Round 5 - 14th May

Broadview v PHOS

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 (C's v Port D @ home 2:15pm)










Broadview             6.1-37    6.1-37   8.5-53     9.6-60

PHOS Camden      2.0-12    3.7-25   6.9-45     7.12-54



Goal Kickers: J. Fergus 2, J. Fisher 2, T. Elfenbein, Z. Makins, B. Bamford, K. Nurton, J. Ryan
Best Players: B. De Prinse, T. Elfenbein, D. Ward, T. Schlicker, K. Nurton



Goal Kickers: S. Williams 3, A. Scholz 2, B. Culpitt, A. Bergsma
Best Players: A. Smyth, C. Beard, S. Inglis, M. Ruwoldt, S. Williams



Quinny A grade Match Report


U/18's really impressive yesterday. 


Unfortunately Saturday the A grade went down to a fast starting Broadview who had 5 goals on the board before we touched the footy. This was significant as for the next 3 quarters we controlled the footy and our forward 50 entries confirm this. 


Some of our footy was outstanding, some was off the mark. We can not question our endeavour, we simply need to gel our good footy, our team footy together for longer.  1 goal 7 in the second quarter stung as well when it seemed we controlled the whole quarter. We'll stick at it though. 


Goal kickers were Sam Williams 3, Adam Scholz 2, Aaron Bergsma and Brodie Culpitt 1 each. 


Best players were Finny and Ingo down back with the whole backline being really good. Mark Ruwoldt in the middle, solid and Adam Smyth our best player with a great physical game. 


Enough signs are there to be a good side in this comp with the record to prove it. It really is up to us to thread it and start to win games of footy. M


Well done to Craig and Granty and their teams  and also to Popey who again is doing a great job with the C's. 


Ta Quinny. 


B Grade


Broadview                2.2-14    2.4-16    4.5-29        5.7-37

PHOS Camden           1.2-8    4.5-29    7.6-48    10.10-70



Goal Kickers: N. Pierson 2, B. Pearce, T. Crawford, B. Sheridan
Best Players: L. Cregan, L. DiPalma, E. Hayat, C. Felstead, R. Moukachar


Goal Kickers: M. Papatolis 2, L. McDonald 2, D. Parkins, J. Resnais, M. Molnar, M. Parslow, S. McGill, H. Walters
Best Players: M. Papatolis, L. McDonald, M. Molnar, S. McGill, R. Morgan


Craigs Match Report


Kicking into a strong breeze in the first quarter we had our work cut out for us against Broadview last Saturday and to our boys credit we managed to hold them to a couple of goals while kicking one ourselves.


The second quarter saw us play smart footy with the breeze, using our run and carry, hitting up targets while keeping our turnovers to a minimum and making the most of the opportunities that we made through hard work.


The second half saw us kick away as our backline worked hard all day keeping Broadview to five goals for the game and creating opportunities up forward with their run and ability to hit targets up forward, especially into the breeze. Our mids played accountable footy all day blocking their run out of our forward line while the forwards played great defensive footy locking the ball in and creating opportunities.


Mike Papatolis had a great game in the middle and made the most of every opportunity he got kicking 2 goals while also having a physical presence around the ball and Lachlan McDonald gave us a target up forward setting up several goals while kicking 2 himself. Mitch Molnar and Sam McGill had solid games up forward both kicking a goal each and giving us good use of the ball around the ground when they were in the midfield, not taking a backward step and being creative around the packs and clearing the ball from stoppages while Rian Morgan had plenty of the ball on his back flank. A special mention goes to Sam Webster, an Under 18 that was given an opportunity this week and made the most of it who gave us plenty of drive from his wing and was in the mix for the best players and only just missed out.


Well done to the Under 18’s in another impressive win yesterday while the A’s and C’s can bounce back this week with four quarters of footy, our best is good enough!





Craig B.


C Grade


PHOS Camden    2.2-14      4.9-33      6.11-47   9.14-68

Port District          5.2-32    8.2-50     11.4-70    12.4-76



Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou 3, L. Chine 2, N. Watts 2, T. Unger, M. Polkinghorne
Best Players: D. Marriott, J. Grosser, J. Unger, T. Unger, C. Moore, N. Iordanou


Goal Kickers: M. Leal 7, J. Levi 2, D. Billingsley 2, M. Mestroni
Best Players: T. Hamper, A. Mestroni, M. Leal, S. James, J. Alm




PHOS Camden   10.11-71

Plympton                5.9-39




Goal Kickers: L. Harvey 4, L. Sansbury 2, H. Macphee, C. Brini, J. Beatie, J. Rau

Best Players: D. Grant, D. Bonnici, L. Harvey, S. McCABE, S. Webster




Goal Kickers: J. Foote 2, T. Holtham, J. Barritt, L. Songaila

Best Players: M. Campbell, M. Gill, M. Browne, J. Barritt, L. Kerrison

Well done boys in a great team effort today ... It was a tug a war for three quarters but as they say Cream always rises to the top..and the 4th quarter Plympton didn't know what hit them.

To lose two quality players (Bayliss & Dunkin) early in the game was going to test the team and boy did you guys show what your made off..

Talk about quality ... Dean, Declan & Sam Mc in the midfield and that last Quarter wow. ... And chuck in Harvey 4 sausage rolls finishing off the midfields good work ( jack R you have a rival) and the back line with Webster Unger Resnais and LMcCabe again stood up to extreme pressure ... You guys are rocks.
Let's talk about attack on the ball ... Yes Cheungy... Putting his body on the line for the team .., you want commitment there it is in Spades.

I thought Big Tom G had an outstanding game around the ground today taking vital defense marks at critical times of the game.

Brini and Brown are getting better each week and look out when they really hit there straps... Know one will stop them...

Love the flair of Sansbury and Beattie and what you guys bring to the team you are great Assets to the side.

Love the way you guys get around jumping Jack Rau when he kicks a goal... Many more to come ...

The younger guys a starting to make a mark on the game and have an influence on the game ... So Porter Edwards Price Mensforth And McPhee train hard and and continue to grow.

And to Bails great to have you back buddy and it's great to see you haven't lost a anything so hopefully we can snag you for a few more games this season

In wrapping up I thought we could of put Plympton away a lot earlier and a few basic skill errors let us Down so train hard and practice your disposal

Fire up Phantoms




Broadview info


2015 Ladder position: (Div 2) 5th


current Ladder Position:  8th 1 win , 4 losses


Last 5 games:    SMOSH WL

                             (loss 66 - Broadview score cancelled due to exceeding the Total APPS cap),

                             Portland (won 9), Scotch (loss 31), Sacred Heart (loss 16)


Last time PHOS played Broadies: 2014 Rd1 they won by 29, rd10 we won by 65.


Quinny A's pregame report 


Out to Broadview for what is a big game for both clubs. 


Going out of the side is Matty Jacquier and Ritchie Mcnamara with minor injury. Also Mick Papatolis and Lauchy Mcdonald go back to the two's. 


In are Scholzy and Orry Cross from injury and Kouta comes in for his first game of A grade for the year. This bloke is a credit to himself. We will name our 21st player tomorrow. 


Wishing all teams the best for Satdy and look forward to a great night Satdy night. 


Ta, Quinny. 


Craigs B' pregame report


We come up against Broadview this week who are same win-loss as us and will be keen to knock us off on their home deck. This is an important game to stay in touch with the top group with not much separating the top 5 teams at the moment a win will put some daylight between us and the pack.


We want to be focussed on working the ball around and using our run and carry on a big ground while making sure we still do the little things to help out our teammates.


With a few injuries in the squad this week our side has been tossed around a bit which gives opportunities to a couple of players who have been performing in the C Grade. Brodie Maitland comes in for his first B Grade game for a couple of years while Sam Webster, one of our promising Under 18’s plays his first B Grade game for the club, a well deserved reward for his C Grade performance last week and hard work on the track.


We also get Mike Papatolis and Lachlan McDonald from from the A Grade, both very handy players who will be keen to impress and have a big influence on the game.


This is a big week for our club, so good luck to all the grades and let’s celebrate four wins this week.




Craig B.




Grantys victorious u/18s belt out the club song after a hard fought game against the old enemy Plympton. L. Harvey kicking 4 goals in the 4th Q to get the Phantoms home.


2015 Round  5   






















Pembroke OS     1.3-9     4.5-29     5.9-39       6.9-45

PHOS Camden   2.5-17   4.8-32    8.11-59    10.15-75




Goal Kickers: D. Gamble 3, D. Hill 2, A. Smyth , S. Williams , A. Bergsma , N. Ramsey , B. Van Gils 

Best Players: , D. Gamble , T. Shaw , W. Papatolis , K. Evans , D. Hill


Quinnys Postgame


I don't think anybody left Pembroke from Saturday thinking that was a game to remember from either side. To their credit they played well and seemed to exercise their plan well. They cramped our room to move on a small oval but the most pleasing thing was we remained really hard at the footy. This caused a few frees to go against us but that's footy. 


We just seemed that 5% below what we had been but the endeavor and will to keep improving was there so eventually after were straightened at half time we pushed in front. As a coaching group it's great to have a game like this after 3 convincing wins because it tests our plan B etc and we liked what we saw. 


Goal kickers were Dylan Gamble with 3 in a best on ground performance! His work rate is great and physical presence compliments the group. Daniel Hill kicked 2 and plays his role each week with no fuss and bother. Smythy, Bergs, Rama, Brent Van Gils and Sammy Williams kicked 1. 


A lot of players would've walked off Saturday thinking that wasn't their best game for the year and it's probably right but nobody was terrible! Everybody’s work rate was excellent, their attitude first class and their fight was exactly what we wanted and needed. 


With Gambo best, Shawy kept their in-form forward to no goals, Wil Papatolis stopped Connors cold and how he got named in their best was questionable! Kris Evans was again very very good at half back and Maysie, Youngy and Ingo played well down back with Tom Finn starting very well. 


With Matt Jac being a late withdrawal, Harry Young came back into the side and played a very solid game! The players who have come to replace injured players have been great for the group, it's not easy for the Billy Camerons, Brent Eddy's, Harry's coming off the bench but they have been great. 


Ryan Reavley made a really solid debut and as the game wore on he warmed up and looked every bit the player we think he can be! 


We will welcome back one or two players to the group this week from injury to take on Athelstone at home! A game we are really looking forward to! 


Come down and have a look this week as both sides play for top spot! 


Quinnys Pregame


Tomorrow we play a very good side in Pembroke. The wraps on them are big with quality players throughout. It should make for a good game as our early form has been pleasing. 


We have a number of players out but they should begin to filter back over the next two weeks. In saying that we have been very proud of incoming players and the way the team has welcomed them as they supplement those injuries. 


Out of the side this week is Tom Clarke with a hammy which is unfortunate as TC was starting hit really good form and Harry Young. We gave the young fella a taste and he showed he's got it so we'll see how he responds from here. A very pleasing debut though. 


Coming in are Ryan Reavley to replace TC. Ryan is a hardworking well skilled utility who spent last year with Norwood. We are glad to have him onboard. Also in is Shawy, the never ageing Youthful key backmen. Good to have him back in. 


So we look forward to a crack at Pembroke on their home deck! We are going to work. 


All the best to the Two's, I have no doubt we will see a tougher performance to reward each other. 


Web Pregame


Hard not to be impressed, 3 big wins against Seaton, Golden Grove & Flinders Park and equal top of the ladder albeit it's only round 5.


Round 5: we come up against Pembroke Old Scholars (POS v PHOS!).


Pembroke Old Scholars finished the 2014 minor round in 4th position with 13 wins 5 losses, beat Old Iggies in the 1st final, touched up Seaton in SF2, went down to eventual premier Modbury in the Prelim. 


So far this year POS have had wins against Plympton & Seaton and lost last week by 3 goals to Golden Grove thus they will be keen to do well against us this week.


Changes from Round 4, last weeks late call up Billy Cameron retains his spot (great tackle on last weeks highlight video click here to see) after a very good game. TC dropped out last week due to injury and is still out. Shawy is back in & RyanReavley plays his 1st game for points for the Phantoms (all the best!). Harry Young returns to the Bs after also being a late call up last week. 



Go Phantoms


B Grade 


Pembroke OS           0.1-1        4.1-25           4.1-25            6.1-37

PHOS Camden         5.4-34       7.8-50      11.10-76     19.10-124


Goal Kickers: A. Harris 8, H. Walters 2, J. Koutsikas 2, D. Marriott , M. Papatolis , M. Bate , J. Marton , J. Resnais , S. Willcocks , D. Parkins 

Best Players: , A. Tremaine , J. Marton , H. Walters , A. Harris , J. Koutsikas


Craigs B Grade Post game


After a hard week on the track where the B Grade’s courage was questioned our players came out breathing fire last Saturday kicking 5 goals in the first quarter and holding Pembroke OS goalless.


During the second quarter we took our foot off the pedal a bit and let them back into the game but still kept a 3 goal lead. While we tried to break the game open and run and carry the ball our opposition were quite happy to close the game down and make it hard to break free of the packs with their pressure in tight.


With another great quarter from our defence in the third, we held Pembroke to another quarter without a goal and finally were able to open up the game in the last, kicking eight goals straight to come home with the points.


With a team win like we had on the weekend it was very hard to pick our best players as everyone played their part. Our on ball brigade gave us good use around the ground including Aussie Tremaine who jumped out of the blocks and had his best game for the year, Josh Marton hit the contests head on all day and Harry Walters had another great four quarter effort and kicked a memorable goal in the last quarter while being tagged after quarter time. We had another dominant game from Andrew “Harry” Harris up forward kicking 8 goals with his teammates clearing a path for him while Jono “Kouta” Koutsikas had a solid game getting in and under and leading the way with his voice and tackling.


It was a good win for us on the weekend and that is the type of performance that is expected every week, playing a team game and working hard to help each other out. We now need to bring that game against Athelstone this week.


Another good win to the A Grade, scrappy but effective, well done boys.


Craigs B Grade Pre game


We have another tough game against Pembroke this week in the B Grade.


With players injured and unavailable from last week it gives others an opportunity to stamp their authority in our side including Matthew Bate playing his first B grade game for the year.


Hard and tough football is what we must play after being recently tested against two physical sides where our courage has been questioned and coming up on the wrong side of the ledger.


The boys have shown their desire to get the season back on track by training with intensity this week and ending last night’s session with a Simon Quinn special.


It is now time to start playing as a team and helping out and protecting our mates, making that extra effort to do the things that are expected at this level which includes the one percenters.


We have been questioned, it’s now time to answer with a win!


Good luck to the A Grade this week.

Round 5 

Time for Redemption

away game Vs Pembroke Old Scholars

4th Game 2015


Pembroke OS

Sat May 9th

Haslam Oval


B.Eddy in action during last weeks game against Flinders Park

Round 5 A Squad

2:15pm Haslam Oval (Pembroke School)


20 A. Bergsma

28 B. Cameron

50 O. Cross

40 B. Eddy

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

15 D. Gamble

32 H. Gordon

17 D. Hill

18 S. Inglis

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

38 T. Quinn

3 N. Ramsey

5 R. Reavley

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

34 B. Van Gils

11 S. Williams

12 S. Williams

Round 5 B Squad

12:15pm Haslam Oval (Pembroke School)


47 M. Bate

46 J. Cadzow

13 T. Christie-Ling

29 C. Harms

55 A. Harris

39 D. James

31 J. Koutsikas

36 D. Marriott

48 J. Marton

33 L. McDonald

49 S. McGill

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

22 B. Toohey

2 A. Tremaine2

7 H. Walters

6 S. Willcocks

14 H. Young


 Round 5 C Squad





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