This weeks


Round 16 

6th August

St Ignatians v PHOSC

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This weeks

C grade game

home 2:15pm 

PHOSC v Henley

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This weeks

u/18 game

Semi Final 1


(Sunday away @ 3pm)

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(Sacred Heart Middle School)

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Last time we played Old Iggies Round 7


A Grade


PHOS Camden        6.2-38    7.5-47      9.7-61    11.11-77

Old Ignatians         3.2-20     8.5-53   10.7-67  13.10-88


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 5, N. Ramsey 2, O. Cross, M. Ruwoldt, J. Whitford, S. Williams
Best Players: M. Ruwoldt, S. Williams , H. Young, N. Ramsey, C. Beard, O. Cross


Goal Kickers: C. Ortlepp 4, D. Mcneil 2, W. Abbott 2, S. Cooke, L. Washer, G. Gallman, D. Fitzgerald, L. Sandland
Best Players: C. Ortlepp, D. Boyd, N. Dawes, M. Christopherson, W. Abbott

B Grade

PHOS Camden      2.3-15    4.4-28     6.6-42       7.7-49

Old Ignatians         1.2-8      5.3-33    9.6-60    11.8-74


Goal Kickers: M. Parslow 2, S. McGill, L. McDonald, J. Resnais, N. Walters, B. Eddy
Best Players: B. Eddy, N. Walters, B. Jolly, J. Cadzow, S. Webster


Goal Kickers: J. Jurisevic 3, J. Cini 2, J. Connell, K. Toohey, P. Pirone, K. Reynolds, G. Turner, C. Eddington
Best Players: K. Reynolds, M. Stevenson, S. Whittleston, P. Pirone, J. Jurisevic


St Ignatians info


Only 3 games to go, this game is 4th v 5th.

Old Iggies currently 5th on the ladder with 8 wins 7 losses, just behind us on percenatge. 

Won the last 2 games against Scotch (7th) & SMOSH (10th). Prior to that lost 3 games in a row, but only by a point to SPOCs (3rd).

Have had 2 wins (us & Broadview) points forfeited for exceeding SAAFL points (self reported).

Best wins for year against SHOCs (Rd 2) & SPOCs (Rd 3)

Finished 2nd last year in Div 3 losing to us in the Grand Final by 28 points. 



A Grade

Old Ignatians     2.4-16   5.7-37   7.13-55     8.16-64

PHOS Camden   2.3-15   7.4-46   8.6-54     16.8-104


Goal Kickers: G. Gallman 2, S. Cooke 2, M. Christopherson, H. De Poi, N. Penta, C. Ortlepp
Best Players: D. Boyd, M. Christopherson, D. Mcneil, W. Abbott, J. De Poi


Goal Kickers: M. Jacquier 4, N. Ramsey 3, O. Cross 3, S. Williams 2, H. Gordon 2, J. Bayliss, J. Whitford
Best Players: O. Cross, S. Williams, N. Ramsey, L. May, C. Beard, A. Smyth


A Grade Post Match report

Saturdays win saw us continue our momentum forward towards final with a last quarter the lads should be very proud of.


Although at times we turned the ball over, especially early we seemed in control and our endeavour and effort was that of a team playing for each other. With the lead see sawing we we went in at 3 quarter time 1 point down before coming out and kicking 8 goals to win in convincing manner.


Goals were kicked by Matty Jac 4, Orrs kicked 3, Rama 3, Sam Williams 3 and our best player was Steve Williams in a terrific game in the ruck!


What a great win by the u/18's.


Look forward to the weekend as we travel to Portland for a tough game.


Ta, Quinny.


Quinny pregame Report


We head to Old Ignatians for Saturdays  important game with them. Both sides currently in the five and looking to sure things up and concrete a finals place. 


The thing we look forward to is the improvement of the group individually but more importantly as a group. 


We have put Rian Morgan back to the two's after limited time on the ground last week to develop more strings to his bow. Back in to the A grade is Justin Whitford who has been playing real solid footy in the two's since going back a few weeks ago. Whitty is working on his game hard and will go well. 


All the best to Craig and the two's in a hard one and Popey and the C's. Keep up the good solid work there lads. 


To Granty and U/18's I'm sure I speak on behalf of all PHOS people when we wish you all the best V SHOCs on Sunday. 


Ta Quinny


B Grade

Old Ignatians     4.3-27     5.8-38    7.9-51   11.11-77

PHOS Camden    1.2-8      1.5-11     1.7-13      2.8-20


Goal Kickers: M. Stevenson 2, H. Stevens 2, L. Sandland, K. Reynolds, P. Connelly, K. Toohey, A. Lands, J. Cini, C. Eddington
Best Players: M. Stevenson, J. De Poi, H. Einarson, K. Toohey, E. Vagnarelli, K. Monaghan


Goal Kickers: A. Flett, J. Resnais
Best Players: B. Maitland, T. Unger, S. Webster, D. Laing, S. McGill

Post Game Report

A disappointing performance last weekend against Old Ignatians in the twos. After a good week on the track the boys were primed and ready to go and the first ten minutes were pretty intense. With the scores at one goal a piece early on we thought it was going to be a tight match but unfortunately our turnovers were costly which converted to opposition goals and gave them momentum. We couldn't buy a goal for most of the match as their defensive pressure was intense, resulting in rushed shots which was reflected on the scoreboard.

No surprises that most of our best players came from our backline with Brodie Maitland leading the way from his back flank taking plenty of intercept marks while Tom Unger and Sam Webster, two of our up and coming Under 18's were solid contributors down back. Dane Laing did a run with role on their best player and shut him down and Sam McGill had an influence around the stoppages getting plenty of the ball and creating plenty of pressure with his ferocious tackling.

It was a tough game for the B Grade but we must learn from this loss and we now know how hard we have to work to beat the sides above us. It's not beyond us and speaking to the lads after the game everyone is prepared to work hard to get to where we need to be to go deep into the finals.

Great work to Simon and the A Grade in a game that meant a lot to the club while Granty and the boys in the Under 18's showed plenty of heart to hold off a strong finishing SHOC in their final, well done!



Craig B

Craigs pregame Report

This week we take on the top side in Old Ignatians who will be keen to consolidate their position on the ladder while we want to take a big scalp and send a message to the reserves competition that we are fair dinkum.

We must be on our game for four quarters as it was 10 minutes of football that brought us undone against these guys last time and we can't afford to lapse again this week.

Andy Simpson and Anthony Flett come back into the side this week from a week off while James Cadzow comes back from a long lay off and will be a handy addition to our back line.

This is a massive week for our club against an opposition that has a score to settle from last year, we need to be ready to attack these guys head on and be prepared for a hard, tough game of footy.

Good luck to the A's and C's this week and all the best to Granty and the Under 18s in their second final against SHOC.

Catch you there.




Craig B.

C Grade 

PHOS Camden    2.2-14    4.4-28      7.5-47       7.5-47

Henley                  4.2-26    5.5-35    8.10-58   12.18-90


Goal Kickers: C. Bensch 2, H. Flentje 2, D. Krieg, M. Polkinghorne, A. Flett
Best Players: H. Finn, H. Flentje, L. Harvey, M. Halls, J. Hatwell


Goal Kickers: J. Chapman 7, T. Charalabidis 2, B. Carey 2, A. Corso
Best Players: T. Charalabidis, J. Chapman, A. Corso, J. Hawson, D. Thomas


Sacred Heart OC     7.6-48

PHOS Camden         7.7-49


Goal Kickers: C. Reynolds 2, J. Uren, T. Kelly, S. Whelan, H. McKay, J. Cummins
Best Players: C. Reynolds, T. Kelly, L. Whitford, J. Sires, B. Barratt


Goal Kickers: D. Grant 2, S. McCABE 2, J. Bayliss, L. Mensforth, S. Webster
Best Players: D. Bonnici, S. McCABE, L. Toohey, L. McCABE, D. Grant, Dunkin Resnais Webster Unger

Post Match Report

What a win against a very solid side. It was great to get off to a good start and give SHOC something the chase in stead of coming from behind as in past games.

The midfield really came out of the blocks hard with Gulliford Toohey S Mcabe and Harvey getting the job done.

In the second half the back line stood up with Unger L McCabe Crouch Resnais Bonnici and Dunkin all defending an onslaught of attacks form SHOCs. Having the luxury of rotating Grant and Toohey up forward meant we had quality targets backed up by Webster Bayliss and Mensforth.


Every player did a job and no matter how small contributed to the win and to Mesnil Kohn Price Edwards MacPhee Cheung and Porter who played vital rolls you can hold your head up high In the last Quarter the determination and the will to never give in even though players were dead on the feet got us across the line...

Bring on GAZA

Darren Grant

web report:

Aidan Martin, Soli Brown & Sam Davis injured from the day before school football, Chris Brinni & Bailey Booth unavailable.

Much nicer day than 2 weeks ago when we played SHOCs at their middle school, warmish with a strong northerly favouring the southern end. Big crowd for an u/18s game turned up.

Phantoms win the toss kick with 3-4 goal wind.


Phantoms start well kick 4 goals miss a few easy ones unfortunately let SHOCs get one into the wind. Sam McCabe & Webster looking good,highlight of the 1st q a goal on the run by Declan Grant after burning off his opposition.


2nd Q SHOCs were all over us the ball hardly went into our forward line, our backline including L McCabe, D Bonnici,T Unger & Nick Crouch were fantastic & Will Price tried his guts out as usual on the wing.  SHOCs kicked a couple around 2 goals up at half time.


3rd Q kicking with the wind we really need to put some scoreboard pressure on SHOCS. Started well but boys seem to be rushing and targets wernt being hit and goals missed. Liam Toohey very hard at it, Elliot Dunkin mopping up nicely. I don’t think we kicked a goal in the 3rd & at 3/4 time plenty of worried looks on supporters faces.

4th Q Phantoms 2.2 up kicking into an at least a 4 goal wind couldn’t of started worse with SHOCs getting it straight out of the centre & kicked an easy goal & getting the momentum. Within the next 5 mins they got another goal to be 2 points down. The boys to their credit fought like mad to stop the flow, Josh Resnais & Dean Bonnici took some vital marks down in the backlines. SHOCs were relentless, kicked a third goal to take the lead for the 1st time in the game. Not looking good plenty on the sideline had the boys written off. Josh Bayliss had other ideas and kicked a superb goal to put the Phantoms back in front, only for SHOCs to get another goal. The midfield managed to get a centre clearance, up pops The Big Sauce (Liam Memsforth) to take a great make around 30m out on a 45 degree angle and kicks truly, crowd goes mad. The last 5minutes SHOCS threw everything they had at us, luckily they miss a couple of gettable shots at goal. The Phantoms with 1 minute left and 1 point up win the ball and with some accurate kicking get the ball down to the forward line for The Big Sauce to take another mark. Liam takes his full 30 seconds and the siren sounds, Phantoms win by 1 point!.



A Grade:  J.Whitford

B: Grade:  A, Simpson, A,Flett, James Cadzow

u/18s into the 3rd round of the finals after a gutsy 1 point win over SHOCS

2015 Round  16 







PHOS Camden       2.3-15    4.5-29    9.9-63    11.14-80

Mitcham                  1.1-7      3.1-19    3.2-20        4.2-26



Goal Kickers: A. Harris 4, H. Young , M. Molnar , A. Smyth , N. Ramsey ,

A. Bergsma , H. Gordon , D. Gamble


Best Players: , D. Gamble , A. Scholz , P. Hamden , A. Bergsma , O. Cross



Goal Kickers: D. Litster 2, B. Aitken , S. Tucker 
Best Players: , Z. Sutherland , L. Wilhelm , D. Gregory , D. Rolfe , L. Stewart


Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


Saturday was our first real wet weather game for the year. What I mean by wet is mud. As suspected we met a spirited Mitcham side who adapted to conditions well and although we controlled the footy Mitcham stayed close to us for the first half. We discussed some things at half time, for example tackling, bending over and picking up the footy two hands and being more intense around the packs and stoppages. Last week we were very good in those areas so all we were asking was to meet those standards again. After half time we well and truly lifted our standards and 9 goals to 1 in the second half confirms that. Even with a sluggish first half we still had a great group of contributors. 


Big Harry kicked 4 in a very solid effort at Full forward and then a host of players kicked 1. 


Our best were again hard to finalise as Tom Finn, Steve Williams, Ryan Reavley, Nick Ramsey and Hamish Gordon were unlucky to miss. We thought Bergs backed up last week with a solid game and Orry Cross was good in the ruck. Paddy Hamden played very well on his wing and adapted to the mud well. Our best players were Gambo and Scholzy. Scholzy unlucky not to be best as his game was complete! However he was pipped by Gambo playing one of the best games in the wet I've seen. 


All in all a 9 goal win in the wet and mud and no injuries with players returning. Exciting but tough times ahead. 


Well done to Craig and the 2's with an opportunity to play for top spot. Well deserved to play for it but must earn the spot now. 


We set ourselves for Old Ignatians now, a side in good form! 


Ta Quinny. 






PHOS Camden     4.4-28     8.9-57     13.12-90     14.12-96

Mitcham                  1.1-7      1.1-7            1.1-7          3.1-19




Goal Kickers: S. Williams 4, D. Hill 3, J. Resnais 2, S. McGill 2, M. Papatolis , J. Cadzow , H. Walters 
Best Players: , D. Parkins , S. Willcocks , S. Williams , A. Flett , D. Hill



Goal Kickers: P. Conti , A. Trewin , C. Zammit 
Best Players: , A. Westergreen , S. Newbound , J. Campbell , L. Hall , R. Cannin , D. Bandt




Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report


Last Saturday was always going to be a tough, physical game in trying conditions. Mitcham were keen to put it up to us and got off to a good start having 1 – 1 on the board before our guys kicked into gear.


Once the boys got their mind on the job they started doing the things that we spoke about before the game, playing for the team and working hard for our mates. We managed to open the game up with our tackling pressure and physicality around the packs while our outside runners put it into space which allowed players to run on to the ball resulting in quick ball movement. This sort of play allowed us to kick the next 14 goals of the game, breaking Mitcham early and to the player’s credit they didn’t back off, keeping the pressure on for the full four quarters and only allowing them to kick another two goals in the dying minutes of the game.


Our kicking for goal in poor conditions was great, getting a lot of opportunities from inside the corridor and a couple of goals through sheer persistence at ground level. We had another good spread of goal kickers, Sam Williams with four, Daniel Hill with three, Jake Resnais and Sam McGill with two each and singles to Harry Walters, Mike Papatolis and James Cadzow kicked a goal after a big run through the mud from Centre Half Back!


On a day that suited the small players, Dave Parkins was our best on ground in the ruck giving our smalls first use of the ball and taking plenty of defensive marks around the ground while Sam Willcocks had his best game for the year having a physical presence from his back flank. Sam Williams had a return to form playing in the middle and bagging a few goals while Anthony Flett was again solid in defence and Daniel Hill gave us plenty of bite up forward setting up a couple of goals and kicking three himself.


It was a good win last Saturday but we must now focus on a massive challenge this week in Old Ignatians who were beaten on the weekend which now gives us a shot at top spot. This is an opportunity there for the taking, providing we work hard and are prepared to play for each other.


Great work to Simon and the A Grade for grinding out the win last Saturday, keep up the good work.




Quinnys (A grade) PREgame Report



Tomorrow we host Mitcham, a side who's improved as the years gone and has some very talented players in their side. Although last time we met we won well I don't anticipate that this time around. 


We are looking to continue improving aspects of our footy that have been strong over the last few weeks and keep up the consistency of our performance. Where that leaves us against Mitcham, we will find out. 


Going out of the side this week are Sam Williams, Wil Papatolis and Mitch Molnar. All three were good against Athelstone and have simply been squeezed out to bring Sam Inglis, Kris Evans and Hamish Gordon back into the side who return from injury or illness. 


With Tom Clarke, Jared Braley, Ryan Bartlett, Tom Quinn and Daniel Hill (coming through 2's tomorrow) all to return into the group in the next week or so the competition for spots will be  high. This is what we've worked for all year! We talked of it on the first training in November 2014 preparing for this year about the competitiveness to play senior football at our club and the hardening of the playing group and club because of it. 


We aren't walking as a club yet, we are still crawling to a degree but we are starting to see a bit further down the road where perhaps we might stand up! 


All the best to Craig and the 2's tomorrow. Craig is doing a terrific job with the lads not only producing good winning footy but also helping to develop blokes ready for senior footy. 


Two good wins and a busy night in the club to support our volunteers led by Tus and Toosa would be a bloody good Satdy! 



Web Pregame


Coming off a good win against Athelstone this week we take on  Mitcham. Last time we played the Hawks was round 7 and we had a massive 152 point win at there ground. Smythy kicked 7, Jaqs kicked 6 (but got injured) and Maysie kicked 3. Gordo, Dogs, Van Gils, Teddy & Evo had good games.


MItcham are in 8th position, with 4 wins & 9 losses including a hefty loss last week to G-Grove, there best win was against 3rd placed Old Iggies in round 11 so they are capable of causing an upset if the boys arnt switched on.


Changes: (for full squad click here)

(Ins):   K. Evans, S. Inglis

(Outs) :  M. Molnar, W. Papatolis


The 2nd place Bs take on Mitcham also in 8th position with 2 wins 11 losses. Last time we had a convincing win. 


The 2nd placed C's have a bye this week so be good to see the lads at Camden Oval supporting the A's & B's.


All the best 


Go Phantoms


Craigs (B grade) PREgame Report


This week is an opportunity to consolidate second spot and keep some daylight between us and Flinders Park leading into the business end of the season.


Mitcham put up a good fight last time we played and will be keen to put it up to us again this week with their tenacity at the ball and the body.


We bolster our midfield stocks with Wil Papatolis and Mitch Molnar coming back into the side from the A Grade while Sam Williams comes into the twos to get a full game under his belt and to kick a few goals for us up forward. Daniel Hill also makes a return for his first game back this week after an extended time on the sideline and he’s certainly keen to get some touch up forward and sneak a few goals.


We must stick to our plan this week and not allow the game to get too congested by every player knowing their role and being disciplined enough to play their role to get the desired result. Having the team focus is the key and we have shown in past month we can do this with every player buying in.


A fast start and strong finish are the keys to keeping our momentum going and I’m sure every player that takes the field on Saturday is prepared to give everything for the four quarters.


Good luck to Simon and the A grade, let’s come home with the two wins this week.



Round 16



Sat Aug 1st

Camden Oval


(C grade bye)

Ingo & Evo 

were back for round 16

Round 16 A Squad


20 A. Bergsma

50 O. Cross

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

15 D. Gamble

32 H. Gordon

39 P. Hamden

55 A. Harris

18 S. Inglis

9 M. Jacquier

31 J. Koutsikas

7 L. May

3 N. Ramsey

5 R. Reavley

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

19 G. Soper

34 B. Van Gils

12 S. Williams

14 H. Young

Round 16 B Squad


46 J. Cadzow

28 B. Cameron

41 A. Flett

29 C. Harms

17 D. Hill

48 J. James

47 S. Leatch

33 L. McDonald

49 S. McGill

35 M. Molnar

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

26 W. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

22 B. Toohey

2 H. Walters

45 J. Whitford

6 S. Willcocks

11 S. Williams

Round 16 B Squad


38 M. Baker

3 P. Cusenza

32 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

17 T. Garnaut

14 J. Grosser

29 C. Harms

25 A. Hull

46 S. Leatch

6 B. Maitland

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

40 S. Meyers

34 C. Morgan

44 R. Morgan

42 D. Parkins

49 M. Parslow

11 C. Phillis

39 T. Smyth

15 R. Turner

22 J. Unger


B grade ladder


1 Prince Alfred OC          32

2 Sacred Heart OC         25

3 Payneham NU              21

PHOS Camden           18

5 Walkerville                     18

6 Broadview                     14

7 SMOSH West Lakes   12

8 Scotch OC                      8

9  Flinders Park               6

10 Gepps Cross              4



Round 16 A Squad


24 R. Bartlett

52 M. Bennett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

45 B. Carracher

13 T. Christie-Ling

8 T. Clarke

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

55 A. Harris

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

44 R. Morgan

26 W. Papatolis

30 J. Resnais

32 T. Saunders

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

5 T. Wallent

10 S. Williams

12 S. Williams




R.Morgan, T. Saunders





A grade ladder


1  Payneham NU          30

2  Scotch OC                 24

3 Prince Alfred OC       22

4 Broadview                 14

5 Walkerville                14

6 Sacred Heart OC       14

7 Flinders Park             12

8  Gepps Cross             10

9 PHOS Camden           10

10 SMOSH                     10


Round 16 C Squad


13 C. Bensch

20 A. Flett

24 D. Georgeson

26 L. Gerschwitz

7 C. Gilby

9 D. Kreig

1 D. Martin

21 A. Parker

22 C. Phillis

19 M. Polkinghorne

2 A. Pope

4 B. Prater

8 A. Robb

11 T. Sekay

23 L. Steyn

17 R. Taylor

14 J. Walkington

30 A. Wieegelmann


C grade ladder


C grade ladder


1 GoodwoodSaints     28

2 Rostrevor OC             26

3 Unley Mercedes        26

4 AdelaideUniversity   21

5 Port District                18

6 Walkerville                   15

7 PHOS Camden          10

8 St Peters OC                8

9 Salisbury North          6

10 Gaza                            2











2014 Flinders Park - Camden Oval - Saturday 8th Aug - 2:15pm














PHOS Camden     2.2-14    6.3-39    8.9-57    15.10-100

Flinders Park       3.4-22     7.7-49  12.9-81     13.11-89



Goal Kickers: A. Bergsma 4, A. Harris 3, M. Jacquier 3, S. Williams 2,
A. Scholz , C. Harms , T. Christie-Ling 

Best Players: , M. Bennett , A. Bergsma , A. Harris , A. Smyth ,

T. Christie-Ling


Quinny post-game:


Saturdays result was really good for the club in alot ways. It was great to come from behind to win a game against a team in good form, to win a game in front of a good home crowd but most importantly to introduce another good young man to A grade footy. When I look at Rian Morgans development over the year I see a 200 A grade game player. 


We controlled the footy early on Saturday but again our turnover rate was to high! 28 to 8 is just way to high and the majority were unpressured! It's very frustrating and players must not stop seeking improvement as its played us out of many games this year and you only need to look at the table to realise how much it's hurt! 


We had alot of really solid players on Saturday (some let down a bit by use) but the endeavour and never give up attitude was something we can build from. Evo, Maisey, Teddy, and Wil Papatolis were good with Scholzy getting a heap of it and Dogs playing his role to perfection. 


Our best players were our skipper Bergs, outstanding with 4 good goals, 30 plus touches and a nice right hook. Now I don't condone that but it is what it is and Undies from Flinders was up for it so, so be it! He was well supported by The young and vibrant Tristan Shaw who did an amazing effort to play let alone play the way he did! Harry was superb on the wing then forward and was pleasing to see as he's carried alot of pressure this year and kicked 3 goals as well as cutting Flinders up with some great handballs. Matty Jac, quiet in the first half responded to a one on one at half time and was terrific in the second half, kicked 3 and brought other players into the game. Adam Smythe was fantastic across half back. Possibly taking 12 marks for the game and with Jarrod Braley (Mr courage) and Teddy gave us a great half back line. Big Mike Bennett was fantastic all day but his last quarter effort to drive us forward with his chasing, tackling and tap work was something to see! 


So now we go to PAC! A good top 3 side and a side we hurt ourselves against last time! We need to lift our standard and see where that puts us against them! We will welcome back Shaz and Ingo to the group from overseas this week and 2-3 players from injury so that will help too. 


web post-game:


T.Saunders didnt get clearance from the Bays giving Rian Morgan his 1st A game for the Phantoms. Although Rian didnt get a heap of possesions he looks comfortable at this level and i'm sure will go on to play many more. TC had to pull-out with injury giving Harmsy a game who also did quite well. 


1st Q F-Park had come to play with mutliple forward entries and putting our backline under fair amount of pressure. Krissy Evans very impressive early. Phantoms fort back late in the Q to be 1 goal down.


2nd Q was started alot better by the Phantoms but F-Park were very impressive not fumbling and taking all marks and general skill level better than ours.


3rd Q was dissapointing boys looked very flat and at 3/4 time were 4 goals down, make or break time. Quinny put the challenge out leave nothing on the park go long and direct. Many supporters noted a steely resolve in the players eyes.


4th Q was amazing the Phantoms were sensational in front of very big crowd who had been rallied by the committee early in the week. 7 goals to 1 goal which came very late. The bigfella Benno was sensation not just in ruck but his 2nd and 3rd efforts and long kicks into the forward line. Harri played probably his best game for the year on the wing. Berga is back to his best & Smythys marks probably kept us in the game early.


We look forward to our next game against PAC in the parklands, we would love to see the same supporters on mass come out..bring the family have a picninc and watch the boys.



web pre-game:


Great to see Rian Morgan get a crack at A grade after many fine B grade games..

Taylor Saunders is back from the Bays, expect a good game from him.


Aussie Tremaine out injured.


Flinders Park are 2 games ahead of us in 7th position. Last time we played F-Park was our 1st win for the year in a memorable game in wet conditions.


The committee are putting a special day with undercover viewing special drinks & foods, be great to see all phantom supporters at the jungle tommorow.


Round  16   'B'  grade  team


Flinders Park - Camden Oval - Saturday 8th Aug - 12:15pm




PHOS Camden      3.3-21      6.7-43      8.11-59      13.13-91

Flinders Park          2.3-15      3.5-23         4.9-33          7.9-51



Goal Kickers: P. Cusenza 2, M. Papatolis 2, C. Phillis 2, M. Parslow , A. Hull , A. Flett , L. Steyn , D. Doolette-Cox , J. Koutsikas , T. Smyth 

Best Players: , B. Eddy , S. Leatch , C. Phillis , P. Cusenza , A. Flett



Craig post-game


After a slow start and letting Flinders Park score the first goal of the match our guys kicked into gear kicking 3 of the next 4 and getting our noses in front at the quarter time break. With some hard work around the ball by Patrick Cusenza (2 goals) and Dave Parkins we managed to extend our lead to 20 points at the main break.


After half time our players took it to the next level by working harder for each other with Mike Papatolis kicking 2 goals and giving us a good marking target at CHF and our mosquito fleet including Damo Doolette-Cox (1 goal) and Corey Phillis (2 goals) finding form and giving us some great front and centres around the packs.


Our back six again worked well with Shannon Leatch having a best on ground performance, keeping his opponent to one goal while providing plenty of dash from full back. Brent Eddy featured again in our best with his run and carry from a back pocket and Anthony Flett was  damaging from a half back flank.


This week was a good four quarter effort from every player that took the field, we now need to bring this sort of performance against a top 5 side starting this week against PAOC. Once again I’d like to thank Adrian Pope for filling in for us in the second half and well done to Simon and the A Grade for an inspiring last quarter effort to get the win, the boys dug deep and were rewarded.


Craig pre-game:



Fwd       Cusenza               T Smyth                Meyers


HF           Koutsikas             M Papatolis        Doolette-Cox


C             Cameron             Harms                   Baker


HB          Maitland              Marriott               Flett


B             R Morgan            Leatch                   Eddy


Ruck                                      Interchange

Parkins                                 Garnaut

Parslow                                Hull

Phillis                                     Steyn


After a disappointing game last week we must bounce back this Saturday and play to our potential. Flinders Park will be tough and hell bent on causing an upset so we must be prepared to hit them head on right from the first bounce. We will need to play to our strengths this week and use our ability to move the ball with run and carry to get it in to our forward line quickly to give our forwards including Tim Smyth and Michael Papatolis a chance to have a good run at the ball. The focus must be on TEAM this week and players must be asking themselves continuously “what can I do to help my teammates?”. When all 21 players have this mentality we can beat anyone. Good preparation and attitude are also key factors in a winning team and I believe we have ticked these boxes this week at training, so the only thing left is to bring them on Saturday and be ruthless for 4 quarters to get the win.



Round  16   'C'  grade  team


Rostrevor OC - Camden Oval - Saturday 2nd August - 2:15pm


PHOS Camden             1-1

Rostrevor OC   23.15-153




Best Players: , S. Sheridan , C. Gilby , A. Wieegelmann , J. Walkington , A. Roccisano

1st win for R. Morgan & J. Resnais in the middle boys! 










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