2016 Round 3 - 30th April




A Grade post game report


SMOSH West Lakes       6.9-45

PHOS Camden               7.18-60



Goal Kickers: Z. Beecken 4, G. White, N. Brown
Best Players: L. Pink, D. Ginever, Z. Beecken, G. White, L. Zille



Goal Kickers: J. Whitford 2, H. Papatolis, M. Jacquier, S. Williams, A. Bergsma, H. Gordon
Best Players: M. Jacquier, J. Whitford, G. Soper, J. Scharenberg, T. Finn

to come


Although Saturday wasn't what you call a great spectacle it was a good gusted out win that we are hoping now kick starts stringing wins together. Windy conditions and clearly two sides trying to work themselves out made for some mistakes but overall we played some really good footy, it was our finishing that lacked the polish required to put a tenacious side away.


Our backline was it's normal solid reliable self. They are such a good unit and have covered the retirements of Shawy and Evo well.


We unearthed two young talents in the club in Justin Whitford who's attack on the footy was consistent and impressive and Henry Papatolis who showed composure and excellent decision making beyond his years.


So these two have announced themselves as A grade footballers, the players know what they'l get and that is what we talk about in "football trust". Well done, now to back it up.


We welcomed in Liam Jacka as well from North Adelaide who showed really good signs despite some heavy knocks.


Our goal kickers were Whitty with 2, Hank Pap, Smythy, Bergs, Sammy W, Gordo and Matty Jac with 1. Lot's of players contributed points to our score of 7.18.60?


Best were Matty Jac in a great rounded performance, Whitty a real  good start to A grade, Glen Soper who returned to A grade footy and Shaz and Tom Finn in defence.


We welcome back some good players this week and with confidence building we will welcome Scotch to us.


In reality we had 11 of our 22 premiership team out from last year on Saturday. We are learning about each other and trying to design and tighten our structures and game style as individuals search for form. Our expectations are high and that wont change but perhaps tolerance is a major principal we all need to adopt. From the players we just need honesty of effort. We are getting there.


Ta Quinny.



B Grade post game report as follows;


SMOSH West Lakes     3.2-20     3.2-20    4.5-29    4.5-29

PHOS Camden             1.1-7       4.3-27    5.4-34    8.13-61



Goal Kickers: P. Dorian 2, J. Shepherd, K. Thomas
Best Players: C. Masson, S. Morris, B. Finney, K. Davidson, R. Holloway, J. Hemmings



Goal Kickers: J. Resnais 3, M. Molnar, S. McGill, C. Harms, B. Toohey, N. Iordanou
Best Players: B. Eddy, A. Flett, J. Koutsikas, H. Young, H. Flentje



Last Saturday was a test of character for our B Grade side after coming off a heavy loss. The focus before the game was to tick certain boxes we had talked about during the week including preparation, attitude and intensity at the ball and body, things that were questioned after the Modbury game.


The boys had a tough task in the first quarter kicking against a strong breeze, working the ball around for most of it and attacking when we could and for most of quarter it was pretty even until a lapse in concentration gave them two late goals giving them a lead of 13 points at quarter time.


Once some adjustments were made our runners came into the game creating scoring opportunities while our backline worked hard to keep them scoreless in the 2nd quarter giving us a 7 point lead at the main break.


The message at half time was to focus on our disposal into the wind, controlling the ball and deny them use which paid off with the boys only allowing them to kick 1 goal with the wind while we snatched one through hard work into it.


The last quarter was dominated by our boys, working hard for each other and linking up well with our run and carry which allowed us to have 10 scoring shots for 3 goals and again keeping SMOSH to a scoreless quarter.


Jake Resnais had a productive game getting to the right spots and kicking 3 goals from half forward while our backline was solid all game, only allowing SMOSH to score 1 goal after quarter time. Brent Eddy had a best on ground performance from his back flank, creating opportunities through his run and great skill execution while Anthony Flett played a very smart game at Full Back on a bloke who was a pretty cagey customer and was their main spearhead. Jono Koutsikas had his best game for the year getting plenty of ball around the packs and playing hard, accountable footy while Harry Young was solid off the other back flank and Hamish Flentje ran his defender off his feet at Centre Half Forward, giving us a solid target and also creating a couple of goals through his hard work.


Well done to the Simon’s A’s and Popey’s C’s this week getting off the mark for the season and to Darren and the Under 18’s who remain undefeated, a great weekend for the club!




Craig B.


U/18's Match report vs Mitcham

Phantoms 11.11.77
Mitcham 8.10. 58

Goals: Grant 7, Martin 2, Mensforth Unger 1
Best: Grant Dunkin Brown Gulliford Brini Buchanan Unger Martin Harvey Price

Another great win boys pulling away in a great tussle with a good side..

Big game by Grant kicking 7 from the Centre in a great aground game. Dunkin continues to be unstoppable across the half back getting leather poisoning backed up by Buchanan Resnais Webster McPhee and new comer Crouch... The defense was very solid in the last Quarter and a credit to you all for standing up under extreme pressure.

Pricey and Aussie continue to grow in confidence and producing good football each week. Great to have Aiden (Eddy Betts) Martin weaving his magic in the forward line and could of kicked a bag full. What a difference having two talls back in the side and what games they played well done Tom G and Tom U you guys smashed the centre hit outs which set up many attacks in the forward line.

The midfield benefitted from Tom Squared and Brown Harvey and Brini took advantage and all had great games...

The forward line worked extremely had to keep the ball in the forward 50 and apply pressure on the Backman when they had the ball ... While creating opportunities for Phantoms streaming down the corridor
So keep up the good work Porter Mensforth and Laver...

Bad luck Lachie I was looking forward to a big game Hope the hammy is ok and thanks for making an effort to play... Let me know how it goes..

Thanks again ZaK, Jimmy and Chris for joining up and hope you had some fun with the boys....

Bring on GAZA next week





PHOS Camden       3.2-20    5.2-32      10.6-66     16.6-102

Athelstone              1.3-9      2.10-22     3.11-29     7.13-55



Goal Kickers: N. Watts 5, S. Meyers 3, J. Biagi 2, B. Pollard 2, L. Harvey, S. Taylor, D. Marriott, J. Unger
Best Players: N. Watts, J. Grosser, J. Unger, S. Leatch, S. Taylor


Goal Kickers: A. Waldon 2, B. Norsworthy, T. McPeake, J. Lonsdale, L. Davis, B. Traeger
Best Players: M. Christiansen, T. Skinner, J. Guidera, D. Iles, B. Norsworthy


C grade report  - to come




A grade pregame report


It's with genuine excitement we name this weeks side and a fair bit of sadness to lose a player who sums up the spirit of our club. 


I'll go with the negatives first. We lose Orry Cross, Adam Scholz and Ritchie Mcnamara to minor injuries and the sadness part of this pre game is the loss of Tommy Clarke for the season after ripping his hamstring from the bone. TC has had surgery and will repair.  He leaves a gap as he was terrific last satdy but more importantly he is a true footballer. Always gives his best. 


This by no means a negative but we have put Brent Eddy and Josh Green back to the two's to improve a couple of things. 


Coming in are Matty Jacquier and Sam Inglis from missing last game re injury and exams. Two big ins. 

Coming back to the side is Glen Soper through great intensity. 


Three new players in are Justin Whitford and Henry Papatolis for their first A grade games. A big big positive for our club and we wish them all the best and a brand new player to our club, Liam Jacka from North Adelaide. Sight unseen by the coaches but heavily recommended by a few of our players and in a week where PLAYERS RESPECT is the priority we invite him in based on those recommendations. 


So big game against SMOSH, a team we respect and we need a win. 


All the best to Craig and Popey and B's and C's respectively and Granty's U/18's Sunday who are 2/0 which is great. 


See you Satdy. 






B Grade as follows;


This week we have a chance to bounce back against SMOSH who have always been a side that gives us a spirited contest.
Every person involved has to make sure they have prepared properly and have the right attitude on the day, once these boxes are ticked then the result we want will come. An ability to work for each other and play as a team will put us on the right path but all 21 players must be prepared to play a team game and go out of their way to provide support for their mates by doing the little things, the one percenters!

We get Josh Green and Brent Eddy back from the A Grade, both very handy players who I know will want to make an impact on the game to get their spots back.

SMOSH have always been tough and Saturday will be no different, this will be a character test for the B Grade after a heavy loss, a test I know we have the ability to pass providing everyone plays their role.

Good luck to the C Grade and to the A Grade this week with two debutants, Justin Whitford and Henry Papatolis who are playing their first game for the club in the A’s, congratulations and well deserved boys.


Let’s have a big day!


Craig B.


PHOS Camden history

made in Round 3.

For the fist time 3 brothers played in the A grade Team.

Pictured (from left)

Will, Mike & Henry Papatolis

2015 Round  3   'A'  grade   team












2015 Pre-game was very moving with the Anzac Day minute silence & playing of the "Last Post". (A & B squads). 



Round 3 Anzac Day classic


2nd Game 2015


Golden Grove

Sat Apr 25th

Camden Oval




PHOS Camden      4.6-30     10.9-69    15.10-100    24.13-157


Golden Grove        2.0-12       5.3-33         8.5-53          10.5-65



Goal Kickers: M. Jacquier 5, A. Smyth 4, D. Gamble 3, T. Quinn 3, M. Molnar 2, A. Bergsma 2, K. Evans , D. Hill , N. Ramsey , O. Cross , S. Williams 

Best Players: , M. Jacquier , A. Bergsma , A. Smyth , N. Ramsey , O. Cross


Quinnys post game


Saturday saw our footy club take another step forward in our development. It started earlier than most with over fifty senior players plus family and friends attend the Brighton Dawn Service at the Brighton Jetty. It's a pretty humbling and special occasion and we are proud of the clubs contribution. 


Golden Grove is a good footy side who were smarting from losing their points the week before in a game they dominated V Flinders Park. We had five changes and they lost a couple of good players too so there was a lot of unknown. 


We got off to a very good start against the wind and things built from there. Brent Van Gils did a great job on Castree, a talented footballer and Orry was sticking the ball down Bergs throat. Ten shots at goal in the first quarter was a good start. Rama, Mat Jac and Gordo were getting plenty of it along with Wil Pap but in my opinion the bloke who snapped us into gear was again Kris Evans, hard at it and silky smooth when he wins the footy. 


It was really important to finish strong and without being smart we wanted to beat Golden Grove well. So to kick 9 to 1 in the last was a good way to close it. 


Best players were Brent Van Gils, Aaron Bergsma, Nick Ramsey, Orry Cross and Matty Jac best on and rewarded with the medal. 


Well done to Brent Eddy and Mitch Molnar on very good first games for the club and a real thrill to see the guys get around him on his goals. 


All players contributed which is the best reward we get for where we are trying to head and I’ll mention a player in the two's doing everything right! Trains early, trains hard and smashed a bloke with a great fair tackle in an attempt to fire up the two's and that's Billy Cameron. He wants to play seniors and it shows! Keep it up! 


We turn our attention to Flinders Park, I watched them last week and they go well. Big game


Thanks, Quinny.  


Quinnys Pregame


Tomorrow sees us take on Golden Grove at home in what will be a tough game of footy given the probable tightness between the two teams, the weather and the sense of occasion being ANZAC day. I think all young men feel good about playing footy on ANZAC day as it's a great way to say thanks doing something really Australian in a team form! 


I watched Golden Grove last week and they look a good side. We have a few players out with Lukas Kangur returning to the Bays, Ryan Bartlett, Adam Scholz, Glen Soper and Jarrod Braley out with injuries. Unfortunate to lose the guys and I think five quality players out would hurt any side. 


Coming in are Tom Finn, Sam Williams and Brent Van Gils all returning to A grade footy and two players who make their A grade debut in Brent Eddy and young Mitch Molnar who should revel in the conditions.


So with no disrespect to the players coming out of the side, we have covered them and that is the sign of a club on the improve! 


All the best to Craig and Popey with the B's and C's. Keep it rolling along guys. 


All players are expected at the Brighton Dawn Service. We meet at the beach end of Wattle Avenue, BRIGHTON AT 5.30 am to then walk together to the ceremony. ALL PHOS PEOPLE encouraged to join us. We see it as a small sacrifice to say thanks to the men and women who made a much bigger sacrifice! 

It will be a great day for footy, come down and have a look and get the boys home. 


Web Pregame


After a huge win in Round 1, having to sit out a bye last weekend and with the special occasion of this week playing on Anzac Day the boys will be frothing to get back out a play some footy.


Round 3: its probably fair to say will be the 1st game PHOSC has ever played against Golden Grove, having been established in only 1997 and moving its way up from Div A7.


Golden Grove finished the 2014 (Div4) minor round in top position with 17 wins & 1 loss, which is very impressive. They then went on to play Salisbury West in the GF to win by 49 points giving them the right to move up to DIV 3 in 2015. Interesting to note they also won the B grade division last year as well.


Last week Golden Grove won by 11 goals over fellow last year div 3 side Flinders Park, but had their points taken off them due to accidently playing 2 players they shouldnt have (click here for story), fair to say they will be stininging ffrom that and will be itching to have a crack at us.


A few changes from Round 1, Eddy, Molner (1st A grade game for club), Van Gils & Finny come in after some very good form in the B grade. But bad luck to Scholzy doing a hammy at training and will be out for a few weeks.


Come down raise a beer to the diggers for allowing us watch some local footy and .


Go Phantoms


B Grade Results


PHOS Camden       0.1-1     4.4-28    4.5-29         7.7-49

Golden Grove       5.1-31     5.1-31    8.3-51       11.7-73



Goal Kickers: A. Harris 2, D. James , S. Willcocks , D. Marriott , M. Papatolis , B. Cameron 

Best Players: , S. Brozel , S. Leatch , B. Cameron , H. Young , J. Resnais


Craigs B Grade Postgame


We had a disappointing result on Saturday against Golden Grove.


Having a goalless quarter in the first against the wind made it hard for us but to the players credit they knuckled down in the second playing hard aggressive footy getting to within 3 points at half time to give ourselves a shot to make amends in the second half.


We had plenty of the football in the third quarter but our ball use was a bit sloppy and some poor decisions let our opposition hold us to one point while kicking 3 – 2  themselves, stretching their lead. We knew we were still in the game, all we had to do was dig deep and work hard to get the win.


We unfortunately allowed them to kick 3 goals in the last quarter into the wind while kicking 3 goals ourselves which made no impact on the scoreboard.


Golden Grove played a good team game last Saturday while we were a bit scratchy and needed to play better as a unit and use the ball a bit better. Having said that there were a lot of positives to come out of the game including Simon Brozel winning the Spirit of ANZAC Medal on Saturday as Best on Ground in his first game back for the club this year. Billy Cameron had a day out again as second best showing great skills and ticker, busting his gut all day including a great run down and tackle in the second quarter that was a team lifter. Shannon Leatch proved his worth at full back taking up where he left off from last year holding their gun forward to 1 goal while Harry Young in his first B Grade game for the club played well in the backline and Jake Resnais continued his good form from the C’s on the half back flank.


This should be a bit of a reality check for our players, realising that things aren’t just going to happen for us, we need to work hard on the track as well as on game day as a team and get our preparation right if we want to be a contender. Once we tick these boxes we have no excuses, all we can ask is that everyone has learnt from this loss and that they are prepared to put in the hard work to improve and judging from the response in the rooms after the game, they are.


Well done to the A’s and C’s on great results last Saturday, keep the winning momentum going guys.


Craigs B Grade Pregame


After having a bye last week we have a challenge this week against a formidable opponent in Golden Grove who went through their season last year undefeated and ultimately won the Div. 4 Reserves Premiership.


We must continue the form we had in round one ultimately working hard as a team to help each other out.


We have had a few changes this week through injuries with some handy players coming into the side for their first B grade games for the year including Sam Willcocks, Jake Resnais, Aussie Tremaine, Shannon Leatch, Simon Brozel and Harry Young playing his first game for the club. All of these players have worked hard on the track and on game day in the C Grade and are expected to make an impact this week.


With the conditions likely to be a bit damp we must be prepared to work hard on Saturday by using the ball well and being patient when we have it and applying constant relentless pressure to force the turnover when we don’t. The midfield must work extra hard by running hard both ways while our defence must be tight and our forwards must reward the work done up the field by making the most of the opportunities given to them.


Our ability to work hard for each other with intensity has been a great quality in our trial games and round one win but we need to make sure this continues and play a team game on our terms right from the first bounce against a quality opponent.


Play to our strengths and play as a team with intensity is what we ask of our players every week, we need to tick these boxes to get the result we want.


C Grade Results


Colonel Light Gardens           2.6-18

PHOS Camden                   26.19-175


Goal Kickers: M. Bate 6, D. Kreig 4, H. Walters 3, J. Butler 3, O. Stagg 2, T. Garnaut 2, N. Krieg , M. Polkinghorne , A. Flett , C. Gilby , S. Bates , H. Flentje 

Best Players: , H. Walters , T. Wallent , T. Garnaut , S. Bates , B. Toohey

Anzac Day Medallist

Mathew Jaquier



1st win for Eddy & Molner



1st junior games

under new lights



Simon Brozel winning the Spirit of ANZAC Medal



Round 3 A Squad


20   A. Bergsma

8     T. Clarke

50   O. Cross

40   B. Eddy

4     K. Evans

1     T. Finn

15   D. Gamble

32   H. Gordon

17   D. Hill

18   S. Inglis

9     M. Jacquier

7     L. May

35   M. Molnar

26   W. Papatolis

38   T. Quinn

3     N. Ramsey

37   T. Shaw

21   A. Smyth

34   B. Van Gils

11   S. Williams

12   S. Williams

Round 3 B Squad


10    S. Brozel

46    J. Cadzow

28   B. Cameron

45  B. Carracher

13   T. Christie-Ling

29   C. Harms

55   A. Harris

39   D. James

41   J. James

31   J. Koutsikas

47  S. Leatch

36  D. Marriott

33  L. McDonald

49  S. McGILL

16 M. Papatolis

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

2   A. Tremaine

48 T. White

6   S. Willcocks

14 H. Young

Round 3 C Squad

Vs Colonel Light Gardens


Mortlock park


M. Bate

S. Bates

C. Bensch

J. Butler

K. Comber

L. Dawson

H. Flentje

A. Flett

T. Garnaut

L. Gerschwitz

C. Gilby

D. Kreig

N. Krieg

A. Parker

D. Parkins

M. Polkinghorne

A. Robb

T. Sekay

O. Stagg

L. Steyn

S. Taylor

B. Toohey

T. Wallent

A. Wieegelmann

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