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Samuel Taylor

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Round 18 

20th August


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Jarod Braley (pictured)

2015 Round  18








PHOS Camden   4.4-28   7.12-54   14.18-102   18.21-129

Plympton            2.1-13    2.1-13        2.3-15            5.5-35


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Goal Kickers: A. Harris 5, A. Bergsma 4, D. Hill 2, M. Jacquier 2, D. Gamble 2, L. May , A. Scholz , S. Williams 
Best Players: , A. Bergsma , A. Harris , O. Cross , B. Van Gils , T. Clarke


Goal Kickers: G. Kastrappi 3, M. Scott , J. Binns 
Best Players: , J. Pegoraro , M. Downey , T. Young , T. Holtham , G. Kastrappi


Quinnys (A grade) Postgame Report


Saturday saw us welcome back to the club the 2005 B Grade Premiers. We were also honoured to be able to play for the Clements/Salisbury Cup. 


We met as suspected a very determined Plympton side and after a few minutes we started to hit our straps and put some ball into our forward 50 where were being well rewarded by a very strong leading Andrew Harris. Players were getting their hands on it and all players were contributing and our biggest issue was conversion. The lads were putting their head over the footy, working for and with each other and pressuring Plympton causing some turnovers. So the boxes were being ticked outside of our goal kicking. 7.12 by half time, not ideal but it wasn't blazing or selfish goal kicking we were just missing a few. An 11.9 second half squared things up a bit and overall we got what we wanted out of the last minor round game of the year.


Our goal kickers were Harry with 5, Bergs with 4, Hilly, Matty Jac and Gambo 2 and singles to Maysie, Scholzy and Hotdogs. 


Our best was very much an even team effort. Some blokes had the acid put on them and responded with solid games. Blokes like Evo, Shawy, Gambo and Scholzy, perhaps unlucky to not be in the five best and Reavs the most unlucky but we thought our best were Tom Clarke very good down back with Brent Van Gils (BVG) solid and clean in all positions he played. Orry Cross again very good and big Andrew Harris provided a contest all day and is loving his footy. Our captain, Aaron Bergsma was our best in a fine display in the middle and again showed other strings to the bow. 


We'd  like to thank Bruce Clements for his great words to the group before the game. At a time where OUR footy club becomes all about US and We and not ME and I, I thought Bruce said some things very important! 


It is very clear within the group where we are at and where we want to get to! We await eagerly Saturday week and the opportunity to test ourselves at finals level. 

Rest assured we'll be ready. 


Well done to Popey and the thirds who now go in to finals second and Craig and the seconds who finished top and stick with the A's.


So yeah a very quick "well done" on the minor round and now we get on with why we play footy. 


Ta Quinny.   



PHOS Camden    5.4-34    11.7-73   17.10-112     24.15-159

Plympton              0.0             0.0               1.0-6           1.0-6



Goal Kickers: S. Williams 6, W. Papatolis 5, M. Papatolis 3, L. McDonald 3, G. Soper 2, H. Walters , B. Cameron , J. Resnais , B. Toohey , A. Flett 

Best Players: , B. Toohey , W. Papatolis , L. McDonald , S. Williams , H. Walters



Goal Kickers: A. Hartmann 
Best Players: , A. Warren , T. Barnes , B. Farrell , J. Cassidy , B. Pitt

Craigs (B grade) Postgame Report


With a win needed to secure top spot and a week off the boys were keen to get off to a good start against Plympton last Saturday. The boys displayed ruthlessness as they held their opposition scoreless in the first half while piling on eleven goals themselves to be up by 73 points at the main break.


The message at half time was to keep up the pressure and stick to our plan as the fear was that the players would go into preservation mode. This didn't happen as the boys stepped it up in the second half to finish the game with a 153 point win.

With a score line like we had there was a good spread of goal kickers with Sam Williams getting back into form with six goals, Wil Papatolis with five, Mike Papatolis, Lachie McDonald with three, two goals to Glen Soper and plenty of lads with singles.

Saturday was a good team effort which made picking best players pretty hard but the standouts were Ben Toohey and Wil Papatolis who were hard to split for best on ground as Tooza's ruck work and around the ground play was the best I've seen from him all year while Wil's drive around the packs was great and Lachie McDonald continued his form rise with another dominant game from his wing. Sam Williams is getting back to his best and found plenty of the ball at Centre Half Forward last Saturday while Harry Walters was workman like around the packs, getting plenty of ball and feeding off to our outside runners.

Finishing top after the home and away season is a great achievement but all that does now is give us an opportunity to have a week off to fine tune and then a crack at a Grand Final spot.


The slate is wiped clean from now on and only hard work over the next few weeks will give us every chance of achieving what we want as a team and a club, finals success.

Great work to the C grade to get a big win leading into their finals campaign to finish second  and well done to the A's to keep the momentum against a spirited Plympton side.


Craig Bahnisch



Woodville South                0.0

PHOS Camden       22.24-156



Best Players: , A. Moreitis , J. Hunt , C. Hains , W. Frith , J. Clarke , A. Becker



Goal Kickers: D. Kreig 5, D. Marriott 3, B. Carracher 3, C. Taylor 3, S. Taylor 3, C. Bensch 2, B. Maitland , L. Gerschwitz , N. Krieg 

Best Players: , B. Carracher , B. Maitland , C. Taylor , D. Marriott , D. Kreig


Quinnys (A grade) PREgame Report


Tomorrow we host close town rival in Plympton, a side who we give a lot of respect to after the last time we played them. If you fall for the trick of thinking there isn't much to play for and go through the motions Saturday then we are in a bit of trouble. On and off the field. This is where we push hard to get things right or as close to it as possible. As a player, support staff, Coaches, Committee personnel.  If ever the saying "make sure YOUR backyard is spotless" applies now to all of us.


Everybody has worked hard to get our footy club in to this position and we can't stop now.


We lose Nick Ramsey (unavailable) and Adam Smyth to a minor injury but regain Tom Quinn and Jared Braley. Boof Braley is the centre half back of this team and his toughness and will to get back is highly respected. Both these players will help us knuckle down a structure leading into finals.


So we are going after Plympton and the very big driving force for us is the chance to retain the Clements/Salisbury Cup!


See you Satdy, Quinny.


Web Pregame


Our last minor round game for the year, rematch of the Steve Clements Scott Salisbury Cup


After just getting the win against Old Iggies this week we take on Plympton. 


Last time we played the Dogs was round 9, Plympton had a 'red hot go at us' and it was anyone's game to 3/4 time. We pulled away in the last 1/4 to win by 57 points at their ground. Gambo 4, Gordo 3, S. Willo 3 & Quinno 3 kicked the goals. TC, Gambo , Bergs, Reavs &  Boofa had good games.


The Dogs are in 7th position, with 4 wins & 7 losses & 1 draw (game called off against Athelstone),they lost there last game against G-Grove by 52 points and surprisingly the week before to bottom side Seaton by 1 point. Their best win was against Flinders Park the week before. This is Plymptons last game for the year, I'm sure they will treat this game as their Grand Final and throw absolutely everything at as and try to win the Cup for thier 1st time.


Our boys will be keen to make amends for last weeks game and with the week off the following week, this game could be the difference in getting a position or missing out in the 1st final.


Changes: (for full squad click here)

(Ins):   Tom Quinn and Jared Braley

(Outs) :  Nick Ramsey (unavailable) and Adam Smyth (inj)


Our top placed Bs take on the Dogs B side in 7th positon with 4 wins 11 losses. Last time we had a 149 point win.


Our 3rd placed C's take on 11th placed Woodville South 0 win 15 losses. Last time we had 162 point win.


All the best 


Go Phantoms


Craigs (B grade) PREgame Report


Saturday gives us a chance to consolidate top spot and have a week off but it won’t be easy against Plympton who will be keen to finish their season with a win.
After doing the hard work for the majority of the season to get to where we are now we need to keep our foot down and stick to the things that have got us to this position regardless of who we play, we have momentum and want to keep it going!
James Cadzow and Sam McGill miss out this week with illness which gives an opportunity to a couple of players to try and stake a claim for a finals spot in our side which has become increasingly harder the longer the season has gone on due to having close to a full squad in form to pick from.
The 21 players picked must be prepared for a tough game, do everything they can to get the desired result this week and make sure the side is ready for what lies ahead.
Good luck to Simon and the A’s and to Popey’s C Grade, it would be great to have 3 wins to celebrate this week.


Craig Bahnisch 



Steve Clements (pictured above) past Phantom player & club stalwart who passed away back in 1996.

Last minor round game for the year

The Steve Clements/Scott Salisbury Cup rematch



Sat Aug 15th Camden Oval 2:15pm

(C grade v Woodville South@ Nieuvision Oval (Ledger Reserve) 10:15 AM

Scott Salisbury played over 200 games (including 2 premierships) for SANFL side Glenelg, played state footy in 1987 and was awarded All Australian honors in the same year. Scott played Junior & senior football at Plympton

The Cup past results:


June 13th 2015

PHOS Camden    18.11-119

Plympton                   9.8-62


August 17th 1996

PHOS Camden    26.23-179

Plympton                   6.9-45


June 16th 1996

PHOS Camden    28.20-188

Plympton                   6.13-49

Captain Bergs accepts the  

Cup from Bruce Clements

brother of Steve & past Phantoms Captain.


3rd spot and the double chance grabed by Old Iggies by defeating Pembroke.


Next Saturday

Elimination Final:  Golden Grove V Pembroke

Qualifying Final: Athelstone V Old Ignations


PHOS Camden week off to play winner of Qualifying Final at Camden Oval.


Seaton Ramblers will be the only side demoted to Div 4 (9 side competion).

(Salisbury West were unable to take part in the Div 3 competion)


all screen shots provide by SAAFL click here for more

Round 18 will be

David Parkins 50th game for the Phantoms. (left)


Round 18 will be

Matthew Polkinghorne’s 100th Game 

for the Phantoms. (right)

Round 18 B Squad


28 B. Cameron

40 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

29 C. Harms

31 J. Koutsikas

47 S. Leatch

33 L. McDonald

35 M. Molnar

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

26 W. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

38 T. Quinn

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

19 G. Soper

22 B. Toohey

2 H. Walters

45 J. Whitford

6 S. Willcocks

11 S. Williams




Round 18 A Squad


20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

8 T. Clarke

50 O. Cross

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

15 D. Gamble

32 H. Gordon

39 P. Hamden

55 A. Harris

10 D. Hill

18 S. Inglis

9 M. Jacquier

31 J. Koutsikas

7 L. May

38 T. Quinn

5 R. Reavley

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

34 B. Van Gils

12 S. Williams

14 H. Young

Round 18 C Squad


29 S. Bates

9 C. Bensch

15 J. Butler

17 T. Christie-Ling

27 D. Doolette-Cox

23 H. Flentje

5 T. Garnaut

22 D. Georgeson

19 L. Gerschwitz

2 D. Harris

8 J. James

12 D. Kreig

3 B. Maitland

10 D. Marriott

6 S. Meyers

28 C. Moore

20 P. Norton

26 M. Polkinghorne

16 A. Robb

13 T. Sekay

7 O. Stagg




Thanks to all that attended and helped us raise money for the beyondblue foundation a more detailed account to come.

Also thanks to all the sponsors that attended the game.


PHOS Camden        1.0-6   3.2-20      5.6-36   6.8-44

Sacred Heart OC   1.2-8    2.4-16    4.4-28     6.4-40


Goal Kickers: J. Bayliss 2, J. Whitford 2, R. Reavley, O. Cross
Best Players: M. Jacquier, C. Harms, M. Ruwoldt, O. Cross, J. Bayliss


Goal Kickers: Z. Delmenico 2, T. Carcuro 2, N. Brooks, N. Forster
Best Players: N. Forster, J. Laba, D. Noll, M. Bosley, H. Villis


Qunnnys A grade Match Report

Well the boys finished off the minor round with a good gutsed out win against a very good side (all be them down a couple of good players) with a 4 point win. A low scoring game saw both sides arm wrestle all day and after we were headed in the third quarter the boys fought back to get the win. It was fitting that young Justin Whitford took a good grab and nailed the kick to give us a lead. Whitty is a great young man to coach as he takes on board what's passed on to him and has tightened up in areas that have got him playing good A grade footy.


Back to the game and our best were Josh Bayliss up forward looking lively all day, Orry Cross in the forward line and in ruck was good all day and supported by Steve Williams. Marc Ruwoldt was his normal hard working self in and under all day. Curtis Harms was good through the mids and Matt Jacquier played I believe his best game for the club that I've seen measured on the improvements to his game he's made and against quality opposition. His skill and hardness at the footy was terrific! .


So now after achieving a goal we set as a group we reset ourselves to be ready for our finals series! It's Old Ignatians at home in an elimination final. We got some good players through a game in the two's satdy and they will push hard for selection this week.


There is no outlandish statements re finals other than this is why we play footy! These are the games that define respect! The lads are ready, they have worked hard to be here and now they need to work harder!


Looking forward to a good week on the track and a tough selection night.


Ta Quinny.

B grade Results

PHOS Camden               1.4-10

Sacred Heart OC      12.13-85


Goal Kickers: J. Cadzow
Best Players: J. James, D. Parkins, M. Molnar, J. Koutsikas, B. Maitland


Goal Kickers: J. Turton 6, J. Juniper 2, D. Moroney, J. Doyle, P. Bruckner, A. Grundy
Best Players: J. Doyle, F. Kessling, J. Turton, H. Wooldridge, M. Walkington

Craigs B grade report

SHOC were a formidable force last week and although our intensity and pressure were a lot better this week we unfortunately couldn't reward the good work up the ground on the scoreboard as it didn't reflect our improvement on the previous few weeks.

We had a lot of good contributors this week but none better than Josh James who had a job on a very good player and kept him to two goals and not many more possessions for the game while Parko was great in the ruck and is starting to show good form leading into finals. Mitch Molnar's first game back from injury was a tough one but he gave us good grunt around the packs and took some good defensive marks while Kouta played a strong game rolling through the middle and Brodie Maitland continued his good form in the backline rounding out our best players.

It was a tough game against a quality, well drilled opponent which we have learnt a lot from, we now take what we've learnt into finals against Broadview this week.

Well done to Simon and the A's taking some great form into the major round.

Bring on finals footy!!




Craig B.

C Grade Results


Sacred Heart OC   10.13-73

PHOS Camden           3.2-20


Goal Kickers: N. Clarke 3, E. Doak 2, T. Burton 2, N. O''Dea 2, J. Taylor
Best Players: T. Burton, N. Clarke, H. McKay, A. Willson, J. Taylor


Goal Kickers: D. Krieg, N. Iordanou, J. Hatwell
Best Players: D. Marriott, H. Finn, L. Chine, A. Hull, D. James

Quinny A grade Pre Match Report

Tomorrow SHOCS come down to PHOS for what should be a good game. It's a game we want to win and if we do and SPOC lose the we take their spot. Either way we are building for finals and wish to continue our good form. SHOC are a very good side and good bunch of guys to go with it, so it should be a good game.


Going out of the side are Paddy Hamden with a sore spot and Lauchy McDonald. In are Sam Inglis and Adam Smyth.


All the best to Craig and Popey and the B's and C's respectfully.


We welcome all our great club sponsors and our effort will reflect our appreciation!


Ta, Quinny.

Craigs B grade Pre Match Report

SHOC will be a tough assignment this week as they will be fighting to keep their top spot and week off for the first week of the finals.


We must be able to match their intensity, pressure and run for the full four quarters which is something I am confident the players will be prepared to do on Saturday after a couple of scrappy games and tough week on the track.

We have some handy "ins" this week with TJ and Boof back from injury who are both keen to get some game time under their belt after a bit of time on the sideline while Rian Morgan comes into our back six after a week off in New Zealand.

This is a chance for us to stand up and take a big scalp and our players to send a message that we want to make an impact in the finals.


There's no time to wait for things to happen, it's time to make things happen!

Good luck to Simon and the A's and Popey and the C's this week.




Craig B.


Sacred Heart Old Collegians known as "The Hearts" and have been in the SAAFL since 1968.

As per Portland last game, SHOCS were relegated in 2015 from Div 1, finished 9th last year with 3 wins & 15 losses.

Unlike Portland SHOCs have had a very good 2016 to be 2nd on the ladder with 14 wins & 4 losses: Gazza back in Round 1 by 43 points and Old Iggies in Round 2 by 2 points. From round 3 they won 7 games in a row including a 2 point win over top placed Modbury. They then lost to 7th placed Gaza again in Rd 10 then won all games apart from a loss to top side Modbury.  Last week they had a 9 point win over Scotch.

Player to watch: ex Glenelg ruckman Lachlan Button has been dominating.


Last minor round game of the year, it would be great to get a win against our neighbours.


Round 18 In's

A's:  S. Inglis, A. Smyth

B's:  T. Finn, J. Braley, R. Morgan


100 games

Samuel Taylor

50 games

Jarod Braley (pictured)

Sam Williams

Rian Morgan

Dylan Georgeson



2014 Round  18   'A'  grade  team

Payneham NU - Camden Oval - Saturday 23rd Aug - 2:15pm


PHOS Camden  2.4-16      5.7-37       6.11-47      10.19-79

Payneham NU   1.4-10      7.7-49       11.9-75     17.10-112




Goal Kickers: A. Harris 4, S. Williams 2, M. Bennett 2, M. Jacquier , A. Bergsma

Best Players:  A. Harris , A. Bergsma , A. Scholz , J. Braley , A. Smyth



Goal Kickers: N. Jolly 4, P. D''Antiochia 3, G. Grant 2, L. Clark 2, J. Giannini 2, N. Karagich , J. O''Leary , A. Giannini , S. Barabas 
Best Players: , J. Giannini , P. D''Antiochia , G. Grant , C. Bower , T. Leiman


Quinny post-game:


Saturday we shaped up to the best side in the comp, unfortunately we were beaten by a better side and the loss was compounded by our subsequent relegation into Division 3. 


The side we put out there on Saturday was not our best side "on paper" but was the best side available to the club on Saturday. I thought we battled well but didn't make enough of it for things to go our way. 


Again, everybody had their moments but just not enough. Payneham were just cleaner and their system suits them. Our system and structure has developed and will get better when we can do it for longer and better. 


Goal kickers were Harry with 4, Benno and Dogs with 2 each and Bergs and Jac with 1. 


Our best were I thought, Scholzy, very good up forward and across half forward, he's a real talent, Teddy Bartlett tried hard with Benno and Dogs working hard up forward and in the ruck. Big Boof was really good with Shawy filling our key back positions and Shawy keeping Jolly to 4 was excellent given the ball goes through him 80% of the time. Smythy just goes from strength to strength and never stops trying. Luke May was his usual brave self and has improved all year. 


Our Skipper Bergs, well he's a unit, brave and tough and has an attitude and desire to win to build a TEAM around and showed it again Saturday. 


Our best player was Andrew Harris, the perfect game firstly on the wing picking up early touches then going forward and playing pretty much the perfect Centre half forward game taking pack marks, dishing out the footy, kicking goals and physically enforcing himself on the game. Again I don’t condone belting blokes and Harry's sending off did hurt us but we aren't to be pushed around, ever! So you do what you do, you just don’t get caught and when you do it, make it count! So well played Harry, a very good game! 


I will write some more for the web site during the week re where to from here! Being relegated wasn't in the plan but you are what you are! If you waste time not accepting it you continue to slide. I can tell you that us as a team, us as a club are in a lot better place than we were last year, yes a grade lower again but a hell of a lot closer to being a great footy club than we were! You will just have to trust me on that! 


I'll get back to you all before the weeks out! 


I'd like to wish all the junior teams and Craig and the 2's all the very best for finals. Aim high! I had the pleasure of watching the U/13's yesterday beat Unley, not a bad way to spend two hours on a Sunday! 




Quinny pre-game:


I won’t go on, this is a must win game! To consolidate our standing but for us, this about testing ourselves against the best performed club in A2! 


We will need every ounce of desire and want to beat them! 


Selection was tough, that’s not a token comment but we lose Leatchy with a leg injury who performed admirably in his first A grade game and Curtis Harms goes back to the two's having done nothing wrong but we make a decision based on a lot of aspects and what we need this week for this game! Coming in are Shawy and Evo goes without saying they were coming in!


I think us old broken down footballers would be envious of our lads getting a chance to PLAY against the top side and stand up for their club tomorrow! 


I'm personally very proud of the lads, hardly been a whinge despite our backs to the wall ALL year and plenty of reasons to perhaps have a sook! These are the qualities we will rebuild or culture around, fight, an ability to battle on and ruthlessness! 


This week is another brick in the wall! We aim high! 


Please, if you can, come down and watch the boys.




web pre-game:


We all know the importance of this game, we win: we stay in Div 2, we lose: we rely on other results going our way.


We welcome back last weeks late withdrawal Evo (replaced for Leatchy) & Shawy has recovered from injury and will be vital against PNU big full forward. Unfortunately Harmsy after kicking last week's winning goal just misses out. Harmsy will be pivotal to the B's in the finals starting next week.


PNU currently 1st on the ladder, 3 games ahead of second place PAC assured of finishing the minor round in top place which gives them the 1st week off in the finals.


There last 5 games:  surprisingly a very close 9 point win against F-park last week, a convincing win over Walkies, 5 point win over 2nd place Scotch, 20 point wins over SHOCs & SMOSH.


Last time we played PNU was round 6 we went down by 59 points. The Phantoms were actually up mid way thru the 3rd Q but got run over badly. There midfield started to fire and gave their massive full forward (N.Jolly) plenty of room to dominate. Although they have had only one loss (to Broadies in Rd 2), they are definitely beatable, however if you give them a sniff they know how to win. Quite a young side (like us) well coached by ex Norwood Legend Gary Macintosh.


Thanks to all the senior players who turned up & helped at last week's junior finals, they would love it if all the juniors & parents could come to their last home game this Saturday at 2pm.


Round  18   'B'  grade  team


Payneham NU - Camden Oval - Saturday 23rd Aug - 12:15pm


PHOS Camden       1.0-6       4.3-27    6.6-42       8.12-60

Payneham NU       5.3-33     7.6-48    8.8-56     12.10-82



Goal Kickers: L. McDonald 2, D. Doolette-Cox 2, M. Papatolis 2, T. Smyth , M. Parslow 

Best Players: , M. Baker , D. Parkins , D. Doolette-Cox , L. McDonald , B. Maitland


Craig post-game:


After a slow start last week against Payneham NU and giving them a 4 goal head start our B grade boys regrouped and played some quality football for the next 3 quarters, kicking 5 of the next 8 goals after quarter time. Being 14 points down leading into the last break we gave ourselves every chance in the last quarter by controlling the play and giving it everything but inaccuracy in front of goal probably cost us kicking 2 – 6 while the opposition kicked 4 -2.


We had players that worked tirelessly for the team led by David Parkins in the ruck who beat his opponent all day and is showing some good form leading into finals while Michael “Bluey” Baker had his best game for the year playing on the ball. We are just starting to get our forward line settled with Lachie McDonald who played a new role and kicked 2 goals while “Damo” Doolette-Cox and Mike Papatolis kicked a couple of goals each from the midfield.


This was certainly a case of one that got away as a result of a slow first quarter and turnovers at critical times of the game that hurt us but the signs are there that we are ready to play a four quarter game and work for each other to get the desired result this week.


Now we set ourselves to take on Walkerville who have had the better of us this year so far, what better time to get the first win against them than in a final!!



Craig pre-game:


This week we have a chance to get back to our fighting form against a quality opponent in Payneham NU.


We have had to make some hard decisions this week with selection due to players becoming available after injury and there have been a couple of unlucky players that have missed out due to weight of numbers, so to the guys that have missed out this week, keep training and supporting as everyone is still in the mix for consideration next week.


Curtis Harms comes back to us after helping the A Grade get over the line last week and he will be keen to tear it up in the middle while Shaun Smith and Aussie Tremaine are both back from injury.


This game needs to treated like a final, we need to show desperation and aggression and play “bash and crash footy” to take it up to our opposition and have a never give up attitude to get over the line with a win. We have the talent and as long as our heads are in the right space and the preparation is right, we can springboard ourselves into the finals next week on a high but for the moment our concentration is solely focused on Payneham NU and how we dismantle them. Run all day, be accountable, hit our targets, beat your opponent and play as a team by doing the little things for each other and the scoreboard looks after itself.



Fwd       Phillis                     T Smyth                Koutsikas


HF           Parslow                M Papatolis        Resnais


C             McDonald           Harms                   Grosser


HB          Flett                       Smith                    Maitland


B             R Morgan            Marriott               Eddy


                Ruck                                      Interchange

                Parkins                                 Hull

                Tremaine                             Baker

                Doolette-Cox                     Turner


Emergency - Meyers


Round  18   'C'  grade  results


Gaza - Klemzig Oval - Saturday 16th August - 2:15pm


Gaza                     10.10-70

PHOS Camden    8.6-54




Goal Kickers: P. Hamilton 4, B. Nixon 4, B. Boxer 2Best Players: , J. Smith , P. Hamilton , B. Nixon , P. Treloar , M. Reynolds , B. Boxer



Goal Kickers: B. Prater 4, A. Wieegelmann , C. Gilby , T. Johns , A. Parker 
Best Players: , T. Garnaut , R. Taylor , T. Sekay , A. Robb , B. Prater , P. Taylor


Round 18 A Squad


24 R. Bartlett

52 M. Bennett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

11 S. Brozel

45 B. Carracher

13 T. Christie-Ling

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

55 A. Harris

19 S. Inglis

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

15 J. Scharenberg

23 A. Scholz

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

34 B. Van Gils

10 S. Williams

12 S. Williams




T. Shaw, K. Evans



C. Harms, Leatch


A grade ladder


1  Payneham NU          34

2  Scotch OC                 26

3 Prince Alfred OC       22

4 Sacred Heart OC       16

5 Broadview                 16

6 Walkerville                16

7 SMOSH                      14

8 Gepps Cross              12

9 PHOS Camden          12

10 Flinders Park           12


Round 18 B Squad


38 M. Baker

3 D. Doolette-Cox

32 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

14 J. Grosser

29 C. Harms

25 A. Hull

31 J. Koutsikas

6 B. Maitland

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

49 M. Parslow

5 C. Phillis

30 J. Resnais

19 S. Smith

39 T. Smyth

2 A. Tremaine

17 R. Turner



B grade ladder


1 Prince Alfred OC          36

2 Sacred Heart OC         27

3 Payneham NU              25

4 Walkerville                     20

5 PHOS Camden           18

6 SMOSH West Lakes    16

7 Broadview                     14

8 Scotch OC                      12

9  Gepps Cross                  6

10 Flinders Park               6


Round 18 C Squad


13 C. Bensch

P. CoxC.


T. Garnaut

24 D. Georgeson

26 L. Gerschwitz

7 C. Gilby

M. Halls

T. Johns

D. Kreig

D. Martin

G. Martin

A. Parker

19 M. Polkinghorne

4 B. Prater

8 A. Robb

A. Roccisano

11 T. Sekay

S. Sheridan

O. Stagg

23 L. Steyn

P. Taylor

R. Taylor

R. Wickham

30 A. Wieegelmann


C grade ladder


C grade ladder


1 GoodwoodSaints     32

2 Unley Mercedes        30

3 Rostrevor OC             28

4 AdelaideUniversity   25

5 Port District                20

6 Walkerville                   17

7 PHOS Camden          10

8 St Peters OC                8

9 Salisbury North          6

10 Gaza                            4









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