy and fought out a good 1 point win when it could be easy to accept that it wasn't our day. Our A's put a good side away in a fashion that is super important heading in to this year and on Sunday our U/18's took a massive step forward with a winning final! 


The game Satdy was hard fought and at no time during the first 3 quarters did either side really push away. Gaza came to play but I was happy with our effort and energy and eventually we got our efficiency to the level we will need this week. 


Goal kickers were Josh Bayliss with 4, Sam Williams and Matty Jac with 3. A good spread of goal kickers supported this. 


Our best were hard to pick as all certainly contributed the best they could. Big Dogs was good in his role.  Glen soper had a good game with his first give and efficient skill. Ryan Reavley was good with Jake Scharenberg very good down back. Our two best complimented each other performing fantastic roles for our group in Casey Beard and our best player on the day was Paddy Hamden in a rock solid game. 


We set ourselves for old Ignatians this week! I suggest they know we are coming! 

Quinny pregame Report


Tomorrow we host Gaza in what is a very important game for both sides. With four weeks to finals all games are must wins. 


We lose a few players with Henry Pap and Elliot Duncan going back to school footy. Sam Inglis and and Tom Finn need the week off with annoying injuries for the lads. We welcome back in to the side Mick Pap and Paddy Hamden, along with Curtis Harms and Rian Morgan


All the best to Craig, Popey and to Granty with their respective teams. 


Big weekend of footy for our club! 


Ta Quinny. 

B Grade

PHOS Camden  1.1-7      6.2-38    7.3-45      8.8-56

Gaza                    4.2-26   5.2-32    7.11-53   7.13-55


Goal Kickers: H. Walters 2, J. Resnais, B. Toohey, J. James, D. Laing, J. Whitford, L. McDonald
Best Players: B. Maitland, D. Laing, S. Leatch, D. Parkins, L. McDonald


Goal Kickers: D. Adams 4, S. McGregor, M. Oates, J. Watkins
Best Players: M. Pasiczynskyj, T. Skinner, P. Sadler, H. Walker, R. Burns, S

Craigs post game Report

Nothing like a nail biter to keep the heart rate racing!! Gaza were on right from the first bounce as we were standing between them and a finals berth. The scoring was going to the Anzac Highway end with the strong breeze and the aim for the first and third quarters was to keep their scoring opportunities to a minimum.


We didn't quite achieve that in the third as they had 9 shots for two goal seven, but their misses were caused by our relentless pressure in the backline which is a credit to the hard work of our back six.


The final quarter was just a slog as Gaza flooded our forward line to defend their slim lead and with our boys feeding the ball in constantly something was bound to give. It all happened in the last 5 seconds as scores were level and the ball came in high and long, Jake Grosser camped himself behind the pack and the ball landed in his lap. This would normally be a glasses down goal 35 metres out straight in front but unknown to most, Jake's right thumb was severely sprained and he couldn't hold the ball properly and the kick after the siren was a dirty mongrel and only just snuck in for the winning point!

Brodie Maitland was best on his back flank taking many intercept marks and making a match winning dive in the last 20 seconds to stop them going forward and setting up the last long bomb. Dane Laing was second best doing a job on one of their most influential players and minimising his influence after quarter time and getting plenty of ball himself while Shannon Leatch found his form and had his best game for the year at full back and Dave Parkins' ruck work around the ground gave us first use of the ball. Lachlan McDonald was fifth best getting plenty of ball all over the ground and using it well.

Well done to Simon and the A's in a great win and Granty's Under 18's in a gutsy finals win over Plympton while the C Grade showed plenty of character against a quality opponent.

A great weekend for the club!!




Craig B

Craigs pregame Report

Gaza's finals hopes are on the line this week so we must be ready for a fierce fight on Saturday. We have been giving opposition sides a head start lately and we must get this out of our game if we are to be a serious contender starting this week, putting on early pressure, taking control of the game and playing it on our terms.

We have another six changes this week and with Andy Simpson and Fletty unavailable means others must step up to fill the breach and be leaders on the field.

Players back in the side include Jono Koutsikas, Harry Walters, Sam McGill, Tim Christie-Ling, Matty Parslow and Tom Unger all of who are very capable players and all add something to our side.

Four quarters of hard, tough footy is expected and we must bring it from the first bounce to the last siren, nothing less is acceptable.

Good luck to Simon and the A's and Popey's C Grade this week in important games as well as Granty and the Under 18s in their first final.


Craig B.

C Grade 

Goodwood Saints    3.3-21    6.9-45    8.17-65    14.21-105

PHOS Camden          3.1-19    5.2-32    7.4-46            8.5-53


Goal Kickers: A. Nicholls 4, B. Monks 3, B. Ewers 3, D. Baulis 2, M. Lawton, L. Caruana
Best Players: A. Nicholls, C. Grieve, B. Monks, J. Scott, S. Rosa


Goal Kickers: L. Steyn 2, N. Iordanou 2, D. Krieg, A. Hull, B. Pollard, L. Chine
Best Players: H. Finn, L. Chine, S. Taylor, K. McGuinness, M. Halls



Plympton             5.6-36

PHOS Camden   11.4-70


Goal Kickers: J. Foote 3, L. Bates, J. Cassidy
Best Players: J. Dinnison, J. Heng, L. Mitchell, T. Holtham, J. Barritt


Goal Kickers: D. Bonnici 3, J. Bayliss 2, D. Grant 2, J. Porter, J. Rau, L. McCABE, H. Macphee

Sorry guys .. Just spent 2 hours writing the match report and lost it ...
If you heard me today that's what I just said.. And apologize if I a fended anyone

1 down 3 to go

Fire up phantoms

The Web Man was at the game so a brief report:

Injury pull-outs prior to game of Dunkin & Davis, and Soli Brown 1 week away, Booth working reduced the bench to 2.

The 1st Q was brutal, Plympton came out breathing fire, our boys as per normal were a little slow to start and were on the back foot. The Dogs had 2 goals 1 on the board before it went down our end, credit to the backline under immense pressure. Tommy Unger & good mate Webster stood tall, L McCabe did a lot of mopping up. The boys managed to stem the flow and kicked a couple of late ones.

The 2nd Q boys knowing it was ‘game on’, stepped up put some heat back on the Dogs. Liam Toohey after celebrating his 18th on Friday night, was best for St Micks on Saturday & in this game started slow but as the game moved on managed to get plenty of the ball and was starting to dictate terms. His little mate Will Pice as always so clever around the ball and earned a holding the ball against an opponent 3 times his size really got his team mates going, including Jack Porter who also smashed tackled an opponent to earn a vital free kick and kicked a fine goal. Jimi Crouch & Chris Brini also had very sold quarters & liked the effort of Lachie Kohn, not the most skilful payer but certainly has a crack. Pretty much even at half time.

The 3rd q enter Declan Grant & Josh Bayliss both had been a touch quiet by there standards, understandably Josh had kicked 4 for the Senior A’s the day before & Dec seemed to be copping plenty off the ball from SHC colleges. As they say ‘cream rises to the top’ and both players shifted the tide in the Phantoms favour, the Dogs players getting very frustrated and there discipline waned. Sam McCabe just oozes class and kicked some nice goals. Nick Bryce also took one of the most courageous marks you'll see going back with the play. 3/4 time 3 goals up looking good, but complacency could be a danger..


The 4th Q the boys were fantastic & the Dogs were rattled. Great all-round team effort all players contributed, liked some of the stuff Josh Resnais was doing, Aiden Martin although goalless took some nice marks, big Hugh had a huge weekend kicking 9 goals on Saturday for Immanuel, kicked a game ending goal for the dogs. BOG for mine was Dean Bonnici some of the marks under pressure in defence were so important, miss them Plympton could of easily converted, 3 goals and his use of the ball thru the midfield was fantastic. Great effort Deano.


Well done boys next week SHOCs. 

2015 Round  15 


Round 15

Daniel Kreig’s

50th Game

Round 15



Sat July 25th

Max Amber Sportsfield


(C grade v Seaton Ramblers)

@ Seaton 8pm Friday 24th July




Athelstone          1.1-7        3.3-21      3.8-26         8.12-60

PHOS Camden    5.5-35     9.6-60     12.12-84     17.14-116



Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


A very committed and strong willed Club went to Athelstone on Saturday and produced two very strong wins against a good footy club. The most pleasing thing was the overall even effort throughout the group and not the reliance on a select few. I will mention the C's who went down to Seaton on Friday night and include the lads in what we did Satdy. They were undermanned but are conducting themselves in a manner the same as the A's and B's and results being a win or loss isn't important.


We had a plan on Saturday and the biggest part was taking and best footy and measuring it against them. Although not our best is was pretty good. A flying start put pressure on Athelstone and then a relentless effort to drive and be better saw us play some terrific footy and go in at half time with a strong lead. From half time on we continued to hold our standards and although some easy misses in the third we produced a dominant quarter. The last saw us maintain our standards and go away with a very solid 9 goal win to compliment last weeks gutsy win.


Goal kickers were Harry with another 5, Scholzy 3, Bergs 2, Sam and Steve Williams 2 each etc etc...

Our best and although we had 21 solid contributors, Aaron Bergsma was best with a strong game on the ball, well supported by Dylan Gamble and Nick Ramsey, Orry Cross was excellent in the ruck and Brent Van Gils completed his task exactly how we wanted.


So anyway, that's now done and we host Mitcham this week. They seem to be improving and I'm sure it will be a good game.


Thanks, Quinny. 



Goal Kickers: J. Sykes 3, M. Leigh 2, J. Schinella 2, D. Sykes 
Best Players: , M. Leigh , D. Sullivan , J. Schinella , S. Sullivan , C. Diotallevi



Goal Kickers: A. Harris 5, A. Scholz 3, S. Williams 2, A. Smyth 2, S. Williams 2, W. Papatolis , A. Bergsma , B. Van Gils 
Best Players: , A. Bergsma , N. Ramsey , A. Scholz , O. Cross , B. Van Gils




Athelstone           2.0-12    3.4-22      4.7-31      7.9-51

PHOS Camden    6.2-38    9.4-58    11.5-71    12.7-79




Goal Kickers: M. Osborne 2, J. Orlando , C. McPeake , A. Cronshaw , K. Clayton , J. De Vizio 
Best Players: , L. Hancl , P. Biancardi , J. De Vizio , A. Cronshaw , K. Clayton



Goal Kickers: J. Resnais 5, M. Papatolis 3, H. Walters , D. Marriott , B. Toohey , A. Flett 
Best Players: , A. Simpson , A. Flett , J. Resnais , S. McGill , M. Papatolis


Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report


Athelstone on their home ground has always been a tough game and last Saturday was no different.


We were pretty keen to get off to a fast start and after kicking the first goal after a couple of minutes we let them kick an answering goal straight away to level the scores. Our players then stepped up their tackling pressure and intensity which resulted in us kicking 8 out of the next 10 goals to go in at half time with a 36 point lead.


Athelstone were always going to come out firing after the main break and they certainly stepped up their pressure around the ground but we still managed to stay on top of them, extending our lead out to 40 points going into the last quarter. After kicking the first goal of the final quarter to stretch our lead, we allowed Athelstone to kick the last 3 goals of the game but the lads had done the hard work when it counted and got a good win against a quality opponent.


We had another good spread of goal kickers including Jake Resnais in a return to form with a lazy five, Mike Papatolis with three and singles to Harry Walters, Dale Marriott, Tooza and Fletty.


Best players are getting harder to pick the further we get into the season as there are so many contributors and Andy Simpson was instrumental in our win with his best on ground performance in the centre with Anthony Flett having another great game in defence despite him hinting he plays better up forward!! Jake Resnais had his best game for the year with his five goal haul while Sam McGill did great work around the ground and set up a couple of goals with Mike Papatolis giving us a good solid target up forward.

Special mention goes to Adrian Pope who put his hand up to play in the twos after a last minute call up on Saturday. Popey coached and played in the C Grade the night before and offered to play if we couldn't find anyone available. He played about 10 minutes and got 5 quality touches, thanks for highlights and for being a great club person who was willing to lend a hand when we needed it.


Well done to Simon and the A's on another great win against a tough opponent and hopefully Popey and the C's can bounce back next week.




Craig Bahnisch




Seaton Ramblers     9.11-65

PHOS Camden           5.7-37




Goal Kickers: D. Polanski 5, C. Robertson 2, S. Jaspers , B. Brusnahan 
Best Players: , D. Polanski , B. Brusnahan , S. Jaspers , M. Brusnahan , M. Pav



Goal Kickers: B. Maitland 2, D. Doolette-Cox , A. Pope , T. Johns 
Best Players: , B. Maitland , C. Moore , D. Kreig , T. Garnaut , A. Robb




Quinnys (A grade) PREgame Report


Tomorrow we head to Athelstone for the chance to take our best footy and measure it against a very good side. We are sure they will want to get a win to close the one game margin. 


The injuries and unavailabilities doesn't come into it, it's two good sides head to head. 


Going out  are Ryan Bartlett, Jared Braley, Simon Brozel and Tommy Clarke due to injuries. We bring in Tristan Shaw, Patty Hamden, Andrew Harris and Mat Jacquier. 


Over the next week or so we have up to 10 players to possibly come into the group. It's fair to say things will be tough but that's what we strive for. 


All the best to Popey with the C's tonight and Craig and the B's in a biggy tomorrow. 


Please get behind the Quiz Night. Tash Jacquier got this up and running and it's terrific support for the club. 


See you tomorrow, Quinny. 




Web Pregame


Coming off a gutsy win against Pembroke this week we take on Athelstone. Last time we played the Raggies was round 6 and we had an agonising 3 point loss at home (our only loss for the year). We had 8 single goal scorers and Ingo, Shawy & Ryan had good games.


Athelstone are in 2nd position, but have been top for the majority of the year with 9 wins 1 loss (surprisingly last week to G-Grove) and 2 draws where one match was called off due to a bad injury & the other was to 3rd place Iggies.  Many pundits have picked the Raggies to win the flag this year so we will need to be at our very best.



Changes: (for full squad click here)

(Ins):  Tristan Shaw, Patty Hamden, Andrew Harris and Mat Jacquier. 

(Outs) : Ryan Bartlett, Jared Braley, Simon Brozel and Tommy Clarke


The 2nd place Bs take on Athelstone in 5th possy with 8 wins 4 losses. Last time we had a convincing win. Good to see Ingo & Willo back


The 2nd placed C's take on Seaton Rambles on Friday Night (away). 10th position with 3 wins 9 losses. Good luck to Daniel Kreig who plays his 50th senior game tonight.


All the best lads


Go Phantoms


Craigs (B grade) PREgame Report


After a hard battle last week with Pembroke we roll into another tough opponent this week in Athelstone. These guys will be stinging from our last encounter and they'll be keen to get one back on us to keep their top three hopes alive whilst we need to keep a buffer between us and the rest of the pack.


Athelstone will want to play hard and tough footy in tight and we must be prepared to play a physical and accountable game in order to come away with the points.


Some welcome additions to our side this week are Sam Inglis and Sam Williams who both come back from lengthy injuries and will be keen to stamp their authority on the game to claim back their A Grade spots while Tim Christie-Ling comes in for his physicality around the ball and Justin Whitford comes in for his first B Grade game this year. Justin played several B Grade games last year and tried his hand at South Adelaide earlier this year before playing a couple of games with Popey  before getting injured. He has done all the right things with his recovery and has hardly missed a training session despite being sidelined, so this week is his opportunity to show us what he can do at this level against a quality opponent.


Massive challenge this week on their home deck, but I know that every player picked is up for it!


Good luck to Popey this week and Simon with the A Grade, it would be great to get the three wins and celebrate back at the club.




Craig B.




Round 15 C Squad



13 C. Bensch

20 A. Flett

24 D. Georgeson

26 L. Gerschwitz

7 C. Gilby

9 D. Kreig

1 D. Martin

21 A. Parker

22 C. Phillis

19 M. Polkinghorne

2 A. Pope

4 B. Prater

8 A. Robb

11 T. Sekay

23 L. Steyn

17 R. Taylor

14 J. Walkington

30 A. Wieegelmann


C grade ladder


C grade ladder


1 GoodwoodSaints     26

2 Rostrevor OC             24

3 Unley Mercedes        24

4 AdelaideUniversity   19

5 Port District                18

6 Walkerville                   13

7 PHOS Camden          10

8 St Peters OC                6

9 Salisbury North          6

10 Gaza                            2






Round 15 B Squad


38 M. Baker

3 P. Cusenza

32 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

17 T. Garnaut

14 J. Grosser

29 C. Harms

25 A. Hull

46 S. Leatch

6 B. Maitland

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

40 S. Meyers

34 C. Morgan

44 R. Morgan

42 D. Parkins

49 M. Parslow

11 C. Phillis

39 T. Smyth

15 R. Turner

22 J. Unger


B grade ladder


1 Prince Alfred OC          30

2 Sacred Heart OC         25

3 Payneham NU              21

PHOS Camden           16

5 Walkerville                     16

6 Broadview                     12

7 SMOSH West Lakes   12

8 Scotch OC                      8

9  Flinders Park               6

10 Gepps Cross              4



2014 round 15


Walkerville - Walkerville Recreational Oval - Saturday 2nd Aug - 2:15pm




Walkerville               18.4-112

PHOS Camden         17.9-111



Goal Kickers: M. Jacquier 5, S. Williams 3, S. Williams 2, B. Carracher 2, A. Bergsma 2, W. Papatolis , R. Bartlett , L. May 


Best Players:  W. Papatolis , M. Jacquier , A. Bergsma , S. Williams , J. Braley


Quinnys post-game:


Saturday was a real kick in the guts for all of us! I felt we were the better side for the majority of the game except when it counted! The big negative for me was our inability to not put them away! I certainly dont coach to produce champions, I personally Coach to produce relentless, hard nosed unfriendly (on field) men who once they cross the line it's us or them! That encompasses alot of aspects but to simply some it up, when you cross the white line, hate your opponent, hate to lose and want to ruin their Saturday arvo! It then becomes "how we roll" so to speak! We aren't yet there! 


We played some terrific footy, free flowing on a small ground. Our physicality and courage at the contest could not be questioned, our skills were okay, we won most of stats taken, we kicked a winning score, everything indicated we should've won so with that comes some very good individual efforts. Wil Papatolis was fantastic all day and in my eyes played almost the perfect game! His ferocity at the ball, man and his ability to stick to task was great! Matty Jac played I think his best all round game for the year, offensively with 5 goals but more importantly his tackling, pressure and chasing was great! Aaron Bergsma was tough and tried hard to cement the win with standing his tag. Sam Williams was good on his wing and finished with 3 goals whilst up forward on and off and Jarrod Braley was again solid at CHB! Kris Evans, Tom Clarke, Michael Bennett and Brodhi Carracher were very good too! 


So as a coach you want to see toughness, running goals, strong attack on the ball, direction, enthusiasm and so on. I saw it all except the desire to inflict pain on our opponent as has been done to us this year! That is what hurts from Saturday! We need to stop being nice and we need it in a hurry! 



web post-game:


Didn't start well with Aussie Tremaine pulling out with a hammy, replaced by Jake Grosser prior to game start.


The boys looked fired up to start well, however Walkies got the 1st 2 goals and looked good. Phantoms kept pressing and evened the ledger by 1/4 time. 


The game ebbed and flowed and was very entertaining, the Phantoms would get 1 goal ahead but could not get the second that was crucial until the last 1/4. The last 1/4 Walkies kicked 2 straight goals to be one goal up, then the boys just clicked and were completely dominant  kicking the next 5 to be 29 points up with about 10 minutes to go. The supporters thought we were home and perhaps so did the players. Walkerville to their credit stated wining the ball out of the centre and at the stoppages. They started going longer and more direct and seem to not drop a mark or miss a goal (18.4 for the game 7.0 in the last). With 1 minute left and 5 points down they steamed out of the midfield kicking long down to what would be the Eddie Betts pocket of Walkerville. Somehow a Walkies player threw the ball onto his boot just prior to going out of bounds, the whole crowd was silenced then the Walkies crowd erupted, how on earth did he kick that goal?. 20 seconds later the siren goes and the Phantom players are devastated like losing a GF no one moving everybody gutted.


Quinny won't like me saying this but there were some very good performances during the game & this was a marked improvement on the last time we played Walkies. Will Papa probably played his best game for the year, Matty Jac kicked 5 goals and was by far the best forward on the ground. Captain Berg was providing plenty of grunt when needed, Willo kick 3 crucial goals, both rucks Dogs and Benno tried their hearts out and obviously played injured. Jake Resnais also deserves a mention for his 3rd 1/4 efforts his courage could not be questioned.


Next week is against Flinders Park for our second to last home game, we really need all supporters to show up in mass to cheer the boys on.


Quinnys pre-game:


After a week off to reset a few minor injuries and freshen a little we travel to Walkerville this week for what is a massively important game, not only regarding our spot on the ladder but I felt last time we played Walkerville we were far from our best. Since then weve played some great footy mixed in with some not so great and we will need to be at out best for Walkerville, a team I regard highly. 


Returning is Michael Bennet, Brodhi Carracher and Tristan Shaw. Shaun Smith injury, Bill Cameron work and Sam Underwood Glenelg duties go out. 


The work on the track lastnight was promising, now we need that 100% intensity and effort to get the points! Lets go get them boys! 



The Phantom side:


FFwd:        Benno               Harri          Papa     

HFwd:      Scholtzy             Jac              Aussie

C:               Willo                   TC               Broadie

HBack:    Teddy                Boof          Smythy 

FBack:    Finn                    Shaw         Evo

Ruck:      Dogs                  Berga         Maysie

Pine:       Christie-Ling,  Wallent,    Resnais



web pre-game:


This weeks game against 6th placed Walkerville is a must win game if we are to avoid relegation.


They are coming off a good win against SMOSH & close win against Gepps but have had losses to Broadies, PAC & surprisingly Flinders Park. They will be keen to keep there finals prospects alive and also its there past players day so expect a fired up Walkies.


The last time we played Walkerville was round 7 at home, we played what most people consider our worst game for the year going down by 37 points.  Poor discipline and skill being out main enemy, we did outscore them 5 goals to 1 in the last quarter but the horse had well and truly bolted by 3rd Q when we were 10 goals down.


Its fair to say the boys owe it to themselves to even the ledger against the Panthers.


Round  15   'B'  grade  team


Walkerville - Walkerville Recreational Oval - Saturday 2nd Aug - 12:15pm


Walkerville             8.7-55

PHOS Camden     4.10-34


Goal Kickers: T. Smyth 3, M. Parslow 

Best Players: , C. Harms , S. Leatch , R. Morgan , A. Flett , P. Cusenza


Craig post-game:


Last Saturday we had a chance to consolidate our spot in the top 5 with a win but unfortunately we were never in the game against Walkerville. Our intensity and work rate was slightly down after having the week off which meant we were second to the ball most of the day. This reflected on the scoreboard, being goalless after 3 quarters of football. To the players credit they put some respectability back on the scoreboard in the last quarter outscoring the opposition 4 goals to 2.


The positives to take out of the game were our back six who were solid all day under constant pressure including Shannon Leatch and Anthony Flett leading from the front providing plenty of run from defence and creating opportunities up the ground while Rian Morgan had a good game tagging one of their major playmakers, shutting him out of the game as well as getting his own ball. Curtis Harms had another best on ground giving us plenty of grunt around the packs and Tim Smyth gave us a target up forward kicking 3 goals in his first game for the year.


We need to realise that our best football is good enough to beat any side in this competition but our attitude, work rate and preparation need to be spot on and when this occurs we will make an impact. But for now we must learn from this game, move on and focus on getting a win against Flinders Park this week.


Craig pre-game:



Fwd       Hull                        Parslow                Phillis


HF           Baker                    Flett                       Unger


C             Grosser                Harms                   McDonald


HB          R Morgan            Marriott               Mailtland


B             Eddy                      Leatch                   Turner


                Ruck                                                      Interchange

                Parkins                                                 C Morgan

                Meyers                                                Garnaut

                Cusenza                                               T Smyth


This week we come up against another side who is fighting for a finals spot in Walkerville. Our mantra all year has been about team and what we can do to help our teammates and the best display of what we want to achieve was last game against Scotch OC.


We must now kick back into gear after the week off and carry that mindset again into Saturday. A win this week is another step towards securing a top 5 berth but it will only be achieved if we play our team game and we work for each other.


Our side is bolstered this week with a few players returning from injury including Brodie Maitland and Michael Baker who are cherry ripe and keen to get back on the park while Tim Smyth plays his first B Grade game for the year.


We must focus on what we need to do against a tough opponent in trying conditions and nothing less than a win will be acceptable this week, let’s make our mark with four quarters of intense, team footy to get the points.



Round  15   'C'  grade  team

(C grade are one round ahead of  A & B grades refer Round 16 for this weeks game)



Unley Mercedes - Kingswood Oval - Saturday 26th July - 10:15am






Unley Mercedes Jets   3.2-20    9.7-61   11.12-78   19.13-127

PHOS Camden             4.2-26     4.4-28        5.6-36      7.11-53






Goal Kickers: D. Martin 3, A. Pope , B. Prater , C. Phillis , A. Wieegelmann 
Best Players: D. Martin , B. Prater , C. Phillis , A. Flett , R. Taylor


Round 15 A Squad


24 R. Bartlett

52 M. Bennett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

45 B. Carracher

13 T. Christie-Ling

8 T. Clarke

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

55 A. Harris

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

30 J. Resnais

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

2 A. Tremaine

5 T. Wallent

10 S. Williams

12 S. Williams




M. Bennett,

B. Carracher, T. Shaw



S. Underwood, B. Cameron, S. Smith,


A grade ladder


1  Payneham NU          28

2  Scotch OC                 22

3 Prince Alfred OC       20

4 Broadview                 14

5 Walkerville                14

6 Sacred Heart OC       14

7 Flinders Park             12

8  Gepps Cross             10

9 PHOS Camden           8

10 SMOSH                     8


Round 15 A Squad


20 A. Bergsma

50 O. Cross

1 T. Finn

15 D. Gamble

32 H. Gordon

8 P. Hamden

55 A. Harris

9 M. Jacquier

31 J. Koutsikas

7 L. May

35 M. Molnar

26 W. Papatolis

3 N. Ramsey

5 R. Reavley

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

19 G. Soper

34 B. Van Gils

12 S. Williams

14 H. Young

Round 15 B Squad


46 J. Cadzow

28 B. Cameron

13 T. Christie-Ling

41 A. Flett

40 T. Garnaut

29 C. Harms

18 S. Inglis

48 J. James

47 S. Leatch

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

49 S. McGill

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

22 B. Toohey

2 H. Walters

45 J. Whitford

6 S. Willcocks

11 S. Williams

Round 15 C Squad


S. Bates

24 C. Bensch

14 J. Butler

T. Christie-Ling

L. Dawson

D. Doolette-Cox

H. Flentje

T. Garnaut

50 D. Georgeson

L. Gerschwitz

D. Harris

T. Johns

12 D. Kreig

3 N. Krieg

1 B. Maitland

6 S. Meyers

20 C. Moore

39 M. Polkinghorne

A. Pope

16 A. Robb

S. Sheridan

23 O. Stagg

L. Steyn

10 S. Taylor

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