Round 4  -  7th May

PHOS v  Scotch OC  

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A grade


PHOS Camden        5.4-34         7.8-50      11.11-77      12.13-85

Scotch OC                 0.4-4           8.6-54      10.8-68        16.11-107



Goal Kickers: S. Williams 3, H. Gordon 3, A. Smyth 2, A. Bergsma 2, R. McNamara, M. Ruwoldt
Best Players: S. Williams, G. Soper, H. Gordon, A. Bergsma, S. Inglis, J. Braley


Goal Kickers: J. Beilby 5, S. Underwood 4, J. Lawson 3, W. Thorpe 3, M. Campbell
Best Players: J. Lawson, M. Lloyd, J. Beilby, S. Spriggs, P. Kokkinakis


Quinnys A grade Postgame report


Saturday saw us play some very good footy against a good footy side. We put plans in place before the game in what we thought would best assist us beat Scotch. I say "well done" to Casey Beard and Paddy Hamden for their part in making those plans work. We got off to the start we wanted and the footy was the best we've produced against the best side we've played so again that part of the plan worked. 


Where we let ourselves down was the part of the plan we didn't master. That being our ability to possess the footy and not hand it to Scotch. In the second quarter Scotch kicked 6 goals in 10 minutes. 4 of which were attributed  to poor decisions and turn overs by us. 


We tend to score goals through good footy and movement but we want to keep sides in it, quality sides. It's hard to cop but it's for us to sort. We will do everything we can to do it.


Goal kickers S. Williams 3, H. Gordon 3, A. Smyth 2, A. Bergsma 2, R. McNamara, & M. Ruwoldtin our best were Steve Williams, Glen Soper, Hamish Gordon, Jake Scharenberg, Sam Inglis, Case and Paddy. 


Both Nick Ramsey and Mark Ruwoldt were more than serviceable in their first games for the year. 


Saturday is Broadview in what is a game where we need to be at our best! For our own belief more than anything. If Broadies are good enough to beat our best then fine. We all want to see our best as at Round 5 now we haven't seen it. It's there though! 


Thanks Quinny. 


B grade


PHOS Camden      5.1-31     6.1-37    8.1-49     10.1-61

Scotch OC              2.4-16      2.6-18   5.8-38      5.8-38



Goal Kickers: M. Molnar 2, D. Parkins, H. Flentje, J. Koutsikas, J. Resnais, S. McGill, N. Walters, H. Walters, A. Flett
Best Players: J. Koutsikas, S. McGill, M. Molnar, B. Eddy, D. Laing


Goal Kickers: H. Twopeny 2, J. Langford, J. Wellington, M. Rowe
Best Players: L. Einarson, H. Twopeny, M. Bourne, A. McNaughton


Craigs B grade Postgame report


We had a tough assignment last Saturday against Scotch OC who wanted to test us physically as well as on the scoreboard but our boys were certainly up for a scrap.


The first quarter saw us skip out to a 17 point lead with a little help from our opponents trying to be physical early to put us off our game, but to our players’ credit they stuck to playing footy and made them pay on the scoreboard. The rest of the game had a very similar theme with our backline and midfield working hard to keep Scotch OC goalless in both the second and final quarters. This was a credit to our players’ work rate and intensity for the whole game, not taking a backward step but focussing on what we had to do to win the game by absorbing their physical pressure and playing hard, tough footy while keeping the scoreboard ticking over.


Jono Koutsikas belted in hard and found himself on the bottom of a lot of packs, drawing plenty of free kicks in his Best on Ground last Saturday while Sam McGill did a lot of the same and ruffled a few feathers of opposition players as he does. Mitch Molnar had his best game for the year around the ball with 2 goals while Brent Eddy and Ben Toohey are pushing their cases for A Grade recalls with solid games and Dane Laing did another job for us on one of their “go to” players and shut him out of the second half.


We must now keep our momentum moving forward with another tough game against Broadview this week who will be keen to bounce back after a loss.


Another tough week for the A’s and C’s who are not too far away from getting that second win and then stringing a few together because our best is good enough to beat any side. We just need to work hard on the track during the week and play four quarters of our best footy against Broadview this Saturday and we’re away!




Craig B.


C Grade


Rostrevor OC       22.17-149

PHOS Camden          3.2-20



Goal Kickers: M. Zamparelli 6, H. Edwards 3, M. Boffa 2, R. Grigg 2, S. Tagg 2, D. Legget 2, P. Norris, L. Kitson, J. O''Leary, D. McPeake, B. Moore
Best Players: M. Zamparelli, S. Tagg, L. Kitson, D. McPeake, D. Legget


Goal Kickers: L. Steyn 2, S. Webster
Best Players: S. Webster, J. Unger, B. Pollard, B. Maitland, C. Gilby




Gaza                      12.8-80

PHOS Camden    7.3-45



Goal Kickers: K. Papachristos 4, B. Wake 3, S. Dinedios 2, D. Adams, C. Draper, B. Newchurch

Best Players: J. Senior, S. Fulton, K. Papachristos, D. Adams, J. Anderson



Goal Kickers: D. Grant 2, S. McCABE 2, J. Bayliss 2, S. Brown

Best Players: L. McCABE, E. Dunkin, D. Grant, C. Brini, W. Price


Darrens u/18s Match report

Very interesting game to say the least ...
To the 17 who committed to the game against the top side thank you .. And unfortunately lack of numbers cost the game.. With 17 vs 25 rotations were the Difference between the two sides.

Lachie Mc mopped up everything he could in the back line backed up by Webster Dunkin and Bonnici
Great to have Bonnici and S Mc Cabe back in the side and will get better once they work there way back into the side.
The Midfield of Gulliford Unger Grant Brown Brini and Bayliss never gave up but fatigue eventually got the better of there efforts.
Will Price has made the wing his own and another great game...

I thought Edwards, MacPhee, Mensforth & Porter showed they have the potential to perform and need to do it over 4 Qtrs which will put another string to the bow ( Side) and last but not least you can not question the commitment Cheungy in the back pocket... Well done

Let's concentrate on the skill work boys and don't worry with a full side we have there measure ... So let's make the finals and let them know we mean business




Quinnys Pregame report


Saturday we host Scotch College, a side we know are well drilled and talent packed. 


We know we are up for a hard days work and that's how we want it. Reward of two points at the end of the game against a quality team makes that worth it if we earn it. 


We lose Wil Papatolis with a broken ankle (surgery). Wil is very dedicated to his footy and what could be a season ender for some wont be for Wil. Henry Papatolis returns to school duties with Immanuel and we wish him all the best after a solid debut and Liam Jacka returns to North Adelaide Reserves. All the best to Liam. 


Our ins are really good for our club with Ritchie Mcnamara returning from  a minor injury. Nick Ramsey returns after a really good pre season before a groin injury held him back and Mark Ruwoldt makes his debut for our club after learning his craft at South Gambier, then playing over 100 SANFL games with Glenelg and a couple of seasons with Morphie Parks. Mark was away for a few weeks and is biting at the bit for a game.  All the best Ruwy.


We wish Craig, Popey and Granty all the best with their respective teams. Had a chance to watch the U/18's last Sunday. Was a pleasure, the boys playing some terrific footy. 


See you Satdy. 




Craigs Pregame report


This week sees us come up against Scotch OC who are searching for their first win this year and will be keen to find it against us this week.


We mustn’t be fooled by their position on the ladder as they have traditionally been a tough opponent against us and will be keen to run the ball on the outside all day. This is where we must play accountable footy and not allow them to get loose while we must ensure that we play the game on our terms and work hard for each other, creating opportunities by doing the one percenters.


We welcome back Shannon Leatch who had a solid game in the C’s last week after stepping off a plane from overseas and Rian Morgan from injury, playing his first game for the year, both players will bolster our backline stocks giving others a chance to give us value further up the ground. Also, Henry Finn plays his first B Grade game for the club, a just reward for his hard work on the track and good form with Popey over the last few weeks.


We must be prepared to back up our win from last week and this will only come from our willingness to work for each other and do what’s best for the team, we’ve shown glimpses during games now it’s time to put four quarters together.


Good luck to the A’s, C’s and Under 18’s this week, it was great to get the clean sweep last weekend, let’s see if we can do it again!




Craig B.

2015 Round  4   'A'  grade   team













3rd Game 2015


Flinders Park

Sat May 2nd

Flinders Park Oval





Flinders Park                       7.10-52

PHOS Camden                 23.17-155



Goal Kickers: M. Jacquier 5, N. Ramsey 4, D. Hill 4, T. Quinn 3, A. Smyth , H. Gordon , S. Williams , A. Bergsma , W. Papatolis , S. Inglis , D. Gamble 

Best Players: , N. Ramsey , B. Van Gils , O. Cross , M. Jacquier , A. Bergsma


Quinnys Postgame


Flinders Park played some good footy on Saturday so to win by 100 points was a touch flattering but came from absolute hard work. There were some very good signs early in the game to suggest we were "on" but we weren't able to translate that to the scoreboard. All players were having an impact including the lads from the bench and structures looked solid. The usual suspects were getting the ball and using it so if we could find that 5% improvement we'd be able to get up.


Our second half was something to watch. Pressure at its best from all 21 players set us up for a really dominant second half! I think we kicked 16 of our goals on the run with Jac kicking 5, Rama 4, Hilly 4, TQ 3 and a host of players 1. This spread is a good sign.


All played well sounds like we are in the U/10's but it applies with Dylan Gamble setting the scene with his work rate, Matty Jac and Bergs rolling along from last week, Rama excellent around the footy. Sam Williams was very good and Hotdogs is getting close to ripping a game apart. Our backline was terrific with Evo and TC good with TJ playing a good one! Brent Van Gils was good on ball and big Orry typified the attitude in the ruck.


Terrific return from Billy Cameron to A grade footy and Harry Young showed he's all A grade if he works hard. Well done lads on your late call ups after Shawy and Mitch had to pull out.


So now we get set for Pembroke, a good side stacked with talent!


Ps - we covered 8 changes from Round 1 with the win. Yep the B grade lost but they feel these changes almost more than the ones given our depth. So hang in there lads and we'll get a win this week. A real shame about the C's but back at it this week!


We are still crawling and it gets a little easier when we have a club crawling the same way! Down the track we'll be able to walk! That's what we are aiming for! Then we'll look at running! 


Ta, Quinny. 


Quinnys Pregame


This week sees us play Flinders Park, who joined us in Division 3 this year and would be no doubt out to redeem themselves as well. They have good players and I watched them Round 1 and they played a good style of footy.


We are unchanged in the senior side which is great reward for the guys who came in last week. We need to keep improving and playing the hard pressure style of footy that will become second nature if we work hard enough.


All the best to Popey and Craig with the C's and B's respectively. 


Come down and watch the lads, ta Quinny


Web Pregame


So far so good, 2 big wins against Seaton & Golden Grove.


The question is will the boys start getting ahead of themselves or will they keep that steely resolve and hunger that Quinny and the rest of us have witnessed, i'm betting on the latter.


Round 4: we come up against fellow demoted A2 side Flinders Park.


Flinders Park finished the 2014 at the bottom of the ladder with 6 wins but poor percentage meant relagation. The 2014 Phantoms had thier 1st victory under Quinny against FP in a memorable game (more so for the aftermatch celebrations!), and followed up with another good win in the rematch later in the year.


So far this year FP have had a good win against Mitcham, a win by dafault against Golden Grove (really a 11 goal loss click here for story), and around 7 goal loss last week to Old Iggies, fair to say they will be keen to play well against us.


Changes from Round 3,  no changes in the A's, but Tooooossssa is back in the B's after doing the hard yards in the Cs.


Go Phantoms


B Grade 


Flinders Park               10.14-74

PHOS Camden                7.6-48


Goal Kickers: A. Simpson 2, M. Papatolis 2, A. Harris , B. Carracher , B. Toohey 

Best Players: , D. Parkins , A. Simpson , , J. Resnais , S. Leatch


Craigs B Grade Postgame


We came up against a tough opponent last Saturday in Flinders Park who were up for a scrap.


Our players battled hard for three quarters but just couldn’t break free and play the game on our terms which was to make space and run the ball. This was made extra hard at one stage due to being down to 16 players on the field. While being almost 3 goals up at one stage in the second quarter we were never comfortably in front and just couldn’t stamp our authority on the game.


Our side struggled to score as Flinders Park were prepared to work hard for each other while putting enormous pressure on us when we had the ball which had us fumbling and missing our targets. While still being in the game at 3 quarter time we barely gave a yelp in the last quarter having only 17 fit players and scoring 1 goal to their 4 which finally put the result out of our reach.


Dave Parkins had a great game spending most of the time rucking against quality opponents while Andy Simpson led by his actions, starting down back and then being thrown into the centre at a time when we needed a bit of grunt in tight. Harry Walters was a last minute call up and proved his worth extracting the ball around the packs and working well with the ruckmen while Shannon Leatch, Jake Resnais and Tom Wallent were solid in defence having to deal with constant pressure for most of the game.


The last two weeks we have come up against opponents that have played well as a team and were good at applying heavy pressure to their opposition. These are the qualities we want in the PHOS B grade and things we are going to have to work on to get to where we want to be. These are things that that don’t go on the stats sheet but they make a big difference on a Saturday and can ultimately decide whether you win or lose a game.


It’s only early in the season and we’ve had the talent to win the past two games, but we haven’t had “buy in” to the TEAM game from the players. Players from now on will need to be prepared to sacrifice their own game for the sake of team if needed and play their role, it starts this week against Pembroke!!


Well done again to the A Grade who are playing some quality footy at the moment.


Craigs B Grade Pregame


We have a chance this week in the B Grade to bounce back against Flinders Park who are on one win also and judging by their results so far they are an improved side from last year giving Golden Grove and Old Iggys  a good run, so we must be prepared. Three things will determine the outcome this week, ATTITUDE, INTENSITY and WORKRATE which have been addressed on the track this week.


With a couple of players unavailable, Dave Parkins and Ben Toohey have been given the opportunity to make their mark in their first B Grade game for the year so good luck to those guys.


Playing on a big ground should allow us to play to our strengths by using our speed to run and carry the ball which has been the quality that has won us games in the past. But we must be prepared to work hard pushing forward and back for 4 quarters, pressuring the opposition to cause turnovers and using our skills to hit our targets to deny them the footy.


Quality sides redeem themselves by putting in the hard work and responding to the questions asked of them and the players have definitely put in the hard work during the week, now it's time to take it into game day and make a statement.


Good luck to the A's and C's on Saturday.


C Grade Results

 forfeited by Seaton




1st A grade win for Harry Young

Round 3 A Squad

2:15pm Flinders Park


20   A. Bergsma

8     T. Clarke

50   O. Cross

40   B. Eddy

4     K. Evans

1     T. Finn

15   D. Gamble

32   H. Gordon

17   D. Hill

18   S. Inglis

9     M. Jacquier

7     L. May

35   M. Molnar

26   W. Papatolis

38   T. Quinn

3     N. Ramsey

37   T. Shaw

21   A. Smyth

34   B. Van Gils

11   S. Williams

12   S. Williams

Round 3 B Squad

12:15pm Flinders Park


10 S. Brozel

47 J. Cadzow

28 B. Cameron

45 B. Carracher

13 T. Christie-Ling

29 C. Harms

55 A. Harris

39 D. James

41 J. James

31 J. Koutsikas

46 S. Leatch

49 S. McGILL

16 M. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

22 B. Toohey

2 A. Tremaine

48 T. White

6 S. Willcocks

14 H. Young


 forfeited by Seaton


Round 3 C Squad

2:15pm Camden Oval


6 M. Bate

13 S. Bates

9 C. Bensch

2 J. Butler

K. Comber

17 L. Dawson

21 H. Flentje

20 A. Flett

5 T. Garnaut

D. Georgeson

19 L. Gerschwitz

C. Gilby

12 D. Kreig

3 N. Krieg

15 A. Robb

A. Roccisano

7 T. Sekay

4 O. Stagg

27 L. Steyn

26 T. Wallent

28 H. Walters

29 A. Wieegelmann


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