Round 6 - 21st May


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 (C's v Goodwood @ home 2:15pm)

(u/18s v Broadview away 3pm)



A Grade


Gaza                              10.7-67

PHOS Camden        15.15-105



Goal Kickers: B. Beioley 3, A. Stephens 2, M. Clark 2, B. Macreadie, T. Hill, J. Watkins
Best Players: D. Lee, R. Jones, M. Clark, C. Draper, T. Hill


Goal Kickers: S. Williams 6, H. Gordon 3, L. May 2, A. Scholz, A. Smyth, O. Cross, M. Ruwoldt
Best Players: S. Williams , M. Ruwoldt, A. Smyth, M. Molnar, N. Ramsey


Quinny 'A' Grade Report


Saturday saw our side play a much more complete sort of game. Very much for each other which was our goal of the day. 


We got off to a very good start and all players were contributing against a spirited Gaza. Our kicking at goal held us back from a very dominant quarter.  Marc Ruwoldt was outstanding early and this pretty much continued from him all day.  


Our second quarter was average, few too many mistakes and to Gaza's credit they fought back and took the lead. 


During the second half I felt we controlled the game and our team game improved again. We kicked away with Sam Williams providing a great target up forward hitting the ball hard and intensely. Smythy was great around the ground with Dogs and Orrs solid in the ruck. Rama was dangerous pushing us forward time again and Mitch Molnar was terrific in his first game up this year. Our backline was again good with all the lads combining well. 


Goals were 6 to Sam, 3 to Gordo and a good spread to others. 


So it's Old Iggies this week who are travelling well, recruited some "gun" players and looking to come to PHOS and beat us. 


Ta, Quinny

B Grade


Gaza                            9.3-57

PHOS Camden        12.9-81



Goal Kickers: S. McGregor 4, M. Peck 3, S. Fuller, T. Denman
Best Players: N. Khan, B. Stringer, R. Vivian, M. Peck, S. Fuller



Goal Kickers: M. Parslow 3, H. Young 2, A. Flett 2, R. McNamara, N. Walters, S. McGill, L. McDonald, M. Papatolis
Best Players: M. Papatolis, B. Cameron, H. Young, M. Parslow, B. Eddy


Craigs B Grade Match Report


Gaza came out firing on Saturday and kept us on our toes for the whole of the game with their physicality and ball use. Our boys certainly were made accountable with their midfield running both ways extremely hard but to our credit we had players that were certainly willing to work hard and do the team thing by going with them and then making their opponent pay on the rebound after the ball was turned over in the back half.


Our backline was solid again and made sure their forwards had minimal impact, forcing turnovers by playing accountable footy while our forward line made the most of every opportunity and rewarded the good work up the field.


There were a few goalkickers included below in our best players on Saturday but we also had Fletty with two, Ritchie McNamara, Nick Walters, Sam McGill and Lachy McDonald all with singles.


Mike Papatolis had another BOG in the centre this week giving us good options through the middle of the ground setting up a couple of goals and kicking one himself while Billy Cameron had his best game for the club on his wing using his pace and using the run and carry to his advantage around the ground. Harry Young on the other wing made space and used the ball well hitting up targets around the ground and kicking 2 goals while Matty Parslow had a day out giving us a target up forward clunking marks and kicking 3 goals while Brent Eddy had another solid game at half back and pinch hitting in the middle.


Well done to the A Grade, a gutsy win for Simon and the boys and a good reward for the hard work put in by everyone involved over the past few weeks and I’m sure the C Grade will get back on the winner’s list next week for Popey.




Craig B.


C Grade 


PHOS Camden                    1.0-6     2.3-15      3.3-21          6.7-43

Goodwood Saints             6.4-40   10.7-67   18.9-117   20.11-131



Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou 2, J. Resnais, D. Marriott, S. Taylor, N. Watts
Best Players: S. Taylor, T. Unger, J. Unger, J. Grosser, D. Marriott, K. McGuinness



Goal Kickers: H. Clarke 4, B. Monks 3, B. Ewers 2, N. Van Eekeren 2, S. Rosa 2, D. Leslie, N. Bonetti, J. Serotzki, T. Serotzki, S. Mansell, M. De Palma, B. Sandford
Best Players: D. Rieck, H. Clarke, J. Serotzki, B. Monks, N. Van Eekeren




Broadview              10.0-60

PHOS Camden        0.00.0


Forfeit by PHOS against Broadview due to lack of players.
Thanks to all who committed to the team and I'm sorry I was unable get the numbers required to play today...and I'm sure your as disappointed as I am

Not sure what the ramifications are but will keep you informed...

Darren Grant


GAZA info


Finished 3rd last year in Div 2 losing to eventual Premier PAC in the Prelim final.


Currently 5th on the ladder with 3 wins against SHOC, SMOSH & a 1 point win over Scotch last week. 2 Losses to top side Modbury & SPOC.


Coached by ex Gaza Junior, Adelaide Crows & North Adelaide legend Andrew Jarman.


Quinny pregame


Mitch Molnar comes in for his first A grade game of the year tomorrow to replace Brodie Culpitt who returns to Perth.  We thanks Culpy for his efforts.  Mitch has earnt his place and brings the things to our team we are striving to spread throughout. 


Understatement to say this is a big game. I wish Craig and the B's and Popey and the C's all the best. 


A real positive for the club is our u/18's under the terrific coaching of Darren Grant. They have hit the ground running. I thoroughly recommend having a look at them and the brand of footy they play. 


Ta, Quinny. 


Craigs pregame


We have a chance to consolidate our spot in the top five with a win this week against Gaza who will be keen to get back on the winners list. Having several players back from injury this week made it very difficult at selection with some players getting squeezed out through weight of numbers. I know that the lads going back to the C grade will give it everything for Popey and put themselves back in contention for a spot in the coming weeks which shows the character of the boys we have pulling on the Phantoms guernsey every week.


We welcome back Andy Simpson, Harry Young and Brett Jolly after a week off while Richie McNamara plays his first B Grade game on the road back to the A’s and we get Billy Cameron back from Port Magpies, all players are keen to impress and play their role for the team.


We must keep our focus on team leadership and our ability to do the little things for teammates which has got us into the position we are at the moment. With another big ground we need to play to our strengths, run and carry, using the ball efficiently by hand and foot while taking chances and backing our ability. Opportunities must be taken up forward and the focus must be on every player being switched on right from the first bounce to set ourselves up to play four quarters of quality footy to get the result we want.


Good luck to all grades this week, four wins will be a great result for hard work!!




Craig B.

2015 Round  6
















PHOS Camden            2.2-14     3.5-23     7.6-48         8.9-57

Athelstone                   2.4-16     5.7-37    6.10-46      8.12-60




Goal Kickers: T. Quinn , H. Gordon , A. Bergsma , D. Hill , S. Williams , D. Gamble , M. Jacquier , T. Finn 
Best Players: , S. Inglis , T. Shaw , R. Reavley , A. Bergsma , L. May



Goal Kickers: S. Sullivan 2, J. Schinella , M. Leigh , P. Biancardi , T. Clayton , J. Sheedy , J. Allen 
Best Players: , M. Mauriello , D. Sullivan , M. Newell , S. Tarca , J. Sheedy


Quinnys Postgame


Saturday was not the result we were after but the only concern was we didn't play to our potential. I felt we were a bit off it and as a group we need to be almost over the top with playing to potential when you play good sides. As coaches we analyse hard but I try to remind myself not to "over cook" things. It's Round 6, we lost to the top side by 3 points after a very poor first half, we controlled 90% of the play in the last quarter and just made a couple of decisions around the ground we'd change given the chance again! 


All players I felt contributed, our good footy was good to watch and we had some standout performances. We'll work on some things prior to Saturday V Mitcham, regain some personnel and I'm sure we will respond to a loss


Well done to Craig and the B's and Popey and the C's. Excellent wins and great efforts from players who may've been dropped recently or returning to footy! 


Special mention to Kouta. Craig and I challenged Kouta re his footy demeanor at the end of last year and to hear his positive urging of his team at half time of the B's was outstanding! His year thus far has been full of merit and shows a happy footballer wanting his team to drive forward. 


We had a spread of 8 goal kickers kicking individual goals and we got a solid return from Ryan Bartlett. Our best players were Maysie down back and in the mids with Bergs playing his typically strong and never give up sort of game. I thought that we had three standout players in Ryan Reavley at half back who is building nicely and our two best players being Shawy down back outstanding and Sam Inglis who shut down Sykes the comp leading goal kicker! 


We need to constantly drive each other to stick to what we know and do what we do! All the time! Intimidate with direction and urge each other on! No place for quietness or shyness on field! That will get results! 


Can't wait for this week now, we go to Mitcham hungry


Ta, Quinny. 




PHOS CAMDEN B grade results


PHOS Camden        0.1-1       5.4-34     7.6-48      14.9-93

Athelstone               2.3-15      3.3-21    5.4-34        6.5-41




Goal Kickers: J. Koutsikas 3, M. Papatolis 2, T. Christie-Ling 2, M. Bate 2, T. White 2, A. Flett , S. McGill , L. McDonald 
Best Players: , S. Willcocks , H. Walters , T. Christie-Ling , J. Koutsikas , R. Morgan



Goal Kickers: C. McPeake 2, J. De Vizio , J. Mariniello , J. Orlando , M. Langman 
Best Players: , M. Jonas , M. Osborne , E. Pontt , A. Marotta , J. Pyke


Craigs B Grade Postgame


We were expecting a hard, tough game against Athelstone last week and they certainly delivered! After giving them a couple of goals head start in the first quarter which was not through lack of effort, we just made a couple of poor decisions which cost us, we started making headway in the second quarter kicking five goals to their one and playing the game on our terms.


Athelstone re grouped at half time getting to within a goal in the third term before our guys put a 14 point buffer between us and them going in to the last quarter.


Our fourth quarter was a great team effort by our players, kicking the last seven goals of the match after Athelstone kicked the first of the quarter, putting the game beyond their reach and coming away with a hard fought victory.

The message that was emphasised before the game was “play your role” and every single player that took the field certainly did that. It was pleasing to be able to wrestle with a quality opponent for three quarters and then have the ability to open the game up in the last quarter and have a convincing win


Our defence was solid again repelling the opposition, running and carrying the ball with pace and delivering with accuracy while our forward line made the most of its opportunities rewarding the hard work done further up the field.


Sam “Wilco” Willcocks gave us good use of the ball and had a physical presence around the ground in his best on ground performance while Tim Christie-Ling with 2 goals and Harry Walters gave their opponents some headaches (in more ways than one) at stoppages and up forward. Rian Morgan was solid on the last line of defence cutting his player out of the game and Jono “Kouta” Koutsikas continued his good form with 3 goals and a mountain of work around the packs.

We have worked pretty hard over the last couple of weeks to get our season back on track but we now need to keep our momentum going by making sure our work rate and intensity on the track and on game day are at the highest levels so we are prepared for our next opponent.


Well done to the C Grade keeping up their unbeaten run and to the A Grade, work hard and be ready to bounce back this week.


C grade results


Adelaide University        7.7-49

PHOS Camden            16.9-105




Goal Kickers: A. Howard 5, S. Kesic , D. Tofan 
Best Players: , D. Tofan , A. Howard , T. Dean , W. Legrand , R. Sheridan , M. Eisenberg



Goal Kickers: D. James 5, B. Carracher 3, B. Toohey 2, J. Butler 2, S. Sheridan , C. Harms , P. Hamden , J. Whitford 
Best Players: , B. Toohey , P. Hamden , C. Harms , B. Carracher , D. James , O. Stagg



Quinnys Pregame


Tomorrow we play Athelstone in the top of the table clash! I know I speak on behalf of the playing group when I say these are the games you bounce out of bed for on a Saturday morning!


We welcome back Ryan Bartlett and Matt Jacquier from injury to replace Brent Eddy and Billy Cameron! Both have acquitted themselves well at A grade level and we will see them again in the Senior side.


I don't have a lot to say about Saturday yet. I'd rather watch our guys go to work and see where it gets us! We are fit, strong and hungry with 21 in form players and 10 more itching to be in the side! I'm sure they are the same!


Come down and have a look!


Credit where credits due! Last Thursday night I blasted the 2's. It was more of encouragement that came out loud, firm and demanding!


The boys responded well and gave Craig a side full of selfless happy footballer's. Well done guys. Full of character!  


Ta, Quinny. 


Web Pregame


4 wins in a row but still plenty of room for improvement.


Round 6: we come up against a proud old club Athelstone. The Raggies as their known got their nickname from wearing hessian sacks back in the early 1900’s and were mostly made up of market gardeners.


The 2014 team finished in 6th position with 8 wins 10 losses missing out in the finals.


This year the team is flying undefeated in 2nd position with a 10 goal wins against Old Iggies, Plympton, 6 goal win against Seaton and last week stitched up Golden Grove by 9 goals.


Interesting to note they have the lowest “against” total in div 3 so their defense must be pretty tight and would suggest our forwards will get no easy goals.


Changes: (Ins) Great to have Teddy Bartlett back, Jaq a late out last week is back in, Harry Young replaced Jaq last week stays in. (Outs) : Billy Cameron & Brent Eddy,


This game will be our biggest test so far in 2015.


Athelstone in the B's are one spot higher than us (4th), we loose last week 8 goal full forward Harri to work commitments but get back Dale Marriot  who was much missed in the ruck.


C's take on Adelaide Uni @ Park 10 12:35pm..the Blacks are 3rd on the ladder and will be a good test for Popeys boys


Go Phantoms


Craigs B Grade Pre game


We have another big test this week in the B Grade against a quality side in Athelstone who will be on a high after winning their last three in a row which includes Golden Grove last week.


With three of our best players from last week missing through work and injury it will be up to their replacements to step up to the mark this week against a tough opponent.


Athelstone’s B Grade haven’t kicked many big scores so far this year and appear to try and strangle sides with their pressure around the ball, this is where we need to try and break the game open and move the ball quickly, breaking through the lines and playing direct football. Team defence and hard running both ways is the key to beating sides like this and we must be prepared to do this for the full four quarters.


We welcome back Brent Eddy and Billy Cameron from the A Grade who are unlucky to be squeezed out this week and I’m sure they both will want to prove a point while Glen Soper will be keen to make an impact and claw his way back into the A’s after a few weeks on the sideline.


This Saturday is an opportunity to climb another spot higher on the ladder but we will only be able to achieve this through our actions on the field with hard, uncompromising football and our ability to work together by doing what’s right for the team and protecting your mates.


Be prepared for a scrap!!


Good luck to the A Grade who have a chance to put some daylight between them and the rest of the field and to Popey’s C Grade who will get to blow out the cobwebs after a couple of weeks off.

Round 6

Time for Redemption

home game Vs Athlestone

top of the table clash

5th Game 2015



Sat May 16th

Camden Oval


Ramma in action against Flinders Park

Round 6 A Squad

2:15pm Camden Oval (Jungle)


24 R. Bartlett

20 A. Bergsma

50 O. Cross

4 K. Evans

1 T. Finn

15 D. Gamble

32 H. Gordon

17 D. Hill

18 S. Inglis

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

38 T. Quinn

3 N. Ramsey

5 R. Reavley

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

34 B. Van Gils

11 S. Williams

12 S. Williams

14 H. Young

Round 6 B Squad

12:15pm Camden Oval (Jungle)


51 M. Bate

46 J. Cadzow

28 B. Cameron

13 T. Christie-Ling

40 B. Eddy

41 A. Flett

31 J. Koutsikas

47 S. Leatch

36 D. Marriott

33 L. McDonald

49 S. McGill

35 M. Molnar

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

19 G. Soper

27 H. Walters

48 T. White

6 S. Willcocks


 Round 6 C Squad

12:15pm Park 10 (Adelaide Parklands)


13 S. Bates

9 C. Bensch

2 J. Butler

17 L. Dawson

21 H. Flentje

5 T. Garnaut

D. Georgeson

19 L. Gerschwitz

C. Gilby

P. Hamden

C. Harms

D. James

12 D. Kreig

3 N. Krieg

M. Polkinghorne

15 A. Robb

4 O. Stagg

S. Taylor

B. Toohey

J. Whitford

A. Wilson


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