2014 Round  2   'A'  grade   Report

Round 2  -  23rd April

1st home game for 2016 

PHOS v  Modbury 



Quinnys A grade post game report


Saturday we hosted Modbury, clearly a good side. We got off to an okay start with plenty of footy but again we were wasteful or more to the point didn't maximise opportunities more so around the ground. 

The frustrating part of our footy at the moment is our ease in which we allow teams off the hook. I quote our free kick count as 20 to 10 at half time and turn over rate at 23. This is two areas we need to clean up really quickly. Our side has changed dynamics from last year and with a few senior players on their way back we do perhaps lack some footy smarts or direction to assist the Aaron Bergsma's etc but we have the utmost faith in the blokes who have been given the right to wear the jumper at A grade level and this footy club expects better. 


So at half time we needed to lift and our third quarter was better. Smythy had a really solid third and Bergs never stopped trying. Our backline was as solid as ever with Tom Clarke outstanding and well supported by Ryan Reavley, Tom Finn and Jared Braley. Casey Beard was trying his best and Jake Scharenberg was back to his courageous best, backing back into packs all day. Orry Cross was finding form and Luke May was trying his best in the middle. 

We copped a couple of injuries in that quarter which no doubt hurt us but was not the reason for our eventual loss. We carried a lead into three quarter But through Modbury lifting and us making some wrong decisions  and skill errors the game was gone. To end up loosing by 4 goals, perhaps a bit inflated but a loss is a loss. Easier to bare when we did our best but it simply wasn't. 

Goal kickers were Smythy 2 and singles to Bergs, Orrs, Greeny, Mick Pap and Sam Williams. 

Our best player was Tom Clarke who we sadly lose for possibly the year with a serious hamstring injury that may require surgery. Adam Smyth and Aaron Bergsma up forward or in the middle. Orry Cross built well until injured and our two reliable defenders Jared Braley and Jake Scharenberg were very good. 

So with a few injuries to key players, other players searching for form we are at a really interesting stage of our season all be it Round 3 approaching. 

We want consistency of effort, not sometimes, all the time. We want care and flexibility but most of all we want football honesty! 

Looking forward to going to SMOSH to re straighten ourselves on the basics. 

Ta Quinny. 

B grade as follows;
Last Saturday was a chance to take it up to Modbury who will certainly be one of the pace setters in D2R this year.
Unfortunately we were out worked on the day by a quality side who were well drilled and put in a four quarter performance. Our B grade battled hard in the first half and were only 5 goals down at the main break even though our opposition had had the majority of the play. But the floodgates opened in the second half and we were outworked and eventually went down by just over 15 goals while only kicking two ourselves.
The disappointing thing about Saturday is Modbury aren’t a 15 goal better side than us when we play the game on our terms but Modbury didn’t allow us to do that as good sides will try and do which means we must work harder and after a chat after the game with the boys I think we came down to a conclusion of a lack of willingness to support and work for each other which the players certainly want to make right next week.
We had some positives come out of the game with Josh James playing his first game for points as B Grade Full Back and gave it everything getting a Best on Ground with Kouta smashing in hard all day and working his butt off to try and get something happening around the packs while Dane Laing in his first B Grade game for the club did a great shut down job in the second half on one of their prime movers keeping him to a couple of touches and kerbing his influence in the second half.
It was a tough day against a tough opponent, the best thing we can do is learn from that game, get out on the track and work hard to bounce back against SMOSH this week.
Craig B.




Darren Grant  u/18 report
April 25 at 3:14pm

Match Report 


Phantoms 11.12. 78 
SMOSH 7.12.54 

Goals: Grant Rau 3, Mensforth 2, Davis Dunkin Harvey 1 
Best: Brown Grant McCabe Webster Dunkin Rau Edwards Price 


Well done yesterday boys in a very hard fort win in the end. It took three quarters to get going and then everyone seemed to lift another level to stamp your authority on the game...lets not take so long next week ha... 

There were many highlights in the game starting with the great 4 qtr effort by Soli on the ball and in the forward line. Jack Rau and his goals celebrated in true soccer fashion (Jumper over the head next time Jack), Declan smashing the Ruck in the last Qtr and kicking three handy goals along the way. Sam Davis and his banana goal from an impossible angle and centre clearances in the last qtr. Sam Webster had his best game for the year playing good attacking football. It was great to have Cam back and as the game progressed he got better and better to help get the team across the line. 
The back line were supreme under pressure with McCabe Dunkin and Resnais playing some great defensive football and repelling many attacks. It was great to have Will back and with Aussie on the other wing provided plenty of drive through the centre line. 
Porter and Mensil had big tasks this week and although had slow starts improved as the game went on. Very happy with the big sauces efforts up forward this week and Hugh's defence game is getting better each week. Lachie Harvey's decision making is a great asset to the team and to quick for the umpires apparently. 
Thankyou to the new boys who slotted in very nicely and to Conlon, Kelly and Kohn you guys didn't look out of place at all and contributed nicely to the teams win. 
Last but not least to Lachie Hall who played with a dislocated finger and looks like will be out for a few weeks show the commitment to the team. 

Next week we have Mitcham who will be very handy so lets prepare this week for a big game 

Fire up Phantoms






Craigs B grade pre game report


After a good start to the season last week we now focus our attention on Modbury who will be a tough opponent with a point to prove after making the D2R Grand Final last year.

The boys have had a good week on the track working hard on skill execution and intensity. The key this week is getting a fast start and being hard at the ball right from the first bounce, we let our opponents get away from us early last week which is a luxury we cannot afford this week against a side that will play four quarters of quality football. Playing to our strengths and playing the game on our terms around the stoppages for the whole game will be the key to getting over Modbury this week.

We welcome into the side Jake Resnais and Matt Halls for their first B Grade games this year, both are keen to go and have impressed on the track this week.

Good luck to the A’s and C’s  who are still stinging from last weekend and are keen to make amends. I am confident they will bounce back this week after putting in the hard yards on the track.

Three wins would be a great way to celebrate the ANZAC Weekend.



Craig B.



Round 2 Squad

2    Sam. Williams

3    N. Ramsey

4    K. Evans

7    L. May

8    T. Clarke

9   M. Jacquier

11  S. Brozel

12   Steve. Williams (VC Hot Dogs)

15  J. Scharenberg

16  M. Papatolis

18  S. Inglis

24  R. Bartlett  (VC)

20  A. Bergsma (C)

21  A. Smyth

27  J. Braley

28  B. Cameron

32  T. Saunders

34  B. Van Gils

37  T. Shaw

55  A. Harris



Coach Quinny's report


Saturday’s loss to Gepps Cross left a very hollow feeling through all of us!


The 3 point loss stings but for the players and coaches I think it's more the standard of skill that hurts more!


55 turnovers and a lot unforced is not good enough and we are more than aware of that!


I cannot question the effort or the spirit of the group but we simply need each one of us to do what we do better, at training but more so we are judged on what we do between 2 and 5 on Saturday's and we need to get it right and consistent because the good is great to watch!


The bad stings and we should not have been in a position to lose by 3 points!


Tom Clarke and Brent Van Gils were busy and had solid games with good support from Bergs and Rama. The backline was again solid with Maysie and Schazza playing very well!


I make mention of young Simon Brozel in his first A grade game who's fighting qualities in the last quarter nearly pinched us the game!


Brent Van Gils kicked 2 goals with Andrew Harris, Ryan Bartlett, Mick Papatolis and Billy Cameron kicked singles!


We look forward to Anzac Days clash with SMOSH! All the support we can get would be greatly appreciated on a special day! Keep smiling!



Round  2   'B'  grade   team report


Round 3 Squad


N. Bartsch

C. Bensch

R. Brown

L. Dawson

C. Djurasevich

D. Doolette-Cox

B. Eddy

A. Flett

D. Georgeson

L. Gerschwitz

C. Gilby

C. Harms

A. Hull

D. Kreig

S. Leatch

B. Maitland

K. Millard

C. Moore

C. Morgan

R. Morgan

S. Payne

M. Polkinghorne

J. Schipanski

S. Sheridan

L. Steyn

S. Taylor

J. Tonkin

R. Turner

A. Wieegelmann

Craigs Report


We made a fast start Saturday kicking 5 of the first 7 goals of the game against the breeze.


After a solid 2nd quarter we took a 5 goal lead into half time and extended that to 43 points at the 3 quarter time break by working hard for each other and playing good team football.


The last quarter turned into a role reversal with Gepps Cross coming out from the 3 quarter time huddle full of run and working hard to get 10 scoring shots. Luckily their radar was out kicking 3 – 7 to our 2 points.


Floyd Fulwood was best on ground kicking 3 goals from his wing while Tom “TJ” Finn did a great job at Full Back when he was moved there to control their Full Forward who looked dangerous early and Andy Simpson had a solid captain’s game putting his body on the line for the team.


This win was set up by playing 3 quarters of team football. We just need to work on sticking to our game plan for the full 4 quarters and get back to basics when things aren’t quite going our way.


Having said that, another good win by the boys, well done!



Round 2 Squad


38  M. Baker

17  C. Beard

45  B. Carracher

13  T. Christie-Ling

9    P. Cusenza

1    T. Finn

10  F. Fulwood

14  J. Grosser

31  J. Koutsikas

36  D. Marriott

33  L. McDonald

26  W. Papatolis

49  M. Parslow

??   L. Proude

30  J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

19 S. Smith

22 B. Toohey

5   T. Wallent

40  H. Walters



Popeys Report


"Loving coaching this team, we have some great kids out there."



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